New Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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2001PattisonGeorgia Handasyde Pattisonrelationship not given of G Pattison1806188579id: 1086225614210691Born 25th September; died 5th April
2002Jane Pattisondaughter of G Pattison1802186664id: 1086225614210691Born 4th May; died 29th April
2003Marianne Pattisonrelationship not given of G Pattison1818187557id: 1086225614210691Born 12th March; died 26th August
2004Marie Pattisonrelationship not given of G Pattison1805185651id: 1086225614210691Born 4th March; died 9th June

2005Peat Peatrelationship not given of David Pratt1813187966id: 111080325591110831Died 20th June. Viewforth House
2006 Peatsecond husband of wife of David Prattid: 111080325591110831Rn

2007PhilbinMargaret Philbin nee Welshwife of Michael Philbin1832189260id: 1097325618411691Died August
2008Martin Philbinson of Michael Philbin29id: 1097325618411691Died October; year looks very strange
2009Michael Philbinfirst name on the monument1826188256id: 1097325618411691Died April

2010PhilipBarbara Philiprelationship not given of Robert Adamson1883id: 111802562621084Died 14th July
2011Isabella Philipaunt of Robert Adamson1880id: 111802562621084Died 6th June

2012PineBenjamin C C Pineson-in-law of John Simpsonid: 109112561591070
2013Margaretta Anna Pine nee Simpsondaughter of John Simpson1828191587id: 109112561591070Born 31st January; died 28th September

2014PitcairnAugustus William Pitcairnson of Robert Pitcairn1854191157id: 112572562941105Born 25th September; died 8th October; interred at Alwington
2015Elizabeth Pitcairndaughter of Robert Pitcairn1788187385id: 1125925629610842Eldest daughter; born 12th March; died 11th November
2016George Kincaid Pitcairnson of Robert Pitcairn1847192174id: 112572562941105Born 15th November; died 8th January; interred at Richmond Hill Cemetery
2017George Kincaid Pitcairnson of Robert Pitcairn1809185445id: 1125925629610842Fourth son; born 21st July; died at Kotlubie; Turkey; 16th August
2018Henry Hunt Pitcairnson of Robert Pitcairn1843188845id: 112572562941105Late of Tiroran; Mull J.P. Born 25th June; died 5th August
2019Hester Hine Pitcairn nee Huntwife of Robert Pitcairn1812190391id: 112572562941105Born 31st October; died 7th April; interred at Alwington; Devonshire
2020Hester Hine Hunt Pitcairndaughter of Robert Pitcairn1850193080id: 112572562941105Born 14th February; died 20th March; interred at Alwington
2021Jane Pitcairn nee Kincaidwife of Robert Pitcairn1764183975id: 1125925629610842Died 11th September
2022Jane Kincaid Pitcairndaughter of Robert Pitcairn184918490id: 112572562941105Born 6th February; died 19th September
2023John Hine Pitcairnson of Robert Pitcairn1852190755id: 112572562941105Born 21st October; died 3rd April; interred at Littleham; Devonshire
2024John Kincaid Pitcairnson of Robert Pitcairn1826id: 1125925629610842Eldest son; died at the Island of Java; 25th October
2025Margaret Pitcairndaughter of Robert Pitcairn1796186468id: 1125925629610842Second daughter; born 1st May; died 9th August
2026Mary Hine Pitcairndaughter of Robert Pitcairn1842189856id: 112572562941105Born 9th July; died 12th January; interred at Alwington
2027Robert Pitcairnson of Robert Pitcairn184118410id: 112572562941105Born 29th July; died 11th August
2028Robert Pitcairnfirst name on the monument1793185562id: 112572562941105Author of 'Scottish Criminal Trials' etc; born 17th August; died 11th July
2029Robert Pitcairnfirst name on the monument1759183879id: 1125925629610842Writer; died 11th June
2030Robert James Pitcairnson of Robert Pitcairn1846189044id: 112572562941105Born 15th June; died 6th February at Moscow; Russia; and interred there

2031PlenderleathAnn Plenderleath nee Kirkaldywife of Patrick Plenderleath1753183683id: 111091125595010723Died 18th February
2032Charlotte Plenderleath nee Nessrelationship not given of David Ness1928id: 112002725599311343Died 4th September; buried at Studland; Dorset. David's granddaughter, Charlotte Plenderleath Grieve, daughter of Patrick and Jessie Grieve. Born 1860 in Portobello, Edinburgh.
2033David Plenderleathfather of Patrick Plenderleathid: 111091125595010723One of the ministers of Edinburgh
2034Patrick Plenderleathfirst name on the monument1745183085id: 111091125595010723Died 16th December

2035PollockGray Pollockson of Margaret Pollock1802183634id: 110752562231084Died Jalapa; Mexico; 25th June
2036John Pollockhusband of Margaret Pollockid: 110752562231084Minister of Govan
2037Margaret Pollock nee Dicksonfirst name on the monument1766184377id: 110752562231084Died November

2038PowellAnthony James Powellfirst name on the monument1830188252id: 110192562001082Circus Proprietor; died 7th September

2039PrattDavid Prattfirst name on the monument1771184170id: 111080325591110831Born October; Died 31st December.
2040Elizabeth Pratt nee Ballingalwife of David Pratt1863id: 111080325591110831Died 28th June

2041PrestonAlexander Prestonbrother-in-law of George Fowlerid: 112003425599611071
2042Janet Grant Preston nee Fowlersister of George Fowler1784186682id: 112003425599611071Relict of Alexander Preston; Died 3rd June

2043QuinetGeorge Quinetson of Mary Quinet1814id: 113472563281089Born 25th February; died 26th June
2044John Quinethusband of Mary Quinetid: 113472563281089
2045Mary Quinetfirst name on the monument1771id: 113472563281089Born 9th March; died at Holyrood Palace

2046RaeCatharine Rae nee Fraserdaughter of William Fraser1804184137id: 111086225593810861Died 18th September
2047George Raeson-in-law of William Fraserid: 111086225593810861

2048RaillieAlexander Railliefather of Mary Rossid: 113552563331070

2049RainieMary Rainie nee Aitchisonwife of William Rainie1790186979id: 113632563371074Died 23rd April
2050William Rainiefirst name on the monument1782185068id: 113632563371074Accountant; died 24th April
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2051RalonChristina Ralon nee Lauderwife of James Ralon1913id: 111182562361079Born at Inverleigh 26th June; died 16th July
2052James Ralonfirst name on the monument1833189663id: 111182562361079Died at Comely Green; 26th January
2053Jessie Baird Smith Ralondaughter of James Ralon186018644id: 111182562361079Died 14th August aged 4 years 4 months
2054Peter Ralonson of James Ralon1860191050id: 111182562361079Died at Sydney 16th September

2055RankenAgnes Ranken nee Allanwife of George Ranken1774185985id: 11202382560851075Died September
2056George Rankenfather of John William Norton Ranken1810187464id: 11202392560861072Late of the 69th Bengal Native Infantry; died 7th September
2057George Rankenfirst name on the monument1760181959id: 11202382560851075Hon. East India Co. Medical Service; Bengal; died 17th February
2058John William Norton Rankenfirst name on the monument186318685id: 11202392560861072Died 30th April; aged 5 years and 10 months

2059Read ???Margaret Read ???relationship not given of John Meggetno image2560971076

2060RedpathCaroline Elizabeth Redpathgrand daughter of John Redpath1837186528no image2559041081Died 20th March. Only child.
2061Elizabeth Redpathrelationship not given of John Redpath1820190383no image2559041081Died 23rd February
2062Elizabeth Redpath nee Sandersonwife of John Redpath1847no image2559041081Died 21st December
2063Hugh Redpathson of John Redpath1811185847no image2559041081Died 22nd January
2064John Redpathfirst name on the monument1773184673no image2559041081Iron Merchant. Died 2nd January
2065John Redpathson of John Redpath1839185718no image2559041081Died 20th September
2066Mary Redpathrelationship not given of John Redpath1805187267no image2559041081Died 31st January
2067Thomas Redpathson of John Redpath1824186339no image2559041081Died in New Zeland in January
2068Wilhelmina Redpathrelationship not given of John Redpath1801186665no image2559041081Died 17th Apri;

2069ReedMaggie Reedfirst name on the monument1850187323id: 112762563001069Died 23rd March

2070ReidAnne Paris Reiddaughter of Grace Reid1831190372id: 114862563911081Died 24th December
2071Catherine Reid nee Menziesrelationship not given of Robert Little Reidno image2559741082
2072Catherine Reid nee Herdmandaughter-in-law of Grace Reid1836187135id: 114862563911081Died 16th April
2073Charles Reidrelationship not given of Robert Little Reidno image2559741082
2074David Reidrelationship not given of William Reidid: 1149825639610961
2075David Reidson of Grace Reid1840189454id: 114862563911081Youngest son; died 6th June
2076David Sinclair Reidrelationship not given of William Reid1977id: 1149825639610961Died 28th August
2077David Sinclair Reidfirst name on the monument1896197781id: 111042562321099Died 28th August
2078Elizabeth Reidfirst name on the monumentid: 11201232560401069A native of the north. A domestic in one household.
2079Grace Reid nee Mcfarlanefirst name on the monument1792184149id: 114862563911081Died 23rd June
2080Isabella Reid nee Lowsecond wife of husband of Grace Reid1809186556id: 114862563911081Died 12th May
2081James Reidson of Grace Reid183318363id: 114862563911081Died 1st May aged 3 and a half
2082Jane Paris Reidrelationship not given of William Reid1867193972id: 1149825639610961Youngest daughter; born 11th April; died 12th April
2083John Herdman Reidrelationship not given of William Reid1947id: 1149825639610961Died 22nd March
2084Katherine Reidrelationship not given of Robert Little Reid1795187075no image2559741082
2085Margaret Herdman Reidrelationship not given of William Reid1863191148id: 1149825639610961
2086Peter Gregory Reidrelationship not given of Robert Little Reidno image2559741082
2087Robert Little Reidfirst name on the monument1800188787no image2559741082Died 7th June
2088Wilhelmina Ledingham Reid nee Daviewife of David Sinclair Reid1898198890id: 111042562321099Died 11th November
2089William Reidfirst name on the monument1865189833id: 1149825639610961Eldest son; died 26th January
2090William Reidhusband of Grace Reid1800186868id: 114862563911081Died 5th June
2091William Reidson of Grace Reid1823183310id: 114862563911081Died 14th November

2092RentonAnne Renton nee Murraywife of John Renton1829id: 1122025627711281Died 12th August
2093Anne Murray Rentondaughter of John Rentonid: 1122025627711281Died 22nd December
2094James Rentonson of John Renton1832id: 1122025627711281Eldest son; died 26th January
2095Janet Morison Renton nee Wemyssdaughter-in-law of John Rentonid: 1122025627711281
2096John Rentonfirst name on the monument1838id: 1122025627711281Died 3rd October
2097John Rentonson of John Rentonid: 1122025627711281

2098ReochGrace Reoch nee Carsonwife of John Reoch1954id: 1156525642610761Died 17th January
2099John Reochfirst name on the monument1945id: 1156525642610761Died 30th May

2100RitchieCharlotte Ritchie nee Denholmrelationship not given of Elizabeth Denholm1849191465id: 1127225629811381Born 4th March; died 24th October

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Names on Grave Monuments

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for New Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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