Grangetown Cemetery, Sunderland, Durham, England

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Monument list with thumbnail images surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

1AbreyEveline Abreyfirst name on this monument1884261910Grangetown
id: 1240251
John George Abreyfather of Eveline Abrey1860831943
Mary Abreymother of Eveline Abrey1860711931

2AcklamCamilla Acklamfirst name on this monument1812711883Grangetown
id: 1170270
William Acklamwife of Camilla Acklam1810741884

3AdamsonIsabel Avis Adamsonfirst name on this monument1869271896Grangetown
id: 1240062
(2 images)
E R Dixonfather of Isabel Avis Adamson
John Weston Adamsonhusband of Isabel Avis Adamson1867611928

4AdamsonRobert Adamsonfirst name on this monument1802781880Grangetown
id: 1170326
Isabella Adamsondaughter of Robert Adamson1839471886
Margaret Ann Adamsondaughter of Robert Adamson1931-311900
J H Adamsonson of Robert Adamson1829621891
Ann Adamsonwife of Robert Adamson1798851883

5AitkenArthur William Graft Aitkenfirst name on this monument1869291898Grangetown
id: 1240215

6AlcockSamuel Alcockfirst name on this monument1798811879Grangetown
id: 1230211
(2 images)
Mary Elizabeth Alcockdaughter-in-law of Samuel Alcock1837691906
John Wright Alcockson of Samuel Alcock1828631891
Elizabeth Alcockwife of Samuel Alcock1802841886

7AlcockThomas Crawhall Alcockfirst name on this monument1818461864Grangetown
id: 1230146
Ellen Fairley1833451878
Robert Fairley1819531872
Constance E Schenk187801878

8AlderMatthew Alderfirst name on this monument1858441902Grangetown
id: 1240169
Elizabeth Wilkinson Alderdaughter of Matthew Alder1882451927
Isabella Alderwife of Matthew Alder1860431903

9AldersonCharles Aldersonfirst name on this monument1809771886Grangetown
id: 1170698

10AldersonWilliam Aldersonfirst name on this monument1834301864Grangetown
id: 1170312
Elizabeth Elliott1826571883
James Elliott1829581887

11AllanWilliam Allanfirst name on this monument1904171921Grangetown
id: 1240024
Walter Beattie Allanfather of William Allan1871701941
Christine Mary Allanmother of William Allan

12AllanWilliam Allanfirst name on this monument1837661903Grangetown
id: 1240025
James Allanson of William Allan187201872
Jane Allanwife of William Allan1843881931

13AllanWilliam Allanfirst name on this monument1876511927Grangetown
id: 1240026
Mable Allanwife of William Allan1879551934

14AllasonJoseph Allasonfirst name on this monument1835631898Grangetown
id: 1170676
Catherine Allasonwife of Joseph Allason1837741911

15AllinsonMartha Jane Allinsonfirst name on this monument1860211881Grangetown
id: 1170404
Charles Wrightbrother-in-law of Martha Jane Allinson
Wm Cogdon Allinsonfather of Martha Jane Allinson1820741894
Mary Ann Allinsonmother of Martha Jane Allinson1821751896
Alfred Ernest Wrightnephew of Martha Jane Allinson1901
Mary Ann Wrightsister of Martha Jane Allinson

16AndrewsJames Andrewsfirst name on this monument1816701886Grangetown
id: 1170696
Kate Andrewswife of James Andrews1921

17AnnisonCaroline Annisonfirst name on this monument1858511909Grangetown
id: 1240106
John Annisonhusband of Caroline Annison55

18AnnisonRalph Annisonfirst name on this monument1823441867Grangetown
id: 1170345
Elizabeth Annisondaughter of Ralph Annison1867
Mary Ann Annisonwife of Ralph Annison1829581887
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19AnnisonRalph Brown Annisonfirst name on this monument1851611912Grangetown
id: 1240016
Frances Jane Annisonwife of Ralph Brown Annison1866-181848

20ArmstrongMary Armstrongfirst name on this monument1794781872Grangetown
id: 1170719
Thomas Armstronghusband of Mary Armstrong1794781872

21ArnisonJames Muir Arnisonfirst name on this monument1858411899Grangetown
id: 1240204
(2 images)

22AshmoreJoseph Ashmorefirst name on this monument1855421897Grangetown
id: 1240195
Mary Jane Ashmorewife of Joseph Ashmore

23AshmoreThomas Ashmorefirst name on this monument1857461903Grangetown
id: 1240228
Thomas Dalton Ashmoreson of Thomas Ashmore1886181904
Rebecca Ashmorewife of Thomas Ashmore1859731932

24AtchisonWilliam Mitchelson Atchisonfirst name on this monument1826641890Grangetown
id: 1230135
Robert Atchisonson of William Mitchelson Atchison186421866
Mary Jane Atchisonwife of William Mitchelson Atchison1839601899

25AtkinsonAlice Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1860Grangetown
id: 1170714
(7 images)
John Atkinsonfather of Alice Atkinson1801701871
Alice Atkinsonmother of Alice Atkinson
Robinson Atkinson1843261869
Alice Atkinson Ridley186031863
Mary Dixon Ridley1829351864
William ? Ridley185111852
William Patterson Ridley1830341864
Ann Atkinsonson of Alice Atkinson1827371864

26AyersJames Ayersfirst name on this monument1856591915Grangetown
id: 1240256
E J N Lily Ayerswife of James Ayers1944

27BadleyWigham Badleyfirst name on this monumentGrangetown
id: 1170493
(4 images)

28BagleeWilliam Bagleefirst name on this monument1864Grangetown
id: 1170609
Jane Baglee1836411877
Peter James Baglee1826711897

29BaisterJoseph Baisterfirst name on this monument1838471885Grangetown
id: 1170629
Charles Baisterson of Joseph Baister188051885
Charles Baisterson of Joseph Baister
Mary Jane Baisterwife of Joseph Baister1842681910

30BarberAnthony Barberfirst name on this monument1823511874Grangetown
id: 1230129

31BarberBenjamin Barberfirst name on this monument1829571886Grangetown
id: 1230066
(3 images)
Elizabeth Barberwife of Benjamin Barber1828731901

32BarkerCharles Munro Barkerfirst name on this monument1831441875Grangetown
id: 1170744
(2 images)

33BarkerCharles W P Barkerfirst name on this monument1926Grangetown
id: 1170691
Edwin ? Barker1917
Arnold Septimus Barker Barkerson of Charles W P Barker1915
Cha Wm Tone Barkerson of Charles W P Barker1918
Harold D Frederic Barkerson of Charles W P Barker1919
Mary Barkerwife of Charles W P Barker1922

34BarkerJohn Staff Barkerfirst name on this monument1823471870Grangetown
id: 1170732
(2 images)
Joshua Barker1837401877

35BarkerRobert Barkerfirst name on this monument1839451884Grangetown
id: 1170734
Elizabeth Thomasine Barkerwife of Robert Barker1835751910

36BarnesAnn Barnesfirst name on this monument1816681884Grangetown
id: 1170276
(3 images)
Eliza Wilkinson Barnes185311854
John Barnes1791711862
John George Barnes1838361874
Mowbray Barnes1844251869
Sarah Barnes1797331830
Sarah Ann Barnes1840341874
Wilkinson Barnes1858121870
Williamson Barnes184211843
Amelia Mitchell1849851934
George V Mitchell
Jessie Hunter Mitchell1883261909
John James Mitchell
George Barneswife of Ann Barnes1896-51891
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37BarnetSusannah Barnetfirst name on this monument1803661869Grangetown
id: 1170303
George Barnethusband of Susannah Barnet1796751871

38BarratcloughThomas Barratcloughfirst name on this monument1877211898Grangetown
id: 1230171
Mary Ann Barratcloughdaughter of Thomas Barratclough1881191900
Thomas Barratcloughfather of Thomas Barratclough1856451901
Mary Ann Barratcloughmother of Thomas Barratclough1858891947
James Barratclough1879231902
Robert Barratcloughson of Thomas Barratclough1893201913

39BeavisWilliam Beavisfirst name on this monument1835241859Grangetown
id: 1170349
Isabella Beavisdaughter of William Beavis1857821939
Elizabeth Beaviswife of William Beavis1835561891

40BelfordMargaret Belfordfirst name on this monument1862321894Grangetown
id: 1170337
William Belfordhusband of Margaret Belford
Elizabeth Belford1856661922
Elizabeth F Belford1861601921

41BellEdward Bellfirst name on this monument1861621923Grangetown
id: 1240046
Emmeline Bellwife of Edward Bell1865811946

42BellJohn Bellfirst name on this monument1819631882Grangetown
id: 1170447
Margaret Hewgillmother-in-law of John Bell1785771862
James William Bellson of John Bell1854371891
Thomas Hewgill Bellson of John Bell1851201871
Martilda Bellwife of John Bell

43BellMartha Bellfirst name on this monument1823601883Grangetown
id: 1170330
Stuart Henry Bellwife of Martha Bell

44BellThomas Bellfirst name on this monument1782781860Grangetown
id: 1170434
Elizabeth Hobbsdaughter of Thomas Bell1810541864
Mary Ann Pullertondaughter of Thomas Bell1829561885
Thomas Hutchinson Bellgrand son of Thomas Bell185761863
Elizabeth Bellwife of Thomas Bell1787831870

45BellThomas Bellfirst name on this monument1808581866Grangetown
id: 1170341
Margaret Bellwife of Thomas Bell1811641875

46BellWilliam Bellfirst name on this monument1836631899Grangetown
id: 1240047
(3 images)
Annie Maud Belldaughter of William Bell1875401915
Florence Mary Belldaughter of William Bell1871631934
Charles Alfred Bellson of William Bell1868621930
Annie Oxnard Bellwife of William Bell1839881927

47BellwoodJohn Bellwoodfirst name on this monument1832341866no image3154991073

48BerkleyRobert Berkleyfirst name on this monument1796801876Grangetown
id: 1170641
Frances Berkleywife of Robert Berkley1806751881

49BerryMalcolm Davison Berryfirst name on this monument1832641896Grangetown
id: 1170782
Harriet Berrywife of Malcolm Davison Berry1834781912

50BestAnn Bestfirst name on this monument1827511878no image3152791088
Ann Best1840751915
Samuel Best1830621892

51BewsMary Ann Bewsfirst name on this monument1843401883Grangetown
id: 1170320
William Bewsfather of Mary Ann Bews1886
James Downeshusband of Mary Ann Bews
Isabel Bewsmother of Mary Ann Bews1858
Hannah Mary Erskine Downes1842631905
James S Downes
Wm B Downesson of Mary Ann Bews187311874
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52BlackettGeorge Blackettfirst name on this monument1818581876Grangetown
id: 1170776
Matthew Blackett1848951943
Isabella Blackettwife of George Blackett1824681892

53BlackettMatthew Blackettfirst name on this monument1788781866no image3155031069

54BlackettThomas Blackettfirst name on this monument1818761894Grangetown
id: 1170602
Mary Jane Boothdaughter of Thomas Blackett1864331897
Mary Ann Blackettwife of Thomas Blackett1839561895

55BlairGeorgina Blairfirst name on this monument1869111880Grangetown
id: 1170381
Thomas Blairbrother of Georgina Blair186621868
William R Blairfather of Georgina Blair1854321886
Ann Blairmother of Georgina Blair1834851919
Eva Blairsister of Georgina Blair186621868
Mary Isabella Blairsister of Georgina Blair1864961960

56Blom Blomfirst name on this monument186511866no image3155051066
Auker Blomfather of Blom
Styntjc Blommother of Blom
Catharina Willemina Blomsister of Blom186421866

57BodinLauritz M Bodinfirst name on this monument1849581907Grangetown
id: 1240150
(4 images)
Elizabeth Catherine Bodin1882791961
Ida Emilie Bodin1883831966
Lauritz Andrew Bodin1895
Marie Wittcenster Bodin1892831975
May Elfrida Bodin1887171904
Sophie E J Bodinwife of Lauritz M Bodin1858881946

58BolamEveline Violet Bolamfirst name on this monument188311884Grangetown
id: 1230961
Janie Bolam187961885
John James Bolam1885

59BolamMary Ethel Bolamfirst name on this monument1882241906Grangetown
id: 1230959

60BoltonGeorge Boltonfirst name on this monument1835591894Grangetown
id: 1240182
Mary Aitchison Boltonwife of George Bolton1844681912

61BondEva Florence Bondfirst name on this monument188151886Grangetown
id: 1170464
Bondfather of Eva Florence Bond

62BoucherWilliam Curry Boucherfirst name on this monument1882751957Grangetown
id: 1240264
(3 images)
Violet Boucherwife of William Curry Boucher1883761959

63BoughtonMehetabel Boughtonfirst name on this monument1867151882Grangetown
id: 1170376
Charles Boughtonfather of Mehetabel Boughton

64BoultonArthur George Boultonfirst name on this monument1851701921Grangetown
id: 1240209
(3 images)
Sarah Lilly Boultonwife of Arthur George Boulton1858811939

65BowmanHenry O Bowmanfirst name on this monument1820651885Grangetown
id: 1230207
Ethel Bowmandaughter of Henry O Bowman185841862
Ethel Gooldgrand daughter of Henry O Bowman1874
Walter Overend Bowmanson of Henry O Bowman1862271889
Gooldson-in-law of Henry O Bowman
Eliza Catherine Bowmanwife of Henry O Bowman1825371862

66BoysElizabeth Boysfirst name on this monument1795801875Grangetown
id: 1170241
Thomas Boyshusband of Elizabeth Boys1792561848
Barbara Boys1841401881
Gardner Boys

67BoysThomas Gray Boysfirst name on this monument1827711898Grangetown
id: 1170780
Alice Piper Boysdaughter of Thomas Gray Boys1869371906
William George Boysson of Thomas Gray Boys1859261885
Frances Boyswife of Thomas Gray Boys1830781908
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68BriggsRobert Scott Briggsfirst name on this monument1828851913no image3155391085
Margaret Jane Briggsdaughter of Robert Scott Briggs1864221886
William Briggsfather of Robert Scott Briggs
Elizabeth Briggswife of Robert Scott Briggs1836851921

69BriggsWilliam Briggsfirst name on this monument1856Grangetown
id: 1170318

70BriggsWilliam Briggsfirst name on this monument1858821940no image3155371082
Robert Edwin Briggsbrother of William Briggs1866881954
Robert Scott Briggsfather of William Briggs
Elizabeth Briggsmother of William Briggs
Eleanor Scott Briggssister of William Briggs1872811953
Susan Beatrice Briggssister of William Briggs1874-141860

71BriggsWilliam Briggsfirst name on this monument1803681871no image3155381072
Lilian Maud Briggs187341877
Charles James Briggsson of William Briggs1834661900
Margaret Briggswife of William Briggs1802701872

72BrooksBenjamin Brooksfirst name on this monument1809571866Grangetown
id: 1220969

73BrownAgnes Brownfirst name on this monument1886no image3155431068
Joseph Brownfather of Agnes Brown
Anne Margaret Brownson of Agnes Brown1824851909

74BrownAgnes Mc Cumming Brownfirst name on this monument1795711866Grangetown
id: 1170865
Joseph Brownhusband of Agnes Mc Cumming Brown1784841868

75BrownBurton Brownfirst name on this monument1810651875Grangetown
id: 1170384
Ellen Brownwife of Burton Brown1805711876

76BrownEdward Brownfirst name on this monument1801631864Grangetown
id: 1170756
Martha Browngrand daughter of Edward Brown187031873
Henry Allison Brownson of Edward Brown1829651894
Cordelia Margaret Brownwife of Edward Brown1802681870

77BrownEliza Brownfirst name on this monument1830611891Grangetown
id: 1240001

78BrownJames Brownfirst name on this monument1838521890Grangetown
id: 1170556
Susannah Brownwife of James Brown1837791916

79BrownJames Gillis Brownfirst name on this monument1831591890Grangetown
id: 1170331
Mary Ethel Margaret Browndaughter of James Gillis Brown1870601930
Mary Brownwife of James Gillis Brown1840701910

80BrownJohn Brown Brownfirst name on this monument1825641889no image3152781082
Martha Jane Mitchellgrand daughter of John Brown Brown1890
Elizabeth Fieldingsister of John Brown Brown1828571885
Margaret Brownwife of John Brown Brown1826551881

81BrownMargaret Hannah Brownfirst name on this monument1847731920Grangetown
id: 1240041
Elizabeth Browndaughter of Margaret Hannah Brown1889
Edward Brownhusband of Margaret Hannah Brown1847771924
Tom Brownson of Margaret Hannah Brown1879281907

82BrownMary Alice Brownfirst name on this monument1854531907Grangetown
id: 1230157
Edward Brownhusband of Mary Alice Brown

83BrownRalph Brownfirst name on this monument1819561875Grangetown
id: 1170484
(4 images)
Ralph Brown1853371890
Ryhope Jacob Brown1861221883
John Brownson of Ralph Brown1845251870
Mary Ann Brownwife of Ralph Brown1825681893

84BrownSarah Brownfirst name on this monument1799721871Grangetown
id: 1170500
George Brownhusband of Sarah Brown1799771876

85BulcraigCatherine Bulcraigfirst name on this monument1820721892Grangetown
id: 1240181
Sarah Jane Bulcraigdaughter of Catherine Bulcraig1846781924
Jonathan Bulcraighusband of Catherine Bulcraig1821811902
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86BulmanAnn Bulmanfirst name on this monument1787791866no image3155211095
Eleanor Bulmandaughter-in-law of Ann Bulman
Florence Eleanor Bulmangrand daughter of Ann Bulman1855271882
Henry Porter Bulmangrand son of Ann Bulman184761853
William George Bulmangrand son of Ann Bulman185081858
William Bulmanhusband of Ann Bulman1842461888
Ann Bulman
William Bulman
George Bulmanson of Ann Bulman
William Bulmanson of Ann Bulman1819391858

87BulmanGeorge Bulmanfirst name on this monument1820661886no image3155201098
Charles Frederick Bulmanson of George Bulman1853611914
George Henry Bulmanson of George Bulman1857551912
William Werribee Bulmanson of George Bulman1864301894
Eleanor Coxon Bulmanwife of George Bulman1823691892

88BurlinsonAmelia Jane Burlinsonfirst name on this monument186541869Grangetown
id: 1170306
William J Burlinsonfather of Amelia Jane Burlinson1834381872
Mary Burlinsonmother of Amelia Jane Burlinson1839471886

89BurlinsonIsabella Burlinsonfirst name on this monument1859481907Grangetown
id: 1170305
Richard Burlinsonhusband of Isabella Burlinson1858651923
Marcus Thomas Brown Burlinsonson of Isabella Burlinson1895161911

90BurnAnn Burnfirst name on this monument1821551876Grangetown
id: 1170749
John Campbell Burnhusband of Ann Burn1821731894

91BurnGeorge William Campbell Burnfirst name on this monument189261898Grangetown
id: 1170681
Elizabeth Jane Campbell Burnmother of George William Campbell Burn1856481904

92BurnJames Burnfirst name on this monument1832651897no image3239401082
George Rothwell Burnson of James Burn1881241905
Anna Elizabeth Park Burnwife of James Burn1839861925

93BurnJames Engledow Burnfirst name on this monument1852491901Grangetown
id: 1170554
Arthur Burnson of James Engledow Burn189301893
Stanley Burnson of James Engledow Burn188941893
Elizabeth Ann Burnwife of James Engledow Burn1851621913

94BurnsRobert Burnsfirst name on this monument1782811863Grangetown
id: 1170646
Francis Burnsbrother of Robert Burns1787781865
Dorothy Burns1823431866
Dorothy Burns1865
Margaret Ann Burns1858111869
Thomas Burns
Ann Burnswife of Robert Burns1789871876

95BurseyJohn Burseyfirst name on this monument1804601864no image3155111078
John Dentongrand son of John Bursey1845161861
Jane Bursey1811601871

96BurtonEliza Mordey Burtonfirst name on this monumentGrangetown
id: 1170863
John Samuel Burtonhusband of Eliza Mordey Burton1832401872

97ButlerThomas Butlerfirst name on this monument1841301871Grangetown
id: 1170781
Robert Harrisonbrother of Thomas Butler1840621902
Mary Ann Butlerwife of Thomas Butler1840731913

98BywaterHerbert Bywaterfirst name on this monument1915Grangetown
id: 1240257
(2 images)

99CaineAlice Cainefirst name on this monument1836361872no image3155411079
James Sherwood Cainehusband of Alice Caine1835441879
Jane Gauntlettmother of Alice Caine1800731873
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100CaineElizabeth Cainefirst name on this monument65no image3155401107
Thomas Cainehusband of Elizabeth Caine

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