All Saints' Church burial ground, Otley, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list with thumbnail images surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

101EllisJoseph Ellisfirst name on this monument175661762All Saints
id: 0117
(4 images)
Joseph Ellisfather of Joseph Ellis1725801805
Elizabeth Ellismother of Joseph Ellis1722891811
Elizabeth Bullock1757821839

102EmmottThomas Emmottfirst name on this monument1762581820All Saints
id: 0314
Isabella Emmottwife of Thomas Emmott1760771837

103EnglandHarriet Englandfirst name on this monument1788391827All Saints
id: 0193
(2 images)
Elizabeth Englanddaughter of Harriet England182221824
David Englandhusband of Harriet England1790731863
Rebekah Englandsecond wife of husband of Harriet England1788701858

104EnglandThomas Englandfirst name on this monumentAll Saints
id: 0328
(4 images)
Elizabeth Englanddaughter of Thomas England
Hannah England1715
William England
Elizabeth Englandwife of Thomas England1711

105ExleyRobert Exleyfirst name on this monument1697791776All Saints
id: 0116
(2 images)
John Exleybrother of Robert Exley
William Exleybrother of Robert Exley
Mary Exleymother of Robert Exley1750531803
Robert Exleyson of Robert Exley1733251758
Dorothy Exleywife of Robert Exley1707691776

106ExleyThomas Exleyfirst name on this monument1792751867All Saints
id: 0113

107FairbankMary Eleanor Fairbankfirst name on this monument1780471827All Saints
id: 0153
(3 images)
John Walkerfather of Mary Eleanor Fairbank
William Fairbankhusband of Mary Eleanor Fairbank1783721855
Sarah Walkermother of Mary Eleanor Fairbank

108FairbankSarah Fairbankfirst name on this monument1759751834All Saints
id: 0166
(3 images)
Alice Fairbankdaughter-in-law of Sarah Fairbank
Mary Audsleygrand daughter of Sarah Fairbank1839
John Fairbankhusband of Sarah Fairbank1759781837
John Fairbankson of Sarah Fairbank1839

109FawcettHannah Fawcettfirst name on this monument1808231831All Saints
id: 0272
Timothy Fawcettfather of Hannah Fawcett
Elizabeth Fawcettmother of Hannah Fawcett

110FawsittWilliam Fawsittfirst name on this monument1776281804All Saints
id: 0107
(4 images)
Thomas Fawsittfather of William Fawsitt1764871851
Mary Fawsittmother of William Fawsitt1750721822

111FisherJonathan Roundell Fisherfirst name on this monument1781701851All Saints
id: 0023

112FlesherJane Flesherfirst name on this monument1749881837All Saints
id: 0118
Christopher Flesherhusband of Jane Flesher1753871840

113FlesherThomas Flesherfirst name on this monument1819251844All Saints
id: 0346
Christopher Flesherfather of Thomas Flesher
Mary Fleshermother of Thomas Flesher

114FlesherWilliam Flesherfirst name on this monument1774551829All Saints
id: 0323
James Flesherson of William Flesher1806461852
Margaret Flesherwife of William Flesher1778591837

115ForsterEdward Forsterfirst name on this monument1756381794All Saints
id: 0169
Marmaduke Forsterfather of Edward Forster
Sarah Forstermother of Edward Forster1740601800

116ForsterHannah Forsterfirst name on this monument1794261820All Saints
id: 0322
Esther Forsterdaughter of Hannah Forster
Hannah Forsterdaughter of Hannah Forster
Edward Forsterson of Hannah Forster
Hannah Forsterson of Hannah Forster
William Forsterson of Hannah Forster181331816
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117ForsterJohn Forsterfirst name on this monumentAll Saints
id: 0170
Marmaduke Forsterfather of John Forster
Sarah Forstermother of John Forster

118ForsterSelina Forsterfirst name on this monument1815All Saints
id: 0325
(3 images)
Charles Edward Forsterbrother of Selina Forster1824
William Forsterfather of Selina Forster
Esther Forstergrand mother of Selina Forster1743561799
Sophia Forstermother of Selina Forster
Sophia Forstersister of Selina Forster1818

119ForsterWilliam H Forsterfirst name on this monument1793All Saints
id: 0168
(4 images)
Marmaduke H Forsterfather of William H Forster1846
Mary Forstermother of William H Forster63

120FosterElizabeth Fosterfirst name on this monument1801All Saints
id: 0226
(2 images)
George Fosterfather of Elizabeth Foster
Frances Fostermother of Elizabeth Foster

121FosterWilliam Fosterfirst name on this monument1853All Saints
id: 0146
Robert Fosterfather of William Foster1812751887
Maria Fostermother of William Foster1807621869

122FoulkesRobert Foulkesfirst name on this monument1828211849All Saints
id: 0350
(5 images)

123FoxRichard Foxfirst name on this monument1784All Saints
id: 0096

124FranklandThomas Franklandfirst name on this monument1784701854All Saints
id: 0094
(3 images)
Hannah Franklanddaughter-in-law of Thomas Frankland1813431856
William Franklandson of Thomas Frankland1813441857
Sarah Franklandwife of Thomas Frankland1784681852

125FreemanBetty Freemanfirst name on this monument1808121820All Saints
id: 0255
James Freemanfather of Betty Freeman
Isabella Freemanmother of Betty Freeman

126FreemanFanny Freemanfirst name on this monument183741841All Saints
id: 0149
(4 images)
Charles Henry Freemanbrother of Fanny Freeman184411845
William Freemanfather of Fanny Freeman1805551860
Ann Freemanmother of Fanny Freeman
Hephzirah Freemansister of Fanny Freeman183931842

127FreemanHarriet Freemanfirst name on this monument1809All Saints
id: 0261
(4 images)
Charles Freemanbrother of Harriet Freeman1816191835
John Freemanbrother of Harriet Freeman1794211815
George Freemanfather of Harriet Freeman1764761840
Elizabeth Freemanmother of Harriet Freeman1767771844

128FreemanIsabella Freemanfirst name on this monument1781641845All Saints
id: 0259
(2 images)
James Freemanhusband of Isabella Freeman1779831862

129FreemanJohn Freemanfirst name on this monument181021812All Saints
id: 0262
(4 images)
Asher Freemanbrother of John Freeman182011821
Thomas Freemanfather of John Freeman
Ann Freemanmother of John Freeman
Jane Freemansister of John Freeman181791826

130FreemanThomas Freemanfirst name on this monument1745791824All Saints
id: 0150
(2 images)
Mary Freemanwife of Thomas Freeman1746831829

131GardenerJoseph Gardenerfirst name on this monument1824231847All Saints
id: 0350
(5 images)

132GarnettMary Garnettfirst name on this monument1759451804All Saints
id: 0057
(3 images)
Peter Rhodesfather of Mary Garnett
William Garnetthusband of Mary Garnett1760721832

133GillMary Gillfirst name on this monument1770411811All Saints
id: 0176
Thomas Gillhusband of Mary Gill1752941846
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134GillWilliam Gillfirst name on this monument1683611744All Saints
id: 0175
(2 images)
Christopher Musgravefather-in-law of wife of William Gill1663841747
Mary Gill
Thomas Gill179221794
Thomas Gill
William Gillson of William Gill1725461771
Sarah Gillwife of William Gill1694541748

135GillWilliam Gillfirst name on this monument68All Saints
id: 0174
(2 images)
Thomas Gill1799611860

136GreenhowAnn Greenhowfirst name on this monument1781311812All Saints
id: 0040
Sampson Greenhowhusband of Ann Greenhow1820
Thomas Greenhowson of Ann Greenhow180211803

137HaldenbyCatherine Ann Haldenbyfirst name on this monument184121843All Saints
id: 0178
(4 images)
Henry Haldenbyson of Catherine Ann Haldenby1844131857
Margaret Haldenbysister of Catherine Ann Haldenby1854
Susanna Haldenbysister of Catherine Ann Haldenby185221854

138HallMartin Hallfirst name on this monument1765541819All Saints
id: 0334

139HannamWilliam Hannamfirst name on this monument1820221842All Saints
id: 0142
Thomas Hannamfather of William Hannam1792541846
Susannah Hannammother of William Hannam
Ester Hannamsister of William Hannam1826191845

140HardcastleEliza Mary Hardcastlefirst name on this monument1811221833All Saints
id: 0139

141HardwickAnn Hardwickfirst name on this monument1791All Saints
id: 0045
Isaac Hardwickfather of Ann Hardwick1758481806
Mary Hardwickmother of Ann Hardwick

142HardwickJohn Hardwickfirst name on this monument1792361828All Saints
id: 0206

143HardwickSarah Hardwickfirst name on this monument1779411820All Saints
id: 0044
Ellen Hardwickdaughter of Sarah Hardwick
Mary Hardwickdaughter of Sarah Hardwick1801511852
William Hardwickhusband of Sarah Hardwick1769731842

144HarlandElizabeth Harlandfirst name on this monument1810All Saints
id: 0267
Joseph Harlandfather of Elizabeth Harland
Elizabeth Harlandmother of Elizabeth Harland

145HarrisonThomas Harrisonfirst name on this monument182421826All Saints
id: 0148
John Harrisonfather of Thomas Harrison
Ann Harrisonmother of Thomas Harrison

146HartleyCordelia Hartleyfirst name on this monument1781471828All Saints
id: 0154
(3 images)
John Walkerfather of Cordelia Hartley
John Hartleyhusband of Cordelia Hartley1786811867
Sarah Walkermother of Cordelia Hartley

147HartleyMartha Hartleyfirst name on this monument1804411845All Saints
id: 0200
(2 images)
Thomas Hartleyhusband of Martha Hartley
John Hartley1801581859

148HartleyPeter Hartleyfirst name on this monument1830201850All Saints
id: 0201
(2 images)
John Hartleyfather of Peter Hartley
William Hartleygrand father of Peter Hartley1776811857
Martha Hartleymother of Peter Hartley

149HartleySamuel Hartleyfirst name on this monument1780741854All Saints
id: 0279
Elizabeth Hartleydaughter of Samuel Hartley
Rachel Hartleydaughter of Samuel Hartley
Sarah Hartleywife of Samuel Hartley1783741857
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150HartleyWilliam Hartleyfirst name on this monumentAll Saints
id: 0171
(4 images)
Elizabeth Hartleydaughter of William Hartley1792161808
Sarah Hartleydaughter of William Hartley1789241813
Richard Hartleyson of William Hartley179141795
William Hartleyson of William Hartley1782251807
Sarah Hartleywife of William Hartley1778791857

151HearfieldMary Hearfieldfirst name on this monument1786731859All Saints
id: 0126
Sarah Hearfielddaughter of Mary Hearfield1826341860
John Hearfieldhusband of Mary Hearfield

152HerberGeorge Herberfirst name on this monument1827201847All Saints
id: 0350
(5 images)

153HiellamPriestley Hiellamfirst name on this monument1763601823All Saints
id: 0130
(3 images)
Susannah Todddaughter of Priestley Hiellam1772721844
Mary Jenningsgrand daughter-in-law of Priestley Hiellam1840501890
Joseph Jenningsgrand son of Priestley Hiellam1822191841

154HighmoreWilliam Highmorefirst name on this monument1753321785All Saints
id: 0183
Mabel Highmorewife of William Highmore

155HindleWilliam Hindlefirst name on this monument1775271802All Saints
id: 0017
(5 images)
John Hindlebrother of William Hindle1781721853
William Hindlefather of William Hindle1736811817
Hannah Hindlemother of William Hindle1746771823
Maria Hindleniece of William Hindle1809141823
Christiana Hindleson-in-law of William Hindle

156HobsonMatthew Hobsonfirst name on this monument1784511835All Saints
id: 0141
Ann Hobsondaughter-in-law of Matthew Hobson
Matthew Bentley Hobsongrand son of Matthew Hobson1848
Charles Hobsonson of Matthew Hobson182911830
Michael Hobsonson of Matthew Hobson

157HobsonWilliam Hobsonfirst name on this monument1776651841All Saints
id: 0173
Hannah Hobsonwife of William Hobson1774701844

158HodgsonAnn Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1816171833All Saints
id: 0248
John Hodgsonfather of Ann Hodgson
Ann Hodgsonmother of Ann Hodgson

159HodgsonHenry Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1809621871All Saints
id: 0300
(6 images)
Ann Hodgson1808711879
Ann Hodgson1745531798
James Hodgson

160HodgsonJane Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1782571839All Saints
id: 0249
(2 images)
William Akedfather of Jane Hodgson
James Hodgsonhusband of Jane Hodgson1773851858

161HodgsonJoseph Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1720771797All Saints
id: 0250
Thomas Hodgsonson of Joseph Hodgson
Mary Hodgsonwife of Joseph Hodgson1731691800

162HogWilliam Hogfirst name on this monument1681691750All Saints
id: 0119
(3 images)
Hogwife of William Hog1682801762

163HoggRichard Hoggfirst name on this monument1644471691All Saints
id: 0067
(4 images)
Anne Hoggdaughter of Richard Hogg
Dorathy Hoggdaughter of Richard Hogg1684
Elizabeth Hoggwife of Richard Hogg1712

164HoggRichard Hoggfirst name on this monument1736All Saints
id: 0103
(4 images)
Richard Hoggfather of Richard Hogg1702681770
Martha Hoggmother of Richard Hogg
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165HoggRobert Hoggfirst name on this monument1604541658All Saints
id: 0068
(3 images)
Mary Hogg19
Beatricis Hoggwife of Robert Hogg1607711678

166HoldsworthElizabeth Holdsworthfirst name on this monument1780551835All Saints
id: 0138
Abraham Holdsworthhusband of Elizabeth Holdsworth1770701840
Elizabeth Walker1823201843

167HoldsworthWilliam Holdsworthfirst name on this monument1742391781All Saints
id: 0104

168HoldsworthWilliam Gill Holdsworthfirst name on this monument1820241844All Saints
id: 0177
(2 images)
William Holdsworthfather of William Gill Holdsworth
Mary Holdsworthmother of William Gill Holdsworth1787771864

169HollidaySamuel Hollidayfirst name on this monument1772161788All Saints
id: 0039
Abraham Hollidayfather of Samuel Holliday1745681813
Mary Hollidaymother of Samuel Holliday1752421794
Cordelia Hollidaysister of Samuel Holliday1791261817

170HolmesBrian Holmesfirst name on this monument1753551808All Saints
id: 0004
John Steadfather-in-law of Brian Holmes1734901824

171HolmesThomas Holmesfirst name on this monument1749581807All Saints
id: 0312

172HolmesThomas Holmesfirst name on this monument177621778All Saints
id: 0311
John Holmesbrother of Thomas Holmes178211783
Thomas Holmesfather of Thomas Holmes
Ann Holmesmother of Thomas Holmes

173HornerWilliam Hornerfirst name on this monument1781591840All Saints
id: 0120
(4 images)
Jane Rhodesdaughter of William Horner1806631869
James Hornerson of William Horner1808851893
Ellen Hornerwife of William Horner1783861869

174HornshawAnne Hornshawfirst name on this monument1795All Saints
id: 0220
(4 images)
Sarah Hornshawsecond wife of Anne Hornshaw1777501827

175HorsfallCatherine Savile Horsfallfirst name on this monument1790421832All Saints
id: 0140
(2 images)
John Horsfallhusband of Catherine Savile Horsfall1798661864

176HorsmanMary Horsmanfirst name on this monument16All Saints
id: 0164
(4 images)
Thomas Horsmanbrother of Mary Horsman1845
Thomas Horsmanfather of Mary Horsman
Mary Ann Horsmanmother of Mary Horsman1842

177HorsmanRobert Horsmanfirst name on this monument1752841836All Saints
id: 0191
(3 images)
Elizabeth Hancock64
Robert Horsmanson of Robert Horsman1856

178HudsonThomas Hudsonfirst name on this monument1714491763All Saints
id: 0280
Ann Hudsonwife of Thomas Hudson1722461768

179HustwaiteThomas Hustwaitefirst name on this monument1767541821All Saints
id: 0210
Elizabeth Akersdaughter of Thomas Hustwaite1803391842
Thomas Akersson-in-law of Thomas Hustwaite
Ann Hustwaitewife of Thomas Hustwaite1765681833

180InghamMargaret Inghamfirst name on this monument1758491807All Saints
id: 0274
(3 images)
Jane Inghamdaughter of Margaret Ingham1822131835
Robert Inghamhusband of Margaret Ingham1787721859
John Inghamson of Margaret Ingham1819361855

181IngleJohn Benjamin Inglefirst name on this monument1808381846All Saints
id: 0221
(2 images)
Margaret Ann Ingledaughter of John Benjamin Ingle183621838
Thomas Inglefather of John Benjamin Ingle
Margaret Inglemother of John Benjamin Ingle
Charles Ellison Ingleson of John Benjamin Ingle183911840
Thomas Alfred Ingleson of John Benjamin Ingle1835
Susannah Inglewife of John Benjamin Ingle1809861895
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182IngleThomas Inglefirst name on this monument1785541839All Saints
id: 0222
(2 images)
Mary Ingledaughter of Thomas Ingle1823521875
William Ingleson of Thomas Ingle1815271842
Margaret Inglewife of Thomas Ingle1784791863

183IngleWilliam Inglefirst name on this monument1784241808All Saints
id: 0227
(4 images)
Benjamin Inglefather of William Ingle1759801839
Sarah Inglemother of William Ingle1762861848

184InmanMary Inmanfirst name on this monument1746781824All Saints
id: 0123
(2 images)
John Inmanhusband of Mary Inman1751761827

185JacksonAustin Dibb Jacksonfirst name on this monument1836151851All Saints
id: 0203
(2 images)
William Jacksonfather of Austin Dibb Jackson
Mary Jacksonmother of Austin Dibb Jackson

186JacksonJames Jacksonfirst name on this monument1847All Saints
id: 0202
(3 images)
Thomas Jacksonfather of James Jackson1860
Martha Jacksonmother of James Jackson
Mary Jacksonsister of James Jackson18

187JeffreyTamar Ann Jeffreyfirst name on this monument183821840All Saints
id: 0005
John Jeffreyfather of Tamar Ann Jeffrey
Martha Jeffreymother of Tamar Ann Jeffrey1813461859

188JenkinsHannah Jenkinsfirst name on this monument1782241806All Saints
id: 0223
(2 images)
George Smithfather of Hannah Jenkins
Will Jenkinshusband of Hannah Jenkins

189JenningsEdmund Jenningsfirst name on this monument1768751843All Saints
id: 0076
(3 images)
Anne Baileydaughter of Edmund Jennings1767231790
Esther Jenningswife of Edmund Jennings

190JenningsGrace Jenningsfirst name on this monument1759611820All Saints
id: 0072
John Jenningshusband of Grace Jennings1767841851

191JenningsMartha Jenningsfirst name on this monument1780221802All Saints
id: 0109
(3 images)
Thomas Jenningsbrother of Martha Jennings177721779
John Jenningsfather of Martha Jennings
Mary Jenningsmother of Martha Jennings71
Mary Jenningssister of Martha Jennings1788121800

192JowettSarah Jowettfirst name on this monument181731820All Saints
id: 0159
Jonas Jowettfather of Sarah Jowett
Elizabeth Jowettmother of Sarah Jowett
Catherine Jowettsister of Sarah Jowett1806181824

193KayMary Kayfirst name on this monument182631829All Saints
id: 0208
(2 images)
John Smithfather of Mary Kay
Rebekah Smithmother of Mary Kay

194KendallEllen Kendallfirst name on this monument1747351782All Saints
id: 0061
(6 images)
Mary Ann Akamdaughter of Ellen Kendall1777341811
Martha Kendalldaughter of Ellen Kendall1773291802
Nathaniel Kendallfather-in-law of Ellen Kendall1710821792
William Kendallhusband of Ellen Kendall1749571806
Sarah Kendallmother-in-law of Ellen Kendall1714681782

195KendallMary Kendallfirst name on this monument1768701838All Saints
id: 0065
Richard Kendallhusband of Mary Kendall1770811851

196KendallSarah Kendallfirst name on this monumentAll Saints
id: 0062
John Kendallbrother of Sarah Kendall175391762
Nathaniel Kendallbrother of Sarah Kendall
William Kendallbrother of Sarah Kendall
Nathaniel Kendallfather of Sarah Kendall
Martha Kendallsister of Sarah Kendall
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197KenningtonEdward Kenningtonfirst name on this monument1799481847All Saints
id: 0350
(5 images)

198KnobletJohn Wilks Knobletfirst name on this monument1821261847All Saints
id: 0350
(5 images)

199LambertJohn Lambertfirst name on this monument33All Saints
id: 0337
William Lambertbrother of John Lambert1860
John Lambertfather of John Lambert
Grace Lambertmother of John Lambert1856
Allison Lambert3
Sarah Ann Lambert

200LangwithBenjamin Langwithfirst name on this monument1742641806All Saints
id: 0182
(4 images)
William Langwithson of Benjamin Langwith1778521830
Ann Langwithwife of Benjamin Langwith1750611811

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for All Saints' Church burial ground, Otley, Yorkshire, England.

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