Blackwood Cemetery, Blackwood, Victoria, Australia

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Monument list with thumbnail images surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

1Albie first name on this monument1970Blackwood
id: P1180148

2Janet H R first name on this monument1926661992Blackwood
id: P1180054
David R M husband of Janet H R 1923761999

3AllanGrace Allanfirst name on this monument1865741939Blackwood
id: P1180178
Thomas Prynfather of Grace Allan
Elizabeth Prynmother of Grace Allan

4AndersonAlbert Mitchell Stanley Andersonfirst name on this monument1901121913Blackwood
id: P1180138
Alexander Andrew James Andersonbrother of Albert Mitchell Stanley Anderson1891351926
Alexander Andersonfather of Albert Mitchell Stanley Anderson1863811944
George Andersongrand father of Albert Mitchell Stanley Anderson
Thomas Pryngrand father of Albert Mitchell Stanley Anderson
Isabella Andersongrand mother of Albert Mitchell Stanley Anderson
Elizabeth Pryngrand mother of Albert Mitchell Stanley Anderson
Elizabeth Andersonmother of Albert Mitchell Stanley Anderson1857731930
Albert Stephen H Andersonnephew of Albert Mitchell Stanley Anderson1917461963
Alvin Andersonnephew of Albert Mitchell Stanley Anderson1
Vivene Jean Fullertonniece of Albert Mitchell Stanley Anderson1921842005
Minnie Andersonsister-in-law of Albert Mitchell Stanley Anderson1897611958

5AndersonChas Andersonfirst name on this monument1861771938Blackwood
id: P1170973

6AugustineJohn David Augustinefirst name on this monument1943592002Blackwood
id: P1170996

7AugustinusJohan Augustinusfirst name on this monument1832641896Blackwood
id: P1170970
Andrious Chritian Augustinusfather of Johan Augustinus

8BannermanRuth Lorraine Bannermanfirst name on this monument1937632000Blackwood
id: P1180105
Cheryl Bannermandaughter of Ruth Lorraine Bannerman
Dianne Bannermandaughter of Ruth Lorraine Bannerman
Kim Bannermandaughter of Ruth Lorraine Bannerman
George Bannermanhusband of Ruth Lorraine Bannerman1933722005

9BansgroveAlbert Astley Bansgrovefirst name on this monument1904791983Blackwood
id: P1180052
Albert Bansgrovefather of Albert Astley Bansgrove
William Leonard Hayesfather-in-law of Albert Astley Bansgrove
Margaret Bansgrovemother of Albert Astley Bansgrove
Alma Josephine Hayesmother-in-law of Albert Astley Bansgrove
Chloris Grace Bansgrovewife of Albert Astley Bansgrove1910871997

10BawdenElizabeth Jane Fanny Bawdenfirst name on this monument1839421881Blackwood
id: P1180020
Martha Bawdendaughter of Elizabeth Jane Fanny Bawden1861931954
Christopher Bawdenfather-in-law of Elizabeth Jane Fanny Bawden
Thomas Bawdenhusband of Elizabeth Jane Fanny Bawden1828651893
Thomasina Bawdenmother-in-law of Elizabeth Jane Fanny Bawden
John Bawdenson of Elizabeth Jane Fanny Bawden1867231890
Richard Rule Bawdenson of Elizabeth Jane Fanny Bawden1859871946

11BonfondPauline Bonfondfirst name on this monument1820471867Blackwood
id: P1180221
Jumentier Antonio Bonfondfather of Pauline Bonfond

12BosmanBarbara Bosmanfirst name on this monument1944632007Blackwood
id: P1180049

13BradleyEunice Winstanle Bradleyfirst name on this monumentBlackwood
id: P1180212
Arthur Bradleyfather of Eunice Winstanle Bradley
Mary Bradleymother of Eunice Winstanle Bradley

14BradleyReginald Garland Bradleyfirst name on this monument1932782010Blackwood
id: P1180213
Marita Bushellsister of Reginald Garland Bradley1944662010

15BradleyReginald Patrick Bradleyfirst name on this monument1900861986Blackwood
id: P1180211
William Bradleyfather of Reginald Patrick Bradley
Minnie Bradleymother of Reginald Patrick Bradley
Eunice Winstanle Bradleywife of Reginald Patrick Bradley1912441956
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16BraithwaiteJean Braithwaitefirst name on this monument1916711987Blackwood
id: P1180096
Janet Braithwaitedaughter of Jean Braithwaite
Joy Braithwaitedaughter of Jean Braithwaite
Frank Braithwaitefather of Jean Braithwaite
David Braithwaitehusband of Jean Braithwaite1913821995
Hilda Muriel Braithwaitemother of Jean Braithwaite

17BroadPhilip Maynard Broadfirst name on this monument1845701915Blackwood
id: P1180035
William Broadfather of Philip Maynard Broad
Charles Gribblefather-in-law of Philip Maynard Broad
Sarah Broadmother of Philip Maynard Broad
Ann Gribblemother-in-law of Philip Maynard Broad
Infant Broad
Infant Broad
Infant Broad
Charles Henry Broadson of Philip Maynard Broad1882561938
Phillip Ernest Broadson of Philip Maynard Broad1889131902
Elizabeth Broadwife of Philip Maynard Broad1852851937

18BroadWilliam Davies Broadfirst name on this monument1860631923Blackwood
id: P1180039
Pearl Victoria Broaddaughter of William Davies Broad1898111909
William Broadfather of William Davies Broad
Sarah Broadmother of William Davies Broad
Leonard Eric Broadson of William Davies Broad1902611963
Julia Broadsister of William Davies Broad1858801938

19BrownJohn Henry Brownfirst name on this monument1926872013Blackwood
id: P1180229
Jenny Browndaughter of John Henry Brown
Judy Browndaughter of John Henry Brown
Robina Browndaughter-in-law of John Henry Brown
Kathryn Browngrand daughter of John Henry Brown
Nicole Browngrand daughter of John Henry Brown
Barry Brownson of John Henry Brown
Peter Edward Brownson of John Henry Brown1954542008
Rodney Brownson of John Henry Brown
Lorna Brownwife of John Henry Brown

20BrownJudy Brownfirst name on this monument1940571997Blackwood
id: P1180048
David Brownson of Judy Brown
Jeff Brownson of Judy Brown
Peter Brownson of Judy Brown

21BryantRichard John Bryantfirst name on this monument1945501995Blackwood
id: P1180060

22BuchananAndrew Buchananfirst name on this monument1823751898Blackwood
id: P1170991
(2 images)
Agnes Buchanandaughter of Andrew Buchanan1864621926
Jean Buchanandaughter-in-law of Andrew Buchanan
Thomas Hornefather-in-law of Andrew Buchanan
Elizabeth Hornemother-in-law of Andrew Buchanan
Andrew Buchananson of Andrew Buchanan1903
Thomas Buchananson of Andrew Buchanan1861611922
Walter John Buchananson of Andrew Buchanan1875
Ann Buchananwife of Andrew Buchanan1835621897

23BurgessThomas Burgessfirst name on this monument1832721904Blackwood
id: P1180034
Alicia Maude Nelsondaughter-in-law of Thomas Burgess
John Burgessfather of Thomas Burgess
John Burtfather-in-law of Thomas Burgess
Edward Nelsongrand son of Thomas Burgess190201902
Honor Burgessmother of Thomas Burgess
Selina Burtmother-in-law of Thomas Burgess
Joseph Edward Nelsonson of Thomas Burgess
Mary Jane Burgesswife of Thomas Burgess1840901930
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24ByresWilliam Byresfirst name on this monument1845681913Blackwood
id: P1180187
William Byresfather of William Byres
Thomas Pyrnfather-in-law of William Byres
Julia Selina Byresmother of William Byres
Elizabeth Pyrnmother-in-law of William Byres
John Alexander Byresson of William Byres
William Howard Byresson of William Byres1896221918
Annie Byreswife of William Byres1860711931

25ByresWilliam Byresfirst name on this monument1810571867Blackwood
id: P1170977
William Byresfather of William Byres
Alexander Byresson of William Byres1850671917
Julia Selina Byreswife of William Byres1825851910

26ByrneEmma Mabel Byrnefirst name on this monument1882601942Blackwood
id: P1180045
William Davies Broadfather of Emma Mabel Byrne
James Byrnefather-in-law of Emma Mabel Byrne
Robert John Byrnehusband of Emma Mabel Byrne1880761956
Julia Broadmother of Emma Mabel Byrne
Jessie Byrnemother-in-law of Emma Mabel Byrne

27ByrneJames Byrnefirst name on this monument1858471905Blackwood
id: P1180130
John Byrnefather of James Byrne
Grace Byrnemother of James Byrne
Jessie Alice Byrnewife of James Byrne1865771942

28CallaghanMary Callaghanfirst name on this monument1858761934Blackwood
id: P1180179
Joseph Johnsonfather of Mary Callaghan
James Callaghanhusband of Mary Callaghan1852831935
Mary Johnsonmother of Mary Callaghan
Joseph Callaghanson of Mary Callaghan1882711953

29CameronRobert Cameronfirst name on this monument1824961920Blackwood
id: P1170989
Catherine Camerondaughter of Robert Cameron1860831943
George Cameronfather of Robert Cameron
John Williamsonfather-in-law of Robert Cameron
Jean Cameronmother of Robert Cameron
Catherine Williamsonmother-in-law of Robert Cameron
Isabel Cameronwife of Robert Cameron1822811903

30CampbellNorman James Campbellfirst name on this monument1911902001Blackwood
id: P1180075
Ernie Campbellbrother of Norman James Campbell
George Campbellbrother of Norman James Campbell
John Campbellfather of Norman James Campbell
Alice Louisa Campbellmother of Norman James Campbell
Amelia Campbellsister of Norman James Campbell1910962006
Lil Campbellsister of Norman James Campbell

31CandaceCaroline Elizabeth Candacefirst name on this monument1830381868Blackwood
id: P1180025
William Silvesterfather of Caroline Elizabeth Candace
Elizabeth Silvestermother of Caroline Elizabeth Candace

32CannEdwin Thomas Cannfirst name on this monument1878811959Blackwood
id: P1180122
Vera Minerva Canndaughter-in-law of Edwin Thomas Cann1907891996
John Cannfather of Edwin Thomas Cann
David Cummingsfather of daughter-in-law of Edwin Thomas Cann
Joseph Hillfather-in-law of Edwin Thomas Cann
Rebecca Cannmother of Edwin Thomas Cann
Johanna Eileen Cummingsmother of daughter in law of Edwin Thomas Cann
Eliza Hillmother-in-law of Edwin Thomas Cann
Albert Edward Cannson of Edwin Thomas Cann1907901997
Grace Ethel Cannwife of Edwin Thomas Cann1881851966
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imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

33CannHerbert Claude Cannfirst name on this monument1913992012Blackwood
id: P1180115
Herbert Holman Cannfather of Herbert Claude Cann
Ellen Eliza Padden Cannmother of Herbert Claude Cann
Betty Leticia Cannwife of Herbert Claude Cann1929832012

34CannHerbert Holman Cannfirst name on this monument1872781950Blackwood
id: P1180120
John Joseph Cannfather of Herbert Holman Cann
Edward W Plewsfather-in-law of Herbert Holman Cann
Rebecca Olivia Cannmother of Herbert Holman Cann
Margaret Plewsmother-in-law of Herbert Holman Cann
Ellen Eliza Cannwife of Herbert Holman Cann1874941968

35CannJohn Joseph Cannfirst name on this monument1904661970Blackwood
id: P1180123
Bruno Canndaughter of John Joseph Cann
Lindy Canndaughter of John Joseph Cann
Harry Pery Cannfather of John Joseph Cann
Sarah Elener Cannmother of John Joseph Cann
Peter John Cannson of John Joseph Cann194801948
Olive Lillian Cannwife of John Joseph Cann1911962007

36CannLindy Lee Cannfirst name on this monument1950512001Blackwood
id: P1180112
John Cannfather of Lindy Lee Cann
Olive Cannmother of Lindy Lee Cann

37CannMargaret Sophia Cannfirst name on this monument188131884Blackwood
id: P1180155
Eleanor Eliza Canndaughter-in-law of Margaret Sophia Cann
John Kennedy Cannfather of Margaret Sophia Cann1844511895
Ida Ellen Canngrand daughter of Margaret Sophia Cann1901101911
John Canngrand father of Margaret Sophia Cann
Thomas Perrygrand father of Margaret Sophia Cann
Ann Agnes Canngrand mother of Margaret Sophia Cann
Sarah Perrygrand mother of Margaret Sophia Cann
Rebecca Olivia May Cannmother of Margaret Sophia Cann1844721916
Herbert Holman Cannson of Margaret Sophia Cann

38CannPeter John Cannfirst name on this monument194801948Blackwood
id: P1180121
John Joseph Cannfather of Peter John Cann
Olive Lillian Cannmother of Peter John Cann
Lindy Cannsister of Peter John Cann

39CannSarah Elener Cannfirst name on this monument1878281906Blackwood
id: P1180129
Joseph Hillfather of Sarah Elener Cann
John Cannfather-in-law of Sarah Elener Cann
Harry Perry Cannhusband of Sarah Elener Cann1870801950
Eliza Hillmother of Sarah Elener Cann
Rebecca Cannmother-in-law of Sarah Elener Cann

40CarrollGeorge James Carrollfirst name on this monument1873761949Blackwood
id: P1180070
John Henry Carrollfather of George James Carroll
Henry Potterfather-in-law of George James Carroll
Emma Carrollmother of George James Carroll
Emma Pottermother-in-law of George James Carroll
Emma Carrollwife of George James Carroll1879751954

41CarruthersGeorge Blake Carruthersfirst name on this monument1841761917Blackwood
id: P1180145
Sarah Baillie Randalldaughter of George Blake Carruthers1890821972
John Carruthersfather of George Blake Carruthers
Sarah Carruthersmother of George Blake Carruthers
George Blake Carruthersson of George Blake Carruthers1918
Alice Eliza Carrutherswife of George Blake Carruthers1858731931
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42CarterSarah Carterfirst name on this monument1809731882Blackwood
id: P1180010
Sarah Hoskingdaughter of Sarah Carter
John Hubbardfather of Sarah Carter
Alice Mary Hoskinggrand daughter of Sarah Carter1868161884
Edward Carterhusband of Sarah Carter1810801890
Susannah Hubbardmother of Sarah Carter
Benjamin Hoskingson-in-law of Sarah Carter

43CassellVernon Ronald Cassellfirst name on this monument1919701989Blackwood
id: P1170967
Bronwen Casselldaughter of Vernon Ronald Cassell1945692014
Christine Casselldaughter of Vernon Ronald Cassell
Erin Casselldaughter of Vernon Ronald Cassell
Melinda Casselldaughter of Vernon Ronald Cassell
Frederick William Cassellfather of Vernon Ronald Cassell
Cecilia Louisa Cassellmother of Vernon Ronald Cassell
Frank Cassellson of Vernon Ronald Cassell
Patricia Cassellwife of Vernon Ronald Cassell1921822003

44CastellinRebecca Teresa Marie Castellinfirst name on this monument1943702013Blackwood
id: P1180218
Belinda Castellindaughter of Rebecca Teresa Marie Castellin
Madeline Castellingrand daughter of Rebecca Teresa Marie Castellin
Peter Castellinhusband of Rebecca Teresa Marie Castellin
Adam Castellinson of Rebecca Teresa Marie Castellin
Raymond Castellinson of Rebecca Teresa Marie Castellin

45CaterRichard Neville Caterfirst name on this monument1945592004Blackwood
id: P1180062
Adam Caterson of Richard Neville Cater
Clint Caterson of Richard Neville Cater
Jenny Caterwife of Richard Neville Cater

46ChamberlainWalter Goodman Chamberlainfirst name on this monument1854751929Blackwood
id: P1180131
Benjamin Goodman Chamberlainfather of Walter Goodman Chamberlain
James Trinfather-in-law of Walter Goodman Chamberlain
Elizabeth Frances Chamberlainmother of Walter Goodman Chamberlain
Mary Ann Trinmother-in-law of Walter Goodman Chamberlain
Georgina Chamberlainwife of Walter Goodman Chamberlain1860801940

47CheelJ T Alfred Cheelfirst name on this monumentBlackwood
id: P1180063

48ClewMary Louisa Clewfirst name on this monument1860241884Blackwood
id: P1170972

49CocciardiaVincent Cocciardiafirst name on this monument1832811913Blackwood
id: P1180202
Michael Roachfather-in-law of Vincent Cocciardia
Jane Roachmother-in-law of Vincent Cocciardia
Infant Cocciardia
Infant Cocciardia
Jane Cocciardiawife of Vincent Cocciardia1842761918

50CoomberLouisa Coomberfirst name on this monument1870541924Blackwood
id: P1180207
Francis Snowfather of Louisa Coomber
William Coomberfather-in-law of Louisa Coomber
Jeremiah Coomberhusband of Louisa Coomber1864791943
Ann Snowmother of Louisa Coomber
Julia Coombermother-in-law of Louisa Coomber
Arthur Coomberson of Louisa Coomber
Frank Coomberson of Louisa Coomber

51CoomberWilliam Coomberfirst name on this monument1862141876Blackwood
id: P1180228
Jeremiah Coomberbrother-in-law of William Coomber
William Coomberfather of William Coomber
Julia Coombermother of William Coomber
Edmund Coombernephew of William Coomber1899241923
Jane Coombersister-in-law of William Coomber
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52CoxGraham Frederick Coxfirst name on this monument1923832006Blackwood
id: P1180114
Heather Coxdaughter of Graham Frederick Cox
Jenni Coxdaughter of Graham Frederick Cox

53CoyleEmma Coylefirst name on this monument1892731965Blackwood
id: P1180141
William Cummingsfather of Emma Coyle
John Coylehusband of Emma Coyle
Sarah Cummingsmother of Emma Coyle

54CrockerMichael Crockerfirst name on this monument1804781882Blackwood
id: P1170968

55CruiseJoseph Cruisefirst name on this monument1834331867Blackwood
id: P1180220
Peter Cruisefather of Joseph Cruise
Catherine Cruisemother of Joseph Cruise
Bridget Cruisewife of Joseph Cruise

56CruiseJoseph Peter Cruisefirst name on this monument185921861Blackwood
id: P1180219
Joseph Cruisefather of Joseph Peter Cruise
Bridget Cruisemother of Joseph Peter Cruise
Catherine Cruisesister of Joseph Peter Cruise185841862
Mary Ann Cruisesister of Joseph Peter Cruise185651861

57CummingsJoseph Cummingsfirst name on this monument1876591935Blackwood
id: P1180147
Adam Bernard Coylebrother-in-law of Joseph Cummings
William Edward Cummingsfather of Joseph Cummings
James Coylegrand nephew of Joseph Cummings
Sarah Ann Cummingsmother of Joseph Cummings
Amos James Coylenephew of Joseph Cummings1910531963
Selina Coylesister of Joseph Cummings

58DarganDavid Patrick Darganfirst name on this monument1943712014Blackwood
id: P1180006

59DarwenWilfred Darwenfirst name on this monument1933441977Blackwood
id: P1180182
William Darwenfather of Wilfred Darwen
Elenor Darwenmother of Wilfred Darwen

60DillonKendall Arthur Dillonfirst name on this monument1974392013Blackwood
id: P1180095
Matthew Dillonbrother of Kendall Arthur Dillon
Arthur Dillonfather of Kendall Arthur Dillon
Frances Dillonmother of Kendall Arthur Dillon

61Doaty Doatyfirst name on this monument1875Blackwood
id: P1170965

62DonnellyShannon Clare Donnellyfirst name on this monument1983Blackwood
id: P1180217
Clifford John Donnellyfather of Shannon Clare Donnelly
Kisa Michele Donnellymother of Shannon Clare Donnelly

63DoolenElsie May Doolenfirst name on this monument1895221917Blackwood
id: P1180233
Selina Sherwoodmother of Elsie May Doolen1897

64DoyleThomas Doylefirst name on this monument1814721886Blackwood
id: P1180008
Samuel Doylefather of Thomas Doyle
Catherine Doylemother of Thomas Doyle

65DrummondEmma Drummondfirst name on this monument1846301876Blackwood
id: P1180009
Edward Carterfather of Emma Drummond
Sarah Cartermother of Emma Drummond

66DrummondJohn Drummondfirst name on this monument187621878Blackwood
id: P1180015
Alexander Drummondfather of John Drummond1841531894
Duncan Drummondgrand father of John Drummond
John Williamsgrand father of John Drummond
Ann Drummondgrand mother of John Drummond
Jane Williamsgrand mother of John Drummond
Elizabeth Ann Eveleine Lang Drummondmother of John Drummond1854711925
Emma Drummondsister of John Drummond189411895
Margaret Drummondsister of John Drummond189411895
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67DunleavyJane Dunleavyfirst name on this monument1829401869Blackwood
id: P1180224
Anthony Dunleavyhusband of Jane Dunleavy1821551876

68DunnCharles Dunnfirst name on this monument1854741928Blackwood
id: P1180171
Charles Dunnfather of Charles Dunn
Edward William Plewsfather-in-law of Charles Dunn
Susan Dunnmother of Charles Dunn
Mary Sandford Plewsmother-in-law of Charles Dunn
Mary Sandford Dunnwife of Charles Dunn1863651928

69DunnEliza Dunnfirst name on this monument1865211886Blackwood
id: P1180068
Charles Dunnfather of Eliza Dunn1829821911
Chritopher Bawdengrand father of Eliza Dunn
John Dunngrand father of Eliza Dunn
Susan Bawdengrand mother of Eliza Dunn
Ann Dunngrand mother of Eliza Dunn
Susan Dunnmother of Eliza Dunn1835831918

70DunnThomas Richard Dunnfirst name on this monument80Blackwood
id: P1180170
Charles Dunnfather of Thomas Richard Dunn
Mary Sandford Dunnmother of Thomas Richard Dunn

71DustingFrank Herbert Dustingfirst name on this monument1913681981Blackwood
id: P1180087
James Dustingfather of Frank Herbert Dusting
Susan Dustingmother of Frank Herbert Dusting
Jessie Irene Dustingwife of Frank Herbert Dusting

72DwanTimothy Dwanfirst name on this monument1842531895Blackwood
id: P1180193
Jessica Dwandaughter-in-law of Timothy Dwan1879871966
John Dwanfather of Timothy Dwan
Frederick Boyesfather of daughter-in-law of Timothy Dwan
Albert Verdun Dwangrand son of Timothy Dwan1916842000
Mary Dwanmother of Timothy Dwan
Elizabeth Boyesmother of daughter in law of Timothy Dwan
James Matthew Dwanson of Timothy Dwan
Eliza Dwanwife of Timothy Dwan

73EcclestonEllen Considine Ecclestonfirst name on this monument1894711965Blackwood
id: P1180197
Thomas Adams Mathewsfather of Ellen Considine Eccleston
William Ecclestonfather-in-law of Ellen Considine Eccleston
Bridget Mathewsmother of Ellen Considine Eccleston
Eliza Ann Ecclestonmother-in-law of Ellen Considine Eccleston
Thomas Joseph Ecclestonwife of Ellen Considine Eccleston1890751965

74EdwardsThomas Edward Edwardsfirst name on this monument1822431865Blackwood
id: P1180024
Edward Edwardsfather of Thomas Edward Edwards
Sarah Edwardsmother of Thomas Edward Edwards

75Elliott Elliottfirst name on this monumentBlackwood
id: P1180022

76FaryJohn Roy Faryfirst name on this monument1936722008Blackwood
id: P1180046
Lorraine Farypartner of John Roy Fary
Daryl Faryson of John Roy Fary

77FelsCyril Joseph Edward Felsfirst name on this monument1900671967Blackwood
id: P1180198
Joseph Bernard Felsfather of Cyril Joseph Edward Fels
Edwin Thomas Cannfather-in-law of Cyril Joseph Edward Fels
Marianne Felsmother of Cyril Joseph Edward Fels
Grace Ethel Cannmother-in-law of Cyril Joseph Edward Fels
Edith Maude Felswife of Cyril Joseph Edward Fels1904711975
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78FreelandHeather Freelandfirst name on this monument1909391948Blackwood
id: P1170981
George Kenneth Mathesonfather of Heather Freeland
John Freelandhusband of Heather Freeland
Annie Maud Mathesonmother of Heather Freeland

79GelletlyMargaret Gelletlyfirst name on this monument1868251893Blackwood
id: P1180209
John Sweetbrother of Margaret Gelletly187211873
George Sweetfather of Margaret Gelletly
John Gelletlyhusband of Margaret Gelletly
Catherine Sweetmother of Margaret Gelletly

80GilliesJohn Gilliesfirst name on this monument1889871976Blackwood
id: P1180106
Marion Bardondaughter of John Gillies1923852008
Alexander Gilliesfather of John Gillies
James Bellfather-in-law of John Gillies
Stephen Bardonfather of son-in-law of John Gillies
Catherine Gilliesmother of John Gillies
Ann Bellmother-in-law of John Gillies
Ethyl Maude Bardonmother of son in law of John Gillies
Ronald Ernest Bardonson-in-law of John Gillies1920601980
Marion Adelaide Gillieswife of John Gillies1895951990

81GoodgeRichard Goodgefirst name on this monument1840621902Blackwood
id: P1180036
John Goodgefather of Richard Goodge
Eliza Goodgemother of Richard Goodge
M J Goodgewife of Richard Goodge

82GribbleCharles Gribblefirst name on this monument1821661887Blackwood
id: P1180069
Jane Gribbledaughter of Charles Gribble1867561923
William Gribblefather of Charles Gribble
Chritopher Bawdenfather-in-law of Charles Gribble
Elizabeth Gribblemother of Charles Gribble
Ann Gribblewife of Charles Gribble1830971927

83GribbleHenry Gribblefirst name on this monument1831351866Blackwood
id: P1180064

84GrundyIan Albert Grundyfirst name on this monument1942662008Blackwood
id: P1180231
Yvonne Grundywife of Ian Albert Grundy

85GuppyChristopher Guppyfirst name on this monument1820711891Blackwood
id: P1180164
Christopher Guppyfather of Christopher Guppy
Ann Guppymother of Christopher Guppy
Elizabeth Dummett Guppywife of Christopher Guppy1822911913

86GuppyWalter Guppyfirst name on this monument1859921951Blackwood
id: P1180165
Christopher Guppyfather of Walter Guppy
Paul Thomasfather-in-law of Walter Guppy
Elizabeth Guppymother of Walter Guppy
Ann Thomasmother-in-law of Walter Guppy
Mary Guppywife of Walter Guppy1861911952

87HackettNicola Veronica Hackettfirst name on this monument1973231996Blackwood
id: P1180080

88HansenEmma Louise Hansenfirst name on this monument1856271883Blackwood
id: P1170975
John Frederic Hansenfather of Emma Louise Hansen1823641887
Christopher Hansengrand father of Emma Louise Hansen
William Harrisgrand father of Emma Louise Hansen
Margaratter Elizabeth Hansengrand mother of Emma Louise Hansen
Elizabeth Harrisgrand mother of Emma Louise Hansen
Emma Hansenmother of Emma Louise Hansen1833611894

89HarryElizabeth Harryfirst name on this monument1791841875Blackwood
id: P1180162
Jane Williamsdaughter of Elizabeth Harry1819841903
Thomas Johnfather of Elizabeth Harry
William Williamsfather of son-in-law of Elizabeth Harry
Edward Williamsgrand son of Elizabeth Harry1858761934
Robert Williamsgrand son of Elizabeth Harry1862711933
Christopher Harryhusband of Elizabeth Harry
Elizabeth Johnmother of Elizabeth Harry
Sophia Williamsmother of son in law of Elizabeth Harry
David Harryson of Elizabeth Harry1837761913
John Williamsson-in-law of Elizabeth Harry1821821903
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90HayceThomas Haycefirst name on this monumentBlackwood
id: P1180027

91HaydenCatherine Haydenfirst name on this monument1845521897Blackwood
id: P1180203
(2 images)
Martin Carrollfather of Catherine Hayden
John Haydenfather-in-law of Catherine Hayden
Laurence Haydenhusband of Catherine Hayden1833721905
Catherine Carrollmother of Catherine Hayden
Charles Haydenson of Catherine Hayden
James Haydenson of Catherine Hayden1872261898
Martin Haydenson of Catherine Hayden1874271901
Michael Haydenson of Catherine Hayden1879771956

92HesterElizabeth Anne Hesterfirst name on this monument1938642002Blackwood
id: P1180111
Carolyn Hesterdaughter of Elizabeth Anne Hester
Olive Hestergrand daughter of Elizabeth Anne Hester
Sunday Hestergrand daughter of Elizabeth Anne Hester
Michael Hesterhusband of Elizabeth Anne Hester
Paul Newell Hesterson of Elizabeth Anne Hester

93HesterPaul Newell Hesterfirst name on this monument1959462005Blackwood
id: P1180110
Olive Hesterdaughter of Paul Newell Hester
Sunday Hesterdaughter of Paul Newell Hester
Michael Hesterfather of Paul Newell Hester
Elizabeth Anne Hestermother of Paul Newell Hester
Carolyn Hestersister of Paul Newell Hester

94HewatRobert Charles Hewatfirst name on this monument1929732002Blackwood
id: P1180090
Michael Hewatson of Robert Charles Hewat
Robert Hewatson of Robert Charles Hewat
Rose Hewatwife of Robert Charles Hewat

95HickmanJames Hickmanfirst name on this monument1830361866Blackwood
id: P1180030
William Hickmanfather of James Hickman
Elizabeth Hickmanmother of James Hickman

96HildebrandEllen May Hildebrandfirst name on this monument1896971993Blackwood
id: P1180097
Ern Hildebrandhusband of Ellen May Hildebrand
Bob Hildebrandson of Ellen May Hildebrand
Jack Hildebrandson of Ellen May Hildebrand

97HillEdward John Hillfirst name on this monument1813781891Blackwood
id: P1180067

98HillJoseph Hillfirst name on this monument1848691917Blackwood
id: P1180007
John Hillfather of Joseph Hill
Robert Spinnerfather-in-law of Joseph Hill
Anna Hillmother of Joseph Hill
Eliza Spinnermother-in-law of Joseph Hill
Eliza Hillwife of Joseph Hill1856781934

99HillMarion Ann Hillfirst name on this monument1887761963Blackwood
id: P1180013
George Duncanfather of Marion Ann Hill
Joseph Hillfather-in-law of Marion Ann Hill
Charles William Hillhusband of Marion Ann Hill1976
Eliza Hillmother-in-law of Marion Ann Hill

100HitchRosemary Hitchfirst name on this monument1946682014Blackwood
id: P1180079

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Blackwood Cemetery, Blackwood, Victoria, Australia.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery.The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument.The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this cemetery is 3458 - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

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