New Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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Monument list with thumbnail images surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1???Janet ???first name on this monument1748671815New Calton
id: 1110931
Elizabeth ???daughter of Janet ???1781211802
Janet ???daughter of Janet ???1777281805
Alexander ???son of Janet ???1788271815

2AbernethyJanet Abernethyfirst name on this monument1814841898New Calton
id: 11410
Agnes Master Hay Abernethydaughter of Janet Abernethy188641890
Janet Lindsay Abernethydaughter of Janet Abernethy
Thomas Abernethyhusband of Janet Abernethy
Thomas Charles Morrison Abernethyson of Janet Abernethy1891211912

3AdamRobert Adamfirst name on this monument1787641851New Calton
id: 1120020
Agnes Adamdaughter of Robert Adam
George Dunlop1801641865
William Dunlop1854
William Hay1794601854
George Adamson of Robert Adam
James Adamson of Robert Adam
Martha Adamwife of Robert Adam1796731869

4AdamsonRobert Adamsonfirst name on this monument185951864New Calton
id: 11180
Isabella Philipaunt of Robert Adamson1880
Alexander Adamsonfather of Robert Adamson1835851920
Rachel Adamsonmother of Robert Adamson1842931935
Barbara Philip1883
Mary Ann Adamsonsister of Robert Adamson1856241880

5AikmanSarah Aikmanfirst name on this monument1837New Calton
id: 11218
John Aikmanhusband of Sarah Aikman
Walter Tait1770711841

6AirdGeorge Airdfirst name on this monument1797641861New Calton
id: 1120181
Catherine Airddaughter of George Aird183391842
Marianne Alexandergrand daughter of George Aird1855381893
Daniel Airdson of George Aird1828271855
George Airdson of George Aird1830361866
Lilias Airdwife of George Aird1797781875

7AitkenRobert Nimmo Aitkenfirst name on this monument1817411858New Calton
id: 1110839
Agnes Nimmo Aitkendaughter of Robert Nimmo Aitken1848421890
Margaret Brown Aitkendaughter of Robert Nimmo Aitken1856251881
Isabella Taylordaughter of Robert Nimmo Aitken1826351861
William Brownfather-in-law of Robert Nimmo Aitken
James Aitkenson of Robert Nimmo Aitken
Margaret Finlay Aitkenwife of Robert Nimmo Aitken1820611881

8AlexanderJames Robert Alexanderfirst name on this monument1826621888New Calton
id: 11278
Ann G Alexanderwife of James Robert Alexander1830671897

9AllanWilliam Allanfirst name on this monument1735791814New Calton
id: 1120174
Catherine Allan
Mary Allan1830
William Allan
John Allanson of William Allan
Mary Allanwife of William Allan1781

10AmosWilliam Amosfirst name on this monument1899New Calton
id: 1120107
Annie Amoswife of William Amos1905

11AndersonAlexander Andersonfirst name on this monument1804631867New Calton
id: 11102
Ann Aitken Andersondaughter of Alexander Anderson
John Andersonson of Alexander Anderson1818451863
Margaret Andersonwife of Alexander Anderson1808701878
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12AndersonDavid Brown Andersonfirst name on this monumentNew Calton
id: 11243

13AndersonFrances Andersonfirst name on this monumentNew Calton
id: 11242
Peter Andersonhusband of Frances Anderson
Anne Anderson1813801893

14AndersonGeorge Andersonfirst name on this monument1801481849New Calton
id: 11301
Elizabeth Andersondaughter of George Anderson183421836
Elizabeth Andersondaughter of George Anderson183921841
Isabella Andersondaughter of George Anderson183701837
Isabella Andersondaughter of George Anderson1843851928
James Andersonson of George Anderson1835651900
Robert Andersonson of George Anderson1833511884
Elizabeth Andersonwife of George Anderson1805861891

15AndersonMargaret W Andersonfirst name on this monument1802551857New Calton
id: 11384
Jane Wilhelmina Andersondaughter of Margaret W Anderson183041834
Isaac Andersonhusband of Margaret W Anderson1800841884
James Andersonson of Margaret W Anderson1829271856

16AndersonNathaniel Andersonfirst name on this monument1765621827New Calton
id: 11550
Margaret Andersonsister of Nathaniel Anderson1775891864
Agnes Andersonwife of Nathaniel Anderson1764391803
Margaret Andersonsecond wife of Nathaniel Anderson1765631828

17AndersonRobert Andersonfirst name on this monument1800231823New Calton
id: 11241
Adam Andersonfather of Robert Anderson

18AndersonSarah Clare Andersonfirst name on this monumentNew Calton
id: 11537
Robert Andersonfather of Sarah Clare Anderson

19AngusEdward Angusfirst name on this monument1826New Calton
id: 11530
Susan Madglan Steventon Angusdaughter of Edward Angus1815111826
Nancy Anguswife of Edward Angus

20ArmstrongHenry Armstrongfirst name on this monument1833New Calton
id: 10848
Mary Armstrongdaughter of Henry Armstrong1893
Elizabeth Armstrongwife of Henry Armstrong1859

21ArthurAndrew Arthurfirst name on this monument1855New Calton
id: 11339
Helen Arthurwife of Andrew Arthur1885

22ArthurEuphemia Arthurfirst name on this monument1799191818New Calton
id: 1120242
David Arthurfather of Euphemia Arthur1751841835
Janet Arthurmother of Euphemia Arthur1754691823

23AyreGeorge Ayrefirst name on this monumentNew Calton
id: 11403
Mary Pae Ayrewife of George Ayre1851361887

24BainDavid Bainfirst name on this monumentNew Calton
id: 1110844
William Bainuncle of David Bain1794661860
Jessie Stoddartwife of David Bain1822441866

25BainIsabella Bainfirst name on this monument1837191856New Calton
id: 1120343
John Bain

26BairdGeorge Husband Bairdfirst name on this monument1797661863New Calton
id: 11041
Isaac Bayley1797761873

27BairnsfatherCatherine Bairnsfatherfirst name on this monument1781641845New Calton
id: 11058
Hugh Bairnsfatherhusband of Catherine Bairnsfather
Mary Walkersister of Catherine Bairnsfather1868

28BallantyneJane Ballantynefirst name on this monument1758911849New Calton
id: 1120265
Jane Ballantynedaughter of Jane Ballantyne1829331862
Ann Ballantynedaughter-in-law of Jane Ballantyne1811511862
Elizabeth Ballantynedaughter-in-law of Jane Ballantyne1821521873
James Bowegrand son of Jane Ballantyne1860211881
William Ballantynehusband of Jane Ballantyne1790751865
Margaret Ballantyne1828811909
John Smith1840751915
Archibald Ballantyneson of Jane Ballantyne1822641886
John Ballantyneson of Jane Ballantyne1819601879
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29BallendenJohn Ballendenfirst name on this monument1755621817no image25600535
Sarah Ballendendaughter-in-law of John Ballenden1820331853
Margaret Cameron Ballendengrand daughter of John Ballenden184121843
John Ballenden Bannatynegreat grand son of John Ballenden185211853
Duncan Finlayson Ballendengrand son of John Ballenden184561851
Eliza Gray Bannatyne1854
Elizabeth Bannatyne1872
Andrew Graham Ballendenson of John Ballenden1807211828
Eliza Ballendenwife of John Ballenden1778751853

30BathgateJames Bathgatefirst name on this monument1768861854New Calton
id: 11155
Isabella Bathgatedaughter of James Bathgate1820781898
Marion Bathgatedaughter of James Bathgate1816891905
Hugh Bathgateson of James Bathgate1824741898
Isabella Bathgatewife of James Bathgate1788931881

31BayleyIsaac Bayleyfirst name on this monumentno image2561408
Isabella Elder Bayleydaughter of Isaac Bayley182411825
Jane Husband Bayleydaughter of Isaac Bayley1825131838
Isaac Bayleyson of Isaac Bayley1833
John Bayleyson of Isaac Bayley
Thomas Elder Bayleyson of Isaac Bayley1837381875
Marion Bayleywife of Isaac Bayley

32BayneJohn Baynefirst name on this monument1798751873New Calton
id: 11467
Margaret Baynemother of John Bayne
James Bayneson of John Bayne5
John Bayneson of John Bayne

33BeatonMarion Beatonfirst name on this monument1912New Calton
id: 11447
William Beatonhusband of Marion Beaton1935
Andrew William Gordon Beatonson of Marion Beaton1946
James Gordon Beatonson of Marion Beaton1959

34BegbieJames Begbiefirst name on this monument1798711869New Calton
id: 11307
James Begbie186431867
Warburton Begbie
Elizabeth Begbiewife of James Begbie1805691874

35BegbiePrideaux J Selby Begbiefirst name on this monument1827131840New Calton
id: 1120298
Thomas Stirling Begbiefather of Prideaux J Selby Begbie
Mary Hamilton Begbiemother of Prideaux J Selby Begbie

36BellAdam Bellfirst name on this monumentNew Calton
id: 11327
Agnes Belldaughter of Adam Bell
Adam Bellson of Adam Bell
Adam Bellson of Adam Bell
James Bellson of Adam Bell1867
Patrick Bellson of Adam Bell1861
Agnes Bellwife of Adam Bell1849

37BellAlexander Bellfirst name on this monument1776691845New Calton
id: 10893
Elizabeth Belldaughter-in-law of Alexander Bell1813481861
Mary Johnston Bellgrand daughter of Alexander Bell185551860
James Anderson Bellson of Alexander Bell1808551863
Janet Bellwife of Alexander Bell1764851849

38BellArchibald Bellfirst name on this monument1817511868New Calton
id: 11400
Archibald Melville Bellson of Archibald Bell1844511895

39BellJames Bellfirst name on this monument1782581840New Calton
id: 1120059
William Bellfather of James Bell
Elizabeth Bellwife of James Bell40
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40BennetJean Bennetfirst name on this monument1751751826New Calton
id: 1120208
Elizabeth Bennetdaughter of Jean Bennet1794821876
Margaret Cunninghamdaughter of Jean Bennet1788861874
John Bennethusband of Jean Bennet
Isobel Cunningham1811781889
Margaret Osmer Cunningham1898
Patrick Bennet Cunningham1819441863
Patrick Brown Cunningham1811451856
Patrick Cunninghamson-in-law of Jean Bennet

41BerryGeorge Berryfirst name on this monument1795791874New Calton
id: 11066
Mary Richmond Berrydaughter of George Berry1822201842
George Richardson Berryson of George Berry1832181850
Eliza Berrywife of George Berry1790741864

42BlackJames Blackfirst name on this monument1769741843New Calton
id: 11003
Elliot Blackwife of James Black1848

43BlackWilliam Blackfirst name on this monument1765791844New Calton
id: 10868
James Blackson of William Black1817401857
Mary Blackwife of William Black1855

44BlackadderJames Blackadderfirst name on this monument1787851872New Calton
id: 1110749
Margaret Burd Blackadderdaughter of James Blackadder1820181838
Margaret Blackadderwife of James Blackadder1785691854
Anne Buckham Blackaddersecond wife of James Blackadder1823941917

45BlythJames Blythfirst name on this monument1832New Calton
id: 1120065
Isabella Toddaughter of James Blyth1858
Isabella Todgrand daughter of James Blyth1841251866
Janet Todgrand daughter of James Blyth1834361870
Lucy Todgrand daughter of James Blyth1838301868
Margaret Todgrand daughter of James Blyth1850121862
James Todgrand son of James Blyth1840281868
Henry Todson-in-law of James Blyth1793781871

46BogleAndrew Boglefirst name on this monument1770571827New Calton
id: 11352
Janet Bogledaughter of Andrew Bogle1823
Margaret P Bogledaughter-in-law of Andrew Bogle1889
Andrew Bogleson of Andrew Bogle1810611871
Archibald Bogleson of Andrew Bogle1809421851
Hamilton Bogleson of Andrew Bogle1814411855
John Davidson Bogleson of Andrew Bogle1825201845
Agnes Boglewife of Andrew Bogle1786641850

47BondIsaac Bondfirst name on this monument1809311840New Calton
id: 10981
Isabella Laura Bonddaughter of Isaac Bond183911840

48BowieJohn Bowiefirst name on this monument1790721862New Calton
id: 11337
Jane C Bowiedaughter of John Bowie181611817
Joanna McDowalldaughter of John Bowie1781851866
Maxwell M Mcdougall McDowallgrand daughter of John Bowie1864281892
John S McDowallgrand son of John Bowie1861301891
Jane McDougallmother-in-law of John Bowie1761861847
M M Mcd Dyce184601846
David Wedderburn Bowieson of John Bowie1833341867
Duncan Mcd Bowieson of John Bowie1832201852
Jane Bowiesister of John Bowie1784561840
A A McDowallson-in-law of John Bowie
Maxwell Margaret Bowiewife of John Bowie1794841878
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49BowieMaxwell Catherine Bowiefirst name on this monument1822781900New Calton
id: 11335

50BoyesThomas Boyesfirst name on this monument1764551819New Calton
id: 11469
Elizabeth Boyeswife of Thomas Boyes1767721839

51BrodieJohn Wright Brodiefirst name on this monument1778561834New Calton
id: 11300
John Brodieson of John Wright Brodie182221824
Hannah Brodiewife of John Wright Brodie1786531839

52BrownAlexander Brownfirst name on this monument1808691877New Calton
id: 10869
Mary Browndaughter of Alexander Brown1839151854
James Brownson of Alexander Brown1837
Euphemia Brownwife of Alexander Brown1813661879

53BrownAndrew Brownfirst name on this monument1781601841New Calton
id: 1120322
Eliza McIntyre
John D McIntyre
John Junner Brownson of Andrew Brown1824321856
Elizabeth Brownwife of Andrew Brown1795891884

54BrownArchibald Brownfirst name on this monument1760721832New Calton
id: 1120175

55BrownCharles Edward Brownfirst name on this monument1804821886New Calton
id: 1110848
William Brownfather of Charles Edward Brown

56BrownElizabeth Brownfirst name on this monument186431867New Calton
id: 11200

57BrownWilliam Brownfirst name on this monument1787471834New Calton
id: 10919

58BrowneArchibald Brownefirst name on this monument1787561843New Calton
id: 11477
Grace Isabella Kelsodaughter of Archibald Browne1828281856
Helen Jane Massondaughter of Archibald Browne1835701905
Grace Isabella Massongrand daughter of Archibald Browne1857581915
A J Kelsoson-in-law of Archibald Browne
Donald T Massonson-in-law of Archibald Browne1826871913
Martha Brownewife of Archibald Browne1795621857

59BruceCatherine Brucefirst name on this monument1804601864New Calton
id: 10883
Elizabeth Bruce1788761864

60BruceIsabella Brucefirst name on this monument1804301834New Calton
id: 10881
John Brucehusband of Isabella Bruce

61BryceDavid Brycefirst name on this monument1803731876New Calton
id: 1110793
Davina Brechin1915
John Bryce Brechin1941
William Bryce Brechin1865431908
Jessie Bryce1832731905
John Bryce1922

62BrydenJames Brydenfirst name on this monumentNew Calton
id: 11105
Susan Brydenmother of James Bryden1899

63BrydonMary Brydonfirst name on this monument1876611937New Calton
id: 11525
David R Brydonhusband of Mary Brydon

64BrysonDavid Gillespie Brysonfirst name on this monument1909881997New Calton
id: 11514
Norah Mildred Brysonwife of David Gillespie Bryson1913872000

65BrysonJames M Brysonfirst name on this monument1825691894New Calton
id: 11511
Mary Dunn Bonthrondaughter of James M Bryson1864751939
Jessie Gillespie Brysondaughter of James M Bryson1860151875
Maggie Bannatyne Brysondaughter of James M Bryson1859211880
Louise Brysondaughter-in-law of James M Bryson1881831964
F Kynoch Brysongrand son of James M Bryson1919671986
James Harvey Brysongrand son of James M Bryson1899191918
T A Petrie-hay Brysongrand son of James M Bryson1914671981
Archibald Gillespie Brysonson of James M Bryson1874851959
David Dunn Brysonson of James M Bryson1862771939
James Brysonson of James M Bryson1870
Robert Brysonson of James M Bryson
Peter Bonthronson-in-law of James M Bryson
Mary Brysonwife of James M Bryson1835671902
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66BrysonRobert Brysonfirst name on this monument1778741852New Calton
id: 11510
Margaret Muir Brysondaughter of Robert Bryson1821521873
Catherine M Brysondaughter-in-law of Robert Bryson1827321859
Elizabeth W Brysondaughter-in-law of Robert Bryson1814411855
Alexander Brysonfather of Robert Bryson1740831823
Margaret Ormistonfriend of Robert Bryson1801731874
Elizabeth Gillespie Brysongrand daughter of Robert Bryson184731850
Jessie Agnes Brysongrand daughter of Robert Bryson185111852
Helen Brysonmother of Robert Bryson1751741825
Alexander Brysonson of Robert Bryson1816501866
Janet Brysonwife of Robert Bryson1788701858

67BuchanAndrew Buchanfirst name on this monumentNew Calton
id: 1110747

68BuieJessie Buiefirst name on this monument1785551840New Calton
id: 11032
Helen Buiedaughter of Jessie Buie1812161828
Jessie Buiedaughter of Jessie Buie1809721881
Alexander Buiehusband of Jessie Buie1786621848
Alexander Buieson of Jessie Buie1815421857
John Buieson of Jessie Buie1811351846
William Buieson of Jessie Buie181421816
William Buieson of Jessie Buie1817321849

69BurnJames Burnfirst name on this monument1863New Calton
id: 10994
Jessie Burndaughter of James Burn1834161850
George Burnson of James Burn1878
Margaret Burnwife of James Burn1850

70BurnsWilliam Burnsfirst name on this monument1799541853New Calton
id: 11149
Margaret Burnsdaughter of William Burns
James Drummond Burnsson of William Burns1829351864
William Burnsson of William Burns1828
Margaret Burnswife of William Burns1797771874

71CalderDonald Calderfirst name on this monument1843681911New Calton
id: 1110725
Marion Calderwife of Donald Calder1838741912

72CalderThomas Calderfirst name on this monument1790711861New Calton
id: 1110757
Mary Calderdaughter of Thomas Calder1816221838
Elizabeth Lindsaydaughter of Thomas Calder1817671884
Thomas Calderfather of Thomas Calder1752871839
George Calderson of Thomas Calder1828141842
Thomas Calderson of Thomas Calder1825831908
Anne Calderwife of Thomas Calder1764781842

73CalderwoodWilliam Calderwoodfirst name on this monument1804591863New Calton
id: 1110849
Jane Calderwooddaughter of William Calderwood1832901922
John Calderwoodson of William Calderwood183531838
William Calderwoodson of William Calderwood1838
Elizabeth Calderwoodwife of William Calderwood1807571864

74CameronAlexander Cameronfirst name on this monument1832361868New Calton
id: 1120274
Mary Cameronwife of Alexander Cameron1835581893

75CameronElizabeth Cameronfirst name on this monument1844New Calton
id: 1110815
Hannah Beckwelldaughter of Elizabeth Cameron1879
Elizabeth Camerondaughter of Elizabeth Cameron1865
Janet Camerondaughter of Elizabeth Cameron1844
Margaret Camerondaughter of Elizabeth Cameron1842
Colin Cameronhusband of Elizabeth Cameron
Alexander Hill
Eliza Hill1839361875
Catherine Miller1807811888
David Miller
Harriet E A Miller1853291882
James Miller
James Miller1853691922
James Miller1808461854
Mary Miller1842
Matthew Peter Miller1971201991
Saffrey Miller
Andrew Neilson
Colin Cameronson of Elizabeth Cameron1845
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76CampbellJohn Livingston Campbellfirst name on this monumentNew Calton
id: 1120186

77CampbellMary Kirkpatrick Campbellfirst name on this monument1836New Calton
id: 1120143
Alexander Campbellhusband of Mary Kirkpatrick Campbell
Archibald Campbell
John Kirkpatrick Campbell
John Kirkpatrick Campbell
Mary Kirkpatrick Campbell1836
Mary Kirkpatrick Alskell Campbell1825331858

78CarseThomas Carsefirst name on this monument1818641882New Calton
id: 11014
Jane Watson Melville1847691916
Isabella Carsewife of Thomas Carse1832501882

79CarterNicol Carterfirst name on this monument1800431843New Calton
id: 1120016
Andrew Carter1801411842
Jane Carter183521837
Jane Carter1792821874
Jane Nicol Carter1834
Nicholas Carter1830321862
Nicol Carterson of Nicol Carter1838271865

80ChristieJohn Christiefirst name on this monument1844New Calton
id: 1110899
Rachel Baileydaughter of John Christie1799841883
Ann Christiedaughter of John Christie1842
Isabella Allan Christiedaughter-in-law of John Christie1819621881
Margaret Allan Christiegrand daughter of John Christie1848261874
Mary Christiegrand daughter of John Christie1847
John Christieson of John Christie1834
John Christieson of John Christie1834
William Christieson of John Christie1819721891
Mary Christiewife of John Christie1833

81ChristieJohn Christiefirst name on this monumentNew Calton
id: 10866

82ChristieJohn Christiefirst name on this monument1844New Calton
id: 11062
Elizabeth Adams Christiedaughter of John Christie1914
Euphemia Christiedaughter of John Christie1842
Mary Adams Johnina Christiedaughter of John Christie1887
Isabella Smeaton MacDonalddaughter of John Christie1931
Euphemia Christiewife of John Christie1861

83ChristieRobert Christiefirst name on this monument1791781869New Calton
id: 11434
Agnes Christiedaughter of Robert Christie
Anne Grayhurst Christiedaughter of Robert Christie1833831916
Harriet Christiedaughter of Robert Christie1842161858
Helen Christiedaughter of Robert Christie1837951932
Margaret Christiedaughter of Robert Christie1828921920
Mary Christiedaughter of Robert Christie1835611896
Elizabeth Hewatmother-in-law of Robert Christie1773911864
George Christieson of Robert Christie
Robert Christieson of Robert Christie1819551874
Thomas Christieson of Robert Christie
Isabella Christiewife of Robert Christie1798771875

84ChristieRobert William Christiefirst name on this monument1849721921New Calton
id: 11435
Alexander Christiebrother of Robert William Christie1864761940
Robert Christiefather of Robert William Christie
??? Christie1956
Ida Christie1872861958
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85ChristisonAlexander Christisonfirst name on this monument1753671820New Calton
id: 1110876
Annie Christisondaughter-in-law of Alexander Christison1829471876
Charlotte Katherine Christisondaughter-in-law of Alexander Christison1790791869
Florence Christisondaughter-in-law of Alexander Christison1861881949
Henrietta Sophia Christisondaughter-in-law of Alexander Christison1806431849
Edith Campbell Bellgrand daughter of Alexander Christison1867681935
Marion Augusta Birdgrand daughter of Alexander Christison1855571912
William J B Birdgrand daughters husband of Alexander Christison
Susanna Hodgson Christisongrand daughter-in-law of Alexander Christison1848801928
John Alexander Christisongreat grand son of Alexander Christison1889251914
David Christisongrand son of Alexander Christison1830821912
Frederick John Christisongrand son of Alexander Christison1895201915
John Christisongrand son of Alexander Christison1822621884
Benjamin Bellgrand son-in-law of Alexander Christison
Charles Archer
Maria Archer1832641896
James Cowley Brown
John Anthony Alexander Christison1918241942
Philip Christison
Alexander Christisonson of Alexander Christison1828901918
John Christisonson of Alexander Christison1789731862
Robert Christisonson of Alexander Christison1798841882
Margaret Christisonwife of Alexander Christison1760711831

86ClarkMargaret Clarkfirst name on this monument1841601901New Calton
id: 11097
Isabella Smithdaughter of Margaret Clark1861701931
Robert Clarkhusband of Margaret Clark1836671903

87CollanJames Collanfirst name on this monument1817731890New Calton
id: 1120341
Jane Collandaughter of James Collan1839381877
??? Collanson of James Collan183301833
James Collanson of James Collan1823671890
Stewart Collanson of James Collan184921851
Theodore Collanson of James Collan184511846
William Martin Collanson of James Collan1843291872
Ann Collanwife of James Collan1804731877

88CorbettGeorge Corbettfirst name on this monument1800591859New Calton
id: 11223
Charles Corbettgrand son of George Corbett186921871
Sidney Corbettgrand son of George Corbett1831601891
Thomas Corbettgrand son of George Corbett1865
Janet Corbettwife of George Corbett1801511852

89CowanMarion Cowanfirst name on this monument1837New Calton
id: 10942
Anna Gemmell Cowandaughter of Marion Cowan183651841
William Cowanhusband of Marion Cowan76
Isobella Cowansister-in-law of Marion Cowan1791561847
Jacobina Tod Cowansecond wife of husband of Marion Cowan1865

90CroallJohn Croallfirst name on this monument1823881911New Calton
id: 11199
??? Croallmother of John Croall1878

91CroallJohn Croallfirst name on this monument1810281838New Calton
id: 11207
Archibald Croallbrother of John Croall1822201842
Peter Croallbrother of John Croall1834211855
John Croallfather of John Croall
Elizabeth Kent Croall1832281860
Margaret Croall1794761870
William Croall1829561885
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92CroallPeter Croallfirst name on this monument1801761877New Calton
id: 11196
Robert Croallson of Peter Croall1833781911
William Croallson of Peter Croall1840301870
Helen Croallwife of Peter Croall1801851886

93CroallWilliam Croallfirst name on this monument1798621860New Calton
id: 11208
Nellie Gilchrist Hendersondaughter-in-law of William Croall1867761943
William Croallson of William Croall1821851906
William John Croallson of William Croall1863511914
Helen Croallwife of William Croall1821921913

94CummingAlexander Cummingfirst name on this monument1757681825New Calton
id: 1120023
Christian Rutherfoord1778811859
James Rutherfoord1807211828
John Rutherfoord1782541836
Alexander Cumming Rutherford1810681878
Catherine Rutherford1835851920
Dorothy Rutherford1785901875
Elizabeth Rutherford1785881873
George Young Rutherford1831511882
James Rutherford1751921843
James Rutherford1783771860
James Rutherford182771834
Jane Spowart Rutherford1851731924
Janet Cumming Rutherford183051835
Jessie Rutherford1813671880
John Rutherford1843791922

95CurrerHenry Currerfirst name on this monument52New Calton
id: 1120129
Thomas Currerbrother of Henry Currer1789411830
Ann Currermother of Henry Currer1747741821
Euphemia Currer1831
Margaret Currer

96DalgleishMark Dalgleishfirst name on this monument1811601871New Calton
id: 1110979
Christina Dalgleishdaughter of Mark Dalgleish
Elizabeth Dalgleishdaughter of Mark Dalgleish
Mark Dalgleishson of Mark Dalgleish
Peter Dalgleishson of Mark Dalgleish1862
William Dalgleishson of Mark Dalgleish
Jane Dalgleishwife of Mark Dalgleish

97DalzielGeorge Dalzielfirst name on this monument1799701869New Calton
id: 1110751
Georgina Marjory Pearson Clarkdaughter of George Dalziel1832241856
Anne Gibson Craig Dalzieldaughter of George Dalziel183481842
John Dalzielson of George Dalziel183711838
William Bennet Clarkson-in-law of George Dalziel
Charlotte Dalzielwife of George Dalziel1806781884

98DalzielMargaret Dalzielfirst name on this monument1779401819New Calton
id: 1120136
Helen Dalzieldaughter of Margaret Dalziel1817501867
Jessie Dalzieldaughter of Margaret Dalziel1812331845
Margaret Dalzieldaughter of Margaret Dalziel1815171832
James Dalzielhusband of Margaret Dalziel1779571836
??? Dalzielson of Margaret Dalziel1810
Andrew Dalzielson of Margaret Dalziel1806411847
James Dalzielson of Margaret Dalziel1809241833
John Dalzielson of Margaret Dalziel1805511856
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99DargeRobert Dargefirst name on this monument1778551833New Calton
id: 1120310
Robert Dargeson of Robert Darge1815181833
Margaret Dargewife of Robert Darge1777671844

100DarlingJohn Darlingfirst name on this monument1799421841New Calton
id: 1120042
Jessie Darlingdaughter of John Darling1837
Mary Darlingdaughter of John Darling1832231855
James Darlingson of John Darling1837181855
William Darlingson of John Darling183911840
Mary Darlingwife of John Darling1800601860

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for New Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery.The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument.The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this cemetery is EH7 5BL - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

The view statistics shown below are from 8 Jan 2014 when collection of these statistics started.

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