Surnames starting with P

To see all the references to a particular surname held within the Gravestone Photographic Resource, just click that particular surname in the list below.

There are 1 surnames starting with the letter P

Use the following links to jump to the names starting with these two letters:

Pa .. Pb .. Pc .. Pd .. Pe .. Pf .. Pg .. Ph .. Pi .. Pj .. Pk .. Pl .. Pm .. Pn .. Po .. Pp .. Pq .. Pr .. Ps .. Pt .. Pu .. Pv .. Pw .. Px .. Py .. Pz ..

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About this surname search routine

This surname list page uses a special highly efficient mechanism to locate all the surnames for the letter P.

It achieves this by the use of a single database read.

Most other search routines will use a very large number of database reads to achieve the same result.

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