Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 183116Details of grave number 183116 at St Margaret Cley-next-the-sea for William Rix

William Rix grave monument in St Margaret burial ground, Cley-next-the-sea, Norfolk, England

William Rix grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Rix
James Rix
father of William Rix
Susan Rix
mother of William Rix

Breadcrumb trail images to help find William Rix grave location

(20 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 183116)

The following thumbnail images are the 20 taken before and 20 after the one for William Rix was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for William Rix below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the William Rix grave.

image: DSCF4089
grave: 183096
John Jary
image number DSCF4089
image: DSCF4090
grave: 183097
Alice Watts
image number DSCF4090
image: DSCF4091
grave: 183098
John Nunn
image number DSCF4091
image: DSCF4092
grave: 183099
Stephen Starling
image number DSCF4092
image: DSCF4093
grave: 183100
Elizabeth Starling
image number DSCF4093
image: DSCF4094
grave: 183101
William Starling
image number DSCF4094
image: DSCF4095
grave: 183102
Ann Greenacre
image number DSCF4095
image: DSCF4096
grave: 183103
Alice Anne Starling
image number DSCF4096
image: DSCF4097
grave: 183104
Francis Johnson
image number DSCF4097
image: DSCF4098
grave: 183105
Jolyon Evershed Gamble
image number DSCF4098
image: DSCF4099
grave: 183106
Doris M Gamble
image number DSCF4099
image: DSCF4100
grave: 183107
Arthur M Gamble
image number DSCF4100
image: DSCF4101
grave: 183108
Heather Mary Fernley Austen
image number DSCF4101
image: DSCF4102
grave: 183109
Judith Dorothea Gamble
image number DSCF4102
image: DSCF4103
grave: 183110
Alfred James West
image number DSCF4103
image: DSCF4104
grave: 183111
Emily Dawson
image number DSCF4104
image: DSCF4105
grave: 183112
Edgar Reynold
image number DSCF4105
image: DSCF4106
grave: 183113
Ann Elizabeth Lee
image number DSCF4106
image: DSCF4107
grave: 183114
G Mellor
image number DSCF4107
image: DSCF4108
grave: 183115
W Porter
image number DSCF4108
image: DSCF4110
grave: 183116
William Rix
image number DSCF4110
image: DSCF4113
grave: 183117
John Lynes
image number DSCF4113
image: DSCF4114
grave: 183118
Hawkins Hamilton
image number DSCF4114
image: DSCF4118
grave: 183119
Clarke Painter
image number DSCF4118
image: DSCF4119
grave: 183120
Elizabeth Sarah Dent
image number DSCF4119
image: DSCF4120
grave: 183121
Hilary Margaret Walker
image number DSCF4120
image: DSCF4121
grave: 183122
William Hardy
image number DSCF4121
image: DSCF4122
grave: 183123
Mary Ann Hardy
image number DSCF4122
image: DSCF4124
grave: 183124
Mary Ann Hurn
image number DSCF4124
image: DSCF4125
grave: 183125
Lizzie Spence
image number DSCF4125
image: DSCF4126
grave: 183126
Robie Spence
image number DSCF4126
image: DSCF4127
grave: 183127
Martha Mariner
image number DSCF4127
image: DSCF4129
grave: 183128
Ann Ellis
image number DSCF4129
image: DSCF4130
grave: 183129
Thomas Ellis
image number DSCF4130
image: DSCF4131
grave: 183130
William Ramm
image number DSCF4131
image: DSCF4132
grave: 183131
Mary Margarson
image number DSCF4132
image: DSCF4133
grave: 183132
John Taylor
image number DSCF4133
image: DSCF4134
grave: 183133
Hannah Mary Taylor
image number DSCF4134
image: DSCF4135
grave: 183134
Robert Taylor
image number DSCF4135
image: DSCF4136
grave: 183135
Ernest Alfred Stangroom
image number DSCF4136
image: DSCF4137
grave: 183136
John Randall
image number DSCF4137

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