Edward Barbee grave monument in St Mary burial ground, Erpingham, Norfolk, England

Edward Barbee grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Edward Barbee
Florence May Barbee
1965721893wife of Edward Barbee
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Edward Barbee grave location

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image: 0994
grave: 165469
John Nichols
image number 0994
image: 0994
grave: 165470
George Warne
image number 0994
image: 0994
grave: 165471
Maurice West
image number 0994
image: 0994
grave: 165472
Noel Dennis
image number 0994
image: 0994
grave: 165473
Harold Jickells
image number 0994
image: 0998
grave: 165474
Samuel Howes
image number 0998
image: 0999
grave: 165475
William Thomas Riches
image number 0999
image: 1001
grave: 165476
Ernley Richard Craske
image number 1001
image: 1002
grave: 165477
Charles Henry Buller
image number 1002
image: 1003
grave: 165478
Mabel Kate Gidney
image number 1003
image: 1006
grave: 165479
Edward Barbee
image number 1006
image: 1007
grave: 165480
William Sayer
image number 1007
image: 1008
grave: 165481
Leslie George Tooley
image number 1008
image: 1009
grave: 165482
John Wright
image number 1009
image: 1010
grave: 165483
John Dunham
image number 1010
image: 1013
grave: 165484
Lydia Dunham
image number 1013
image: 1015
grave: 165485
Annie Hewitt
image number 1015
image: 1016
grave: 165486
Albert Edward Hall
image number 1016
image: 1018
grave: 165487
May Victoria Bumfrey
image number 1018
image: 1019
grave: 165488
Charles Emery
image number 1019
image: 1021
grave: 165489
Raymond Benjamin Lee
image number 1021

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