St Mary (part 2) Cemetery, Heworth, Durham, England

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Monument list with thumbnail images surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

1AldridgeCharles Aldridgefirst name on this monument1833691902St Mary (part 2)
id: 6850
Mary Ann Lumsden1851891940
William Nixon Lumsden1851631914

2AlexanderJoseph Alexanderfirst name on this monument1893St Mary (part 2)
id: 6853
William Alexanderfather of Joseph Alexander1858741932
Elizabeth Jane Alexandermother of Joseph Alexander1867641931
Anne Alexandersister of Joseph Alexander189531898

3AlveyJohn Thomas Alveyfirst name on this monument1900451945St Mary (part 2)
id: 6740
Audrey Stewart Johnson1957281985

4AncrumRobert B Ancrumfirst name on this monument1862681930St Mary (part 2)
id: 6470
Margret Jane Ancrumwife of Robert B Ancrum1862881950

5AndersonPaul Robert Andersonfirst name on this monument1950241974St Mary (part 2)
id: 6719
George William Andersonfather of Paul Robert Anderson1924731997
Mary Shelia Andersonmother of Paul Robert Anderson1929812010

6AndersonRobert Taylor Andersonfirst name on this monument1859691928St Mary (part 2)
id: 6445
Mary Ann Andersonwife of Robert Taylor Anderson1871741945

7AndersonThomas Richard Andersonfirst name on this monument1867531920St Mary (part 2)
id: 6792
Elizabeth Andersonwife of Thomas Richard Anderson1866631929

8AnsonJohn Gibson Ansonfirst name on this monument1885511936St Mary (part 2)
id: 6374
John Leslie Ansonson of John Gibson Anson1913421955
Margaret A W Ansonwife of John Gibson Anson1886921978

9ArcherNorman Archerfirst name on this monument1931191950St Mary (part 2)
id: 6730
Sarah E Archermother of Norman Archer1903551958

10ArmstrongGeorge Armstrongfirst name on this monument1863721935St Mary (part 2)
id: 6599
Robert Huntergrand son of George Armstrong1926611987
Hannah Armstrongwife of George Armstrong1867931960

11ArmstrongJ G Armstrongfirst name on this monument1891241915St Mary (part 2)
id: 6930

12ArmstrongMary Jane Armstrongfirst name on this monument1871631934St Mary (part 2)
id: 6625
Isabella Lowedaughter of Mary Jane Armstrong1888501938
Martin Armstronghusband of Mary Jane Armstrong

13AshurstMary Jane Ashurstfirst name on this monument1890811971St Mary (part 2)
id: 6951
John Ashursthusband of Mary Jane Ashurst1887881975

14BallElsie Ballfirst name on this monument1926281954St Mary (part 2)
id: 6679
Hubert Ballfather of Elsie Ball1897771974
Margaret Ballmother of Elsie Ball1896701966

15BarclayJane Barclayfirst name on this monument1849611910St Mary (part 2)
id: 6811
Thomas William Barclayhusband of Jane Barclay1849791928

16BarnesElphrida Barnesfirst name on this monument1829641893St Mary (part 2)
id: 6911

17BarrassRalph Thomas Barrassfirst name on this monument75St Mary (part 2)
id: 6925
Hannah Isabella Barrasswife of Ralph Thomas Barrass92

18BarrettE Barrettfirst name on this monument1892271919St Mary (part 2)
id: 6903

19BarrettEdward Barrettfirst name on this monument1910381948St Mary (part 2)
id: 6907
Andrew Barrettson of Edward Barrett194421946
Eddie Barrettson of Edward Barrett1933531986
Ria Barrettwife of Edward Barrett1910651975

20BarrowWilliam Barrowfirst name on this monument1931St Mary (part 2)
id: 6548
Sophia Jane Barrowwife of William Barrow

21BattersbyLouise Elizabeth Battersbyfirst name on this monument1970St Mary (part 2)
id: 6748

22BellAaron Bellfirst name on this monument1878621940St Mary (part 2)
id: 6353
Elizabeth Watson Convy Bellwife of Aaron Bell1878791957
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23BellCharles Doubleday Gibson Bellfirst name on this monument1915151930St Mary (part 2)
id: 6467
Charles D Bellfather of Charles Doubleday Gibson Bell

24BellDavid Bellfirst name on this monument1845701915St Mary (part 2)
id: 6807
Margaret Belldaughter of David Bell
James Bellson of David Bell
John Bellson of David Bell
Joseph Bellson of David Bell1864691933
Catherine Bellwife of David Bell1841781919

25BellFrances Bellfirst name on this monument1851361887St Mary (part 2)
id: 6934
Margaret Belldaughter of Frances Bell1886
Alice Cowansdaughter of Frances Bell1879331912
James Bellhusband of Frances Bell
William Cowansson-in-law of Frances Bell

26BellHenrietta Bellfirst name on this monument1903701973St Mary (part 2)
id: 6656
Agnes Cynthia Spencerdaughter of Henrietta Bell1925731998
Joseph Sidney Bellhusband of Henrietta Bell
Richard Spencerson-in-law of Henrietta Bell1922771999

27BellIda Bellfirst name on this monument14St Mary (part 2)
id: 6407
Thomas Oramgrand father of Ida Bell
Catherine Oramgrand mother of Ida Bell
Jane Bellmother of Ida Bell

28BellRobert Bellfirst name on this monument1873611934St Mary (part 2)
id: 6515
Elizabeth Bellwife of Robert Bell1941

29BellStephen Pearson Bellfirst name on this monument1893481941St Mary (part 2)
id: 6736
Florence Wakelingdaughter of Stephen Pearson Bell1922321954
Florence May King1897571954
James King
Florence May Bellwife of Stephen Pearson Bell

30BennettRobert Bennettfirst name on this monument1896581954St Mary (part 2)
id: 6655
Mary Josephine Bennett1889801969

31BestHenry Bestfirst name on this monument1858591917St Mary (part 2)
id: 6780
Mary Bestdaughter of Henry Best1891611952
William Bestson of Henry Best1894651959
Isabella Bestwife of Henry Best1864631927

32BilbyF J Bilbyfirst name on this monument1939St Mary (part 2)
id: 6765
H Pearson1919
W Rowley1916

33BoothJames Frederick Boothfirst name on this monument1862751937St Mary (part 2)
id: 6766
Eleanor Boothwife of James Frederick Booth1857861943

34BowerAlice Isabella Bowerfirst name on this monument1891361927St Mary (part 2)
id: 6409
William Reayfather of Alice Isabella Bower1854811935
Ernest Bowerhusband of Alice Isabella Bower
Elizabeth Reaymother of Alice Isabella Bower1861851946

35BradleyPatrick Bradleyfirst name on this monument1863681931St Mary (part 2)
id: 6524
Catherine Bradleywife of Patrick Bradley1870641934

36BranonWilliam Branonfirst name on this monument1865731938St Mary (part 2)
id: 6768
Hannah Branonwife of William Branon1868761944

37BrewesGeorge Brewesfirst name on this monument192981937St Mary (part 2)
id: 6741
Robert Allen Brewesfather of George Brewes
Mary Ann Brewesmother of George Brewes

38BrewisJohn Brewisfirst name on this monument1854711925St Mary (part 2)
id: 6841
Margaret Brewisdaughter of John Brewis1895411936
Jane Brewiswife of John Brewis1857681925
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39BrowellClara Cropton Browellfirst name on this monument1863701933St Mary (part 2)
id: 6381
Isabel Mary Brewerdaughter of Clara Cropton Browell1884731957

40BrowellMary Browellfirst name on this monument1832781910St Mary (part 2)
id: 6812
Margaret Spowartdaughter of Mary Browell1854491903
William Browellhusband of Mary Browell
Stephen Spowartson-in-law of Mary Browell

41BrownAlfred Brownfirst name on this monument1869671936St Mary (part 2)
id: 6375
Catherine Brownwife of Alfred Brown1875631938

42BrownIsabella Brownfirst name on this monument1866271893St Mary (part 2)
id: 6872
Alice Browndaughter of Isabella Brown1890
Lily Browndaughter of Isabella Brown189711898
William Smithfather of Isabella Brown1852471899
Robert D Brownhusband of Isabella Brown1865721937
Mary Ann Smithmother of Isabella Brown
Elizabeth Hannah Brownsecond wife of husband of Isabella Brown1878501928

43BrownJane R Brownfirst name on this monument1903261929St Mary (part 2)
id: 6398
William E Brownhusband of Jane R Brown

44BrownRichard Pescod Brownfirst name on this monument1862701932St Mary (part 2)
id: 6618
Emily Carrsister of Richard Pescod Brown1877851962
Mary Ellen Brownwife of Richard Pescod Brown1863731936

45BrownRobert Brownfirst name on this monument1814841898St Mary (part 2)
id: 6854
Elizabeth Browngrand daughter of Robert Brown
William Browngrand son of Robert Brown189821900
Mary Brownwife of Robert Brown

46BrownSarah Crow Brownfirst name on this monument1895441939St Mary (part 2)
id: 6351
Thomas Brownbrother of Sarah Crow Brown1900401940
Thomas Brownfather of Sarah Crow Brown1872781950
Mary D Brownmother of Sarah Crow Brown1858821940
Jane Wallace Brownsister of Sarah Crow Brown1895861981

47BrownThomas Brownfirst name on this monument1840561896St Mary (part 2)
id: 6866
Jane Bulmer
Ralph Bulmer76
Elizabeth C Brownwife of Thomas Brown1844671911

48BuckEleanor Buckfirst name on this monument1916221938St Mary (part 2)
id: 6606
John W Buckfather of Eleanor Buck1880711951
Mary Annie Buckmother of Eleanor Buck1881691950

49BulmanGeorge Bulmanfirst name on this monument1934St Mary (part 2)
id: 6378
Florence E Bulmanwife of George Bulman

50BurnhamJohn Burnhamfirst name on this monument1897411938St Mary (part 2)
id: 6452

51BurnsAnthony Burnsfirst name on this monument1925461971St Mary (part 2)
id: 6720
Alwyn Mary Burnswife of Anthony Burns1926731999

52BurnsJames Burnsfirst name on this monument1927St Mary (part 2)
id: 6366
Theresa Burnsdaughter of James Burns1947
Bridget Burnswife of James Burns1864791943

53ByeJane Byefirst name on this monument1875611936St Mary (part 2)
id: 6370
John Byehusband of Jane Bye

54CairnsEthel A Cairnsfirst name on this monument1891531944St Mary (part 2)
id: 6581
Ethel Irene Jonesdaughter of Ethel A Cairns1915321947
Thomas Cairnshusband of Ethel A Cairns1890661956
Alfred Edward Jonesson-in-law of Ethel A Cairns

55CallowMuriel Rita Callowfirst name on this monument1894481942St Mary (part 2)
id: 6836
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56CampbellJames Campbellfirst name on this monument1840831923St Mary (part 2)
id: 6785
Jane Eleanor Campbelldaughter of James Campbell1876861962
Annie Coxendaughter of James Campbell
Jamesina Burnett1883411924
Mary Alice Burnett1929701999
Mary Jane Burnett1907871994
William John Burnett1882651947
Eleanor Campbellwife of James Campbell1842811923

57CarlawHannah Carlawfirst name on this monument1883571940St Mary (part 2)
id: 6596
James Carlawhusband of Hannah Carlaw1879651944

58CarmichaelEdward Carmichaelfirst name on this monument1872741946St Mary (part 2)
id: 6949

59CarrJohn Carrfirst name on this monument1916761992St Mary (part 2)
id: 6673
Muriel Carrwife of John Carr1919521971

60CarrSeptimus Carrfirst name on this monument1832801912St Mary (part 2)
id: 6469
Agnes Carr1853971950
George Askew Carr1895701965

61CarsonGerald Carsonfirst name on this monument193681944St Mary (part 2)
id: 6563
William Bell Carsonfather of Gerald Carson1901671968
Margaret Annie Carsonmother of Gerald Carson1905711976

62CarterEdith Mary Carterfirst name on this monument1910601970St Mary (part 2)
id: 6684
John Carterhusband of Edith Mary Carter1913681981

63CarterJoseph Carterfirst name on this monument1885461931St Mary (part 2)
id: 6534
Joseph Carterson of Joseph Carter1915171932
Rennison Carterson of Joseph Carter1921211942
Margaret Ann Carterwife of Joseph Carter

64CarterRennison Carterfirst name on this monument1887471934St Mary (part 2)
id: 6529
Emma Carterwife of Rennison Carter1895691964

65CaseyPatrick Caseyfirst name on this monument1856481904St Mary (part 2)
id: 6847
Patrick Caseyfather of Patrick Casey

66CassidyDaniel Cassidyfirst name on this monument1864711935St Mary (part 2)
id: 6376
Winifred Cassidydaughter of Daniel Cassidy1910801990
Gerard Cassidygrand son of Daniel Cassidy1939
Clare Teresa Cassidy1924822006
Mary Cassidywife of Daniel Cassidy1875821957

67CassyAlice Cassyfirst name on this monument1873691942St Mary (part 2)
id: 6772
George P Cassyhusband of Alice Cassy1872711943
Thomas Cassyson of Alice Cassy1898571955

68CaveDoreen Cavefirst name on this monument1930141944St Mary (part 2)
id: 6494
Henry Cavefather of Doreen Cave
Ethel Ridley Cavemother of Doreen Cave1906741980

69ChambersPhyllis Chambersfirst name on this monument1884481932St Mary (part 2)
id: 6640
Thomas Chambershusband of Phyllis Chambers

70ChapmanEileen Chapmanfirst name on this monument193211933St Mary (part 2)
id: 6629

71CharltonAlfred Charltonfirst name on this monument1892451937St Mary (part 2)
id: 6343
Jenny Andersondaughter of Alfred Charlton1920611981
Robert T Andersonson-in-law of Alfred Charlton1819531872
Hannah Charltonwife of Alfred Charlton1895881983

72CharltonMary Charltonfirst name on this monument1821471868St Mary (part 2)
id: 6944
Thomas Charltonhusband of Mary Charlton1818991917
Thomas Charltonson of Mary Charlton1850231873

73CharltonRobert Charltonfirst name on this monument1906531959St Mary (part 2)
id: 6503
Jane Charltonwife of Robert Charlton1908671975
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74CharltonThomas Charltonfirst name on this monument1833631896St Mary (part 2)
id: 6931
Isabella Snowballdaughter of Thomas Charlton1884731957
Thomas Charltonson of Thomas Charlton1866621928
Peter Forsyth Snowballson-in-law of Thomas Charlton1880521932
Dorothy Charltonwife of Thomas Charlton

75CheyneMinnie Cheynefirst name on this monument1890641954St Mary (part 2)
id: 6663
Arthur Cheynehusband of Minnie Cheyne1899661965

76ClarkEdward Clarkfirst name on this monument193021932St Mary (part 2)
id: 6545
William Clarkfather of Edward Clark1897401937
Eleanor Clarkmother of Edward Clark1938
Barbara Clarksister of Edward Clark1926701996

77ClarkIsabella Clarkfirst name on this monument190211903St Mary (part 2)
id: 6937
Edward Clarkfather of Isabella Clark1871561927
Barbara Clarkmother of Isabella Clark

78ClarkIsabella Jane Clarkfirst name on this monument1898181916St Mary (part 2)
id: 6816
John M Clarkfather of Isabella Jane Clark1874671941
Deryk Clark1928742002

79ClarkJack Clarkfirst name on this monument1909211930St Mary (part 2)
id: 6385
Robert Clarkfather of Jack Clark1864771941
Jane Clarkmother of Jack Clark1872601932

80ClarkJames Clarkfirst name on this monument1886591945St Mary (part 2)
id: 6355
Joanna Clarkwife of James Clark1890611951

81ClarkeMargaret May Clarkefirst name on this monument1890641954St Mary (part 2)
id: 6717
Harold Clarkehusband of Margaret May Clarke1886741960

82ClemitsonJohn Clemitsonfirst name on this monument1840611901St Mary (part 2)
id: 6884
Jane Ann Clemitsonwife of John Clemitson1848901938

83CleughEdward Cleughfirst name on this monument1863681931St Mary (part 2)
id: 6474
Marion Cleughdaughter of Edward Cleugh188811889
Anna Cleughwife of Edward Cleugh1864811945

84CloughAnn Cloughfirst name on this monument1850481898St Mary (part 2)
id: 6943
Sarah Cloughdaughter of Ann Clough1881211902
Robert Cloughhusband of Ann Clough1845711916
John Manners Ovington1887311918
Sarah Ann Cloughsecond wife of husband of Ann Clough

85ClucasLottie Lillian Clucasfirst name on this monument1887St Mary (part 2)
id: 6895
Stanley Douglas Clucasbrother of Lottie Lillian Clucas1887101897
John Clucasfather of Lottie Lillian Clucas1855421897
Clara Beatrice Clucassister of Lottie Lillian Clucas188731890

86CoffellCharles Coffellfirst name on this monument1888641952St Mary (part 2)
id: 6712
(2 images)
Sarah Jane Coffelldaughter of Charles Coffell1913821995
Eileen Burke1898851983
Hilda Coffellwife of Charles Coffell1889821971

87CollegeThomas Morgan Collegefirst name on this monument1860321892St Mary (part 2)
id: 6900
John Collegefather of Thomas Morgan College1849721921
Ann Collegemother of Thomas Morgan College1839741913
Elizabeth Collegesister of Thomas Morgan College1868261894
Jane Sarah Summersonsister of Thomas Morgan College1862241886

88CollingNicholas Collingfirst name on this monument1884781962St Mary (part 2)
id: 6639
Joseph Thomas Colling1909241933
Margaret Cecelia Collingwife of Nicholas Colling1883811964

89ConnollyJohn Edward Connollyfirst name on this monument1898721970St Mary (part 2)
id: 6670
Hannah Connollywife of John Edward Connolly1904761980
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90ConnollyMartin Connollyfirst name on this monument1909611970St Mary (part 2)
id: 6671
Christopher Connollyson of Martin Connolly1940
Phyllis Agnes Connollywife of Martin Connolly1912861998

91CookAnn Isabel Cookfirst name on this monument1841741915St Mary (part 2)
id: 6776
Jonathan Hall Cookhusband of Ann Isabel Cook1838791917
Charles Cookson of Ann Isabel Cook1877421919

92CookEdward Cookfirst name on this monument1870831953St Mary (part 2)
id: 6709
Jonathan Cook1875821957

93CooperCatherine Cooperfirst name on this monument1887461933St Mary (part 2)
id: 6611
Christina Horsfielddaughter of Catherine Cooper1909331942
John Cooperhusband of Catherine Cooper1885671952
Harry Horsfieldson-in-law of Catherine Cooper

94CooperGeorge A Cooperfirst name on this monument1860821942St Mary (part 2)
id: 6762

95CooperWilliam Cooperfirst name on this monument1889511940St Mary (part 2)
id: 6737
Sarah Cooperwife of William Cooper

96CoulsonJohn Coulsonfirst name on this monument1838421880St Mary (part 2)
id: 6597
Sarah Ann Coulsondaughter of John Coulson1865701935
Lizzie Coulson1866921958
Sarah Coulsonwife of John Coulson1833921925

97CoulthardFrederick Coulthardfirst name on this monument1883311914St Mary (part 2)
id: 6831
Magaret Jane Coulthardwife of Frederick Coulthard1885581943

98CowleyMary Hallewill Cowleyfirst name on this monument1868611929St Mary (part 2)
id: 6386
John Cowleyhusband of Mary Hallewill Cowley1872601932

99CraigFlorence Craigfirst name on this monument1909411950St Mary (part 2)
id: 6578
David Craigfather of Florence Craig1872751947
Ada Craigsister of Florence Craig1906401946

100CraigFrederick Athol Craigfirst name on this monument1893521945St Mary (part 2)
id: 6646
Margaret Lister Hepple Craigwife of Frederick Athol Craig1896741970

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