William Victor Batterby grave monument in St Margaret , Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

William Victor Batterby grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Victor Batterby
February 2581921first name on monument
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image: DSC02504
grave: 312908
Dorothy Elsie Woodhouse
image number DSC02504
image: DSC02505
grave: 312909
Sidney Wilfred Robert May
image number DSC02505
image: DSC02506
grave: 312910
Henry Victor Albert Garrod
image number DSC02506
image: DSC02507
grave: 312911
Arthur Percival Terry
image number DSC02507
image: DSC02508
grave: 312912
Kathleen May Batterby
image number DSC02508
image: DSC02509
grave: 312913
Rosalie Hulme Hewitt
image number DSC02509
image: DSC02510
grave: 312914
Doris Watkins
image number DSC02510
image: DSC02511
grave: 312915
Paul John Read
image number DSC02511
image: DSC02512
grave: 312916
John Edward Read
image number DSC02512
image: DSC02513
grave: 312917
Cecil James Melville Kimber
image number DSC02513
image: DSC02514
grave: 312918
William Victor Batterby
image number DSC02514
image: DSC02515
grave: 312919
Alec Henry Parr
image number DSC02515
image: DSC02517
grave: 312920
Joyce May Howell
image number DSC02517
image: DSC02519
grave: 312921
Edna Florence Codman
image number DSC02519
image: DSC02520
grave: 312922
Douglas Irvine Steeper
image number DSC02520
image: DSC02521
grave: 312923
Dora Lucy Cremer
image number DSC02521
image: DSC02522
grave: 312924
Gertrude Alice Baldwin
image number DSC02522
image: DSC02523
grave: 312925
Frederick Baldwin
image number DSC02523
image: DSC02524
grave: 312926
Matthew Connor
image number DSC02524
image: DSC02325
grave: 312927
Ernest John Harvey
image number DSC02325
image: DSC02526
grave: 312928
Celia Sybil Francis
image number DSC02526

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