Old Town Municipal Cemetery, Bideford, Devon, England

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Monument list

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201HollwayAlbert Hollwayfirst name on this monument1854211875id: 89896
Henry Hollwayfather of Albert Hollway
Mary Ann Hollwaymother of Albert Hollway
Emily Hollwaysister of Albert Hollway185521857
Malene Hollwaysister of Albert Hollway1856181874

202HolmanRebecca Holmanfirst name on this monument1801651866id: 9078
(3 images)
Thomas Holmanhusband of Rebecca Holman

203HolmanSarah Jane Holmanfirst name on this monument1826161842id: 619740
Thomas Barfett Holmanbrother of Sarah Jane Holman1820271847 Pastor of the Baptist church Taunton
William Holmanfather of Sarah Jane Holman
Jane Holmanmother of Sarah Jane Holman

204HolmanThomas Holmanfirst name on this monumentid: 9118
(4 images)
Harriett Holmanwife of Thomas Holman1834351869

205HoneyThomas Honeyfirst name on this monument1829271856id: 89147Printer

206HookwayEthel Taylor Hookwayfirst name on this monument1876id: 8810b191

207HookwayGeorge Hookwayfirst name on this monument1843571900id: 9197182
Caroline (Kate) Hookwaywife of George Hookway1845651910

208HookwayHenry Hookwayfirst name on this monument1856211877id: 613615
Charles Hookwayson of Henry Hookway1878

209HookwayJohn Hookwayfirst name on this monument1779781857id: 8906162
Ann Hookwaywife of John Hookway1798701868

210HookwayMary Jane Hookwayfirst name on this monument1813781891id: 8810e26
James Hookwayhusband of Mary Jane Hookway

211HookwayRichard Hookwayfirst name on this monument1825521877id: 8831281
Ellen Hookwaydaughter of Richard Hookway186821870
Rosa Hookwaydaughter of Richard Hookway186381871
Frederick Richard Hookwayson of Richard Hookway1865201885 fell over aboard from the Ketch R T B

212HooperWilliam Hooperfirst name on this monument1822441866id: 9028862
Frances Elizabeth Hooperdaughter of William Hooper185111852
Edwin Richard Hooperson of William Hooper1856181874 Drowned near Instow

213HopperWilliam Hopperfirst name on this monument1805721877id: 620271
Sarah Colwill1792891881

214HowardJames Howardfirst name on this monument1839351874id: 6177193
Eliza Howardwife of James Howard1841631904

215HowardJoseph Howardfirst name on this monument1845221867id: 915251
James Howardfather of Joseph Howard1791771868
Mary Howardmother of Joseph Howard1797801877

216HusbandElizabeth Husbandfirst name on this monument1780831863id: 9179104
Thomas Husband1783831866

217HusbandJohn Husbandfirst name on this monument1814681882id: 8858173

218HutchingElizabeth Hutchingfirst name on this monument1833301863id: 888017
Eliza Hutchingdaughter of Elizabeth Hutching185521857
George Hutchinghusband of Elizabeth Hutching

219HuxtableAlice Huxtablefirst name on this monument1794711865id: 879741
Elizabeth Ann Huxtabledaughter of Alice Huxtable1824531877
John Huxtablehusband of Alice Huxtable1794891883
James Huxtableson of Alice Huxtable1836151851

220HuxtableHarriet Huxtablefirst name on this monument1833261859id: 91509
John Huxtablehusband of Harriet Huxtable

221HuxtableMary Huxtablefirst name on this monument1802661868id: 8779
(2 images)
William Huxtablehusband of Mary Huxtable
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222IllmanGrace Illmanfirst name on this monument1811591870id: 6044a34
William Illmanhusband of Grace Illman1808731881

223IllmanJohn Illmanfirst name on this monument1778751853id: 6044
(3 images)
Elizabeth Illmanwife of John Illman1878771955

224IllmanThomas Illmanfirst name on this monument1805741879id: 6044b27
John Illmanfather of Thomas Illman
Annie Illmanwife of Thomas Illman1799801879

225IsaacGrace Isaacfirst name on this monument1799741873id: 9044185
Ellen Isaacdaughter of Grace Isaac1842
John Isaachusband of Grace Isaac1802861888

226JefferyMaria Jefferyfirst name on this monument1843161859id: 8832141
Ann Oatwayaunt of Maria Jeffery1802571859
Richard Jefferyfather of Maria Jeffery
Maria Jefferymother of Maria Jeffery1813471860

227JefferySarah Jefferyfirst name on this monument1821551876id: 617114Married Nicholas Jeffery in 1842

228JellicoeElizabeth Isabella Jellicoefirst name on this monument1810431853id: 605763
William Edward Jellicoehusband of Elizabeth Isabella Jellicoe

229JenningsEmma Jane Oatway Jenningsfirst name on this monument186921871id: 876812
Roger Jenningsfather of Emma Jane Oatway Jennings
Jane Jenningsmother of Emma Jane Oatway Jennings

230JewellAlfred William Jewellfirst name on this monument188411885id: 9053
(3 images)
George Percival Jewellbrother of Alfred William Jewell1887111898
William Henry Jewellfather of Alfred William Jewell
Bessie Jewellmother of Alfred William Jewell1860711931
Stanley H Jewell1890341924

231JewellEvelyne May Jewellfirst name on this monument1888441932id: 9022b362
William Henry Jewellfather of Evelyne May Jewell
Bessie Jewellmother of Evelyne May Jewell

232JewellJoseph Jewellfirst name on this monument1840321872id: 8801273
Martha Jewelldaughter of Joseph Jewell186591874

233JohnsFrederick Johnsfirst name on this monument187431877id: 619660
George Johnsfather of Frederick Johns
Maria Johnsmother of Frederick Johns
Annie Johnssister of Frederick Johns1861221883
Nellie Johnssister of Frederick Johns1873101883

234JohnsWilliam Johnsfirst name on this monument1815581873id: 908464
John Dennis1794791873

235Johnson Johnsonfirst name on this monument1870id: 604118

236JohnsonRobert Johnsonfirst name on this monument1794611855id: 6083932
Ann Maria Johnsondaughter of Robert Johnson1836131849
Mary Newmandaughter of Robert Johnson1843251868
Robert Henry Johnsonson of Robert Johnson1828311859 drowned at sea
W C Williamsson-in-law of Robert Johnson
Ann Johnsonwife of Robert Johnson1800731873

237JointJane Jointfirst name on this monument1849521901id: 8769
(2 images)
William Jointhusband of Jane Joint

238JonesJohn Jonesfirst name on this monument1799701869id: 906210Of Marshfield Gloustershire

239JonesMary Courtney Jonesfirst name on this monument1783821865id: 918420
Caroline Lousia Jonesdaughter of Mary Courtney Jones1893
William Joneshusband of Mary Courtney Jones

240KeatesSusan Keatesfirst name on this monument1820851905id: 9188111
Susan Eliza Keatesdaughter of Susan Keates1851641915
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241KiellElizabeth Mary Kiellfirst name on this monument1821241845id: 6112351
Francis Kiellfather of Elizabeth Mary Kiell
Mary Kiellmother of Elizabeth Mary Kiell

242KingsfordRobert Kingsfordfirst name on this monument1809721881id: 893871
Ann Kingsfordwife of Robert Kingsford1804781882

243LabdonHarriett Labdonfirst name on this monument1831391870id: 909551
Rev P Labdonhusband of Harriett Labdon

244LangEllen Langfirst name on this monument1823311854id: 61527
William Langbrother of Ellen Lang1821581879
Mary Lang1792911883

245LarwillMary Larwillfirst name on this monument1798671865id: 8971102
Joseph Larwillhusband of Mary Larwill1796741870

246LawdayWillie Lawdayfirst name on this monument1872341906id: 8930b15
Emma Lawdaywife of Willie Lawday1871311902

247LeachMary Leachfirst name on this monument1824501874id: 619419
George Leachhusband of Mary Leach

248LeeClara Ann Leefirst name on this monument1863id: 9007
(3 images)
James Leefather of Clara Ann Lee
James Leehusband of Clara Ann Lee
Elizabeth Leemother of Clara Ann Lee
Elizabeth Leemother of Clara Ann Lee1829751904
Emma Leesister of Clara Ann Lee186851873

249LeeElles Heath Leefirst name on this monument185611857id: 6055111
Charles Heath Leebrother of Elles Heath Lee1846121858
William Y Leefather of Elles Heath Lee1819461865
Matilda Leemother of Elles Heath Lee1819441863
Bessie Kirkman Leesister of Elles Heath Lee1862

250LeeWilliam Leefirst name on this monument1846341880id: 61935
Ellen Leedaughter of William Lee187691885
William Leeson of William Lee187331876
Mary Leewife of William Lee1849321881

251LendonWilliam Spicer Lendonfirst name on this monument1807781885id: 6054181
William Burrowgrand son of William Spicer Lendon187611877
Nancy Lendon1809901899

252LewisElizabeth Lewisfirst name on this monument1836411877id: 6058332
John Gloverfather of Elizabeth Lewis
William Lewishusband of Elizabeth Lewis
Ann Glovermother of Elizabeth Lewis1812661878

253LewisElizabeth Lewisfirst name on this monument1820261846id: 6108131
G Lewishusband of Elizabeth Lewis Principal keeper of Bardsey light

254LewisJames Lewisfirst name on this monument1782651847id: 6107121

255LewisJohn Lewisfirst name on this monument1846271873id: 901110

256LewisThomas Lewisfirst name on this monument1831501881id: 891310

257LockGeorge Lockfirst name on this monument1788761864id: 61619

258LockLucillia Lockfirst name on this monument1829341863id: 9194131
William Lockhusband of Lucillia Lock
James Lock1805651870
Sally Lock1804661870

259LongGeorge Longfirst name on this monument1821581879id: 9174
(2 images)
John Longson of George Long1849171866
Mary Ann Longwife of George Long1817851902
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260LucasEliza Ann Lucasfirst name on this monument1845351880id: 6195271
Richard Lucasfather of Eliza Ann Lucas1810751885
Amelia H Lucasmother of Eliza Ann Lucas
Amelia Ann Rodgman187241876

261LuggMary Jane Luggfirst name on this monument185471861id: 603534
Robert Luggfather of Mary Jane Lugg
Mary Luggmother of Mary Jane Lugg1813691882
Jane Burden1819661885

262LuggWilliam Braund Luggfirst name on this monument1849171866id: 9173102
John Edward Luggbrother of William Braund Lugg1858101868 Drowned off Ford Rock
John Luggfather of William Braund Lugg1823701893
Agnes Luggmother of William Braund Lugg1827731900

263MadgeJohn Madgefirst name on this monument1823631886id: 607438Master mariner
Mary Ann Madgewife of John Madge1826721898

264MadgeThirza Madgefirst name on this monument1829651894id: 6159493
Thomas Madgehusband of Thirza Madge1828751903

265MadgeThomas Madgefirst name on this monument1856231879id: 8960402
Thomas Madgefather of Thomas Madge
Thirza Madgemother of Thomas Madge
Elizabeth Madgesister of Thomas Madge1854271881

266MadgeWilliam Walter Madgefirst name on this monument1858221880id: 8943452
Margaret Madgewife of William Walter Madge

267MainMaria Mainfirst name on this monument1816561872id: 9035
(2 images)
William Coull1804761880

268MaineFrances Mainefirst name on this monument1803981901id: 6121183
John Mainefather of Frances Maine
Frances Mainemother of Frances Maine
Sarah Maria Mainesister of Frances Maine1814921906

269MaineMargaret Mainefirst name on this monument1822241846id: 6115
(2 images)
Maria Bowenaunt of Margaret Maine1780851865
John Mainefather of Margaret Maine
Frances Mainemother of Margaret Maine1776851861

270MaineSarah Mainefirst name on this monument1760881848id: 610115

271MajorAnne Majorfirst name on this monument1815461861id: 6037
(2 images)
D W K Majorhusband of Anne Major

272MajorDegory William King Majorfirst name on this monument1883id: 6037a102

273MajorEdward James Majorfirst name on this monument1864id: 879124
Robert Majorbrother of Edward James Major1869
Edward Majorfather of Edward James Major
Elizabeth Majormother of Edward James Major

274MajorJane Majorfirst name on this monument1851id: 61758
William Majorfather of Jane Major
Jane Majormother of Jane Major1822331855

275MardonMary Mardonfirst name on this monument1790831873id: 901321
George Mardonhusband of Mary Mardon

276MartinCatharine Martinfirst name on this monument1794571851id: 606311
Charlotte Lewisdaughter of Catharine Martin1825831908
William Martinhusband of Catharine Martin1791621853
Edward Lewisson-in-law of Catharine Martin1820751895

277MartinIsaac Martinfirst name on this monument1865191884id: 87906
John Martinfather of Isaac Martin
Mary Ann Martinmother of Isaac Martin
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278MartinJohn Martinfirst name on this monument1803511854id: 605914marble mason
Maria Martinwife of John Martin

279MartinJohn Martinfirst name on this monument1830231853id: 616020Bible christian minister
John Gynn Martinfather of John Martin

280MatthewsFlorance Matthews Matthewsfirst name on this monument188351888id: 879610
Thomas Matthewsfather of Florance Matthews Matthews
Jane Matthewsmother of Florance Matthews Matthews

281MayMargaret Mayfirst name on this monument1783851868id: 88024

282MetherallJames Metherallfirst name on this monument1789531842id: 6192231
Ann Metherallwife of James Metherall1783781861

283MetherellJohn Metherellfirst name on this monument1818631881id: 9114422
Betsy Metherellwife of John Metherell1818701888

284MethvenEliza Methvenfirst name on this monument1824611885id: 8900
(3 images)
James Methvenhusband of Eliza Methven

285MoaseElizabeth Moasefirst name on this monument1775731848id: 612416
Sarah Rebecca Burner1823411864
Mary Taylor1792631855

286MoasePriscilla Moasefirst name on this monument1766861852id: 61259
William Moasehusband of Priscilla Moase1783821865
Elizabeth Taylor Moase1785781863

287MockJohn Mockfirst name on this monument1805601865id: 8816
(2 images)
25shoe smith
Mary Mockwife of John Mock1801641865

288MockMary Mockfirst name on this monument1817401857id: 888818
James Mockhusband of Mary Mock

289MockMary Mockfirst name on this monument1810661876id: 89826
Thomas Mockhusband of Mary Mock

290MockPhilip Mockfirst name on this monumentid: 9015
(2 images)
Mary Ann Mockwife of Philip Mock1815741889

291MonkleyElizabeth Monkleyfirst name on this monument1802651867id: 9074
(2 images)
Thomas Monkleyhusband of Elizabeth Monkley

292MonkleyRose Ellen Monkleyfirst name on this monument187021872id: 903010
Henry Monkleyfather of Rose Ellen Monkley
Sarah A Monkleymother of Rose Ellen Monkley

293MooreRichard Moorefirst name on this monument1807831890id: 9171
(2 images)
Mary Ann Moorefirst wife of Richard Moore1812541866
Margaret Mooresecond wife of Richard Moore1817731890

294MorrishWilliam Morrishfirst name on this monument1815731888id: 87894

295MounceJohn Mouncefirst name on this monumentid: 908110

296MountjoyBessie Mountjoyfirst name on this monument1860241884id: 87884
George Mountjoyhusband of Bessie Mountjoy

297MountjoyEdward James Darlington Mountjoyfirst name on this monument1879id: 8959222
Charles F Mountjoyfather of Edward James Darlington Mountjoy
Ellen Mountjoymother of Edward James Darlington Mountjoy

298MountjoyJohn Mountjoyfirst name on this monument1809651874id: 9003288
Arthur Furseman Mountjoyson of John Mountjoy1854211875
Benjamin Mountjoyson of John Mountjoy13
Thomas F Mountjoyson of John Mountjoy22
Mary Ann Mountjoywife of John Mountjoy1814661880

299MoyseJohn Moysefirst name on this monument1802721874id: 9002113

300MugfordWilliam Mugfordfirst name on this monument1788731861id: 6028365
Sarah Heywooddaughter of William Mugford1815741889
William Hamlyn Heywoodson-in-law of William Mugford1813781891
Mary Mugfordwife of William Mugford1787811868

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