Westfield Road Cemetery, Selby, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list with thumbnail images

no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

101BrooksbankSarah Brooksbankfirst name on this monument1847371884Westfield Road
id: 469
(3 images)
Uriah Brooksbankhusband of Sarah Brooksbank
Elizabeth Brooksbankrelationship not known of Sarah Brooksbank1823791902
James Brooksbankrelationship not known of Sarah Brooksbank1824761900

102BrooksbankSusan Brooksbankfirst name on this monument1859711930Westfield Road
id: 18
James Brooksbankhusband of Susan Brooksbank1857831940

103BrownAnn Brownfirst name on this monument1864751939Westfield Road
id: 591
(3 images)
Rosalie Annie Browndaughter of Ann Brown1897721969
Walter Brownhusband of Ann Brown1876911967
John Henry Brownson of Ann Brown1912681980
Ronald Evan Brownson of Ann Brown1914581972
Nora Brownrelationship not known of Ann Brown
Walter Brownrelationship not known of Ann Brown1902781980

104BrownEdna Brownfirst name on this monument1908681976Westfield Road
id: 699
Ernest E Brownhusband of Edna Brown1910982008

105BrownGeorge W Brownfirst name on this monument1887321919Westfield Road
id: 635
(2 images)
Minnie Brownmother of George W Brown1861671928
Martha Brownsister of George W Brown1893301923

106BrownGeorge William Brownfirst name on this monument1857361893Westfield Road
id: 123
Evelyn Browndaughter of George William Brown1893121905
William Abbey Brownson of George William Brown188811889

107BrownHannah Elizabeth Brownfirst name on this monument1853101863Westfield Road
id: 71
(2 images)
Benjamin Verity Brownbrother of Hannah Elizabeth Brown1860791939
John Wilkinson Brownbrother of Hannah Elizabeth Brown1853301883
George Brownfather of Hannah Elizabeth Brown1828771905
Sarah Ann Brownmother of Hannah Elizabeth Brown1825641889
Eleanor Brownson-in-law of Hannah Elizabeth Brown

108BrownJames Brownfirst name on this monument1845761921Westfield Road
id: 180
George Brownson of James Brown
Louisa Lavinia Brownfirst wife of James Brown1849291878
Alice Gertrude Brownsecond wife of James Brown1858701928

109BrownJohn Henry Brownfirst name on this monument1877991976Westfield Road
id: 592
(2 images)
Susan Gilleard Brownwife of John Henry Brown1900801980

110BrownLaura Brownfirst name on this monument1871491920Westfield Road
id: 595
(2 images)
Ernest E Brownhusband of Laura Brown1873911964

111BrownWalter Fairfax Brownfirst name on this monument1893481941Westfield Road
id: 632
(2 images)
Margaret Louisa Brownwife of Walter Fairfax Brown1897811978
Joohn Braddickrelationship not known of Walter Fairfax Brown
Louisa Braddickrelationship not known of Walter Fairfax Brown1871471918

112BrownWilliam Arthur Brownfirst name on this monument186421866Westfield Road
id: 281
John Brownfather of William Arthur Brown
Elizabeth Brownmother of William Arthur Brown

113BrownWilliam Charles Brownfirst name on this monument1917761993Westfield Road
id: 671
Rita Brownwife of William Charles Brown1912982010

114BrunyardMary Brunyardfirst name on this monument1789721861Westfield Road
id: 169
William Mortonfather of Mary Brunyard
Mathiew Brunyardhusband of Mary Brunyard1797661863
Sushannah Mortonmother of Mary Brunyard
Hannah Pinningtonrelationship not known of Mary Brunyard1816511867
Richard Pinningtonrelationship not known of Mary Brunyard
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imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

115BuntingHenry Buntingfirst name on this monument70Westfield Road
id: 431
(3 images)
Harriot May Buntingwife of Henry Bunting67
Sarah Toyerelationship not known of Henry Bunting1828901918

116BurkittJohn Burkittfirst name on this monument1801671868Westfield Road
id: 121
(2 images)
John Adam Burkittson of John Burkitt1834331867
Thomas Wood Burkittson of John Burkitt1835271862

117BurtonAnn Burtonfirst name on this monument1805661871Westfield Road
id: 178
James Burtonhusband of Ann Burton1803761879
Ambrose Chambersrelationship not known of Ann Burton
Ernest Chambersrelationship not known of Ann Burton
Jane Chambersrelationship not known of Ann Burton

118BurtonCharlotte Burtonfirst name on this monument1851601911Westfield Road
id: 686
(2 images)
Charles Burtonhusband of Charlotte Burton1846701916
Henry Burtonson of Charlotte Burton1955

119BurtonElizabeth Burtonfirst name on this monument1837481885Westfield Road
id: 154
George Burtonhusband of Elizabeth Burton

120BurtonFrances Burtonfirst name on this monument1796821878Westfield Road
id: 237
(2 images)
William Burtonhusband of Frances Burton
Julia Leethemrelationship not known of Frances Burton1829751904
William Leethemrelationship not known of Frances Burton1832741906

121BurtonMary Burtonfirst name on this monument1803651868Westfield Road
id: 250
(4 images)
Edward Burtonson of Mary Burton1836311867
Annie Taylor Burtonrelationship not known of Mary Burton1840801920
Ellen Burtonrelationship not known of Mary Burton
Frances Burtonrelationship not known of Mary Burton1842751917
John Burtonrelationship not known of Mary Burton1832561888
Standering Burtonrelationship not known of Mary Burton186721869
Thomas Standering Burtonrelationship not known of Mary Burton1834661900

122BurtonSarah Burtonfirst name on this monument1853621915Westfield Road
id: 487
(2 images)
Bertha Burtondaughter of Sarah Burton
James Thomas Burtonhusband of Sarah Burton1852721924

123BurtonWilliam Burtonfirst name on this monument1780811861Westfield Road
id: 164
(4 images)
Ellen Burtondaughter-in-law of William Burton1799661865
George Burtonson of William Burton1802571859
Audrey Burtonrelationship not known of William Burton1918171935
Henry Burtonrelationship not known of William Burton1847191866
James Burtonrelationship not known of William Burton
James Burtonrelationship not known of William Burton1816751891
James Burtonrelationship not known of William Burton1891321923
Jane Burtonrelationship not known of William Burton1821601881
M H Daisy Burtonrelationship not known of William Burton
Margaret Burtonrelationship not known of William Burton1813681881

124ButlerLydia Butlerfirst name on this monument1896Westfield Road
id: 290
(2 images)

125ButterickMarmaduke Butterickfirst name on this monument1805471852Westfield Road
id: 67
(5 images)
Ada Butterickdaughter of Marmaduke Butterick1854511905
Hannah Butterickwife of Marmaduke Butterick1821571878
Thomas Butterickrelationship not known of Marmaduke Butterick1911

126BuxtonJames Buxtonfirst name on this monument1813781891Westfield Road
id: 230
Eliza Buxtonwife of James Buxton1824871911

127BywaterCharles Bywaterfirst name on this monument1834521886Westfield Road
id: 496
(2 images)
Ada Hawkins Bywaterdaughter of Charles Bywater1874711945
Annie Bywaterdaughter of Charles Bywater1868771945
John Henry Bywaterson of Charles Bywater1871101881
Mary Bywaterwife of Charles Bywater1834701904
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

128BywaterTom England Bywaterfirst name on this monument1862711933Westfield Road
id: 561
(3 images)
Edith Annie Bywaterdaughter of Tom England Bywater1889731962
Sarah Ann Bywaterwife of Tom England Bywater1867661933

129C?????????Sarah C?????????first name on this monument53Westfield Road
id: 77

130CalvertMary Calvertfirst name on this monument1809621871Westfield Road
id: 85
Mary Ann Calvertdaughter of Mary Calvert1845821927
William Calverthusband of Mary Calvert1806731879

131Cam?id???Benjamin Cam?id???first name on this monumentWestfield Road
id: 501
(2 images)
Mary Ann Cam?id???wife of Benjamin Cam?id???79

132CammDorothy Cammfirst name on this monument1897241921Westfield Road
id: 590
(2 images)
Herbert Jibson Cammbrother of Dorothy Camm1902201922
Herbert William Cammfather of Dorothy Camm1864571921
Mary Cammmother of Dorothy Camm1866741940
Sarah Sandersonrelationship not known of Dorothy Camm1829931922

133CampWalter James Campfirst name on this monument1866681934Westfield Road
id: 387
(2 images)
Elizabeth Maymother-in-law of Walter James Camp1836751911
Catherine Hannah Campwife of Walter James Camp1868791947

134CampeyErnest Campeyfirst name on this monument1910131923Westfield Road
id: 343
John Campeyfather of Ernest Campey1869721941
Beatrice Campeymother of Ernest Campey1882661948

135CampeyMary Emma Campeyfirst name on this monument1865601925Westfield Road
id: 320
Thomas Harper Campeyhusband of Mary Emma Campey1854761930

136CapeJohn Capefirst name on this monument1796731869Westfield Road
id: 76
(2 images)
Hannah Gouldsboroughson-in-law of John Cape1793801873
Mary Capewife of John Cape1799781877
Elizabeth Caperelationship not known of John Cape
Elizabeth Sarah Caperelationship not known of John Cape
Robert Foster Caperelationship not known of John Cape
Robert Gouldsborough Caperelationship not known of John Cape187111872

137CappJames Cappfirst name on this monument1853551908Westfield Road
id: 211
(4 images)
Dorothy Cappdaughter of James Capp1914
James Cappson of James Capp188941893
Annie Cappwife of James Capp1867521919

138CareyHenrietta Careyfirst name on this monument1867651932Westfield Road
id: 438
(2 images)
Charles Cecil Careyhusband of Henrietta Carey1876751951

139CarissGeorge Carissfirst name on this monument1825371862Westfield Road
id: 192
(2 images)
Catherine Addinellrelationship not known of George Cariss1875
Robert Addinellrelationship not known of George Cariss1803661869

140CarlileMary Ann Carlilefirst name on this monument1813461859Westfield Road
id: 252
(2 images)
William Carlilehusband of Mary Ann Carlile1811761887
John Carlileson of Mary Ann Carlile1823531876

141CarrEleanor Carrfirst name on this monument1860651925Westfield Road
id: 316
(2 images)
George Carrhusband of Eleanor Carr1856701926

142CarrFrancis Carrfirst name on this monument1805621867Westfield Road
id: 451
(2 images)
John Pool Carrson of Francis Carr1840201860
Thomas Carrson of Francis Carr1842
Elizabeth Carrwife of Francis Carr1809841893

143CarrGeorge Carrfirst name on this monument1884531937Westfield Road
id: 656
(2 images)
George Raymond Carrson of George Carr
Amy Carrwife of George Carr1887891976

144CastleJohn Buckle Castlefirst name on this monument1856391895Westfield Road
id: 214
(2 images)
Mary Margaret Castledaughter of John Buckle Castle
John George Castleson of John Buckle Castle1895201915
Frances Castle Castlewife of John Buckle Castle1826721898
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

145CaukillAnn Caukillfirst name on this monument1856691925Westfield Road
id: 314
(2 images)
Thomas Caukillhusband of Ann Caukill1858801938

146ChadwickEdwin Chadwickfirst name on this monument1862681930Westfield Road
id: 593
(2 images)
Susanna Chadwickwife of Edwin Chadwick1860921952

147ChambersAnnie Chambersfirst name on this monument1851741925Westfield Road
id: 616
Gertrude Wadkin Chambersdaughter of Annie Chambers1884731957
William Carr Chambershusband of Annie Chambers1867781945

148ChambersGerald Chambersfirst name on this monument1895211916Westfield Road
id: 238
(2 images)
Victor Leethem Chambersrelationship not known of Gerald Chambers1897191916

149ChambersJane Chambersfirst name on this monument1921Westfield Road
id: 232
(2 images)
Ambrose Chambershusband of Jane Chambers1925
Annie Bickerdikerelationship not known of Jane Chambers1936

150ChambersWilliam Chambersfirst name on this monument1811751886Westfield Road
id: 231
Hannah Chambersdaughter of William Chambers1840471887
Richard Wiley Chambersson of William Chambers1836781914

151ChapmanPercy Chapmanfirst name on this monument1879491928Westfield Road
id: 615
(2 images)
Marjorie Chapmandaughter of Percy Chapman190841912
Isabella Chapmanwife of Percy Chapman

152CheesmanJane Cheesmanfirst name on this monument1833371870Westfield Road
id: 185
George Cheesmanhusband of Jane Cheesman1825491874

153ClarkFrank Clarkfirst name on this monument1883401923Westfield Road
id: 336
Mary Clarkrelationship not known of Frank Clark1890821972

154Clarke???e Clarkefirst name on this monument1877Westfield Road
id: 62
(2 images)
??? Clarkedaughter of ???e Clarke1876
?mmi?? ????relationship not known of ???e Clarke1897

155ClarksonA V, Clarksonfirst name on this monument1839831922Westfield Road
id: 574
(2 images)
Kate Elizabeth Clarksondaughter-in-law of A V, Clarkson1893331926
James Clarksonson of A V, Clarkson1883521935

156ClaytonBernard Claytonfirst name on this monument1957Westfield Road
id: 700
(2 images)
Margaret Claytonwife of Bernard Clayton1959

157ClaytonPeter Claytonfirst name on this monument1844791923Westfield Road
id: 579
(2 images)
Elizabeth Claytonwife of Peter Clayton1842811923

158ClaytonSarah Claytonfirst name on this monument1824271851Westfield Road
id: 222
Joseph Claytonfather of Sarah Clayton1800701870
Sarah Claytonmother of Sarah Clayton1797791876

159CochraneArthur Edward Cochranefirst name on this monument192931932Westfield Road
id: 10
(2 images)

160CockerMary Cockerfirst name on this monument1850681918Westfield Road
id: 350

161ColleyFrancis Colleyfirst name on this monument1803611864Westfield Road
id: 48
(2 images)
Susannah Colleywife of Francis Colley1807741881

162CollinsShallum Collinsfirst name on this monument1792771869Westfield Road
id: 242
(2 images)
Charlotte Ellisdaughter of Shallum Collins
William Ellisson-in-law of Shallum Collins
Catherine Collinswife of Shallum Collins1874

163CollinsWilliam Collinsfirst name on this monument1873551928Westfield Road
id: 406
Alice Collinsdaughter of William Collins1898581956
Betsy Collinswife of William Collins1875671942

164CollinsonElizabeth Collinsonfirst name on this monument1792711863Westfield Road
id: 68
Sarah Rawlanddaughter of Elizabeth Collinson1817611878
James Collinsonhusband of Elizabeth Collinson

165CollinsonJohn James Collinsonfirst name on this monument1855561911Westfield Road
id: 697
(2 images)

166ColtonThomas Coltonfirst name on this monument1805731878Westfield Road
id: 45
(4 images)
Harriot Coltonwife of Thomas Colton1817731890
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

167ConnellBenjamin Connellfirst name on this monument1840971937Westfield Road
id: 288
(2 images)

168ConnellCharles Connellfirst name on this monument1800791879Westfield Road
id: 208
Sarah Connelldaughter of Charles Connell1824821906
Susannah Connelldaughter-in-law of Charles Connell74
John Connellgrand son of Charles Connell1870191889
Joseph Butler Connellson of Charles Connell1829771906
Mary Connellwife of Charles Connell1794901884

169ConnellGeorge Henry Connellfirst name on this monument1882461928Westfield Road
id: 397
(2 images)
Evelyn Hilda Connellwife of George Henry Connell1886831969

170ConnellHannah Connellfirst name on this monument1854691923Westfield Road
id: 578
(2 images)
Charles Connellhusband of Hannah Connell80

171ConnellHenry Connellfirst name on this monument1857831940Westfield Road
id: 209
(2 images)
Alice Connellwife of Henry Connell1859301889

172ConversElizabeth Conversfirst name on this monument1830301860Westfield Road
id: 135
(2 images)
Sarah Delanoyaunt of Elizabeth Convers
William Delanoyuncle of Elizabeth Convers

173ConwayGeorge Conwayfirst name on this monument1841271868Westfield Road
id: 108
Harriot Conwaymother of George Conway1821731894
Robert Conwayrelationship not known of George Conway1821701891

174ConwayMargaret Conwayfirst name on this monumentWestfield Road
id: 481
(2 images)
George Conwayhusband of Margaret Conway

175CooperWilliam Cooperfirst name on this monument1842581900Westfield Road
id: 558
(2 images)
Walter Cooperson of William Cooper1882301912
Sarah Ann Cooperwife of William Cooper1852751927
Clement Wallsrelationship not known of William Cooper1857651922

176CopleyJoseph Copleyfirst name on this monument1833261859Westfield Road
id: 52

177CopleyMary Copleyfirst name on this monument1813481861Westfield Road
id: 97
John Copleyhusband of Mary Copley1802621864

178CoultishJob Coultishfirst name on this monument1857771934Westfield Road
id: 634
(2 images)
Mary Coultishwife of Job Coultish
Ernest ????relationship not known of Job Coultish

179CoultonWilliam James Coultonfirst name on this monument1906Westfield Road
id: 476
(3 images)
Mary Coultonmother of William James Coulton1788831871
??ph Coultonson of William James Coulton
Albert Coultonson of William James Coulton
Robert Coultonson of William James Coulton9
Harriet Coultonwife of William James Coulton

180CoyBetsey Coyfirst name on this monument1880511931Westfield Road
id: 636
(2 images)
William Coyhusband of Betsey Coy1870721942

181CromptonAlice Anne Cromptonfirst name on this monument1832431875Westfield Road
id: 236
(4 images)

182CryerHenry Cryerfirst name on this monumentWestfield Road
id: 143
Arthur Cryerfather of Henry Cryer
Eliza Cryermother of Henry Cryer

183CusworthJohn Cusworthfirst name on this monument1793731866Westfield Road
id: 521
(2 images)
Martha Cusworthson of John Cusworth1808751883

184Cuttin?Thomas Cuttin?first name on this monumentWestfield Road
id: 82
(2 images)
Thomas Cuttin?son of Thomas Cuttin?
Mary Cuttin?wife of Thomas Cuttin?

185CuttleJohn Denby Cuttlefirst name on this monument1825551880Westfield Road
id: 104
Annie Mary Watson Cuttledaughter of John Denby Cuttle1859491908
Joseph Thomas Cuttleson of John Denby Cuttle1945491994
Eliza Cuttlewife of John Denby Cuttle1833761909
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

186DaleJohn Leslie Dalefirst name on this monument1921631984Westfield Road
id: 72

187DaviesArthur L S Daviesfirst name on this monument193751942Westfield Road
id: 339

188DavisonAnnie Elizabeth Davisonfirst name on this monument1854591913Westfield Road
id: 666
George Davisonhusband of Annie Elizabeth Davison1844751919

189DawsonLouisa Dawsonfirst name on this monument1856671923Westfield Road
id: 571
George William Dawsonhusband of Louisa Dawson

190DeightonAnnie Elizabeth Deightonfirst name on this monument1882291911Westfield Road
id: 385
(2 images)
Phillip Deightonhusband of Annie Elizabeth Deighton1847801927

191DevisLouie? Devisfirst name on this monument188731890Westfield Road
id: 516
John C Devisfather of Louie? Devis

192DixonAnnie Dixonfirst name on this monument1880381918Westfield Road
id: 614
Walter Dixonhusband of Annie Dixon1879711950

193DixonGeorge Edward Dixonfirst name on this monument1863781941Westfield Road
id: 396
(2 images)
Tom Ashton Dixonson of George Edward Dixon1898111909
Clara Dixonwife of George Edward Dixon1861861947

194DixonSarah Ann Dixonfirst name on this monument1839581897Westfield Road
id: 227
William Dixonhusband of Sarah Ann Dixon1830831913

195DobbyThomas Henry Dobbyfirst name on this monument1851311882Westfield Road
id: 245

196DobsonAnnie Dobsonfirst name on this monument1840721912Westfield Road
id: 684
James Dobsonhusband of Annie Dobson1840731913

197DobsonJames Dobsonfirst name on this monument1878731951Westfield Road
id: 698
Annie Dobsondaughter of James Dobson1911962007
Thomas Reginald Dobsonson of James Dobson1913301943
Emily Dobsonwife of James Dobson1880821962

198DobsonJohn William Dobsonfirst name on this monument1877481925Westfield Road
id: 323
(2 images)
Annie Elizabeth Dobsonsister of John William Dobson1961
Louisa Dobsonwife of John William Dobson1878691947

199DobsonOliver Dobsonfirst name on this monument1843821925Westfield Road
id: 322
(2 images)
Edward Dobsonson of Oliver Dobson1872861958
Elizabeth Dobsonwife of Oliver Dobson1845801925

200DobsonR Dobsonfirst name on this monument1919Westfield Road
id: 333

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Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Westfield Road Cemetery, Selby, Yorkshire, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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