All Saints' Church burial ground, Otley, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list with thumbnail images surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

1Elizabeth first name on this monument56All Saints
id: 0008
Lancelot Harrison
Mary Harrison
Thomas Harrison1796
James son of Elizabeth 1794

2AkamJohn Akamfirst name on this monument1783441827All Saints
id: 0063
(3 images)
Benjamin Inglefather-in-law of John Akam
Sarah Inglemother-in-law of John Akam
Hannah Akamsecond wife of John Akam1787641851

3AkedAnne Akedfirst name on this monument175541759All Saints
id: 0131
Nathaniel Akedbrother of Anne Aked175361759
Nathaniel Akedfather of Anne Aked1714481762
Anne Akedmother of Anne Aked

4AkedChristopher Akedfirst name on this monument1780741854All Saints
id: 0219
Mary Hindledaughter of Christopher Aked1821341855
John Akedson of Christopher Aked182331826
Martha Akedwife of Christopher Aked1780731853

5AkedMargaret Akedfirst name on this monument1689731762All Saints
id: 0129
John Akedhusband of Margaret Aked1684841768

6ArdillEdward Ardillfirst name on this monument182511826All Saints
id: 0147
Thomas Ardillbrother of Edward Ardill1815271842
Thomas Ardillfather of Edward Ardill1787501837
Martha Ardillmother of Edward Ardill
Martha Ardillmother of Edward Ardill1850
John Williamson Ardill
Margaret Ardill1821211842
Robert Ardill
Sarah Ann Ardill1840

7ArkleyMary Arkleyfirst name on this monument1716331749All Saints
id: 0032
(3 images)
Mary Arkleydaughter of Mary Arkley
John Whiteheadfather of Mary Arkley
William Dirkinbyfirst husband of Mary Arkley
Ralph Arkleysecond husband of Mary Arkley

8BaileyRobert Mallorie Baileyfirst name on this monument1779441823All Saints
id: 0009
Elizabeth Bailey
Walter Henry Bailey
Pheobe Baileywife of Robert Mallorie Bailey1785571842

9BankesBernard Bankesfirst name on this monument50All Saints
id: 0265
Effam Bankesdaughter of Bernard Bankes
Martha Bankesdaughter of Bernard Bankes
James Bankesson of Bernard Bankes1767
Thomas Bankesson of Bernard Bankes
Effam Bankeswife of Bernard Bankes1722591781

10BanksJohn Banksfirst name on this monument1709641773All Saints
id: 0264
Sarah Margerisonniece of John Banks1761271788
Dorothy Bankswife of John Banks1722761798

11BarberAnn Barberfirst name on this monument1743871830All Saints
id: 0180
(4 images)
Elizabeth Barberdaughter of Ann Barber1806371843
Ann Bradleydaughter of Ann Barber1778611839
Sarah Pickarddaughter of Ann Barber1774651839
Rachel Robinsondaughter of Ann Barber1808431851
William Bradleyson of Ann Barber1815381853
John Bradleyson-in-law of Ann Barber1776731849
William Robinsonson-in-law of Ann Barber
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12BarberJames Barberfirst name on this monument1778All Saints
id: 0031
(5 images)
John grand son of James Barber1784
Mary Barberwife of James Barber1709711780

13BarberSarah Barberfirst name on this monument1726411767All Saints
id: 0037
(7 images)
Nancy Barberdaughter of Sarah Barber
Sarah Barberdaughter of Sarah Barber
Mary Barberdaughter-in-law of Sarah Barber1781721853
Nathaniel Barberhusband of Sarah Barber1715911806
James Tempest
John Barberson of Sarah Barber
Nathaniel Barberson of Sarah Barber
William Barberson of Sarah Barber1759681827

14BarkerThomas Barkerfirst name on this monument1752721824All Saints
id: 0132
Sarah Barkerwife of Thomas Barker1754701824

15BarranWilliam Barranfirst name on this monument1792651857All Saints
id: 0289

16BarrandMichael Barrandfirst name on this monument175991768All Saints
id: 0028
Michael Barrandfather of Michael Barrand
Mary Barrandmother of Michael Barrand60

17BarretSarah Barretfirst name on this monument1787171804All Saints
id: 0172
John Barretfather of Sarah Barret1758611819
Elizabeth Barretmother of Sarah Barret1758611819
Anne Barret
Edward Barret
Sarah Anne Barret1816111827

18BarretWilliam Barretfirst name on this monument1797531850All Saints
id: 0260

19BaxterRobert Baxterfirst name on this monument1758621820All Saints
id: 0326
Elizabeth Baxterdaughter of Robert Baxter
Jane Baxterdaughter of Robert Baxter
Jane Baxterdaughter of Robert Baxter
John Baxterson of Robert Baxter
John Baxterson of Robert Baxter
Joseph Baxterson of Robert Baxter
Robert Baxterson of Robert Baxter
Samuel Baxterson of Robert Baxter
Mary Baxterwife of Robert Baxter1764671831

20BayletJames Bayletfirst name on this monument1815331848All Saints
id: 0350
(5 images)

21BaynesThomasin Baynesfirst name on this monument1787571844All Saints
id: 0081
Catherine Baynesdaughter of Thomasin Baynes1828
Elizabeth Baynesdaughter of Thomasin Baynes1814281842
Margaret Baynesdaughter of Thomasin Baynes1816441860
Mary Baynesdaughter of Thomasin Baynes1813
Mary Baynesdaughter of Thomasin Baynes182371830
Sarah Baynesdaughter of Thomasin Baynes1821141835
Jane Baynesdaughter-in-law of Thomasin Baynes1821401861
James Baynesgrand son of Thomasin Baynes9
Cornelius Bayneshusband of Thomasin Baynes
Christopher Baynesson of Thomasin Baynes
Joseph Baynesson of Thomasin Baynes1808

22BeallCharles Cumberland Beallfirst name on this monument183611837All Saints
id: 0127
David Beallfather of Charles Cumberland Beall
Jane Beallmother of Charles Cumberland Beall
Elizabeth Beallsister of Charles Cumberland Beall1838
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23BeecroftElizabeth Beecroftfirst name on this monument1748641812All Saints
id: 0321
(5 images)
George Beecrofthusband of Elizabeth Beecroft1742841826
Elizabeth Skirrow89
James Skirrow1735451780
John Skirrow1722651787
John Skirrow1690761766

24BlackburnGeorge Blackburnfirst name on this monument1777611838All Saints
id: 0056
Ann Blackburndaughter of George Blackburn
Martha Blackburndaughter of George Blackburn
Hannah Pullangrand daughter of George Blackburn1820241844
George Aked Blackburnson of George Blackburn
John Blackburnson of George Blackburn
Hannah Blackburnwife of George Blackburn1778731851

25BoltonThomas Boltonfirst name on this monument1744621806All Saints
id: 0268
(4 images)
Mary Dawsondaughter of Thomas Bolton1784711855
Thomas Dawsongrand son of Thomas Bolton1815321847
John Dawsonson-in-law of Thomas Bolton1775631838
Hannah Boltonwife of Thomas Bolton1746741820

26BoocockWilliam Boocockfirst name on this monument1782371819All Saints
id: 0021
Martha Boocockdaughter of William Boocock1809131822
Mary Boocockwife of William Boocock1781511832

27BowlingJohn Bowlingfirst name on this monument1769611830All Saints
id: 0025
Elizabeth Bowlingwife of John Bowling1779761855

28BradleyJames Bradleyfirst name on this monument1805All Saints
id: 0179
Benjamin Bradleybrother of James Bradley1812111823
Henry Bradleybrother of James Bradley1823
John Bradleybrother of James Bradley1814
Joseph Bradleybrother of James Bradley1811121823
John Bradleyfather of James Bradley
Ann Bradleymother of James Bradley
Mary Ann Bradleysister of James Bradley1819
Sarah Bradleysister of James Bradley180331806

29BraithwaiteJohn Braithwaitefirst name on this monument179221794All Saints
id: 0092
Richard Braithwaitebrother of John Braithwaite1799151814
Richard Braithwaitefather of John Braithwaite1750721822
Hannah Braithwaitemother of John Braithwaite1767461813

30BrayshawMary Brayshawfirst name on this monument178611787All Saints
id: 0029
(2 images)
John Brayshawfather of Mary Brayshaw1726841810
Ann Brayshawmother of Mary Brayshaw1744661810
Nanny Brayshawsister of Mary Brayshaw1783371820

31BrettellJohn Brettellfirst name on this monument1742541796All Saints
id: 0012

32BrogdenMary Brogdenfirst name on this monument1753601813All Saints
id: 0336
(2 images)
Joseph Brogdenhusband of Mary Brogden73

33BroughWilliam Broughfirst name on this monument1804431847All Saints
id: 0350
(5 images)

34BrownEdwin Brownfirst name on this monument183141835All Saints
id: 0064
(6 images)
Alfred Brownbrother of Edwin Brown1828381866
Richard Thompsonbrother-in-law of Edwin Brown
John Brownfather of Edwin Brown1794471841
Martha Brownmother of Edwin Brown1787861873
Charity Thompsonsister of Edwin Brown1825331858

35BrownGrace Brownfirst name on this monument1803351838All Saints
id: 0213
(2 images)
Henry Brownhusband of Grace Brown
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36BrownHenry Brownfirst name on this monument1743651808All Saints
id: 0215
(2 images)
Elizabeth Brownwife of Henry Brown1749781827

37BrownHenry Brownfirst name on this monument1776461822All Saints
id: 0214
(3 images)
Sarah Brownwife of Henry Brown1776801856

38BrownJohn Brownfirst name on this monument1776731849All Saints
id: 0018
Sarah Brownwife of John Brown1774871861

39BrownMary Ann Brownfirst name on this monument1840121852All Saints
id: 0295
William Brownfather of Mary Ann Brown
Mary Brownmother of Mary Ann Brown1810501860

40BrownRichard Fountaine Brownfirst name on this monument1842181860All Saints
id: 0055
(2 images)
Richard Brownfather of Richard Fountaine Brown
Margaret Anne Wilson Brownmother of Richard Fountaine Brown

41BrownSarah Brownfirst name on this monumentAll Saints
id: 0277
(2 images)
William Brownfather of Sarah Brown
Hannah Brownsister of Sarah Brown
Hellena Brownsister of Sarah Brown
Margaret Brownsister of Sarah Brown
Thomas Whiteheaduncle of Sarah Brown1754251779

42BrownSarah Ann Brownfirst name on this monument1833181851All Saints
id: 0340
Ambrose Brownbrother of Sarah Ann Brown
George Brownfather of Sarah Ann Brown
Elizabeth Brownmother of Sarah Ann Brown1803581861

43BrownThomas Brownfirst name on this monument1735531788All Saints
id: 0066
Ann Brownwife of Thomas Brown1752731825

44BrownWilliam Brownfirst name on this monument1795All Saints
id: 0083
(2 images)
Ellen Browndaughter-in-law of William Brown1840
Sarah Browngrand daughter of William Brown184321845
Henry Browngrand son of William Brown1876
Charles Brownson of William Brown1772721844
John Brownson of William Brown1815
Martha Brownwife of William Brown1734701804

45BrumfittMiriam Brumfittfirst name on this monument1794501844All Saints
id: 0233
William Brumfitthusband of Miriam Brumfitt1788851873
John Brumfittson of Miriam Brumfitt1822251847

46BuchananAnn Buchananfirst name on this monument1802561858All Saints
id: 0330
(2 images)
George Buchananhusband of Ann Buchanan

47BurleyThomas Burleyfirst name on this monument179551800All Saints
id: 0273
Thomas Burleyfather of Thomas Burley1765781843
Mary Burleymother of Thomas Burley1756841840
Sarah Burleysister of Thomas Burley179281800

48ButlerJohn Butlerfirst name on this monument1705801785All Saints
id: 0102
Catherine Butlerdaughter of John Butler19
Mary Butlerwife of John Butler1707751782

49CarfraeJames Hendrson Carfraefirst name on this monument1810491859All Saints
id: 0187

50CarrodusElizabeth Carrodusfirst name on this monument1769591828All Saints
id: 0162
(4 images)
John Carrodushusband of Elizabeth Carrodus

51CattonBenjamin Cattonfirst name on this monument1781321813All Saints
id: 0245

52CattonJohn Cattonfirst name on this monument1785401825All Saints
id: 0246
Sarah Cattonwife of John Catton1791521843

53CawoodClara Cawoodfirst name on this monument1851All Saints
id: 0048
(2 images)
Ambrose Cawoodfather of Clara Cawood
Hannah Cawoodmother of Clara Cawood
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54CawoodEdwin Cawoodfirst name on this monument1800581858All Saints
id: 0049
(3 images)
Sarah Cawoodwife of Edwin Cawood1792711863

55CawoodElizabeth Cawoodfirst name on this monument1759321791All Saints
id: 0051
Martin Cawoodhusband of Elizabeth Cawood

56CawoodFrederick Cawoodfirst name on this monument1796611857All Saints
id: 0047
Ann Cawooddaughter of Frederick Cawood182811829
Mary Cawoodwife of Frederick Cawood1797621859

57CawoodJonathan Cawoodfirst name on this monument1718641782All Saints
id: 0053

58CawoodMartin Cawoodfirst name on this monument1756681824All Saints
id: 0052

59CawoodRobert Cawoodfirst name on this monument1788171805All Saints
id: 0216
(2 images)
Martha Woodcockaunt of Robert Cawood1756741830
Thomas Cawoodfather of Robert Cawood
Ann Cawoodmother of Robert Cawood

60CawoodThomas Cawoodfirst name on this monument178021782All Saints
id: 0054
(6 images)
John Cawoodbrother of Thomas Cawood1757431800
John Cawoodfather of Thomas Cawood
Ann Cawoodmother of Thomas Cawood
John Cawoodnephew of Thomas Cawood1792311823
Mary Cawoodniece of Thomas Cawood1784201804
Jane Cawoodsister-in-law of Thomas Cawood1753721825

61CawoodThomas Cawoodfirst name on this monument1758791837All Saints
id: 0046
Thomas Cawoodson of Thomas Cawood1781451826
Elizabeth Cawoodwife of Thomas Cawood1761651826

62CheadleHannah Cheadlefirst name on this monument1751721823All Saints
id: 0198
(3 images)
Peter Thompsonfather of Hannah Cheadle
George Cheadlehusband of Hannah Cheadle1750781828
Mary Thompsonmother of Hannah Cheadle

63ChippindaleIsabel Chippindalefirst name on this monument1769221791All Saints
id: 0299
(3 images)
Benjamin Chippindalefather of Isabel Chippindale1737801817
Isabel Chippindalemother of Isabel Chippindale1736661802

64ChristophersonJohn Christophersonfirst name on this monument1735521787All Saints
id: 0069
(4 images)
Mary Westdaughter of John Christopherson1764871851
James Westgrand son of John Christopherson1799131812
William Westson-in-law of John Christopherson
Anne Christophersonwife of John Christopherson1729591788

65ClarkWilliam Clarkfirst name on this monument1794521846All Saints
id: 0343
Joseph Clarkbrother of William Clark1810361846
William Clarkson of William Clark1818321850
Mary Clarkwife of William Clark1791631854

66ClarkeThomas Clarkefirst name on this monument1808401848All Saints
id: 0350
(5 images)

67CloughHannah Eliza Cloughfirst name on this monument1839All Saints
id: 0297
(3 images)
Thomas Cloughfather of Hannah Eliza Clough
Hannah Cloughmother of Hannah Eliza Clough1800421842
Mary Ann Cloughsister of Hannah Eliza Clough1824211845

68CloughThomas Cloughfirst name on this monument1712541766All Saints
id: 0095
Francis Cloughson of Thomas Clough1750

69CooperFrancis Cooperfirst name on this monument1753701823All Saints
id: 0194
(3 images)
Francis Cooperson of Francis Cooper1790391829
Richard Cooperson of Francis Cooper1792411833

70CooperZillah Cooperfirst name on this monument1799451844All Saints
id: 0305
Samuel Cooperfather-in-law of Zillah Cooper1765791844
Matthew Cooperhusband of Zillah Cooper
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71CowburnHannah Cowburnfirst name on this monument1788191807All Saints
id: 0042
Richard Cowburnfather of Hannah Cowburn
Martha Cowburnmother of Hannah Cowburn

72CurtisJohn Curtisfirst name on this monument1745821827All Saints
id: 0088
Hannah Curtiswife of John Curtis1747821829

73CurtisJoseph Curtisfirst name on this monument1751431794All Saints
id: 0101
(2 images)
Elizabeth Curtiswife of Joseph Curtis1786501836

74CurtisWilliam Curtisfirst name on this monument1746721818All Saints
id: 0089
(4 images)
Mary Curtisdaughter of William Curtis178941793
Ann Curtiswife of William Curtis1764601824

75DadeMary Dadefirst name on this monument1705All Saints
id: 0024
Thomas Dadehusband of Mary Dade

76DaleElizabeth Dalefirst name on this monument1721851806All Saints
id: 0269
(4 images)
Hannah Daledaughter-in-law of Elizabeth Dale1797261823
Martha Daledaughter-in-law of Elizabeth Dale1766451811
Dorothy Wigglesworth
John Wigglesworth
James Daleson of Elizabeth Dale
Robert Daleson of Elizabeth Dale

77DaleRobert Dalefirst name on this monument1755701825All Saints
id: 0276
Elizabeth Dalemother of Robert Dale
Martha Dalewife of Robert Dale

78DanielJohn Danielfirst name on this monument1825All Saints
id: 0020
William Danielfather of John Daniel
Hannah Danielmother of John Daniel

79DavyJohn Davyfirst name on this monument1824231847All Saints
id: 0350
(5 images)

80DawsonJohn Dawsonfirst name on this monument1756731829All Saints
id: 0156
Mary Dawsonwife of John Dawson1748831831

81DawsonRobert Dawsonfirst name on this monumentAll Saints
id: 0296
Sarah Isabella Dawsondaughter of Robert Dawson1839431882
Hannah Dawsonwife of Robert Dawson

82DawsonSarah Dawsonfirst name on this monument178271789All Saints
id: 0291
(4 images)
James Dawsonbrother of Sarah Dawson
John Dawsonbrother of Sarah Dawson1784231807
Joshua Dawsonbrother of Sarah Dawson1794211815
James Dawsonfather of Sarah Dawson1756691825
Mary Dawsonmother of Sarah Dawson1756461802
Charles Dawsonnephew of Sarah Dawson
Henry Dawsonnephew of Sarah Dawson
Elizabeth Dawson
Martha Ann Dawson185221854
William Dawson
Isabella Newton
Robert Newton
Catharine Dawsonsister of Sarah Dawson
Eleanor Dawsonsister of Sarah Dawson1786211807
Mary Martha Ann Dawsonsister of Sarah Dawson
Ellen Dawsonsister-in-law of Sarah Dawson
Arabella Dawsonstep mother of Sarah Dawson1774661840

83DeightonAnn Deightonfirst name on this monument181521817All Saints
id: 0270
John Deightonfather of Ann Deighton
Hannah Deightonmother of Ann Deighton
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84DeightonAnn Deightonfirst name on this monument1695861781All Saints
id: 0184
(3 images)
Elisheba Snelldaughter of Ann Deighton1730721802
Thomas Deightonhusband of Ann Deighton

85DeightonJohn Deightonfirst name on this monument1784431827All Saints
id: 0271
Jane Deightonwife of John Deighton1768721840

86DeightonJohn Deightonfirst name on this monument1785491834All Saints
id: 0098
(7 images)
Frances Deighton1836571893
Hannah Deighton1797781875
James Deighton1826621888
John Deighton1823651888
Annie Weddell1845741919
Emily Louisa Weddell1854431897
Hannah Weddell1817401857
William Robinson Weddell1813461859

87DemainSarah Demainfirst name on this monument1784421826All Saints
id: 0115
Thomas Exleyfather of Sarah Demain
William Demainhusband of Sarah Demain

88DenbyChristopher Denbyfirst name on this monument1828All Saints
id: 0278
Matthew Denbybrother of Christopher Denby9
Mary Denbymother of Christopher Denby

89DibbGrace Dibbfirst name on this monument182231825All Saints
id: 0145
Robert Dibbfather of Grace Dibb1769791848
Grace Dibbmother of Grace Dibb1775591834

90DibbJohn Dibbfirst name on this monument1800101810All Saints
id: 0304
William Dibbfather of John Dibb
Sarah Dibbmother of John Dibb1766491815
Ann Dibb181041814
Austin Dibb
Dorothy Dibb
Grace Dibb1778371815
James Dibb181521817

91DibbMary Dibbfirst name on this monument1720421762All Saints
id: 0307
William Dibbhusband of Mary Dibb1736591795
Elizabeth Dibbsecond wife of husband of Mary Dibb1741771818

92DibbRobert Dibbfirst name on this monument1733621795All Saints
id: 0306
William Dibbson of Robert Dibb1772731845
Ann Dibbwife of Robert Dibb1736711807

93DibbSarah Ann Dibbfirst name on this monument1780511831All Saints
id: 0144
Austin Dibbhusband of Sarah Ann Dibb1776841860

94DobsonHelen Dobsonfirst name on this monument1767671834All Saints
id: 0090
John Dobsonhusband of Helen Dobson1771701841

95DobsonJohn Dobsonfirst name on this monument1717841801All Saints
id: 0254
(4 images)
Mary Wooddaughter of John Dobson1763831846
Isaac Dobsonson of John Dobson1755811836
Phoebe Dobsonwife of John Dobson1717761793

96DorrellWilliam Dorrellfirst name on this monument1798491847All Saints
id: 0350
(5 images)

97DunnAnne Dunnfirst name on this monument1758481806All Saints
id: 0225
Thomas Dunnhusband of Anne Dunn1759681827

98EastburnRebecca Eastburnfirst name on this monument1792321824All Saints
id: 0234
Emily Eastburngrand daughter of Rebecca Eastburn
Sarah Eastburngrand daughter of Rebecca Eastburn
Thomas Eastburngrand son of Rebecca Eastburn
William Eastburnhusband of Rebecca Eastburn1807381845
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99EllerbeckEmmanuel Ellerbeckfirst name on this monument1706601766All Saints
id: 0230
Jonathan Bradley
Joseph Ellerbeck
Sarah Ellerbeck1739321771

100ElliottWilliam Elliottfirst name on this monument1793241817All Saints
id: 0084
William Elliottfather of William Elliott1758601818
Sarah Elliottmother of William Elliott

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