St Helen's Church burial ground, Eston, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list with thumbnail images surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

1AbellRobert Abellfirst name on this monument1833671900St Helen
id: 216
William Sedman Abellson of Robert Abell1859551914
Eliza Jane Abellwife of Robert Abell1829801909

2AdamsonEliza Jane Adamsonfirst name on this monument1860251885St Helen
id: 217
John Adamsonhusband of Eliza Jane Adamson

3AireyMary Ann Aireyfirst name on this monument1843551898St Helen
id: 218
Edith Aireydaughter of Mary Ann Airey
Kate Aireydaughter of Mary Ann Airey
Lizzie Aireydaughter of Mary Ann Airey
Maggie Aireydaughter of Mary Ann Airey
James Aireyhusband of Mary Ann Airey1844821926
Matthew Caton Aireyson of Mary Ann Airey1882361918

4AldersonAnne Aldersonfirst name on this monument1843361879St Helen
id: 219
(2 images)
Esther Ellen Aldersondaughter of Anne Alderson1865
Esther Emily Ellen Aldersondaughter of Anne Alderson187341877
David Aldersonhusband of Anne Alderson
Anthony Willis Aldersonson of Anne Alderson186821870

5AllanJames Allanfirst name on this monument1828591887St Helen
id: 220
Eliza Allanwife of James Allan

6AllanJohn Thomas Allanfirst name on this monument1859761935St Helen
id: 221
Annie Allanwife of John Thomas Allan1867761943

7AllenIsabel Allenfirst name on this monument1865321897St Helen
id: 222
William Allenhusband of Isabel Allen

8AllisonRobert Allisonfirst name on this monument1814771891St Helen
id: 223
(2 images)
Robert Allisonson of Robert Allison1842411883
Elizabeth Allisonwife of Robert Allison1814561870

9AlmondEmmanuel Almondfirst name on this monument1843441887St Helen
id: 224
Sarah Ann Almondwife of Emmanuel Almond

10AlmondMargaret Almondfirst name on this monument1860481908St Helen
id: 225
Thomas Almondhusband of Margaret Almond1848601908

11AndersonCharles Henry Andersonfirst name on this monument1879351914St Helen
id: 226
Beatrice Lilian Andersondaughter of Charles Henry Anderson190361909
Lily Andersonwife of Charles Henry Anderson1881901971

12AndersonEmma Andersonfirst name on this monument1939St Helen
id: 227
(2 images)
Arthur Andersonhusband of Emma Anderson1939

13AndersonMatthew Andersonfirst name on this monument1855411896St Helen
id: 228
Joseph Andersonson of Matthew Anderson1882231905
Sarah Andersonwife of Matthew Anderson1859281887

14AndersonRichard Andersonfirst name on this monument1857341891St Helen
id: 229

15AndrewsJoe Frank Andrewsfirst name on this monument190221904St Helen
id: 230
Joe Frank Andrewsfather of Joe Frank Andrews1864751939
Sarah Elizabeth Andrewsmother of Joe Frank Andrews1865771942

16AppletonThomas Appletonfirst name on this monument1776St Helen
id: 231
Thomas Appltonfather of Thomas Appleton
Catron (Catherine) Appltonmother of Thomas Appleton

17ArmstrongMary Jane Armstrongfirst name on this monument1837791916St Helen
id: 232
(2 images)
Esther Armstrongdaughter of Mary Jane Armstrong188241886
Margaret Couplanddaughter of Mary Jane Armstrong1862611923
William Armstronghusband of Mary Jane Armstrong1835891924
George Armstrongson of Mary Jane Armstrong187731880
Richard Armstrongson of Mary Jane Armstrong187921881
Thomas Armstrongson of Mary Jane Armstrong
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18AtkinMary Atkinfirst name on this monument1903St Helen
id: 233
William Gooderfather of Mary Atkin1865
G U Atkinhusband of Mary Atkin
Mary Gooder1876

19AtkinsMary Atkinsfirst name on this monument1833631896St Helen
id: 234
George Atkinshusband of Mary Atkins1834661900

20AtkinsonAnn Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1738851823St Helen
id: 235
(2 images)

21AtkinsonIsaac Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1845531898St Helen
id: 237
Margaret Atkinsonwife of Isaac Atkinson1841761917

22AtkinsonIsaac Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1765891854St Helen
id: 236
Sarah Atkinsonwife of Isaac Atkinson1775541829

23AtkinsonMaud Mary Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1884241908St Helen
id: 238
(2 images)
George Willsfather of Maud Mary Atkinson
Charles Atkinsonhusband of Maud Mary Atkinson
Mary Willsmother of Maud Mary Atkinson

24BagnallSamuel Sampson Bagnallfirst name on this monument1840801920St Helen
id: 239
Louisa Bagnallwife of Samuel Sampson Bagnall

25BaileyAlice Dunthorne Baileyfirst name on this monument186191870St Helen
id: 240
William Baileyfather of Alice Dunthorne Bailey
Sarah Baileymother of Alice Dunthorne Bailey

26BarberJohn Thomas Barberfirst name on this monument1857561913St Helen
id: 241
Harriet Barberwife of John Thomas Barber1862701932

27BarkerMary Barkerfirst name on this monument1826751901St Helen
id: 242
Hannah Barkerdaughter-in-law of Mary Barker
Robert Smithgrand son of Mary Barker1892231915
John Barkerson of Mary Barker1853681921
Thomas Barkerson of Mary Barker1857661923

28BartramJohn Bartramfirst name on this monument1890231913St Helen
id: 243
Annie Bartramwife of John Bartram

29BartramJoseph Bartramfirst name on this monument1862531915St Helen
id: 244
(2 images)
John Bartramson of Joseph Bartram1890231913
William Bartramson of Joseph Bartram1888291917
Elizabeth Bartramwife of Joseph Bartram

30BeachamElisha Beachamfirst name on this monument1840621902St Helen
id: 245
(3 images)
Sarah Beachamwife of Elisha Beacham1844661910

31BeadleJames Beadlefirst name on this monument1824521876St Helen
id: 246
Elizabeth Emma Beadledaughter of James Beadle1857271884
James Cowel Beadleson of James Beadle185031853
Walter Henry Beadleson of James Beadle1854211875
Emma Beadlewife of James Beadle1827771904

32BealeKenneth Henderson Bealefirst name on this monument1896631959St Helen
id: 247
Helen Bealedaughter of Kenneth Henderson Beale
Vera Bealewife of Kenneth Henderson Beale

33BealeMarian Bealefirst name on this monument1952St Helen
id: 248
Edmund Bealefather of Marian Beale
Elizabeth Bealemother of Marian Beale

34BellJohn Bellfirst name on this monument1835501885St Helen
id: 249
Hannah Ellen Belldaughter of John Bell1875191894
Elizabeth Bellwife of John Bell1838911929

35BellMary Jane Bellfirst name on this monument1871261897St Helen
id: 250
Edward Bellhusband of Mary Jane Bell
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36BellwoodConstance Bellwoodfirst name on this monument1884121896St Helen
id: 251
(2 images)
George Bellwoodfather of Constance Bellwood
Jessie Bellwoodmother of Constance Bellwood

37BennettRhoda Emma Bennettfirst name on this monument1899131912St Helen
id: 252
William Bennettfather of Rhoda Emma Bennett1863781941
Susannah Bennettmother of Rhoda Emma Bennett1870641934

38BenningtonEdith Ellen Benningtonfirst name on this monument1875St Helen
id: 253
Walter Benningtonbrother of Edith Ellen Bennington1880
William Jesse Benningtonfather of Edith Ellen Bennington
M A Benningtonmother of Edith Ellen Bennington

39BerrimanMary Jane Berrimanfirst name on this monument1868691937St Helen
id: 254
John Berrimanhusband of Mary Jane Berriman1871691940

40BigginsJoseph Bigginsfirst name on this monument1836621898St Helen
id: 255
Jane A Bigginsdaughter of Joseph Biggins188141885
Nelly Copping187791886
Mary Bigginswife of Joseph Biggins1846541900

41BirchallEvelyn May Birchallfirst name on this monument189431897St Helen
id: 256

42BlackburnRobert Blackburnfirst name on this monument1864221886St Helen
id: 257
Joe Blackburnbrother of Robert Blackburn1858341892
William Blackburnfather of Robert Blackburn1825541879
Christiana Blackburnmother of Robert Blackburn1827491876

43BlackburnWilliam Blackburnfirst name on this monument1830761906St Helen
id: 258
Mary Blackburnwife of William Blackburn1833831916

44BlakelockRonald Arthur Blakelockfirst name on this monument1896101906St Helen
id: 259
(3 images)
Leslie John Blakelockbrother of Ronald Arthur Blakelock189971906
Arthur William Blakelockfather of Ronald Arthur Blakelock1869801949
Mary Blakelockmother of Ronald Arthur Blakelock1868861954

45BoalIrene Boalfirst name on this monument1898201918St Helen
id: 260
David William Boalbrother of Irene Boal1897321929
David William Boalfather of Irene Boal
Margaret Ann Boalmother of Irene Boal

46BoanasMary Ann Boanasfirst name on this monument1863651928St Helen
id: 261
Thomas Boanashusband of Mary Ann Boanas1863811944
Ernest Thomas Boanasson of Mary Ann Boanas190331906

47BoothJames Boothfirst name on this monument1849631912St Helen
id: 262
Eleanor Boothwife of James Booth1849791928

48BottomleyJames Bottomleyfirst name on this monument1819661885St Helen
id: 263
James Albert Bottomleyson of James Bottomley1857771934
Mary Ann Bottomleywife of James Bottomley1818841902

49BottrillKate Ann Reeves Bottrillfirst name on this monument1875131888St Helen
id: 264
George Bottrillbrother of Kate Ann Reeves Bottrill187331876
Charles Bottrillfather of Kate Ann Reeves Bottrill
Ann Bottrillmother of Kate Ann Reeves Bottrill

50BowellLuke Bowellfirst name on this monument1846611907St Helen
id: 265
(4 images)
Hurton Bowell1871561927
Oswald Bowellson of Luke Bowell1885291914
Eliza Ann Bowellwife of Luke Bowell1849591908

51BowenAnn Bowenfirst name on this monument1845431888St Helen
id: 266
Ephraim Bowenhusband of Ann Bowen1838691907

52BradburyHannah Bradburyfirst name on this monument1838471885St Helen
id: 267
Mary Elizabeth Bradburydaughter of Hannah Bradbury185711858
Thomas Bradburyhusband of Hannah Bradbury1836561892
Harry Bradburyson of Hannah Bradbury1872321904
John Joseph Bradburyson of Hannah Bradbury1865
Joseph Bradburyson of Hannah Bradbury1868
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53BrassMary Isabella Brassfirst name on this monument186581873St Helen
id: 268
George Brassfather of Mary Isabella Brass
Leonard Ortongrand father of Mary Isabella Brass1815661881
Mary Isabella Ortongrand mother of Mary Isabella Brass1816661882
Mary Jane Brassmother of Mary Isabella Brass1843721915

54BrentnallEmily Jane Brentnallfirst name on this monument1852211873St Helen
id: 269
John Allanfather of Emily Jane Brentnall
Joseph Edmund Brentnallhusband of Emily Jane Brentnall
Mary Ann Allanmother of Emily Jane Brentnall

55BriggsSamuel Briggsfirst name on this monument1835601895St Helen
id: 270
Elizabeth Briggswife of Samuel Briggs1836731909

56BrittainJessie Gertrude Brittainfirst name on this monument1886181904St Helen
id: 271
George Brittainfather of Jessie Gertrude Brittain
Ann Brittainmother of Jessie Gertrude Brittain
Ann Isabel Brittainsister of Jessie Gertrude Brittain188051885

57BrittainRalph Brittainfirst name on this monument1833501883St Helen
id: 272

58BrooksWilliam Brooksfirst name on this monument1874331907St Helen
id: 273
Elizabeth Brookswife of William Brooks

59BrownAmelia Brownfirst name on this monument1884351919St Helen
id: 274
Adolph Brownhusband of Amelia Brown
Herbert Brownson of Amelia Brown
John Brownson of Amelia Brown
Leslie Brownson of Amelia Brown

60BrownEliza Ann Brownfirst name on this monument1884601944St Helen
id: 275
Siddoway Brownhusband of Eliza Ann Brown1881671948

61BrownElizabeth Brownfirst name on this monument1824661890St Helen
id: 276
Margaret Browndaughter-in-law of Elizabeth Brown
John Brownhusband of Elizabeth Brown1831661897
John A Brownson of Elizabeth Brown1864401904

62BrownMary Jane Brownfirst name on this monument1845441889St Helen
id: 277
William Brownhusband of Mary Jane Brown1843551898
Jane Elizabeth Brownsecond wife of husband of Mary Jane Brown1844601904

63BrownStephen Brownfirst name on this monument1817601877St Helen
id: 278
Jane Ann Browndaughter of Stephen Brown1857201877
Edward Brownson of Stephen Brown
John Brownson of Stephen Brown
Ralph Brownson of Stephen Brown1849211870
Stephen Brownson of Stephen Brown1846171863
William Brownson of Stephen Brown1838351873
Elizabeth Brownwife of Stephen Brown1814631877

64BruceJohn Brucefirst name on this monument1797741871St Helen
id: 279

65BurrMay Burrfirst name on this monument1871741945St Helen
id: 280
Fred Burrhusband of May Burr

66BurroughsAnnie Burroughsfirst name on this monument1860581918no image2509685
Charles Burroughshusband of Annie Burroughs80

67BurrowsJoseph Burrowsfirst name on this monument1844601904St Helen
id: 282
Florence Daviesdaughter of Joseph Burrows
Joseph William Daviesgrand son of Joseph Burrows189751902
Henry Daviesson-in-law of Joseph Burrows
Elvira Burrowswife of Joseph Burrows1853541907

68BusfieldStephen H Busfieldfirst name on this monument1876141890St Helen
id: 283
(4 images)
Jonathan Busfieldfather of Stephen H Busfield
Martha Busfieldmother of Stephen H Busfield
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69CalvertElizabeth Ann Calvertfirst name on this monument1850511901St Helen
id: 284
Richard Calverthusband of Elizabeth Ann Calvert1850561906
Frederick Calvertson of Elizabeth Ann Calvert1875441919

70CampbellRobert Campbellfirst name on this monument1828741902St Helen
id: 285
(3 images)
Charles Campbellson of Robert Campbell1859181877
John Campbellson of Robert Campbell1862751937
Jane Campbellwife of Robert Campbell

71CandertonHarrie John Candertonfirst name on this monument1868421910St Helen
id: 286
(4 images)
Jennie Franceson-in-law of Harrie John Canderton1876821958
Emily Candertonwife of Harrie John Canderton1941

72CaneyMargaret Caneyfirst name on this monument1852611913St Helen
id: 287
Frances Careydaughter-in-law of Margaret Caney
Henry Caneyhusband of Margaret Caney
Robert Caneyson of Margaret Caney1879361915

73CareyGeorge Henry Careyfirst name on this monumentSt Helen
id: 288
John Careybrother of George Henry Carey1860331893
William Careyfather of George Henry Carey1829851914

74CarrSarah Hannah Carrfirst name on this monument1874111885St Helen
id: 289
Ewart Carrbrother of Sarah Hannah Carr1885
Joseph Carrfather of Sarah Hannah Carr
Isabella Carrmother of Sarah Hannah Carr
Eleanor Carrsister of Sarah Hannah Carr187891887

75CasonCharles Casonfirst name on this monument1834731907St Helen
id: 290
Sarah Casonwife of Charles Cason1833841917

76CawthornThomas Cawthornfirst name on this monument1834191853St Helen
id: 291
Nicholas Cawthornfather of Thomas Cawthorn
Sarah Cawthornmother of Thomas Cawthorn

77ChildsDavid Childsfirst name on this monument1846481894St Helen
id: 292
Samuel Hebdensecond husband of wife of David Childs
Sarah Hebdenwife of David Childs1848771925

78ClarkGeorge Clarkfirst name on this monument1854271881St Helen
id: 293
Margaret Clarkwife of George Clark

79CloseWilliam Closefirst name on this monument1827531880St Helen
id: 294
M E Hewittdaughter of William Close1867291896
C H Cleminsongrand son of William Close1882191901
Annie Close1898141912
George William Close
Miriam Closewife of William Close1835641899

80CochraneThomas Edward Cochranefirst name on this monument1835451880St Helen
id: 295
(2 images)
William Duncansecond husband of wife of Thomas Edward Cochrane1837731910
Rebecca Duncanwife of Thomas Edward Cochrane1842731915

81CoddJennetta Coddfirst name on this monument1831711902St Helen
id: 296
Betsy Hannah Codddaughter of Jennetta Codd185581863
Anne Elizabeth Humphreysdaughter of Jennetta Codd1859231882
William Coddhusband of Jennetta Codd1825831908
George William Coddson of Jennetta Codd1866151881

82ColeGeorge Arthur Colefirst name on this monument1869371906St Helen
id: 297
Benjamin Colefather of George Arthur Cole
Jane Ann Colemother of George Arthur Cole

83ConnorJohn Connorfirst name on this monument1853301883St Helen
id: 298

84ConstantineMary Constantinefirst name on this monument1819561875St Helen
id: 299
Betsey Constantinedaughter of Mary Constantine1842281870
William Constantinehusband of Mary Constantine
James Constantineson of Mary Constantine1850191869
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85CooperEmily Cooperfirst name on this monument1879381917St Helen
id: 300
William Cooperhusband of Emily Cooper
John Cooperson of Emily Cooper190481912

86CooperWilliam Cooperfirst name on this monument1867571924St Helen
id: 301
Robert Cooperfather of William Cooper
Louisa Coopermother of William Cooper

87CoulterElizabeth Coulterfirst name on this monument1811St Helen
id: 302
James Coulterhusband of Elizabeth Coulter90
William Coulterson of Elizabeth Coulter

88CoverdaleRobert Coverdalefirst name on this monument1840501890St Helen
id: 303
(3 images)
Rosamond Mary Coverdaledaughter of Robert Coverdale1872261898
Frank Beadle Richardson
Mary Ann Coverdalewife of Robert Coverdale1840711911

89CryerCatherine Cryerfirst name on this monument1839701909St Helen
id: 304
John Cryerhusband of Catherine Cryer1845681913

90DaviesAlfred Daviesfirst name on this monument1842551897St Helen
id: 305
(2 images)
Alfred Robertsnephew of Alfred Davies1880661946
Ann Davieswife of Alfred Davies1834681902

91DaviesDaniel Daviesfirst name on this monument1848231871St Helen
id: 306
Elvira Davieswife of Daniel Davies

92DaviesHannah Daviesfirst name on this monument1860321892St Helen
id: 307
Hannah Mary Daviesdaughter of Hannah Davies189211893
Mary Edith Daviesdaughter of Hannah Davies1889
Thomas Davieshusband of Hannah Davies
William Edward Daviesson of Hannah Davies1890

93DaviesMary Daviesfirst name on this monument1841491890St Helen
id: 308
Thomas Davieshusband of Mary Davies1841811922
Annie Shields1870651935
Charles Shields1861551916
David Daviesson of Mary Davies1864701934

94DavisonJames Davisonfirst name on this monument1796661862St Helen
id: 309
Alice Davisonwife of James Davison1865

95DawsonMartha Dawsonfirst name on this monument1871621933St Helen
id: 310
Frank Dawsonhusband of Martha Dawson1866791945

96DentThomas Dentfirst name on this monument1855491904St Helen
id: 311
Annie Dentwife of Thomas Dent1857471904

97DonaldsonGeorge Donaldsonfirst name on this monument1860461906St Helen
id: 312
Rachel Donaldsonwife of George Donaldson

98DonaldsonWilliam Donaldsonfirst name on this monument1828601888St Helen
id: 313
Andrew Donaldsonson of William Donaldson1871361907
John Donaldsonson of William Donaldson1863381901
Thomas Donaldsonson of William Donaldson1862241886
William Donaldsonson of William Donaldson1869261895
Hannah Donaldsonwife of William Donaldson1835631898

99DowslandAnn Dowslandfirst name on this monument1852251877St Helen
id: 314
Henry Dowslandhusband of Ann Dowsland

100DuckeringJames Frederick Duckeringfirst name on this monument1851321883St Helen
id: 315

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Helen's Church burial ground, Eston, Yorkshire, England.

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