Old Town Municipal Cemetery, Bideford, Devon, England

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Monument list

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101CouchWilliam Couchfirst name on this monument1837421879id: 608911191914

102CourtisSarah Ann Courtisfirst name on this monument185161857id: 8886
(3 images)
John Courtisfather of Sarah Ann Courtis
Jane Chugg Courtismother of Sarah Ann Courtis1818701888

103CoxMartha Mary Coxfirst name on this monument1852251877id: 8964
(2 images)
Simon Coxhusband of Martha Mary Cox

104CoxMary jane Coxfirst name on this monument1832581890id: 8774
(2 images)
John Coxhusband of Mary jane Cox

105CrangMary Ann Crangfirst name on this monument1841301871id: 918111228993
James Cranghusband of Mary Ann Crang

106CribbleEmily Cribblefirst name on this monument1835271862id: 602911186519
William Johnsfather of Emily Cribble
Ann Johnsmother of Emily Cribble

107CrichtonDavid Crichtonfirst name on this monument1813651878id: 895611215171

108CutcliffeAnn Cutcliffefirst name on this monument1815721887id: 6184112007174
Albert Stone Cutcliffegrand son of Ann Cutcliffe188811889
George Cutcliffehusband of Ann Cutcliffe1813791892

109CuttlandElizabeth Cuttlandfirst name on this monument1827351862id: 602911186462
Edward Cuttlandhusband of Elizabeth Cuttland

110DanielAnn Danielfirst name on this monument1808671875id: 8854112096392

111DanielJohn Danielfirst name on this monument1828411869id: 906111221881
William Danielson of John Daniel1869
Maria Danielwife of John Daniel1836401876

112DarkGrace Darkfirst name on this monument1793861879id: 613211195815

113DarkJohn Darkfirst name on this monument1820581878id: 884611209010

114DarkJohn Roberts Darkfirst name on this monument185011851id: 617011199412
George Darkbrother of John Roberts Dark184831851
Samuel Darkfather of John Roberts Dark
Jane Darkmother of John Roberts Dark1819661885

115DarkWilliam Darkfirst name on this monument1800581858id: 8849
(2 images)
Elizabeth Darksister of William Dark1804771881
Mary Darkwife of William Dark1808711879

116DarkWilliam Darkfirst name on this monument1858id: 612911195511
Elizabeth Dark1804771881
Mary Dark1807721879

117DaveyJohn Daveyfirst name on this monument1870id: 877111204311
Thomas Daveyfather of John Davey
Mary Jane Daveymother of John Davey

118DaveyWilliam Daveyfirst name on this monument1801721873id: 9006112185153
Grace Daveywife of William Davey1808761884

119DenbowCatherine Denbowfirst name on this monument1789851874id: 607111190318
William Denbowhusband of Catherine Denbow
Mary Ann Williamsniece of Catherine Denbow1804801884

120DennisJohn Dennisfirst name on this monument1870id: 9110
(2 images)

121DingleAnn Dinglefirst name on this monument1804551859id: 918011228815
Edward Dinglehusband of Ann Dingle1801821883
Eliza Dingle1817811898

122DobbsBlanch Dobbsfirst name on this monument186791876id: 62111120335
William Dobbsgrand father of Blanch Dobbs
Susan Dobbsgrand mother of Blanch Dobbs
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123DobsonJames Henry Dobsonfirst name on this monument1809521861id: 60471118834

124DollenWilliam Miller Dollenfirst name on this monument1780891869id: 91421122604

125DownSamuel Downfirst name on this monument1797601857id: 8889
(2 images)
Edward Hammond Downson of Samuel Down1828661894
Mary Downwife of Samuel Down1801751876

126DowningCharles Downingfirst name on this monument1790591849id: 608611191616

127DrewJames Samuel Drewfirst name on this monument1815421857id: 890511212842

128DuncanJane Heriot Duncanfirst name on this monument1846371883id: 8974a11216521
Alexander Greig Duncanhusband of Jane Heriot Duncan1842811923

129DurantAnn Durantfirst name on this monument1819691888id: 887211210981
John Duranthusband of Ann Durant

130DyerAnn Dyerfirst name on this monument1825221847id: 61181119479

131DyerMary Dyerfirst name on this monument1796881884id: 611811194614
Lewis Dyerhusband of Mary Dyer

132EastmanFanny Britton Eastmanfirst name on this monument1867161883id: 6157111981181
Simon Eastmanbrother of Fanny Britton Eastman185211853
George Eastmanfather of Fanny Britton Eastman1824701894
Grace Eastmanmother of Fanny Britton Eastman
Jane Eastmansister of Fanny Britton Eastman1860461906

133EastmanGeorge Eastmanfirst name on this monument1836371873id: 89411121466

134EbsworthyEllen Ebsworthyfirst name on this monument1825481873id: 614311196893
James Ebsworthyhusband of Ellen Ebsworthy

135EbsworthyJohn Ebsworthyfirst name on this monument1823531876id: 8984
(2 images)
Mary Ann Woolcock1851561907
Richard Woolcock
Mary Ann Ebsworthywife of John Ebsworthy1820851905

136EdwardsJohn Edwardsfirst name on this monument1806731879id: 6173
(2 images)
11199743Gospel minister John and Mary had three children, Samuel Davies b 1840, William Maine b 1841 and Isabella b 1843. John was ordained 1833, went to Berbice, Africa as missionary in 1838, climate did not agree, returned to England 1839. 1840 Congregational Minister, transferred to Northern Ireland 1851 and still there in 1861. Joined Presbyterian Church.
Isabella Edwardsdaughter of John Edwards1843791922
Mary Elizabeth Edwardswife of John Edwards1813901903 Maiden name Maine, daughter of Captain John Maine and Frances Bowen (mother).

137EliottMary Ann Eliottfirst name on this monument1829491878id: 61631119865
Mary Ann Eliottdaughter of Mary Ann Eliott1875
John Eliotthusband of Mary Ann Eliott

138EllisHenry J Ellisfirst name on this monument1808381846no image1120683lost at sea
Ellen Ellisdaughter of Henry J Ellis1840281868

139EllisThomas Ellisfirst name on this monument1846251871id: 907111222510
Kezia Lockwife of Thomas Ellis1861111872

140ElsonJonathan Elsonfirst name on this monument1776721848id: 609011192015
Edwin Elsonson of Jonathan Elson1805791884
Elizabeth Elsonwife of Jonathan Elson1779751854

141FaceyCharles Samuel Faceyfirst name on this monument1842261868id: 8969112161281
John Faceyfather of Charles Samuel Facey
Margaret Faceymother of Charles Samuel Facey

142FaceyMargaret Handford Faceyfirst name on this monument1800651865id: 8970112162111
John Faceyhusband of Margaret Handford Facey
Edward Faceyson of Margaret Handford Facey1844161860 Died at Constantinople interred in Fevrikeni

143FaceyMaria Gertrude Faceyfirst name on this monument1812551867id: 897811216751

144FarleighElizabeth Farleighfirst name on this monument1806731879id: 60991119296
John Handford

145FogatyGrace Fogatyfirst name on this monument1811671878id: 9042
(2 images)
Mary Ann Fogatydaughter-in-law of Grace Fogaty1834681902
John Hooper Fogatyhusband of Grace Fogaty
John Balch Fogatyson of Grace Fogaty1833671900
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146FollandEliza Follandfirst name on this monument1838341872id: 9040112207161
Thomas Follandfather-in-law of Eliza Folland1806751881
George Follandhusband of Eliza Folland
Elizabeth Jane Williams186661872

147FriendEdwin John Friendfirst name on this monument188521887id: 91871122944
J A Friendfather of Edwin John Friend1860281888
E L Friendmother of Edwin John Friend

148FriendshipAnnie Heywood Friendshipfirst name on this monument187561881id: 887311211011
Caleb Friendshipfather of Annie Heywood Friendship
Elizabeth Friendshipmother of Annie Heywood Friendship

149FriendshipCharles Mark Friendshipfirst name on this monument186021862id: 60321118688
James Friendshipfather of Charles Mark Friendship
Sarah Ann Friendshipmother of Charles Mark Friendship

150FriendshipElizabeth Friendshipfirst name on this monument1815501865id: 603011186681
Elizabeth Friendshipdaughter of Elizabeth Friendship186051865
William Friendshiphusband of Elizabeth Friendship

151FriendshipJames Friendshipfirst name on this monument1797671864id: 89161121367road contractor
Sarah Friendshipwife of James Friendship1789661855

152FriendshipMary Ann Friendshipfirst name on this monument184791856id: 613511196111
William Friendshipfather of Mary Ann Friendship
Mary Friendshipmother of Mary Ann Friendship
John Friendship
Mary Ann Friendship1782761858
Emma Friendshipsister of Mary Ann Friendship185191860

153FrostMargaret Frostfirst name on this monument1785681853id: 609411192416
William Frosthusband of Margaret Frost1792691861

154FryWilliam Fryfirst name on this monument1804671871id: 6149
(2 images)
Macy Isabella Frydaughter of William Fry1845591904
Eliza Frywife of William Fry1803771880

155FulfordArthur William Fulfordfirst name on this monument187311874id: 9100
(2 images)
W L Fulfordfather of Arthur William Fulford W.L Fulford is buried at East-the-Water with his wife Mary Jane Fulford.
M Fulfordmother of Arthur William Fulford

156GayRichard Gayfirst name on this monument1792761868id: 9065112221179Master mariner
Dinah Gaywife of Richard Gay1797811878

157GiddyMary Ann Giddyfirst name on this monument186311864id: 8908
(2 images)
George Gidy1859161875

158GilbertElizabeth Gilbertfirst name on this monument1779831862id: 60311118674
James Gilberthusband of Elizabeth Gilbert1782861868

159GilbertWilliam Gilbertfirst name on this monument1799801879id: 60981119284sergeant at mace

160GloverEdward Gloverfirst name on this monument1834321866id: 9161
(2 images)
Minnie Gloverdaughter of Edward Glover1862101872
Mary Cann1834511885
William Cann1823641887

161GloverRosa Ellen Gloverfirst name on this monument188311884id: 8837112084162
Henry Gloverfather of Rosa Ellen Glover
Eva Glovermother of Rosa Ellen Glover

162GoamanThomas Howard Goamanfirst name on this monument189611897id: 9131
(8 images)
William Thomas Goamanfather of Thomas Howard Goaman
Eliza Ann Goamanmother of Thomas Howard Goaman

163GoamanWilfred George Goamanfirst name on this monument1875id: 9131d1122574

164GorvinSusanna Gorvinfirst name on this monument1856id: 8903112126131
James Gorvin1864
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165GreenGeorge Greenfirst name on this monument1810591869id: 61091119395
Ann Green1805721877
Benjamin Green1846
Joseph Green1865
William Green1841

166GreenGeorge Greenfirst name on this monument1811581869id: 61141119433
Ann Green1805721877
Benjamin Greenson of George Green1846
Joseph Greenson of George Green1846191865
William Greenson of George Green183831841
Samuel Honeychurchson of George Green1830351865 Died Gundagai New South Wales Australia

167GreeningAlfred Greeningfirst name on this monument1827401867id: 615111197582

168GreenoffJames Mugridge Greenofffirst name on this monument1870id: 8808
(2 images)
Arthur A Greenoffbrother of James Mugridge Greenoff1862241886
William Greenofffather of James Mugridge Greenoff

169GreenwayAnne Greenwayfirst name on this monument185531858id: 884511208925
Thomas Greenwayfather of Anne Greenway
Grace Greenwaymother of Anne Greenway

170GreenwoodJohn Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1821671888id: 609511192551
Mary Greenwoodwife of John Greenwood1816871903

171GriffeyMary Griffeyfirst name on this monument1803781881id: 8924
(2 images)
John Griffeyhusband of Mary Griffey1803841887

172GriffeySarah Jane Griffeyfirst name on this monument1810681878id: 887911211510
John Griffeyhusband of Sarah Jane Griffey

173HainesJohn Hainesfirst name on this monument1800731873id: 9016
(3 images)

174HainesJohn Hainesfirst name on this monument1800731873id: 9012
(4 images)
Anne Iveydaughter of John Haines1835441879
William Iveyson-in-law of John Haines

175HamlynJames Hamlynfirst name on this monument1816641880id: 608511191522
John Hamlynbrother of James Hamlyn1822661888

176HamlynMary Hamlynfirst name on this monument1800771877id: 8983112171324
John Hamlynhusband of Mary Hamlyn1801811882

177HamlynWilliam Hamlynfirst name on this monument1792751867id: 8781112051123
Robert Hamlynson of William Hamlyn1846201866
Ann Hamlynwife of William Hamlyn1800661866

178HancockThomas Hancockfirst name on this monument186751872id: 876611203942
George Hancockfather of Thomas Hancock
Elizabeth Hancockmother of Thomas Hancock

179HancockWilliam Hancockfirst name on this monument1807741881id: 89261121383

180HandfordJohn Handfordfirst name on this monument1786821868id: 90291122009
Elizabeth Handfordwife of John Handford1787811868

181HandfordWilliam Sheppard Handfordfirst name on this monument1825241849id: 608211191318
John Handfordbrother of William Sheppard Handford1833331866
John Handfordfather of William Sheppard Handford
Elizabeth Handfordmother of William Sheppard Handford
Elizabeth Handford
Thomas Handford
William Sheppard Handford185621858

182HarrisRosa Harrisfirst name on this monument1868151883id: 8972
(2 images)
William Harrisfather of Rosa Harris1846411887
Ellen Harrismother of Rosa Harris
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183HarrisSally Harrisfirst name on this monument1809631872id: 8798
(3 images)
11206593Sally Harris was born Sally Sexon in Landkey Devon and Christened on 18th April 1810 in Landkey. She married John Harris on 3rd July 1830 in Landkey, and they had 13 children, moving to live in Orchard Hill in the 1840's.
Martha Harrisdaughter of Sally Harris1848201868
John Harrishusband of Sally Harris1804741878 John Harris was born in Landkey, Devon and Christened on 13th June 1804 in Landkey. He married Sally Sexon on 3rd July 1830 at Landkey. They had 13 children, and moved to live in Orchard Hill in the 1840's. John was an Agricultual Labourer, who later worked as a gardener.

184HawkesleyGeorge Hawkesleyfirst name on this monument1809691878id: 61191119484
John Hawkesleyson of George Hawkesley1835251860
Elizabeth Hawkesleyfirst wife of George Hawkesley1813341847
Ann Hawkesleysecond wife of George Hawkesley1818771895

185HawkesleyMary Hawkesleyfirst name on this monument1788831871id: 90451122104
Mary Greendaughter of Mary Hawkesley1807741881
George Hawkesleyhusband of Mary Hawkesley

186HawkinsWilliam Hawkinsfirst name on this monument1852151867id: 9169112280282
Arabella Hawkins1824441868
John Hawkins

187HaycroftWilliam Haycroftfirst name on this monument1764831847id: 612011194952

188HeadonBessy Ann Stone Headonfirst name on this monument185711858id: 8863d1121058
Samuel Headonfather of Bessy Ann Stone Headon
Martha Headonmother of Bessy Ann Stone Headon

189HeadonMartha Headonfirst name on this monument1781841865id: 8863c11210417
Samuel Headonhusband of Martha Headon

190HeadonMary Headonfirst name on this monument1795851880id: 8863g11210710

191HeadonRichard Headonfirst name on this monument1827551882id: 8863a1121037
Jane Headonwife of Richard Headon1818801898

192HeadonSamuel Headonfirst name on this monument1833421875id: 8863d1121066

193HeadonThomas Headonfirst name on this monument1796861882id: 8863h11210811

194HealEmma Healfirst name on this monument1834161850id: 617911200214
Abiathar Healfather of Emma Heal
Joanna Healmother of Emma Heal

195HealJohn Healfirst name on this monument1832411873id: 9038
(2 images)
William Healson of John Heal1856161872
Elizabeth Healwife of John Heal1832551887

196HeardAnn Heardfirst name on this monument1829391868id: 918211229029
Joshua Heardhusband of Ann Heard
Rebecca Mugford1820881908
William Mugford1816761892

197HeardMary Heardfirst name on this monument1797641861id: 6050
(3 images)
Thomas Heardhusband of Mary Heard1791781869

198HeywoodJoshua Heywoodfirst name on this monument1839841923id: 9186112293321
Eda Maria Heywooddaughter of Joshua Heywood1
Lily Maria Heywooddaughter of Joshua Heywood15
James Willie Ernest Heywoodson of Joshua Heywood
John Montague Heywoodson of Joshua Heywood3
Matilda Heywoodwife of Joshua Heywood1838831921

199HobbsJohn Hobbsfirst name on this monument1822381860id: 8824
(3 images)
Henry Hobbs187431877
Kezia Hobbs
Richard Hobbs
Mary Ann Hobbswife of John Hobbs1813641877

200HobbsSusanna Hobbsfirst name on this monument1789701859id: 8844112088182
George Hobbshusband of Susanna Hobbs1787781865

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