New Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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1401KnoxWalter Turnbull Knoxbrother of William Knoxno image25634210881Died at Slane near Drocheda; Ireland. Age has been left blank.
1402William Knoxfirst name on the monument1789182536no image25634210881Eldest son; died at Leith; 12th November. Author of 'The Harp of Zion'. The poem entitled 'Mortality' is engraved in letters of gold on the walls of the Imperial Palace St. Petersburg. It was favor ...Abraham Lincoln who from in on the day of his assassination.

1403LaingAgnes Laingrelationship not given of William Laing1802186563id: 112022625608011074Died 21st September
1404David Laingson of William Laing1793186875id: 112022625608011074Born April; died October
1405Euphemia Laingrelationship not given of William Laing1808189688id: 112022625608011074Died 4th March
1406Francis Laingson of William Laingid: 112022625608011074Remains removed from Old Calton burying ground and deposited here; March 1817
1407Gilbert Laingrelationship not given of William Laing1801187776id: 112022625608011074
1408Helen Laingdaughter of William Laingid: 112022625608011074Remains removed from Old Calton burying ground and deposited here; March 1817
1409Helen Laingdaughter of William Laingid: 112022625608011074Remains removed from Old Calton burying ground and deposited here; March 1817
1410Helen Laing nee Kirkwife of William Laing1767183770id: 112022625608011074Born 27th July; died 18th January
1411Jessie Laing nee Millerrelationship not given of William Laing1798186668id: 112022625608011074Died 15th July
1412William Laingfirst name on the monument1764183268id: 112022625608011074Bookseller and director of the Commercial Bank. Born 20th July; died 10th April
1413William Laingson of William Laingid: 112022625608011074Remains removed from Old Calton burying ground and deposited here; March 1817
1414William Laingrelationship not given of William Laingid: 112022625608011074

1415LambElizabeth Goldie Lamb nee Nessdaughter of John Ness1807187467id: 1094025617110852Died 27th September
1416Francis Lambson-in-law of John Ness1805186762id: 1094025617110852Born 5th August; died 6th January

1417LamontJane Lamont nee Hendersondaughter of Thomas Henderson1834189561id: 11518
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1418LandaleElizabeth Landale nee Ronaldwife of James Landale1795182530id: 11200312559941068Died 29th September
1419James Landalefirst name on the monument1781183352id: 11200312559941068Merchant; died 30th March

1420LaneBarbara Forrest Lanedaughter of Thomas Lane1820187050id: 111078425590510791
1421Christian Lane nee Crightonwife of Thomas Laneid: 111078425590510791
1422Mary Lanedaughter of Thomas Laneid: 111078425590510791
1423Richard Crighton Laneson of Thomas Lane1799187778id: 111078425590510791
1424Thomas Laneson of Thomas Lane1799187475id: 111078425590510791
1425Thomas Lanefirst name on the monument1851id: 111078425590510791Died 25th March

1426LangAndrew Langgrand nephew of William Knox183818380no image25634210881First born child of Robert Laidlaw Lang and Barbara Turnbull Cochrane died 6th February aged 2 months
1427Barbara Turnbull Lang nee Cochranerelationship not given of William Knoxno image25634210881
1428Robert Laidlaw Langrelationship not given of William Knoxno image25634210881
1429Thomas Langgrand nephew of William Knox1896no image25634210881This monument was erected in loving admiration of the poet and his works by his grandnephew; of Calcutta and Bombay; November 1895. Died 1st September

1430LauderAlexander Lauderson of John Lauder1821186140id: 1132925631910832Youngest son; merchant; died 1st December
1431Cecilia Lauder nee Langwife of John Lauder1795186368id: 111592562521080Died 30th September
1432Isabella Lauder nee Ramagewife of Thomas Lauder50id: 115462564191072Died 20th June; year eroded; could be 1852?
1433Isabella Laudergrand daughter of John Lauder184918512id: 1132925631910832Died 16th June; aged 19 months
1434Isabella Lauder nee Scottwife of John Lauder1784186480id: 1132925631910832Died 5th March
1435James Lauderson of John Lauder1807186659id: 1132925631910832Eldest son; died 24th November
1436James Laudergrand son of John Lauder184418462id: 1132925631910832Second son; died 11th March; aged 19 months
1437John Lauderfirst name on the monument1778184870id: 1132925631910832Merchant; died 4th March
1438John Lauderson of John Lauderid: 1132925631910832Died in infancy
1439John Lauderfirst name on the monument1790185868id: 111592562521080Merchant; Canongate; died 7th November
1440John Lauderson of John Lauderid: 1132925631910832Died in infancy
1441Margaret Lauder nee Blacklockdaughter-in-law of John Lauder1816186549id: 1132925631910832Died 17th October
1442Samuel Paterson Lauderson of John Lauder1809184435id: 1132925631910832Died 21st June
1443Thomas Lauderfirst name on the monument1799186970id: 115462564191072Baker; died 9th September; also remembering two sons and five daughters
1444William Lauderson of John Lauderid: 1132925631910832Died in infancy

1445LaurieAndrew Lauriefirst name on the monument57id: 112502562921124
1446Ann Judith Laurie nee Barrow of Eliza Laurie1859id: 114312563631110Died 8th May - mother of David Crawford Laurie
1447Caroline Ethel Lauriedaughter-in-law of Eliza Laurie1869194778id: 114312563631110Born 28th June; died 4th January
1448David Crawford Lauriehusband of Eliza Laurie1822190583id: 114312563631110Born 15th April; died 29th August
1449David Edward Laurieson of Eliza Laurie1858192365id: 114312563631110Third son; born 15th August; died 1st April
1450Eliza Laurie nee Christiefirst name on the monument1824190379id: 114312563631110Eldest daughter; born 8th July; died 10th December
1451Elizabeth Lauriesister-in-law of James Virtue1787187386id: 112032425611910951Died 25th January; interred in Rosebank Cemetery
1452Henry Montague Laurieson of Eliza Laurie1865194378id: 114312563631110Youngest son; born 17th October; died 11th May
1453James Dunlop Lauriebrother of Eliza Laurie1828187244id: 114312563631110Born 15th March; died 28th November - brother of David C Laurie
1454Janet Laurie nee Kirkwoodwife of Andrew Laurieid: 112502562921124Died October
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1455LavrayMartha Macgill Lavraywife of James Shand67id: 109082561581093

1456LawsonAlexander Lawsonson of James Lawsonid: 111084625593010941
1457Helen Lawsonsister of James Lawson1865id: 111084625593010941Died 13th October
1458James Lawsonfirst name on the monument1845id: 111084625593010941Died 29th April
1459Mary F Lawson nee Brodiewife of James Lawson1841id: 111084625593010941Died 16th November
1460William Lawsonson of James Lawsonid: 111084625593010941

1461LeadbetterClaud Leadbettergrand daughters husband of William Wotherspoonid: 111090625594810902
1462Meta Alice Leadbetter nee Wotherspoongrand daughter of William Wotherspoon1961id: 111090625594810902Died at Banbury 2nd March

1463LeggatJames Leggatfirst name on the monument1809187263id: 109662561821077Late of the Union Canal Company; Port Hopetoun; died 20th April

1464LeishmanElizabeth Leishman nee Smithfirst name on the monument1793184552id: 110602562161087Died at Glasgow; 4th February
1465James Leishmanhusband of Elizabeth Leishman1785187186id: 110602562161087Late merchant; Halifax; Nova Scotia; born at Falkirk May 1st; died October 31st

1466LeslieJohn Lesliefirst name on the monument1793186875id: 110562562141075Late Sheriff Clerk Depute of Lanarkshire; died 27th February. Gravestone broken above this name.

1467LewisGeorge Rees Lewisgrand son of William Miller185018588id: 114372563661072Died 17th September
1468James Lewisrelationship not given of Robert Stodart1804187268id: 111095525596511087Died at Rome 28th January
1469Jessie Mary Lewisgrand daughter of William Miller185918623id: 114372563661072Died February
1470John Howard Lewisgrand son of William Miller186118621id: 114372563661072Died March; aged 11 months

1471LindsayAndrew Horn Lindsayson of William Lindsay1879id: 114412563681087Died November
1472Elizabeth Lindsay nee Calderdaughter of Thomas Calder1817188467id: 11107572558971084
1473Elizabeth Haggart Lindsaydaughter of William Lindsay1868188618id: 114412563681087Died 11th June
1474William Lindsayfirst name on the monumentid: 114412563681087

1475LizarsAlexander Jardine Lizarsbrother-in-law of Elizabeth MacDowallid: 1093425616810961Professor of Anatomy; Aberdeen University
1476Mary Lizars nee Macdowallsister of Elizabeth MacDowall1831189665id: 1093425616810961Died at Aberdeen; 24th November

1477LorimerAgnes Lorimerdaughter of Peter Lorimer1824184319id: 112024425608811303Died June
1478Charlotte Lorimerdaughter of Peter Lorimer1816184125id: 112024425608811303Died January
1479Charlotte Lorimer nee Woodwife of Peter Lorimer1783186481id: 112024425608811303Died March
1480Edward Lorimerson of Peter Lorimerid: 112024425608811303Died in infancy
1481Elizabeth Lorimerdaughter of Peter Lorimerid: 112024425608811303Died in infancy
1482John Lorimerson of Peter Lorimer1825id: 112024425608811303Died 16th August
1483Mary Lorimerdaughter of Peter Lorimer1838id: 112024425608811303Died November
1484Matthew Lorimerson of Peter Lorimerid: 112024425608811303Died in infancy
1485Peter Lorimerson of Peter Lorimer1832id: 112024425608811303Died 11th July
1486Peter Lorimerfirst name on the monument1774183965id: 112024425608811303Builder; died 14th March
1487William Lorimerson of Peter Lorimer1821id: 112024425608811303Died 26th February

1488LowrieAlexander Lowrieson-in-law of Andrew Grierson1801187574id: 11201672560601108Died 20th October; 36 years minister of United Presbyterian Church East Calder
1489Rachel Lowrie nee Griersondaughter of Andrew Grierson1805189590id: 11201672560601108Died 29th July

1490LyallBarbara Lyall nee Watsonmother of J Watson Lyall1877id: 108792561501078
1491J Watson Lyallfirst name on the monumentid: 108792561501078
1492John Lyallfather of J Watson Lyall1870id: 108792561501078
1493John Morison Lyallbrother of J Watson Lyall1869id: 108792561501078

1494LyeJohn Lyebrother of Margaret Lye1824185733id: 111072425588610741Died 9th April
1495Margaret Lyefirst name on the monument1830185222id: 111072425588610741Died 18th September
1496Thomas Lyebrother of Margaret Lyeid: 111072425588610741
1497Thomas Lyefather of Margaret Lye1789186374id: 111072425588610741Accidentally drowned in the Firth Of Forth at night; 7th March. A native of Kirkby Malzeord; Yorkshire. He lived and died a Christian. His son; Thomas; erected the stone; of Luton Bedfordshire; by whom his melancholy death is deeply lamented.

1498LyonFrancis Lyonfirst name on the monument1862id: 115532564221156Engineer; late treasurer of Edinburgh and Leith died July

1499MacAraCharles MacArasecond husband of wife of Charles McDowallid: 112014025604611064Banker; Dunblane

1500MacCallumGeorge MacCallumhusband of Isabella MacCallum1876id: 114562563771078Accountant; died 11th January; also of their five sons who died in infancy

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for New Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland.

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