Ladywell (part 4) Cemetery, Lewisham, London, England

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Monument list with thumbnail images surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

201HedgerDaisy Edith Hedgerfirst name on this monument1877381915Ladywell (part 4)
id: 293
Charles Louis Hedgerhusband of Daisy Edith Hedger

202HeinicAlfred Stanley Heinicfirst name on this monument1898191917Ladywell (part 4)
id: 229
(2 images)
Red Henry Heinic1948

203HeppleAdam Hepplefirst name on this monumentLadywell (part 4)
id: 279
John Hepple

204HeritageHubert D Heritagefirst name on this monument1881551936Ladywell (part 4)
id: 243
(2 images)

205HerronJames Herronfirst name on this monument1801641865Ladywell (part 4)
id: 205
Jane Herrondaughter of James Herron1845241869
Katherine Masondaughter of James Herron1834821916
Archibald Herronson of James Herron1855161871
James Herronson of James Herron1944231967
David King Masonson-in-law of James Herron

206HigginsElizabeth Higginsfirst name on this monument1798681866Ladywell (part 4)
id: 49
(2 images)
Ann Yates1801851886
John Yates1798801878

207HintzGeorge Leo Hintzfirst name on this monument1858731931Ladywell (part 4)
id: 458
Eva Kathleen Hinton1898761974
Raymond George Hinton1893961989

208HitchcockSarah Amy Hitchcockfirst name on this monument1852591911Ladywell (part 4)
id: 138
Robert W Hitchcockhusband of Sarah Amy Hitchcock1848811929
Emma Hitchcockson-in-law of Sarah Amy Hitchcock

209HolderElizabeth Emma Holderfirst name on this monument1877601937Ladywell (part 4)
id: 321
Thomas Holderhusband of Elizabeth Emma Holder1873751948
Thomas Francis Holderson of Elizabeth Emma Holder

210HollandFlorence Helen Hollandfirst name on this monument1890271917Ladywell (part 4)
id: 60
Francis John Hollandhusband of Florence Helen Holland1866521918
Lavinia Augustus Hollandsister-in-law of Florence Helen Holland1868601928

211HollingshurstHenry James Hollingshurstfirst name on this monument1841741915Ladywell (part 4)
id: 125
Margaret Lilian Bakerdaughter of Henry James Hollingshurst1876711947
Frances Helena Matthewsdaughter of Henry James Hollingshurst1870711941
Frances Hannah Hollingshurstwife of Henry James Hollingshurst1842851927

212HookerHenry William Hookerfirst name on this monument1802681870Ladywell (part 4)
id: 110
Elizabeth Catharine Hookerdaughter of Henry William Hooker1846411887
William Reginald Hookerson of Henry William Hooker1840321872
Rebekah Hookerwife of Henry William Hooker1800831883

213HopkinsHenry John Hopkinsfirst name on this monument1881711952Ladywell (part 4)
id: 256
(2 images)
Martha Amelia Hopkinswife of Henry John Hopkins1960

214HoptonClifford Gilbert Hoptonfirst name on this monument191471921Ladywell (part 4)
id: 480
Bernard Walton Hoptonbrother of Clifford Gilbert Hopton1920211941

215HoreyFrederick William Horeyfirst name on this monument1838741912Ladywell (part 4)
id: 40
Maria Susannah Horeywife of Frederick William Horey1840801920

216HortonBenjamin Hortonfirst name on this monument1790931883Ladywell (part 4)
id: 75
(2 images)
Edith Caroline Corbett1919
George Frederick Corbett1842441886
Sarah Corbett1827751902
Mary Corley1786741860
Lydia Frost1882
John Marsh Horton1901
Mary Sarah Harriet Horton1923
Sarah Horton1796701866
Sarah Ann Horton1928
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217HortonJean May Hortonfirst name on this monument1926Ladywell (part 4)
id: 108
Henry Beavan Hortonhusband of Jean May Horton

218HouselanderIsaac Houselanderfirst name on this monument1910271937Ladywell (part 4)
id: 274
Albert G Houselandernephew of Isaac Houselander1943121955
Albert G Houselander1911781989
Blanche Houselander1922852007
Ellen Houselandersister of Isaac Houselander1918281946

219HowardAnna Howardfirst name on this monument1824761900Ladywell (part 4)
id: 370
(2 images)

220HowellMay Howellfirst name on this monument1895261921Ladywell (part 4)
id: 485
Harold Howellhusband of May Howell1884551939

221HuckleFrederick Thomas Hucklefirst name on this monument1832541886Ladywell (part 4)
id: 427
Susan Headleymother-in-law of Frederick Thomas Huckle1820661886
Elizabeth Hucklewife of Frederick Thomas Huckle1841481889

222HudsonWilliam Hudsonfirst name on this monument1862501912Ladywell (part 4)
id: 13
Elsie Vera Maud Hudsondaughter of William Hudson1897
Olive Hudsondaughter-in-law of William Hudson
William James Hudsonson of William Hudson1892331925

223HuggettMary Huggettfirst name on this monument1832751907Ladywell (part 4)
id: 461
Alfred Huggetthusband of Mary Huggett1837811918
Henry James Jonesson-in-law of Mary Huggett1856721928

224HughesHannah Rachel Hughesfirst name on this monument1829391868Ladywell (part 4)
id: 451
(4 images)
John Hugheshusband of Hannah Rachel Hughes

225HuntCharles Bertram Huntfirst name on this monument1879441923Ladywell (part 4)
id: 158
Edna Wilhma Joyce Huntdaughter of Charles Bertram Hunt1906181924

226HuntGeorge Oscar Huntfirst name on this monument1895221917Ladywell (part 4)
id: 35
George Pilgrim Huntfather of George Oscar Hunt1869821951
Rose Huntmother of George Oscar Hunt1929
Harold Oliver Hunt1896891985

227HunterThomas Hunterfirst name on this monument1894251919Ladywell (part 4)
id: 34
Agnes Hunter1873701943
Thomas Hunter1872671939
Ivy Florence Elizabeth Reevessister of Thomas Hunter1911261937

228HutchingsFrances Hutchingsfirst name on this monument1815701885Ladywell (part 4)
id: 90
George Hutchings
Harold Hutchings188931892
Ruth Hutchings

229HutchingsFrances Hutchingsfirst name on this monument1815701885Ladywell (part 4)
id: 373
George Hutchings
Harold Hutchings188931892
Ruth Hutchings

230JamesAda E Jamesfirst name on this monument1877621939Ladywell (part 4)
id: 327
Azariah W James1878651943

231JamesElizabeth Ann Jamesfirst name on this monument1865551920Ladywell (part 4)
id: 414
Charles Henry Jameshusband of Elizabeth Ann James1858901948
Charles William Jamesson of Elizabeth Ann James1887701957

232JanesJames Philip Janesfirst name on this monument1850481898Ladywell (part 4)
id: 5b
Elizabeth Janeswife of James Philip Janes1843501893

233JayJames Isitt Jayfirst name on this monument1811711882Ladywell (part 4)
id: 448
(2 images)
Allan Percy Jayson of James Isitt Jay36
Emma Alexander Jaywife of James Isitt Jay1818791897

234JefferiesConstance Jefferiesfirst name on this monument1878591937Ladywell (part 4)
id: 81
(3 images)
George Jefferieshusband of Constance Jefferies
Iris M Jefferies1910
Laurie Jean Jefferies1917191936
Maurice W Aylmer Jefferies1906371943
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235JefferyThomas Jefferyfirst name on this monument1829841913Ladywell (part 4)
id: 12
Caroline Hewitt Howelldaughter of Thomas Jeffery1870711941
Harriett Boreham Jefferydaughter of Thomas Jeffery1872791951
Charles George V Howellson-in-law of Thomas Jeffery1873601933
Harriett Eliza Jefferywife of Thomas Jeffery1831551886

236Jerrard Jerrardfirst name on this monumentLadywell (part 4)
id: 231
(2 images)
William Harry Farrancehusband of Jerrard
Rosina Beatrice Farrance1873481921

237JerrardThomas Jerrardfirst name on this monument1869301899Ladywell (part 4)
id: 230
(2 images)
Samuel John Jerrard1833611894
Sarah Jerrard1832741906
William Jerrard1859911950

238JohansenRagnhild Queenie Johansenfirst name on this monument1901161917Ladywell (part 4)
id: 282
(2 images)
Hilmar John Johansenfather of Ragnhild Queenie Johansen1917

239JohnsonAlbert Percy Johnsonfirst name on this monument1879401919Ladywell (part 4)
id: 320
Florence Johnsonwife of Albert Percy Johnson1879761955

240JollyJohn James Jollyfirst name on this monument63Ladywell (part 4)
id: 368
(4 images)
Annie Selina Jollywife of John James Jolly1943

241JonesAlice Ann Jonesfirst name on this monument1855821937Ladywell (part 4)
id: 242
James Joneshusband of Alice Ann Jones1860831943

242JonesFlorence Emma Jonesfirst name on this monument186011861Ladywell (part 4)
id: 343
William Jonesfather of Florence Emma Jones
Sophia Jonesmother of Florence Emma Jones1827691896
Annie Maria Jonessister of Florence Emma Jones1855141869

243JonesJ S Jonesfirst name on this monument1896231919Ladywell (part 4)
id: 68
Joseph S Jones1887321919

244JonesRobert Edward Jonesfirst name on this monument1814721886Ladywell (part 4)
id: 361
(4 images)
Charles K Kibblebrother-in-law of Robert Edward Jones1821791900
James Kibblefather-in-law of Robert Edward Jones
Harriet C Kibblemother-in-law of Robert Edward Jones
Emily Kibbleson-in-law of Robert Edward Jones72
Caroline Joneswife of Robert Edward Jones1818771895

245JordonHenry Jordonfirst name on this monument1824841908Ladywell (part 4)
id: 103
Frederick William Jordonson of Henry Jordon1934
Henry John Jordonson of Henry Jordon1935

246Ju?Elizabeth Ju?first name on this monument1822421864Ladywell (part 4)
id: 207
James Ju?father of Elizabeth Ju?
Sarah Judith Ju?mother of Elizabeth Ju?1793721865

247K?eSusan Colpoys K?efirst name on this monument1897Ladywell (part 4)
id: 167
Frances Jane Walshe1910

248KeetCharles William Keetfirst name on this monument1856671923Ladywell (part 4)
id: 484
Mary Sophia Matilda Keetwife of Charles William Keet1854871941

249KeliherJohn Keliherfirst name on this monument1821701891Ladywell (part 4)
id: 295
Robert Daniel Keliherson of John Keliher1869481917
William Keliherson of John Keliher1852721924
Ellen Keliherwife of John Keliher1822771899

250KellyEdgar John Kellyfirst name on this monument1886151901Ladywell (part 4)
id: 286
Bernard Kellyfather of Edgar John Kelly
Nina Kellymother of Edgar John Kelly

251KelseyRobert Kelseyfirst name on this monument1818601878Ladywell (part 4)
id: 159
Crisetta Kelseydaughter-in-law of Robert Kelsey1864671931
Violet Kelseygrand daughter of Robert Kelsey1896291925
Robert Henry Kelseyson of Robert Kelsey1861691930
Mary Kelseywife of Robert Kelsey1828851913
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252KentJohn Kentfirst name on this monument1887381925Ladywell (part 4)
id: 304
Lily Kentwife of John Kent1977

253KibbleFanny Smith Kibblefirst name on this monument1828601888Ladywell (part 4)
id: 361
(4 images)
James Kibblefather of Fanny Smith Kibble
Harriet C Kibblemother of Fanny Smith Kibble

254KibbleHarriet Catherine Kibblefirst name on this monument1797701867Ladywell (part 4)
id: 361
(4 images)
James Kibblehusband of Harriet Catherine Kibble1783871870

255KidnerAlfred Samuel Kidnerfirst name on this monument1854831937Ladywell (part 4)
id: 435
Ernest Charles Kidner1849621911
Frank Percy Kidnerson of Alfred Samuel Kidner188111882
Mary Jane Kidnerwife of Alfred Samuel Kidner1845711916

256KippingThomas Kippingfirst name on this monument1824511875Ladywell (part 4)
id: 450
Harriet Waltondaughter of Thomas Kipping1849781927
Jonathan Sparke Waltonson-in-law of Thomas Kipping1847341881
Harriet Kippingwife of Thomas Kipping1821821903

257KnottGeorge Knottfirst name on this monument1853751928Ladywell (part 4)
id: 453
Sarah Knottwife of George Knott73

258LambertAlfred Lionel Lambertfirst name on this monument1844591903Ladywell (part 4)
id: 120

259LambertThomas Lambertfirst name on this monument1817381855Ladywell (part 4)
id: 218
(2 images)
Elizabeth Lambertmother of Thomas Lambert1889
Elizabeth Lambert

260LamingEdith Florence Lamingfirst name on this monument1932Ladywell (part 4)
id: 135
(2 images)
Harold Waitfather of Edith Florence Laming
Edith Waitmother of Edith Florence Laming87

261LancasterD W Lancasterfirst name on this monument1897211918Ladywell (part 4)
id: 154

262LaneKatherine Mary Josephine Lanefirst name on this monument1850671917Ladywell (part 4)
id: 219
(2 images)
Mabel Lanedaughter of Katherine Mary Josephine Lane1942
Richard John Lanehusband of Katherine Mary Josephine Lane1854821936
Richard James Laneson of Katherine Mary Josephine Lane1881361917

263LashmarJohn Lashmarfirst name on this monument1841771918Ladywell (part 4)
id: 44
Mary Smith Lashmarwife of John Lashmar89

264LeppardJames Leppardfirst name on this monument1874441918Ladywell (part 4)
id: 169
Doris Lepparddaughter of James Leppard77
James Havward Leppardson of James Leppard1903271930
Eva Ward Elana Leppardwife of James Leppard1882591941

265LepperPolly Lepperfirst name on this monument1864581922Ladywell (part 4)
id: 468
(2 images)
Charles William John Lepperhusband of Polly Lepper1862641926
Leslie Lepperson of Polly Lepper1898201918

266LindsayAnn Lindsayfirst name on this monument1883221905Ladywell (part 4)
id: 121
Thomas Lindsayfather of Ann Lindsay1936
Ann Eliza Lindsaymother of Ann Lindsay1936
Margaret Lindsaysister of Ann Lindsay1888231911

267LloydMillie Jane Louise Lloydfirst name on this monument1875371912Ladywell (part 4)
id: 177
Millie Jane Louise Lloyddaughter of Millie Jane Louise Lloyd1913
Charles Henry Lloydhusband of Millie Jane Louise Lloyd1871841955
Ena Lloyd Lloydsecond wife of husband of Millie Jane Louise Lloyd1901871988

268LockPercy Reginald Lockfirst name on this monument1893291922Ladywell (part 4)
id: 394
Henry Alfred Lockbrother of Percy Reginald Lock1926
Henry Seymour Lockfather of Percy Reginald Lock1865721937

269LondonMartha Londonfirst name on this monument1826441870Ladywell (part 4)
id: 277
Samuel John Londonhusband of Martha London
Harriet London
Robert Barton London
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270LuckElizabeth Luckfirst name on this monument1843311874Ladywell (part 4)
id: 220
Mabel Millicent Luckdaughter of Elizabeth Luck186361869
Richard James Luckhusband of Elizabeth Luck1840731913
Phillis Lucksecond wife of husband of Elizabeth Luck1845391884

271LuckElizabeth Luckfirst name on this monument1832791911Ladywell (part 4)
id: 59
(2 images)
Mark Samuel Luckhusband of Elizabeth Luck1831821913

272LuckMark Alexander Luckfirst name on this monument1867751942Ladywell (part 4)
id: 318
Flora Jane Luckwife of Mark Alexander Luck1869751944

273LuckRachel Fanny Luckfirst name on this monument1850311881Ladywell (part 4)
id: 57
(2 images)
Matthew Luckhusband of Rachel Fanny Luck1836841920

274LuckSusannah Luckfirst name on this monument1838291867Ladywell (part 4)
id: 222
Thirza Luckdaughter of Susannah Luck1866271893
Alexander Batturs Luckhusband of Susannah Luck1838751913
Elizabeth Mary Batturs Luck1806791885
Mark Luck1802921894

275LuckieMary Ann Luckiefirst name on this monument1869Ladywell (part 4)
id: 55
Thomas Whitefather of Mary Ann Luckie
George John Luckiehusband of Mary Ann Luckie1816621878
Sarah Whitemother of Mary Ann Luckie

276LukerElizabeth Sarah Lukerfirst name on this monument1847601907Ladywell (part 4)
id: 115
Charles Edwin Lukerhusband of Elizabeth Sarah Luker1841701911

277MacpheeAlexander Macpheefirst name on this monument1863581921Ladywell (part 4)
id: 447
Kathleen Macphee1899
Madge Macphee13
Sydney Macphee7
Louise Macpheewife of Alexander Macphee

278MannMartha Mannfirst name on this monument1823861909Ladywell (part 4)
id: 111
Martha Groverdaughter of Martha Mann1846791925
Caroline Charlotte Shawdaughter of Martha Mann1856741930
C P Mannhusband of Martha Mann1824721896
Alfred William Mannson of Martha Mann1861661927

279ManningJohn Manningfirst name on this monument1785801865Ladywell (part 4)
id: 226
(3 images)
Susannah Manningdaughter-in-law of John Manning
Epaphroditus Constantine Manninggrand son of John Manning1854221876
Alice Manning
David Manning187321875
Edwin Bo?les Manning
Jack Manning1902241926
Jessie Manning1829
John Manning
John Manningson of John Manning1807681875

280MarriottAnn Marriottfirst name on this monument1846811927Ladywell (part 4)
id: 473

281MarshSamuel Marshfirst name on this monument1818631881Ladywell (part 4)
id: 61
Alice Rosetta Marshdaughter-in-law of Samuel Marsh1862831945
Samuel John Marshson of Samuel Marsh1863631926
Jane Marshwife of Samuel Marsh1822721894

282MartinBenjamin Martinfirst name on this monument61Ladywell (part 4)
id: 437
Emily Martin

283MartinJoseph Henry Martinfirst name on this monument1840641904Ladywell (part 4)
id: 247
(2 images)
Anne Martinwife of Joseph Henry Martin1906

284MasseySarah Masseyfirst name on this monument1835331868Ladywell (part 4)
id: 94
James Thomas Masseyhusband of Sarah Massey
Samuel Kemp Masseyson of Sarah Massey186421866
Harriet Ann Masseysecond wife of husband of Sarah Massey1823691892
Anne Masseythird wife of husband of Sarah Massey1859341893
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285MatthewsJames Matthewsfirst name on this monument1798781876Ladywell (part 4)
id: 296
Catherine Mary Palmergrand daughter of James Matthews1866161882
Ann Helena Bush1837621899

286MatthiasEliza Matthiasfirst name on this monument1900Ladywell (part 4)
id: 228
(2 images)
Robert Whomesfather of Eliza Matthias1816731889
John Jackson Matthiashusband of Eliza Matthias

287McGregorAnn McGregorfirst name on this monument1787761863Ladywell (part 4)
id: 122
Harry Goldsmithgrand nephew of Ann McGregor186211863
Anthony McGregorhusband of Ann McGregor1770771847
Caroline Goldsmith
Henry Goldsmith

288McMillanRachel McMillanfirst name on this monument1859581917Ladywell (part 4)
id: 307
James McMillanfather of Rachel McMillan
Jane Cameron McMillanmother of Rachel McMillan
Margaret McMillansister of Rachel McMillan1931

289MedhurstWilliam Richard Medhurstfirst name on this monument1879381917Ladywell (part 4)
id: 133
(2 images)

290MenziesEsther Mary Ann Menziesfirst name on this monument1864561920Ladywell (part 4)
id: 360
Elizabeth Menzies1846791925
Mary Ann Menzies1837831920
Elsie Jane Robbins1976
Eleanor Grace Warren1890871977

291MercerEllen Maria Mercerfirst name on this monument1847731920Ladywell (part 4)
id: 261
Edward Mercerhusband of Ellen Maria Mercer1845791924
Charles Edward Mercer1925

292MercerWallace Arthur James Mercerfirst name on this monument1897251922Ladywell (part 4)
id: 395
Wallace Herbert Mercerfather of Wallace Arthur James Mercer1875791954
Edith Mary Mercermother of Wallace Arthur James Mercer1876831959

293MershKatie Mershfirst name on this monument1869471916Ladywell (part 4)
id: 142
(2 images)
James Mershhusband of Katie Mersh

294MiallMary Gertrude Florence Miallfirst name on this monument1853731926Ladywell (part 4)
id: 408
(2 images)
James Augustus Miallhusband of Mary Gertrude Florence Miall1846821928

295MillardHenry William Millardfirst name on this monument1889471936Ladywell (part 4)
id: 323
Agnes Millardwife of Henry William Millard1890641954

296MillardReginald Edmund Millardfirst name on this monument185121853Ladywell (part 4)
id: 149
Percy Edgar Millardbrother of Reginald Edmund Millard1879371916
Alfred E Mund Millardfather of Reginald Edmund Millard1843831926
Sarah Ann Millardmother of Reginald Edmund Millard
A G C Millard
Ellen Mary Millard1916
Laura Alice Millardsister of Reginald Edmund Millard1890

297MillerBertha Millerfirst name on this monument1878681946Ladywell (part 4)
id: 426

298MillwoodEmily Alice Millwoodfirst name on this monument1881531934Ladywell (part 4)
id: 270

299MiltonLouisa Mary Miltonfirst name on this monument1908Ladywell (part 4)
id: 235
Frederick W Miltonhusband of Louisa Mary Milton

300MinnockJ T Minnockfirst name on this monument1892251917Ladywell (part 4)
id: 257
(4 images)

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