Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 165383Details of grave number 165383 at St Mary Erpingham for Florence E E Fox

Florence E E Fox grave monument in St Mary burial ground, Erpingham, Norfolk, England

Florence E E Fox grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Florence E E Fox
Samuel W Fox
1986671919husband of Florence E E Fox

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image: 0862
grave: 165373
George Desmond Warne
image number 0862
image: 0863
grave: 165374
Maurice Daniel Dennis
image number 0863
image: 0865
grave: 165375
Dick Witham
image number 0865
image: 0866
grave: 165376
Donald W Nurse
image number 0866
image: 0868
grave: 165377
Archibald Mitchell MacDonald
image number 0868
image: 0869
grave: 165378
Peggy O'Halloran
image number 0869
image: 0870
grave: 165379
John Robert Buller
image number 0870
image: 0871
grave: 165380
Peter James Scoones
image number 0871
image: 0872
grave: 165381
Colin Green
image number 0872
image: 0873
grave: 165382
Christine Amies
image number 0873
image: 0874
grave: 165383
Florence E E Fox
image number 0874
image: 0876
grave: 165384
Ralph George Buller
image number 0876
image: 0877
grave: 165385
Helen Maria Barker
image number 0877
image: 0879
grave: 165386
Hubert Ernest Duffield
image number 0879
image: 0880
grave: 165387
Doris Ada Davison
image number 0880
image: 0882
grave: 165388
Constance M Buller
image number 0882
image: 0883
grave: 165389
Eric W Pegg
image number 0883
image: 0884
grave: 165390
Ethel Keziah Maud Witham
image number 0884
image: 1196
grave: 165391
Thomas George Davison
image number 1196
image: 0886
grave: 165392
Percy Alfred Gray
image number 0886
image: 0888
grave: 165393
Frederick George Newstead
image number 0888

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