St John the Baptist's Church burial ground, Barham, Kent, England

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Monument list with thumbnail images surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

1AlcockJames Alcockfirst name on this monument1843721915St John the Baptist
id: 70
(2 images)
Lilian Jane Alcockrelationship not known of James Alcock1859601919

2AllenAnn Allenfirst name on this monument1780301810St John the Baptist
id: 299
William Allenhusband of Ann Allen

3AllenElizabeth Allenfirst name on this monument1842161858St John the Baptist
id: 364
Charles Owen Allenrelationship not known of Elizabeth Allen184711848

4AllenSophia Allenfirst name on this monument1838781916St John the Baptist
id: 158
Thomas Allenhusband of Sophia Allen1835811916

5AllenValentine Allenfirst name on this monument1802671869St John the Baptist
id: 362
Valentine Allenson of Valentine Allen1831371868
Jane Allenwife of Valentine Allen1807811888

6AllenWilliam Allenfirst name on this monumentSt John the Baptist
id: 328
Elizabeth Allenwife of William Allen

7AndrewsJohn Ashton Andrewsfirst name on this monument1896191915St John the Baptist
id: 161

8AndrewsMabel Violet Andrewsfirst name on this monument1903111914St John the Baptist
id: 142

9AndrewsSarah Jane Andrewsfirst name on this monument1833741907St John the Baptist
id: 140
William Andrewshusband of Sarah Jane Andrews1829851914

10ArgraveJames-henry Argravefirst name on this monument185611857St John the Baptist
id: 377
John Argravefather of James-henry Argrave
Martha Argravemother of James-henry Argrave

11AshbeeRichard William Ashbeefirst name on this monument1827671894St John the Baptist
id: 38
Susannah Ashbeewife of Richard William Ashbee1833621895

12BakerElizabeth Bakerfirst name on this monumentSt John the Baptist
id: 391

13BakerJohn Bakerfirst name on this monument1650571707St John the Baptist
id: 361
Edw: Bakerfather of John Baker1619671686
Rebecca Bakermother of John Baker1619881707
John Bakerson of John Baker
Thomas Bakerson of John Baker

14BartonD W Bartonfirst name on this monument1917St John the Baptist
id: 199

15BassHenry Bassfirst name on this monument1810491859St John the Baptist
id: 278
Sarah Basswife of Henry Bass1806671873

16BeanLucy Beanfirst name on this monument1686291715St John the Baptist
id: 218
Catharine Beandaughter of Lucy Bean
James Sessionsfather of Lucy Bean
Charles Beanhusband of Lucy Bean
Thomas Beanson of Lucy Bean

17BellWilliam Bellfirst name on this monument1710431753St John the Baptist
id: 290
Elizabeth Belldaughter of William Bell1751

18BirdWilliam Birdfirst name on this monument1783661849St John the Baptist
id: 384
Elizabeth Birdwife of William Bird1789771866
Henry Birdrelationship not known of William Bird1785801865
Sarah Birdrelationship not known of William Bird1787671854

19BishoppMaria Elizabeth Bishoppfirst name on this monument1839811920St John the Baptist
id: 197

20BishoppStephen Bishoppfirst name on this monument1841441885St John the Baptist
id: 273
Jane Bishoppwife of Stephen Bishopp1852781930

21BissakerJohn Bissakerfirst name on this monument1701651766St John the Baptist
id: 308

22BootEdmund Hopkinson Bootfirst name on this monument1858481906St John the Baptist
id: 138

23BoughtonJames Edward Boughtonfirst name on this monument188211883St John the Baptist
id: 314

24BroadleyThomas Broadleyfirst name on this monument1846721918St John the Baptist
id: 75
(3 images)
John Henry Gausbyson of Thomas Broadley189361899
Emily Broadleywife of Thomas Broadley1922
Robert William Gausbyrelationship not known of Thomas Broadley1871281899
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25BrownWilliam Brownfirst name on this monument176911770St John the Baptist
id: 357
(2 images)
William Brownfather of William Brown
Elizabeth Brownmother of William Brown1742591801

26BuddleMary Buddlefirst name on this monument1835731908St John the Baptist
id: 143
Stephen Buddlehusband of Mary Buddle1832801912

27BurgessRichard Burgessfirst name on this monument1933271960St John the Baptist
id: 404
Arthur J Burgessrelationship not known of Richard Burgess1892891981
Beatrice Burgessrelationship not known of Richard Burgess1888801968

28BurvillPrescilla Burvillfirst name on this monument1829831912St John the Baptist
id: 172
Mary Ann Burvillrelationship not known of Prescilla Burvill1837781915

29BurvillSarah Ann Burvillfirst name on this monument1830771907St John the Baptist
id: 139
Jane Burvillsister of Sarah Ann Burvill1832781910

30BushellSarah Ann Bushellfirst name on this monument1840721912St John the Baptist
id: 163
Stephen Bushellhusband of Sarah Ann Bushell1834801914

31ButlerSt John George Butlerfirst name on this monument1855501905St John the Baptist
id: 90
(2 images)
James Butlerfather of St John George Butler
Emily Mary Butlermother of St John George Butler
Agnes Butlerwife of St John George Butler1915

32CarterFanny Matilda Carterfirst name on this monument1849161865St John the Baptist
id: 397

33CarterFrederick John Carterfirst name on this monument1851381889St John the Baptist
id: 2

34CarterJohn Carterfirst name on this monument1823691892St John the Baptist
id: 22
(2 images)

35CartmellMargaret Richmond Cartmellfirst name on this monument1857691926St John the Baptist
id: 156
James Cartmellfather of Margaret Richmond Cartmell
Henry Thomas Back Goddenrelationship not known of Margaret Richmond Cartmell1882351917
Maud Lilian Goddenrelationship not known of Margaret Richmond Cartmell1883751958

36ChantFrederick Donald Chantfirst name on this monument192181929St John the Baptist
id: 134

37ClaringboldHarriett Claringboldfirst name on this monument1817851902St John the Baptist
id: 39
Agnes Kate Claringbolddaughter of Harriett Claringbold1860591919

38ClaringboldHenry Newson Claringboldfirst name on this monument1863241887St John the Baptist
id: 389
John Claringboldfather of Henry Newson Claringbold
Henry Claringboldgrand father of Henry Newson Claringbold1814741888
Emma Claringboldmother of Henry Newson Claringbold

39ClearsHarriet Clearsfirst name on this monument1836701906St John the Baptist
id: 114
Lily Reynoldsrelationship not known of Harriet Clears1901271928
Mary Reynoldsrelationship not known of Harriet Clears
William Reynoldsrelationship not known of Harriet Clears

40ColtAnne Coltfirst name on this monument1710651775St John the Baptist
id: 335
(2 images)
John Colthusband of Anne Colt1780

41ColthupCharles William Colthupfirst name on this monument1866781944St John the Baptist
id: 198
Elizabeth Frances Colthuprelationship not known of Charles William Colthup1867771944

42ColyerGeorge Colyerfirst name on this monument1809601869St John the Baptist
id: 254
(3 images)
Mary Colyerwife of George Colyer1809781887

43ColyerSarah Colyerfirst name on this monument1806491855St John the Baptist
id: 349
John Hobdayfather of Sarah Colyer
William Colyerhusband of Sarah Colyer
Sarah Hobdaymother of Sarah Colyer

44CookElizabeth Cookfirst name on this monument1694St John the Baptist
id: 221
(3 images)
Thomas Cookhusband of Elizabeth Cook

45CookThomas Cookfirst name on this monument1756771833St John the Baptist
id: 242
John Cookson of Thomas Cook1816231839
William Cookson of Thomas Cook1802351837
John Sankeyson of Thomas Cook1787211808
Ann Cookwife of Thomas Cook1787821869
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46CoulterMary Coulterfirst name on this monument1780721852St John the Baptist
id: 368
John Marshallbrother of Mary Coulter1782711853

47CoxHenry Coxfirst name on this monument1864651929St John the Baptist
id: 124
(6 images)
Emily Coxrelationship not known of Henry Cox1863841947

48CraftSusanna Craftfirst name on this monument1689711760St John the Baptist
id: 319
John Crafthusband of Susanna Craft

49CrampWilliam Crampfirst name on this monument1647801727St John the Baptist
id: 387
Bridget Lingodaughter of William Cramp1673561729

50CroftsAnn Croftsfirst name on this monument1812341846St John the Baptist
id: 382
Thomas Croftshusband of Ann Crofts1811671878

51CroftsGeorge Croftsfirst name on this monument1818421860St John the Baptist
id: 291

52CroftsJohn Croftsfirst name on this monument1690721762St John the Baptist
id: 325

53CroftsMary Croftsfirst name on this monument1818741892St John the Baptist
id: 11

54CurlingJohn Curlingfirst name on this monument1697841781St John the Baptist
id: 219
Mary Curlingwife of John Curling1692781770

55DadsonAnn Dadsonfirst name on this monument1737701807St John the Baptist
id: 379
(2 images)
William Dadsonhusband of Ann Dadson1731771808

56Dalby ReeveJessie Dalby Reevefirst name on this monument1905St John the Baptist
id: 229
Robert Dalby Reevehusband of Jessie Dalby Reeve

57DanceFrederick Dancefirst name on this monument1865241889St John the Baptist
id: 294
(2 images)

58DawsonAnne Dawsonfirst name on this monumentSt John the Baptist
id: 346

59DixwellBasil Dixwellfirst name on this monument1667831750St John the Baptist
id: 411
Basil Dixwellfather of Basil Dixwell
John Templefirst father-in-law of Basil Dixwell
William Longuevillesecond father-in-law of Basil Dixwell
Thomas Peytongrand father-in-law of Basil Dixwell
George Oxendengrand nephew of Basil Dixwell
Dorothy Dixwellmother of Basil Dixwell
George Oxendennephew of Basil Dixwell
Dorothy Dixwellfirst wife of Basil Dixwell
Catherine Dixwellsecond wife of Basil Dixwell

60DoidgeMartha Doidgefirst name on this monument1813631876St John the Baptist
id: 259
Champion Branfillfather of Martha Doidge
William Doidgehusband of Martha Doidge

61EdwardsHerbert Edwardsfirst name on this monument1849631912St John the Baptist
id: 171
Alice Hannah Edwardsrelationship not known of Herbert Edwards1859701929

62ElcockGeorge Elcockfirst name on this monument1640631703St John the Baptist
id: 428
(2 images)
Elizabeth Elcockdaughter of George Elcock
Mary Elcockdaughter of George Elcock
Rosamund Elcockdaughter of George Elcock
Susannah Elcockdaughter of George Elcock
George Elcockson of George Elcock
Rosamund Elcockwife of George Elcock1649621711

63ElcockeSusanna Elcockefirst name on this monument1679551734St John the Baptist
id: 224
(3 images)
George Elcockebrother of Susanna Elcocke
George Elcockefather of Susanna Elcocke
Rosamund Elcockemother of Susanna Elcocke
Elizabeth Elcockesister of Susanna Elcocke1681221703

64EllenGeorge Ellenfirst name on this monument1805671872St John the Baptist
id: 355
Sarah Ellenwife of George Ellen1807351842
Frances Ellensecond wife of George Ellen1806571863
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65EllenHarriet Harrison Ellenfirst name on this monument1878141892St John the Baptist
id: 21
Stephen Ellenfather of Harriet Harrison Ellen
Jane Ellenwife of Harriet Harrison Ellen

66EllenJane Ellenfirst name on this monument1837521889St John the Baptist
id: 324

67EllenStephen Ellenfirst name on this monument1813821895St John the Baptist
id: 57
Catherine Ellenwife of Stephen Ellen1812881900

68EllenThomas Ellenfirst name on this monumentSt John the Baptist
id: 17
Elizabeth Ellendaughter of Thomas Ellen
Mary Ellendaughter of Thomas Ellen
George Ellenson of Thomas Ellen
James Ellenson of Thomas Ellen
John Ellenson of Thomas Ellen
Marshall Ellenson of Thomas Ellen
Richard Ellenson of Thomas Ellen
Stephen Ellenson of Thomas Ellen
Valentine Ellenson of Thomas Ellen

69EllenWilliam Ellenfirst name on this monument1768781846St John the Baptist
id: 17
William Ellenson of William Ellen1792271819
Elizabeth Ellenwife of William Ellen1766791845

70FaggElizabeth Laurane Faggfirst name on this monument1854781932St John the Baptist
id: 64
Elizabeth Emily Faggdaughter of Elizabeth Laurane Fagg1881891970
Stephen Fagghusband of Elizabeth Laurane Fagg1852801932

71FaggStephen John Faggfirst name on this monument1879511930St John the Baptist
id: 95

72FarrowCaroline Dorcas Farrowfirst name on this monument1870341904St John the Baptist
id: 72
J W Farrowhusband of Caroline Dorcas Farrow

73FeatherstoneRobert Featherstonefirst name on this monument1750851835St John the Baptist
id: 303
(3 images)
Mary Featherstonewife of Robert Featherstone1823

74FileEmily Jane Filefirst name on this monument1874521926St John the Baptist
id: 155
Charles Filehusband of Emily Jane File1871791950

75FileGeorge Filefirst name on this monument1814381852St John the Baptist
id: 257

76FileStephen Filefirst name on this monument1787881875St John the Baptist
id: 250
Mary Filewife of Stephen File1786511837

77Foard/fordThomas Foard/fordfirst name on this monument1786St John the Baptist
id: 354

78FoordEmily Foordfirst name on this monument1821711892St John the Baptist
id: 12
Thomas Foordfather of Emily Foord
Hannah Foordmother of Emily Foord

79FoordHannah Foordfirst name on this monument1790861876St John the Baptist
id: 279
(2 images)
Thomas Foordhusband of Hannah Foord1785851870
Harry Goldsmithrelationship not known of Hannah Foord1918

80ForemanHenry Foremanfirst name on this monument1794921886St John the Baptist
id: 390
Elizabeth Foremanwife of Henry Foreman1797681865

81ForresterBatten Forresterfirst name on this monument1682781760St John the Baptist
id: 385

82FosterJohn Fosterfirst name on this monument1789611850St John the Baptist
id: 252
Emma Colyerdaughter of John Foster184781855
Henry Fosterfather of John Foster1763611824
Elizabeth Fostermother of John Foster

83FosterWilliam Fosterfirst name on this monument1836581894St John the Baptist
id: 37

84FoxCharles James Foxfirst name on this monument1856St John the Baptist
id: 422

85FoxDaniel Foxfirst name on this monument1743731816St John the Baptist
id: 214
Edward Brydgesfather of Daniel Fox
Champion Branfillfirst husband of Daniel Fox
Mary Foxsecond wife of Daniel Fox1754281782
Elizabeth Foxthird wife of Daniel Fox1753791832
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86FoxMichael Foxfirst name on this monument1708821790St John the Baptist
id: 378
Ann Foxwife of Michael Fox1703551758

87FoxSusannah Foxfirst name on this monument1758811839St John the Baptist
id: 249
Thomas Foxhusband of Susannah Fox1757841841

88FoxVera Emily Foxfirst name on this monument192271929St John the Baptist
id: 130
Bessie Chandlerdaughter of Vera Emily Fox1908611969
Fred Chandlerson-in-law of Vera Emily Fox

89FremoulMary Fremoulfirst name on this monument1706571763St John the Baptist
id: 425
John Nethersolefather of Mary Fremoul
Samuel Fremoulhusband of Mary Fremoul

90GambrillElizabeth Gambrillfirst name on this monument1800861886St John the Baptist
id: 347
Thomas Gambrillhusband of Elizabeth Gambrill

91GausbyDora Emily Gausbyfirst name on this monument189191900St John the Baptist
id: 74
(2 images)
C Gausbyfather of Dora Emily Gausby
A Gausbymother of Dora Emily Gausby
Ivy Florence Gausbysister of Dora Emily Gausby189551900
Ruby Annie Gausbysister of Dora Emily Gausby189731900

92GausbyGeorge H Gausbyfirst name on this monumentSt John the Baptist
id: 78
(2 images)
Sarah A Gausbywife of George H Gausby

93GausbyJohn Frederick Gausbyfirst name on this monument1901St John the Baptist
id: 86
John Gausbyfather of John Frederick Gausby
Kate Gausbymother of John Frederick Gausby

94GausbySarah Gausbyfirst name on this monument1835871922St John the Baptist
id: 230
(4 images)

95GibsonJohn Gibsonfirst name on this monument1825671892St John the Baptist
id: 10
Sophia Coopersister of John Gibson1816761892
Eliza Gibsonwife of John Gibson1829851914

96GoddenJames Goddenfirst name on this monument1721671788St John the Baptist
id: 396
Jane Goddenwife of James Godden1732811813

97GrahamElizabeth Grahamfirst name on this monumentSt John the Baptist
id: 267
Charles Grahamhusband of Elizabeth Graham

98GrahamFrances Margaret Grahamfirst name on this monument1816861902St John the Baptist
id: 18
Charles Grahamhusband of Frances Margaret Graham

99GreenHannah Greenfirst name on this monument1808501858St John the Baptist
id: 272
Richard Greenhusband of Hannah Green

100HammondAnn Hammondfirst name on this monument1832681900St John the Baptist
id: 89

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