Grove Road (Section C) Cemetery, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list with thumbnail images surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

201MetcalfeJohn R Metcalfefirst name on this monument1876251901Grove Road (Section C)
id: 140

202MetcalfeMargaret Metcalfefirst name on this monument1837561893Grove Road (Section C)
id: 242
Mary Metcalfedaughter of Margaret Metcalfe1860131873

203MetcalfeWilliam Briggs Metcalfefirst name on this monument1830411871Grove Road (Section C)
id: 182
(3 images)
Ann Kendall Kendallrelationship not known of William Briggs Metcalfe1841751916

204MiersEliza Miersfirst name on this monument1816691885Grove Road (Section C)
id: 162

205MinchinMarcia Adeline Minchinfirst name on this monument1898Grove Road (Section C)
id: 128
James Minchinfather-in-law of Marcia Adeline Minchin
Westby Percevalfather-in-law of Marcia Adeline Minchin
Charles Cherry Minchinhusband of Marcia Adeline Minchin1829701899
Susan Mary Minchinmother-in-law of Marcia Adeline Minchin

206MitchellHerbert Gordon Mitchellfirst name on this monument190441908Grove Road (Section C)
id: 205
Herbert George Mitchellfather of Herbert Gordon Mitchell
Nellie Mitchellmother of Herbert Gordon Mitchell

207MongstonOliver Mongstonfirst name on this monument1820441864Grove Road (Section C)
id: 52
Madeline Mongstondaughter of Oliver Mongston1860151875
Susan Mongstondaughter of Oliver Mongston184591854

208MongstonOliver Mongstonfirst name on this monument1822421864Grove Road (Section C)
id: 11
Madeline Mongstondaughter of Oliver Mongston1860151875
Susan Mongstondaughter of Oliver Mongston185591864
Ann Mongstonwife of Oliver Mongston

209MorrisJames Bateson Morrisfirst name on this monument1837421879Grove Road (Section C)
id: 339
(3 images)
Mary Hannah Morrisrelationship not known of James Bateson Morris1836861922

210MuckleSarah Mucklefirst name on this monument1842431885Grove Road (Section C)
id: 288
George Mucklehusband of Sarah Muckle1830701900

211MyersSophie Myersfirst name on this monument1840521892Grove Road (Section C)
id: 194
Thomas Myershusband of Sophie Myers
Sarah Andrewssister of Sophie Myers1834701904
Helen Andrewsrelationship not known of Sophie Myers1835801915
Mary Andrewsrelationship not known of Sophie Myers1830791909

212NicholsonWilliam Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1823481871Grove Road (Section C)
id: 331
(5 images)
Ann Nicholsonwife of William Nicholson1821861907

213NobleGeorge Noblefirst name on this monument1829431872Grove Road (Section C)
id: 22
Janet Noblerelationship not known of George Noble1819591878

214NursawFrances Ann Nursawfirst name on this monument1799771876Grove Road (Section C)
id: 47
(3 images)
Frances Ann Sparrowrelationship not known of Frances Ann Nursaw1811811892

215OgdenJoseph Henry Ogdenfirst name on this monument1833351868Grove Road (Section C)
id: 326
(2 images)

216OsbaldestonSarah Osbaldestonfirst name on this monument1830601890Grove Road (Section C)
id: 61
William Osbaldestonhusband of Sarah Osbaldeston
Annie Bingleyrelationship not known of Sarah Osbaldeston
James Bingleyrelationship not known of Sarah Osbaldeston
James Frederick Bingleyrelationship not known of Sarah Osbaldeston189701897

217PaleyJane Paleyfirst name on this monument1823Grove Road (Section C)
id: 92
Robert Paleyhusband of Jane Paley1826781904

218PalliserHannah Palliserfirst name on this monument1849211870Grove Road (Section C)
id: 318
James Palliserfather of Hannah Palliser1821721893
Jane Pallisermother of Hannah Palliser

219PalliserWilliam Palliserfirst name on this monument1841561897Grove Road (Section C)
id: 317
Mabel Palliserdaughter of William Palliser1886951981
Marie Annie Palliserwife of William Palliser1927
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220ParkerEliza Parkerfirst name on this monument1825441869Grove Road (Section C)
id: 235
Amos Parkerrelationship not known of Eliza Parker1825691894
Clara Hannah Parkerrelationship not known of Eliza Parker186501865
Thomas Heaps Parkerrelationship not known of Eliza Parker187301873

221PettyHarold Edward Pettyfirst name on this monument188611887Grove Road (Section C)
id: 70
(2 images)
F E Pettyfather or mother of Harold Edward Petty
W Pettyfather or mother of Harold Edward Petty
Arthur Wesley Pettyrelationship not known of Harold Edward Petty1891281919
Edith Pettyrelationship not known of Harold Edward Petty1874591933

222PilkingtonAnnette Pilkingtonfirst name on this monument1834311865Grove Road (Section C)
id: 42

223PlummerGeorge Eneas Plummerfirst name on this monument1838341872Grove Road (Section C)
id: 18
Harry Plummerson of George Eneas Plummer1894
Grace Plummerwife of George Eneas Plummer1841711912

224PowellJames Ernest Powellfirst name on this monument1852621914Grove Road (Section C)
id: 106
(4 images)
Clara E Fenwickrelationship not known of James Ernest Powell1862701932
Clara Lucy Primrose Powellrelationship not known of James Ernest Powell1892231915
Frances Ann Bolland Powellrelationship not known of James Ernest Powell188371890
Harriet F Powellrelationship not known of James Ernest Powell1818701888
James Powellrelationship not known of James Ernest Powell1814761890
Samuel Christopher H Powellrelationship not known of James Ernest Powell1858341892
Susan E Simpsonrelationship not known of James Ernest Powell1813831896

225PowellJane Powellfirst name on this monument1831561887Grove Road (Section C)
id: 33
(3 images)
Charles Powellhusband of Jane Powell1833661899
Jane Elizabeth Powellrelationship not known of Jane Powell1837591896

226PowellJane Powellfirst name on this monument1831561887Grove Road (Section C)
id: 69
(2 images)
Charles Powellhusband of Jane Powell
Jane Elizabeth Powellrelationship not known of Jane Powell1867291896

227PowellSamuell Powellfirst name on this monument1800831883Grove Road (Section C)
id: 105
Agnes Powellwife of Samuell Powell1802811883

228PrestLewis Prestfirst name on this monument1857361893Grove Road (Section C)
id: 291

229PrinceAnnie Princefirst name on this monument1834421876Grove Road (Section C)
id: 38
Thomas Princehusband of Annie Prince1836811917
Eliza Princerelationship not known of Annie Prince1831781909
Elizabeth Princerelationship not known of Annie Prince1863861949

230PringleEdward Pringlefirst name on this monument1844401884Grove Road (Section C)
id: 249

231ProcterWilliam Procterfirst name on this monument1828761904Grove Road (Section C)
id: 308
(3 images)
Jane Procterdaughter of William Procter186921871
Martha Procterwife of William Procter1841651906
Fred Procterrelationship not known of William Procter1879571936

232PullanJames Pullanfirst name on this monument1831411872Grove Road (Section C)
id: 256

233PullmanThomas Ambler Pullmanfirst name on this monument1819891908Grove Road (Section C)
id: 15
James Pullmanrelationship not known of Thomas Ambler Pullman1827611888
Joseph Pullmanrelationship not known of Thomas Ambler Pullman1842571899

234PurvisMary Anne Purvisfirst name on this monument1850671917Grove Road (Section C)
id: 199
Martha Purvisdaughter of Mary Anne Purvis1879491928
Francis Purvishusband of Mary Anne Purvis1851791930

235RamsdenDavid Denton Ramsdenfirst name on this monument1869241893Grove Road (Section C)
id: 216
John Ramsdenfather of David Denton Ramsden1821801901
Ann Ramsdenmother of David Denton Ramsden1840551895

236RamsdenJohn Greaves Ramsdenfirst name on this monument1861731934Grove Road (Section C)
id: 214

237RamseyHarry Ramseyfirst name on this monument1866561922Grove Road (Section C)
id: 115
Mary H Ramseywife of Harry Ramsey
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238ReadeElizabeth Readefirst name on this monument1811661877Grove Road (Section C)
id: 176

239ReedHenry John Reedfirst name on this monument1888Grove Road (Section C)
id: 336
Francis Reedfather of Henry John Reed
Emma Maria Reedwife of Henry John Reed1888

240ReynardHannah Reynardfirst name on this monument1823581881Grove Road (Section C)
id: 54
Charles Barkerbrother of Hannah Reynard1828721900
Joseph Barkerfather of Hannah Reynard
John Reynardhusband of Hannah Reynard1816781894

241RichmondWilliam Richmondfirst name on this monument1826701896Grove Road (Section C)
id: 133
(4 images)
Ellen Richmondrelationship not known of William Richmond1825761901
William Henry Richmondrelationship not known of William Richmond1902

242RichmondWilliam Foord Richmondfirst name on this monument1852191871Grove Road (Section C)
id: 277
(3 images)

243RidleyEliza Ann Ridleyfirst name on this monument1876301906Grove Road (Section C)
id: 220
Edward Ridleyhusband of Eliza Ann Ridley

244RidleyEllen Ridleyfirst name on this monument1842781920Grove Road (Section C)
id: 191
George Howieson Ridleyhusband of Ellen Ridley1844841928

245RileyFrank Rileyfirst name on this monument1884361920Grove Road (Section C)
id: 193
Frank Rileyfather of Frank Riley
Ann Elizabeth Rileymother of Frank Riley1864591923

246RobertsDoris Robertsfirst name on this monumentGrove Road (Section C)
id: 270
Clifford Reynardrelationship not known of Doris Roberts1969
Emily Reynardrelationship not known of Doris Roberts1976

247RobertsEvelyn Robertsfirst name on this monument1907101917Grove Road (Section C)
id: 86
Fred Robertsfather of Evelyn Roberts
Eleanor Robertsmother of Evelyn Roberts
Catherine Marion Ridleyrelationship not known of Evelyn Roberts
Edmund Ridleyrelationship not known of Evelyn Roberts
Ellen Ridleyrelationship not known of Evelyn Roberts

248RobertsJessie Robertsfirst name on this monument1885541939Grove Road (Section C)
id: 268
Percy William Robertshusband of Jessie Roberts1890611951

249RobertsSarah Robertsfirst name on this monument1858651923Grove Road (Section C)
id: 269
Clara Robertsdaughter of Sarah Roberts1891491940
William Robertshusband of Sarah Roberts1858821940

250RobinsonElizabeth Adelaide Robinsonfirst name on this monument1864151879Grove Road (Section C)
id: 298
Albert Edward Robinsonbrother of Elizabeth Adelaide Robinson
William Robinsonfather of Elizabeth Adelaide Robinson
Mary Robinsonmother of Elizabeth Adelaide Robinson
Emily Robinsonsister of Elizabeth Adelaide Robinson
Minnie Robinsonsister of Elizabeth Adelaide Robinson

251RobinsonGeorge Robinsonfirst name on this monument30Grove Road (Section C)
id: 297

252RobinsonJames Robinsonfirst name on this monument1862511913Grove Road (Section C)
id: 187

253RobinsonWilliam Robinsonfirst name on this monument1806531859Grove Road (Section C)
id: 159
John Robinsonson of William Robinson1843391882
Thomas Stelling Robinsonson of William Robinson1878171895
Dorothy Robinsonwife of William Robinson1805831888

254RobsonWilmer Robsonfirst name on this monument1869241893Grove Road (Section C)
id: 315
Elizabeth Robsonmother of Wilmer Robson1828781906
William Henry Robsonrelationship not known of Wilmer Robson1859431902

255RoddHenry Roddfirst name on this monument1804641868Grove Road (Section C)
id: 227
(3 images)
Mary Tinson Roddwife of Henry Rodd1812901902

256RogersMary Anne Rogersfirst name on this monument1803631866Grove Road (Section C)
id: 184
(4 images)
George Rogershusband of Mary Anne Rogers1805651870
Louisa Rogerssecond wife of husband of Mary Anne Rogers1879
James Newman Tannerrelationship not known of Mary Anne Rogers
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257RowlingEva Rowlingfirst name on this monument1888301918Grove Road (Section C)
id: 121
J Rowlingfather or mother of Eva Rowling
M Rowlingfather or mother of Eva Rowling

258RowlingJoseph Rowlingfirst name on this monument1799681867Grove Road (Section C)
id: 26
Samuel Rowlingson of Joseph Rowling1840351875
Mary Rowlingwife of Joseph Rowling1808771885

259RowlingJoseph Rowlingfirst name on this monument1836751911Grove Road (Section C)
id: 246
George Henry Rowlingson of Joseph Rowling1876401916
James Willie Rowlingson of Joseph Rowling1887311918
Emma Rowlingwife of Joseph Rowling1848711919

260RussellArthur Russellfirst name on this monument1859401899Grove Road (Section C)
id: 275
Margaret Russellwife of Arthur Russell1860721932

261RussellJohn Henry Russellfirst name on this monument1869271896Grove Road (Section C)
id: 303
William Russellrelationship not known of John Henry Russell1874251899

262RussellMary Ann Russellfirst name on this monument1831751906Grove Road (Section C)
id: 263
Christopher Russellhusband of Mary Ann Russell1831831914

263RyanJames Donegan Ryanfirst name on this monument1811691880Grove Road (Section C)
id: 245
Josephine Mary Cozensstep daughter of James Donegan Ryan1852281880
Josephine Ryanwife of James Donegan Ryan1821741895

264RyanJames Donryan Ryanfirst name on this monument1829511880Grove Road (Section C)
id: 156
Josephine Mary Cozensstep daughter of James Donryan Ryan1853271880
Josephine Ryanwife of James Donryan Ryan1821741895

265SchofieldJane Elizabeth Schofieldfirst name on this monument1865421907Grove Road (Section C)
id: 309
Alfred Schofieldrelationship not known of Jane Elizabeth Schofield1862681930

266ScottArthur Scottfirst name on this monument1872221894Grove Road (Section C)
id: 225

267ScottFrances Anna Scottfirst name on this monument1827461873Grove Road (Section C)
id: 98
(2 images)
William Jameson Scotthusband of Frances Anna Scott

268SeniorWilliam Seniorfirst name on this monument1857381895Grove Road (Section C)
id: 23
Fred Seniorson of William Senior
Samuel Seniorson of William Senior
Elizabeth Ann Seniorwife of William Senior1855831938

269ShawEmma Shawfirst name on this monument1917Grove Road (Section C)
id: 108
Ida Shawdaughter of Emma Shaw1894
Joe Shawhusband of Emma Shaw1859761935

270SheltonJohn Wade Sheltonfirst name on this monument1823491872Grove Road (Section C)
id: 273

271ShuttJohn Shuttfirst name on this monument1837291866Grove Road (Section C)
id: 37
(2 images)
Annie Sophia Shuttdaughter of John Shutt1861761937
Margaret Shuttwife of John Shutt1838521890

272ShuttWilliam Shuttfirst name on this monument1806701876Grove Road (Section C)
id: 82

273ShuttWilliam Webster Shuttfirst name on this monument1824561880Grove Road (Section C)
id: 261
Bessie Shuttsister of William Webster Shutt1814731887
Jane Shuttrelationship not known of William Webster Shutt1821751896

274SimpsonAnn Simpsonfirst name on this monument1865Grove Road (Section C)
id: 44
Elizabeth Simpsondaughter of Ann Simpson

275SkinnerMary Gertrude Skinnerfirst name on this monument186841872Grove Road (Section C)
id: 171
(4 images)
Samuel Skinnerfather of Mary Gertrude Skinner1840641904
Edith Skinnermother of Mary Gertrude Skinner1841581899

276SmithArthur Smithfirst name on this monument1865671932Grove Road (Section C)
id: 107
Percy Smithson of Arthur Smith23

277SmithJohn Smithfirst name on this monument1830771907Grove Road (Section C)
id: 248
Mary Elizabeth Smithdaughter of John Smith1861111872
Charles Edward Smithson of John Smith186701867
Frederick Fletcher Smithson of John Smith187201872
Charlotte Smithwife of John Smith1830631893
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278SmithMary Elizabeth Smithfirst name on this monument1850601910Grove Road (Section C)
id: 144
William Simpson Smithhusband of Mary Elizabeth Smith1915

279SowerbyCharles Backhouse Sowerbyfirst name on this monument1795841879Grove Road (Section C)
id: 321
(2 images)
Abigail Sowerbywife of Charles Backhouse Sowerby1807801887

280SpinkAbigail Spinkfirst name on this monument1811601871Grove Road (Section C)
id: 243
Benjamin Spinkhusband of Abigail Spink1808851893

281SteeleFrederick Steelefirst name on this monument1848451893Grove Road (Section C)
id: 50
(2 images)
Elizabeth Steelewife of Frederick Steele1851761927

282SteeleSarah Anne Steelefirst name on this monument1846201866Grove Road (Section C)
id: 7
(2 images)
Michael Steelefather of Sarah Anne Steele
William Steelerelationship not known of Sarah Anne Steele

283StraffordHenry Straffordfirst name on this monument1844601904Grove Road (Section C)
id: 272
(3 images)
Rose Strafforddaughter of Henry Strafford1944
Annie Strafforddaughter-in-law of Henry Strafford
Henry Straffordson of Henry Strafford1950
Maria Letitia Straffordwife of Henry Strafford1845591904
John Straffordrelationship not known of Henry Strafford1937

284SutcliffeFrances Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1846881934Grove Road (Section C)
id: 200
(3 images)
Joshua Sutclifferelationship not known of Frances Sutcliffe1821821903

285SwainsonJohn Swainsonfirst name on this monument1813541867Grove Road (Section C)
id: 183
(3 images)
Christiana Swainsonwife of John Swainson1812681880
Emma Bradyrelationship not known of John Swainson1838771915
Herbert Swainson Bradyrelationship not known of John Swainson1940
Laure Bradyrelationship not known of John Swainson187001870
Thomas Bradyrelationship not known of John Swainson1840511891

286SwainsonMary Swainsonfirst name on this monument1853361889no image48034810792
William Swainsonhusband of Mary Swainson
Harold Swainsonstep son of Mary Swainson189001890
Richard Swainsonstep son of Mary Swainson1892171909
Elizabeth Swainsonsecond wife of husband of Mary Swainson
Mary Ann Swainsonrelationship not known of Mary Swainson1889651954

287SwanGladys May Swanfirst name on this monument189601896Grove Road (Section C)
id: 276
(2 images)
Dennis Swanfather of Gladys May Swan1851461897
Rosa Elizabeth Pilbeammother of Gladys May Swan1865741939
Harry Pilbeamrelationship not known of Gladys May Swan1861861947

288SweetingJohn Sweetingfirst name on this monument1834711905Grove Road (Section C)
id: 278
Sidney Norman Sweetinggrand son of John Sweeting1901171918
Mary Ann E Sweetingrelationship not known of John Sweeting1841761917

289TaylorGeorge Carnaby Taylorfirst name on this monument1818641882Grove Road (Section C)
id: 218
(3 images)
Ann Taylorrelationship not known of George Carnaby Taylor1809791888

290TerryRichard Harcourt Terryfirst name on this monument1889Grove Road (Section C)
id: 91
Hilda May Terrysister of Richard Harcourt Terry1893

291ThompsonIsabella Smith Thompsonfirst name on this monument1837681905Grove Road (Section C)
id: 334
J Thompsonhusband of Isabella Smith Thompson

292ThompsonThomas Thompsonfirst name on this monument1806711877Grove Road (Section C)
id: 67
Ann Barkerdaughter of Thomas Thompson1833451878
Ellen Hallidaydaughter of Thomas Thompson
Thomas Powell Barkerson-in-law of Thomas Thompson1832541886
Ellen Thompsonwife of Thomas Thompson1808691877

293ToasJohn Toasfirst name on this monument1821761897Grove Road (Section C)
id: 142
Hannah Toaswife of John Toas1823821905
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294TomlinPhillis Tomlinfirst name on this monument1773931866Grove Road (Section C)
id: 300
Marmaduke Tomlinhusband of Phillis Tomlin
Bartholomew Tomlinson of Phillis Tomlin1802721874

295TomlinsonElizabeth Tomlinsonfirst name on this monument1810671877Grove Road (Section C)
id: 172
(2 images)
George Tomlinsonhusband of Elizabeth Tomlinson1804741878

296TurnerSarah Turnerfirst name on this monument1905Grove Road (Section C)
id: 215
Frederick William Turnerhusband of Sarah Turner

297ValeEliza Sarah Valefirst name on this monument6718431910Grove Road (Section C)
id: 338

298VaughanWilliam John Vaughanfirst name on this monument1832801912Grove Road (Section C)
id: 139
Priscilla Tyndale Vaughanwife of William John Vaughan1840831923
Ermencapde R Vaughanrelationship not known of William John Vaughan187811879

299VealAda Alice Vealfirst name on this monument186551870Grove Road (Section C)
id: 233
Joseph Vealfather of Ada Alice Veal
Annie Maria Vealmother of Ada Alice Veal1838331871

300WaddingtonAnnie Waddingtonfirst name on this monument189961905Grove Road (Section C)
id: 282
Thomas Waddingtonfather of Annie Waddington1851791930
Annie Waddingtonmother of Annie Waddington1861841945

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