Lawnswood A-D Cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list with thumbnail images surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

1AbbottLilly Abbottfirst name on this monument1864251889Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010201
Benjamin Abbottfather of Lilly Abbott1824761900
Charlotte Abbottmother of Lilly Abbott1827691896

2AckroydAlbert Ackroydfirst name on this monument1887771964Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011102
Dorothy Belldaughter of Albert Ackroyd1913872000
Margaret Jane Ackroydwife of Albert Ackroyd1893821975

3AdgieMaria Adgiefirst name on this monument1824821906Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011032
Fanny Adgiedaughter of Maria Adgie1851881939
Janet Elizabeth Adgiedaughter-in-law of Maria Adgie1872751947
William Adgiehusband of Maria Adgie1824851909
William Adgieson of Maria Adgie1865831948

4AgarAmos Agarfirst name on this monument1854631917Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011686
Maria Anne Agarwife of Amos Agar1853731926

5AgarCatherine Agarfirst name on this monument1879561935Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011684
Herbert William Agarhusband of Catherine Agar1878901968
Herbert Agar1908871995
Lillian Hetherington Agar1908731981

6AinslieAlfred Gilchrist Ainsliefirst name on this monument1877711948Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011104
Helen Ainsliewife of Alfred Gilchrist Ainslie1886651951

7AinslieChristian Ainsliefirst name on this monument1870191889Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010390
William Ainsliefather of Christian Ainslie
Isabella Christian Ainsliemother of Christian Ainslie

8AireyElizabeth Aireyfirst name on this monument1843551898Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010746
William Aireyhusband of Elizabeth Airey1842631905

9AldridgeJohn William Aldridgefirst name on this monument1848521900Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011707
Robert Wrightbrother-in-law of John William Aldridge1917

10AllenAnnie Allenfirst name on this monument1891181909Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010371
Frederick George Allenfather of Annie Allen
Zillah Allenmother of Annie Allen1863471910

11AllenAnnie Hilda Allenfirst name on this monument1910Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011631

12AllenGeorge William Allenfirst name on this monument1849601909Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011640
Ada Celia Allen60

13AndersonGeorge Tweedie Andersonfirst name on this monument1846511897Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010075
Martha Emily Andersonwife of George Tweedie Anderson1838841922

14AnsellRose Kate Ansellfirst name on this monument1900471947Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010149
Ada Ansell1909871996
Leonard Ansell1899881987

15AppletonCharles Appletonfirst name on this monument1843641907Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011738

16AppleyardHenry Appleyardfirst name on this monument1862471909Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011467
Florence Adelaide Goughwife of Henry Appleyard1871671938

17ArchboldMartha Archboldfirst name on this monument1843581901Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010882
(3 images)
Edith Frances Archbolddaughter of Martha Archbold1958
Hannah Archbolddaughter-in-law of Martha Archbold1880831963
George Stanley Archboldgrand son of Martha Archbold1909291938
John Archboldhusband of Martha Archbold1846741920
Donald Kirkbright Archbold1912851997
Kathleen Joan Archbold1918521970
John Frederick Archboldson of Martha Archbold1884811965

18ArcherMary Elizabeth Archerfirst name on this monument1822431865Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011268

19ArdernEdward Ardernfirst name on this monument1823751898Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010362
Ada Liza Amelia Arderndaughter of Edward Ardern1853641917
Anne Ardernwife of Edward Ardern1824751899
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20ArmitageH M Armitagefirst name on this monument1908Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011112
James Armitage1919

21ArmitageJane Armitagefirst name on this monument1835471882Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010964
Ann Eliza Armitagedaughter of Jane Armitage1870641934
Janie Armitagedaughter of Jane Armitage1872781950
Dennis Armitagehusband of Jane Armitage1836751911
George Harry Armitageson of Jane Armitage1880381918

22ArmitageJoseph Armitagefirst name on this monument1829571886Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010930
Harriet Armitage1855751930
John H Armitage1854811935
Mary Armitagewife of Joseph Armitage1827831910

23ArnoldBarbara Annie Arnoldfirst name on this monument1885571942Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010043
Edward Arnoldhusband of Barbara Annie Arnold1890521942

24ArnoldLionel John Arnoldfirst name on this monumentLawnswood A-D
id: 3010306
(2 images)
Maurice James Arnoldbrother of Lionel John Arnold
Lucy Margaret Arnolddaughter of Lionel John Arnold1869551924
Edmund James Arnoldfather of Lionel John Arnold1840781918
Elizabeth Arnoldmother of Lionel John Arnold1841511892

25ArnoldRichard Arnoldfirst name on this monument1845481893Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011279

26ArnottJohn Thompson Arnottfirst name on this monument1870661936Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010925
John Arnottson of John Thompson Arnott1901
Mary Arnottwife of John Thompson Arnott1920

27AshworthSamuel Ashworthfirst name on this monument1833591892Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010604
(2 images)
Gertrude A E Ashworthdaughter-in-law of Samuel Ashworth1877741951
Kathleen Ashworthgrand daughter of Samuel Ashworth1905621967
Edward Ashworth Sledgegrand son of Samuel Ashworth1899141913
William Walker Ashworthson of Samuel Ashworth1875591934
Mary Ashworthwife of Samuel Ashworth1837761913

28AshworthSarah Ashworthfirst name on this monument1813691882Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010297
Samuel Pearson Ashworthhusband of Sarah Ashworth1818751893
Sarah Ashworthsecond wife of husband of Sarah Ashworth1829781907

29AspinallKaye Aspinallfirst name on this monument1865641929Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010564
Norman B Aspinallson of Kaye Aspinall1982

30AsquithR F E Asquithfirst name on this monument1965Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011662
F E Asquithfather of R F E Asquith1950

31AsquithWilliam England Asquithfirst name on this monument1841621903Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011076
(2 images)
Elizabeth Dysonwife of William England Asquith1846821928

32AtkinsonCharles Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1858321890Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011559

33AtkinsonEllen Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1876321908Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011053
Arthur E M Atkinsonhusband of Ellen Atkinson

34AtkinsonIsaac Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1863491912Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010482
Phyllis Maud Atkinsondaughter of Isaac Atkinson1903972000
Maud Mary Atkinsonwife of Isaac Atkinson1865931958

35AtkinsonJane Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1818691887Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010935
Nathaniel Atkinsonhusband of Jane Atkinson1821761897
John Atkinsonson of Jane Atkinson1853421895

36AtkinsonMoses Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1848691917Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011067
Annie Atkinsonwife of Moses Atkinson1862781940

37AutyPatience Danby Autyfirst name on this monument1815621877Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011731
Charles Autyhusband of Patience Danby Auty1817781895

38BackhouseFanny Backhousefirst name on this monument1841691910Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011204
Elisha Backhousemother of Fanny Backhouse
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39BagshawFred Bagshawfirst name on this monument1859471906Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011547
Albert Henry Bagshawson of Fred Bagshaw188801888
Gerald Marks Bagshawson of Fred Bagshaw189111892

40BaguleyWilliam Alfred Baguleyfirst name on this monument1893681961Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010794
Edith Annie Baguleywife of William Alfred Baguley1888791967

41BaguleyWilliam Harrison Baguleyfirst name on this monument1869631932Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010561
Rose Annie Baguleywife of William Harrison Baguley

42BainesJohn William Bainesfirst name on this monument1839361875Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010982
(3 images)
Charlotte Louisa Bainesdaughter of John William Baines187441878
Edward Baines
Thomas Blackburn Baines1832591891
Louisa Jane Baineswife of John William Baines1838781916

43BainesSusannah Bainesfirst name on this monument1821691890Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010359
(3 images)
M Bainesdaughter of Susannah Baines1856701926
Caroline Agnes Bainesdaughter-in-law of Susannah Baines1863761939
Frederick Baineshusband of Susannah Baines
John G Talbot
Talbot Bainesson of Susannah Baines1852751927

44BaldwinMargaret Bingley Baldwinfirst name on this monument1831591890Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010623
Elizabeth Bray Shawdaughter of Margaret Bingley Baldwin1851381889
Charles Baldwinhusband of Margaret Bingley Baldwin1828841912

45BangTheodor Bangfirst name on this monument1838501888Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011859
Louis Theodor Bangson of Theodor Bang1872481920
Annie Bangwife of Theodor Bang1850501900

46BanksEdwin Malcolm Banksfirst name on this monument1837781915Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010036
Caroline Bankswife of Edwin Malcolm Banks1846781924

47BanksHenry Banksfirst name on this monument1833771910Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010865
(2 images)
Kate Elizabeth Banksdaughter-in-law of Henry Banks1872761948
Margaret Winifred Giddingsgrand daughter of Henry Banks1906831989
John Giddingsgrand son-in-law of Henry Banks1912791991
Harry Banksson of Henry Banks1875541929
Mary Bankswife of Henry Banks1845751920

48BannisterEmmeline Bannisterfirst name on this monument1867371904Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010645
Albert Bannisterhusband of Emmeline Bannister

49BarkerFlorence Beatrice Barkerfirst name on this monument1881621943Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010358
David Barkerhusband of Florence Beatrice Barker1879751954

50BarkerSarah Barkerfirst name on this monument1847621909Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010357
Alice Barkerdaughter of Sarah Barker1887571944
George Barkerhusband of Sarah Barker1840761916
William Barkerson of Sarah Barker1861771938

51BarnardJohn Francis Barnardfirst name on this monument1859341893Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011385
Isabella Kate Barnardwife of John Francis Barnard

52BarrHarriet Wilcock Barrfirst name on this monument1827611888Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011602
Frank White Barrhusband of Harriet Wilcock Barr1833741907

53BarracloughJames Henry Barracloughfirst name on this monument1861561917Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011091
(3 images)
Herbert Barracloughbrother of James Henry Barraclough1862781940
Z Barracloughfather of James Henry Barraclough
Betsy Barracloughsister of James Henry Barraclough1878811959
Lilian Barracloughsister-in-law of James Henry Barraclough1873801953

54BarracloughThomas Barracloughfirst name on this monument1826681894Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010207

55BarranJohn Barranfirst name on this monument1845411886Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010949
(6 images)
Margaret Elma Barrandaughter of John Barran1878381916
A Haworth Barran1911801991
Austyn Barran1876771953
Dorothy Currer Barran1884721956
Philip Henry Barran1909311940
Eliza Henrietta Barranwife of John Barran1929
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56BarranRosalie Mary Barranfirst name on this monument1860541914Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010035
Elaine Isabel Flower Barrandaughter of Rosalie Mary Barran1892891981
Henry Barranhusband of Rosalie Mary Barran1856861942

57BarrowJoseph Barrowfirst name on this monument1832861918Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011573
Mary Barrowdaughter of Joseph Barrow1934

58BarrowcloughMargaret Caroline Barrowcloughfirst name on this monument1840431883Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010332
Alfred Barrowcloughhusband of Margaret Caroline Barrowclough1840581898

59BartonSamuel Saxon Bartonfirst name on this monument1910741984Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011024
Ada Bartondaughter-in-law of Samuel Saxon Barton1862671929
Tom Bartonson of Samuel Saxon Barton1852721924

60BasherJaneth Elizabeth Basherfirst name on this monument1866241890Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011756
Oliver Basherhusband of Janeth Elizabeth Basher
Lavinia Basher
Mabel Alice Basher1898431941

61BatchelorJohn Stratten Batchelorfirst name on this monument1834541888Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010959
Edith Emmett Batchelordaughter of John Stratten Batchelor1866641930
Mary Batchelorwife of John Stratten Batchelor1832661898

62BatemanEliza Batemanfirst name on this monument1828771905Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011299
(2 images)
Emily Batemandaughter of Eliza Bateman1861551916
Eliza Yatesdaughter of Eliza Bateman1863741937
Beatrice Yatesgrand daughter of Eliza Bateman1907621969
Horace Yatesgrand son of Eliza Bateman1891521943
Reginald Yatesgrand son of Eliza Bateman1895211916
Abraham Batemanhusband of Eliza Bateman1834891923

63BattleIda Battlefirst name on this monument1886501936Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010252
Gertrude Elizabeth Battlesister of Ida Battle1882821964
Hilda Battlesister of Ida Battle1886871973

64BaxterAnnie Baxterfirst name on this monument1866431909Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010174
(3 images)
Hubert Baxterhusband of Annie Baxter1866851951
Ivy Maud Baxter1885831968

65BaxterJanmes Baxterfirst name on this monument1845671912Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011307
(3 images)
Harry Baxterson of Janmes Baxter1874631937
John Webster Baxterson of Janmes Baxter1883721955
Annie Baxterwife of Janmes Baxter1842601902

66BeanJoseph Wharton Beanfirst name on this monument1843411884Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011629

67BeardshawElizabeth Beardshawfirst name on this monument1812721884Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011752
Eliza Beardshawdaughter of Elizabeth Beardshaw1844601904
Charlotte Parkgrand daughter of Elizabeth Beardshaw1875481923
William Charles Beardshawgrand son of Elizabeth Beardshaw1879351914
W Beaumont Parkgrand son-in-law of Elizabeth Beardshaw
Charles Beardshawhusband of Elizabeth Beardshaw
John Beardshawson-in-law of Elizabeth Beardshaw1847651912

68BeardshawFlorence May Beardshawfirst name on this monument1889421931Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011751
Horace Beardshawhusband of Florence May Beardshaw
Eliza Beardshaw
John Beardshaw
Mary Faith Beardshaw1883521935

69BeckwithWalter Beckwithfirst name on this monument1846421888Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011767
Mary Jane Beckwithdaughter of Walter Beckwith1874171891
Alfred Beckwithson of Walter Beckwith1875221897
Walter Beckwithson of Walter Beckwith1879161895
Mary Jane Beckwithwife of Walter Beckwith1849541903
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70BeckworthWilliam Beckworthfirst name on this monument1841701911Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010509
Kate Appletondaughter of William Beckworth1955
Agnes Maude Beckworthdaughter of William Beckworth1939
Ruth Augusta Beckworthdaughter of William Beckworth1935
Annie Beckworthwife of William Beckworth1840821922

71BedfordCharles Dunford Bedfordfirst name on this monument1851261877Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010244
Joseph Bedfordfather of Charles Dunford Bedford1900371937
Joseph Robert Bedfordson of Charles Dunford Bedford1874731947
Adelaide Bedfordwife of Charles Dunford Bedford1852731925

72BedfordLelia Bedfordfirst name on this monument1864251889Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010145
Charles Bedfordhusband of Lelia Bedford
Eliza Bedford1823641887
James Bedford1824791903

73BeeversDavid Beeversfirst name on this monument1837661903Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010141
Sarah Ann Beeverswife of David Beevers1835821917

74BegbieAlex Begbiefirst name on this monument1865711936Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011387
Alexander Begbieson of Alex Begbie1894
Harry Begbieson of Alex Begbie1892
Mary Jane Begbiewife of Alex Begbie1863581921

75BenhamGeorge Augustus Courtnay Benhamfirst name on this monument1845391884Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010309

76BensonGeorge Bensonfirst name on this monument1947Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011232
Louisa Bensonwife of George Benson1961

77BensonJoseph Bensonfirst name on this monument1844771921Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010646
(3 images)
Claribel Edith Bensondaughter of Joseph Benson1887231910
Ethel Christine Bensondaughter of Joseph Benson
Florence Bensondaughter of Joseph Benson1883681951
Elizabeth Ann Bensonwife of Joseph Benson1850811931

78BernhardJulius Bernhardfirst name on this monument1873561929Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010506
(2 images)
Joan Eileen Bernharddaughter of Julius Bernhard191431917
Paul Charles Bernhardson of Julius Bernhard1909841993
Annie Bernhardwife of Julius Bernhard1874771951

79BerryBenjamin Berryfirst name on this monument1854641918Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011784
Elizabeth Berrywife of Benjamin Berry1854791933

80BestHilda Bestfirst name on this monument1884221906Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010017
(2 images)
William Woodham Bestfather of Hilda Best
Helen Bestmother of Hilda Best1844901934

81BestWilliam Bestfirst name on this monument1816621878Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010014
William Hamilton Best1880251905
Eliza Bestwife of William Best1823651888

82BestWilliam Woodham Bestfirst name on this monument1849431892Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010014

83BettsEdward Bettsfirst name on this monument1854251879Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011415
Edward Bettsfather of Edward Betts

84BillingtonEverett Billingtonfirst name on this monument1827531880Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011742
Emily Billington1891
W H Billington
Eliza Matilda Billingtonwife of Everett Billington1823711894

85BinghamWilliam Binghamfirst name on this monument1888171905Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010370
Caleb Bingham1855681923
Georgiana Bingham1853611914
Georgiana Bingham1885541939

86BinksBenjamin Binksfirst name on this monument1820791899Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011672
Sarah Binkswife of Benjamin Binks1823791902
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87BinksElizabeth Binksfirst name on this monument1818611879Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010158
Benjamin Binkshusband of Elizabeth Binks1815811896

88BinksWilliam Fletcher Binksfirst name on this monumentLawnswood A-D
id: 3011666
Benjamin Binksfather of William Fletcher Binks
Elizabeth Binkswife of William Fletcher Binks1917

89BinnerAlfred George Binnerfirst name on this monument1844611905Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011719
Alfred George Thorpeson-in-law of Alfred George Binner1866571923
Susan Binnerwife of Alfred George Binner1841751916

90BinnieKatharine Mary Binniefirst name on this monument188511886Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010223
Annie Binnie
Thomas Carr Binnie

91BinnsAdelaide Binnsfirst name on this monument1859671926Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010557
Francis William Binnshusband of Adelaide Binns1869591928

92BinnsJoseph Edward Binnsfirst name on this monument1829581887Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010763
Eliza Hannah Binnsdaughter-in-law of Joseph Edward Binns1874751949
Fred Binnsson of Joseph Edward Binns1872
Hannah Binnswife of Joseph Edward Binns1831701901

93BinnsSarah Jane Binnsfirst name on this monument1847431890Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010933
Edward Thomas Binnshusband of Sarah Jane Binns1851401891

94BirchJoseph Birchfirst name on this monument1830691899Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011533
(3 images)
Helena Birchdaughter of Joseph Birch1882381920
Martha Birchdaughter of Joseph Birch1888641952
Alice Bottomleydaughter of Joseph Birch1881651946
Elsie Barron Birchdaughter-in-law of Joseph Birch1884881972
P C Birch
R B Birch
Hilda Carley1963
John Carley1883781961
James Cliff Birchson of Joseph Birch1884701954
Martha Birchwife of Joseph Birch1852881940

95BirchallEdward Birchallfirst name on this monument1837661903Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010011

96BirtwhistleHannah Birtwhistlefirst name on this monument1833511884Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010151
Sarah Ann Birtwhistledaughter of Hannah Birtwhistle1855721927
Thomas Birtwhistlehusband of Hannah Birtwhistle1831761907

97BissingtonEdward Bissingtonfirst name on this monument1844661910Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011074
Ida Bissingtondaughter of Edward Bissington1876591935
Rachel Mary Bissingtonwife of Edward Bissington1847791926

98BlackahElizabeth Blackahfirst name on this monument1838481886Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011617
(2 images)
Charles Ryderfriend of Elizabeth Blackah
Louisa Ryderfriend of Elizabeth Blackah
James Blackahhusband of Elizabeth Blackah1836701906
Jane Blackahsecond wife of husband of Elizabeth Blackah1900

99BlackburnCharles Henry Blackburnfirst name on this monument1842361878Lawnswood A-D
id: 3010245
Charlotte Jordan Blackburndaughter of Charles Henry Blackburn1871261897
Charles Watson Blackburnson of Charles Henry Blackburn1869521921
Edwin Blackburnson of Charles Henry Blackburn1876251901
Elizabeth Blackburnwife of Charles Henry Blackburn81

100BlackburneBertie Blackburnefirst name on this monument187951884Lawnswood A-D
id: 3011570
Robert George Blackburnefather of Bertie Blackburne1842481890
Helen Blackburnemother of Bertie Blackburne

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