New Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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1501MacCallumIsabella MacCallum nee Scottfirst name on the monument1867id: 114562563771078Died 11th January
1502William MacCallumson of Isabella MacCallum1851id: 114562563771078Died 5th August; merchant; Glasgow

1503MacDonaldAlexander MacDonaldrelationship not given of Janet MacDonald1850id: 115602564241069Prinicipal keeper of deeds; died 23rd December
1504Isabella Smeaton MacDonald nee Christiedaughter of John Christie1931id: 1106225621710791Died 7th May
1505Janet MacDonald nee Yulefirst name on the monument1823id: 115602564241069Died 14th January
1506John MacDonaldrelationship not given of Janet MacDonald1828id: 115602564241069Died 20th April
1507John Thom MacDonaldrelationship not given of Janet MacDonald1824id: 115602564241069Died 7th September
1508Johnina MacDonaldrelationship not given of Janet MacDonald1845id: 115602564241069Died 17th April

1509MacDowallAndrew MacDowallbrother of Elizabeth MacDowall183418340id: 1093425616810961Died 18th July; aged 10 weeks
1510Christina MacDowallsister of Elizabeth MacDowall1828184517id: 1093425616810961Died 19th June
1511Elizabeth MacDowallfirst name on the monument183218331id: 1093425616810961Died 3rd February; aged 13 weeks
1512Elizabeth Ann MacDowallsister of Elizabeth MacDowall1836188751id: 1093425616810961Youngest daughter; died 17th January
1513Elizabeth Ann MacDowallmother of Elizabeth MacDowall1805188681id: 1093425616810961Died at Aberdeen; 20th June
1514Gavin MacDowallbrother of Elizabeth MacDowall183718392id: 1093425616810961Died 21st July; aged 2 years 10 months
1515Gavin MacDowallfather of Elizabeth MacDowall1800183838id: 1093425616810961Died 21st December
1516Margaret Ann MacDowallsister of Elizabeth MacDowall183118343id: 1093425616810961Died 4th June; aged 3 years 8 months

1517MacFarlaneDuncan MacFarlanefirst name on the monument1772183967id: 11107432558931068Died 30th December
1518Elizabeth MacFarlanewife of Duncan MacFarlane1771183160id: 11107432558931068Died 6th September. Is interred at London; in the ? Church yard
1519Jane Handyside MacFarlanedaughter of William MacFarlane1841id: 112024725608911801Died in early infancy July. Twins
1520Jessie Jane Comyn MacFarlanedaughter of William MacFarlane1892id: 112024725608911801Died 26th April; interred in Brompton Cemetery
1521Margaret MacFarlane nee Vernerwife of William MacFarlane1807186255id: 112024725608911801Died 10th August
1522William MacFarlanefirst name on the monument1777186891id: 112024725608911801Died 9th December
1523William MacFarlaneson of William MacFarlane1841id: 112024725608911801Died in early infancy July. Twins

1524MacFarlane-GrieveAlwyn Ronald MacFarlane-Grievegrand son of William MacFarlane1889191728id: 112024725608911801Killed in action 17th March; interred in Roclingdurt Cemetery
1525Angus Alexander MacFarlane-Grievegrand son of William MacFarlane1891197079id: 112024725608911801Died 2nd August
1526Evelyn Mary MacFarlane-Grievegrand daughter of William MacFarlane1886191428id: 112024725608911801Died 15th May; interred in Brompton Cemtery
1527Florence Emily MacFarlane-Grievedaughter-in-law of William MacFarlane1863193774id: 112024725608911801Died 26th December; interred in Toft Cemetery
1528Gavin Malcolm MacFarlane-Grievegrand son of William MacFarlane1893197481id: 112024725608911801Died 12th April
1529Reginald William MacFarlane-Grievegrand son of William MacFarlane1887193447id: 112024725608911801Died 3rd July; interred at Sherborne
1530Sarah St Osyth MacFarlane-Grieve nee Margoliouthrelationship not given of William MacFarlane1891197483id: 112024725608911801Died 7th April. Wife of above.
1531William Alexander MacFarlane-Grieveson of William MacFarlane1844191773id: 112024725608911801Died 8th April; interred in Brompton Cemetery

1532MacGillivrayWilliam MacGillivrayfirst name on the monument1796185256no image25633810701Author of 'A History of British Birds' and other standard Natural Science. Professor of Natural History and Lecturer on Botany; college and university of Aberdeen from 1841-1852

1533MacKennaPatrick MacKennarelationship not given of Elizabeth McKenna1837191174id: 110282562031093Died 10th May

1534MacKenzieAgnes Greig MacKenzie nee Andersonwife of William Baillie MacKenzie1805187772id: 1158525643210991Died 14th October
1535Alexander Kincaid MacKenziefirst name on the monument1768183062id: 111086525593911011Merchant. Lord Provost of Edinburgh 1817-19. Died 2nd June
1536Anne Lothian MacKenziedaughter of William Baillie MacKenzie1854id: 1158525643210991Eldest daughter; died 19th August
1537Catherine MacKenziedaughter of Alexander Kincaid MacKenzie1814185137id: 111086525593911011Died 26th December
1538Charles Ross MacKenziebrother of William Baillie MacKenzie1796187074id: 1158525643210991Died 23rd April
1539Charlotte MacKenzie nee Hallwife of Alexander Kincaid MacKenzie1782185775id: 111086525593911011Died 11th January
1540David MacKenziefather of William Baillie MacKenzieid: 1158525643210991
1541Elizabeth MacKenziegrand daughter of John MacKenzie1835191176id: 11108932559441097Died May 25th
1542Elizabeth MacKenzie nee Grahamrelationship not given of Jane Graham1850188939id: 1095625617811782Wife of William MacKenzie; died at Ardrishaig; 21st February; interred at Lochgilphead
1543Euphemia Cahgil MacKenziedaughter of William Baillie MacKenzie183018344id: 1158525643210991Third daughter; died 24th March
1544George MacKenzieson of John MacKenzie1879id: 115772564291122Died 22nd August
1545George Richard MacKenziefirst name on the monument1829189465id: 1120425627110832Born 21st April; died 21st April
1546Helen Miller MacKenziegrand daughter of John MacKenzie1829191182id: 11108932559441097Died March 2nd
1547James MacKenzieson of Alexander Kincaid MacKenzie1805185954id: 111086525593911011Lt. Col. Bengal Cavalry. Died at Kimla; 15th August
1548Jane Agnes MacKenziegrand daughter of John MacKenzie183418439id: 11108932559441097Died July 22nd
1549Jane Campbell MacKenzie nee Gordondaughter-in-law of John MacKenzie1800185656id: 11108932559441097Died September 16th
1550Jessie MacKenzie nee Rhindwife of Alexander Kincaid MacKenzie1821184524id: 111086525593911011Of Commercial Bank. Born 10th November; Married 17th September 1844; Died 2nd April
1551John MacKenziefirst name on the monument1754183783id: 11108932559441097Died January 4th. Of Lochward
1552John MacKenziegrand son of John MacKenzie1831191180id: 11108932559441097Died April 22nd
1553John MacKenziefirst name on the monument1848id: 115772564291122Died 21st August
1554John Whitefoord MacKenzieson of John MacKenzie1794188490id: 11108932559441097Died November 8th
1555Margaret MacKenziegrand daughter of John MacKenzie1828185527id: 11108932559441097Died January 4th
1556Marion MacKenzie nee Coltmanwife of John MacKenzie1834id: 115772564291122Died 17th November
1557Mary MacKenzie nee Bailliemother of William Baillie MacKenzie1771185180id: 1158525643210991Died 4th May
1558Mary Baillie MacKenziedaughter of William Baillie MacKenzie1828188860id: 1158525643210991Died at Aberdeen; 31st May; in the Allan Vale Cemetery.
1559Patrick M MacKenzieson of Alexander Kincaid MacKenzie1821187453id: 111086525593911011Member of the Legislative Council of Turago; died in London; 19th September
1560Robert MacKenzieson of John MacKenzie1881id: 115772564291122Died 5th December
1561Wedderburn Hannah MacKenziefirst name on the monument1838191375id: 11202662560961066
1562William MacKenzieson of Alexander Kincaid MacKenzie180118076id: 111086525593911011Died 18th April.
1563William MacKenzierelationship not given of Jane Grahamid: 1095625617811782
1564William Baillie MacKenziefirst name on the monument1795186974id: 1158525643210991Born Kirkwall; died 11th February
1565William Hall MacKenzieson of Alexander Kincaid MacKenzie1808187264id: 111086525593911011Died 18th February
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1566MacKerterRobert MacKerterfirst name on the monument1763184178no image2563391069Died 6th February. He spent 50 years of his long life in the service of the late and present Earls of Haddington as a tribute justly due to the character of this good man as a lasting record of his zeal; fidelity and attachment and in grateful acknowledgement of the devoted attention paid by him and by his surviving wife to their late Lord during his declining years. This stone is erected by Thomas Earl of Haddington; 1841.

1567MackieAlexander Summers Mackieson of Mary Mackie1863id: 112462562901075Died 8th August; aged 17 months
1568David Skinner Mackieson of Helen Mackie183218342id: 1094625617410922Died 17th August; aged 20 months
1569Helen Mackie nee Baxtermother-in-law of Mary Mackie1799185859id: 112462562901075Died 3rd February
1570Helen Mackie nee Skinnerfirst name on the monument1804185551id: 1094625617410922Died 2nd March
1571John Wise Mackiehusband of Helen Mackie1802187068id: 1094625617410922Baker; died 24th January
1572John Wyse Mackieson of Helen Mackie182818313id: 1094625617410922Died 22nd August; aged 3 years 3 months
1573Mary Mackie nee Stewartfirst name on the monument1826190680id: 112462562901075Faithful wife for 54 years; died 5th April
1574Robert Mackiehusband of Mary Mackie1828191991id: 112462562901075Died 17th April
1575William Skinner Mackieson of Helen Mackie184418451id: 1094625617410922Died 7th April; aged 14 months

1576MacKinlayDaniel MacKinlayfirst name on the monument1826189771id: 109612561791104Jeweller. Died 15th May
1577David MacKinlayson of Daniel MacKinlay1831186332id: 109612561791104Died 21st November
1578Elizabeth MacKinlaysister of Daniel MacKinlay1831186029id: 109612561791104Died 3rd February
1579Georgina MacKinlaydaughter of Daniel MacKinlay1853id: 109612561791104Died 16th December; aged 15 months
1580Margaret MacKinlaydaughter of Daniel MacKinlayid: 109612561791104Died in infancy; interred at Manchester
1581Margaret MacKinlay nee Robertsonwife of Daniel MacKinlay1834186632id: 109612561791104Died 19th September
1582William MacKinlaybrother of Daniel MacKinlay1827186134id: 109612561791104Sergt; 26th Regt. Died 7th January; Dublin
1583Wilson MacKinlayson of Daniel MacKinlay1851187120id: 109612561791104Died 1st May

1584MacLaurinPeter MacLaurinfirst name on the monument1771181342id: 11203482561251069Died 4th December; remains removed from Old Calton Burying Ground to here.

1585MacLeayAlexander MacLeayfirst name on the monument1849187021id: 11107672559021075Died 5th July 1870. Of Colspie

1586MacNabElizabeth MacNab nee Whitemanmother of Margaret MacNab1778184466id: 109362561691082Died 25th September
1587Margaret MacNabfirst name on the monument1812183422id: 109362561691082Died 11th June
1588William MacNabfather of Margaret MacNab1779184869id: 109362561691082Curator of the Royal Bontanic Gardens; died 1st December

1589MacPhailJane MacPhail nee Mannwife of Malcolm MacPhail1842190765id: 113982563481076Died 20th March
1590Malcolm MacPhailfirst name on the monument1841192382id: 113982563481076Died 13th October
1591Margaret MacPhaildaughter of Malcolm MacPhail1921id: 113982563481076Died 16th November; interred in North Merchiston

1592MacPhersonAgnes MacPherson nee Andersondaughter-in-law of Peter MacPherson1832190068id: 108712561471103Died 9th May
1593Anne MacPhersonsister of Duncan MacPherson1834id: 11202072560731096
1594Charles MacPhersonfather of Duncan MacPherson1752182068id: 11202072560731096Inspector General of Barracks for Scotland and Deputy Lt. For Invernesshire; died 1st October
1595David E MacPhersonson of Peter MacPherson1866id: 108712561471103Died 10th March; aged 9 months
1596Duncan MacPhersonfirst name on the monumentid: 1120207256073109627th Regt.
1597Gordon MacPhersonbrother of Duncan MacPhersonid: 11202072560731096
1598Janet MacPhersondaughter of Peter MacPherson1859191758id: 108712561471103Died 6th May; interred at Middlesborough.
1599Janet MacPherson nee Whitewife of Peter MacPherson1788184860id: 108712561471103Died 22nd September
1600John MacPhersonbrother of Duncan MacPherson1829id: 11202072560731096

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