Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 183248Details of grave number 183248 at St Margaret Cley-next-the-sea for John Roberts

John Roberts grave monument in St Margaret burial ground, Cley-next-the-sea, Norfolk, England

John Roberts grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Roberts
Griffith Roberts
father of John Roberts
Elenor Roberts
mother of John Roberts

Breadcrumb trail images to help find John Roberts grave location

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image: DSCF4252
grave: 183238
Hannah Funnel
image number DSCF4252
image: DSCF4253
grave: 183239
Henry Pinchen
image number DSCF4253
image: DSCF4255
grave: 183240
Margaret Mary Moore
image number DSCF4255
image: DSCF4256
grave: 183241
William Moore
image number DSCF4256
image: DSCF4258
grave: 183242
Stephen Ampleford
image number DSCF4258
image: DSCF4259
grave: 183243
Henry Caston High
image number DSCF4259
image: DSCF4260
grave: 183244
Richard Thurston Stoleday
image number DSCF4260
image: DSCF4262
grave: 183245
Francis Rush
image number DSCF4262
image: DSCF4263
grave: 183246
Sarah Rush
image number DSCF4263
image: DSCF4264
grave: 183247
William Gibbs
image number DSCF4264
image: DSCF4266
grave: 183248
John Roberts
image number DSCF4266
image: DSCF4267
grave: 183249
Judith Fisher
image number DSCF4267
image: DSCF4271
grave: 183250
Ann Harrison
image number DSCF4271
image: DSCF4272
grave: 183251
Elizabeth Chamberlain
image number DSCF4272
image: DSCF4273
grave: 183252
William Chamberlain
image number DSCF4273
image: DSCF4278
grave: 183253
Corbett Cooke
image number DSCF4278
image: DSCF4282
grave: 183254
image number DSCF4282
image: DSCF4283
grave: 183255
John Twiddy
image number DSCF4283
image: DSCF4284
grave: 183256
Barnard Beans
image number DSCF4284
image: DSCF4286
grave: 183257
William Jarvis
image number DSCF4286
image: DSCF4287
grave: 183258
Mary Emery
image number DSCF4287

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