Old Town Municipal Cemetery, Bideford, Devon, England

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Monument list

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1Harriet first name on this monument1867id: 91608

2AbbotJennetta Abbotfirst name on this monument1789581847id: 610671
Rose Abbotdaughter of Jennetta Abbot184811849
William Abbothusband of Jennetta Abbot1786741860

3AcklandWilliam Acklandfirst name on this monument1791761867id: 617673surgeon

4AdamsWilliam Adamsfirst name on this monument1804761880id: 9015
(2 images)
James Adamsson of William Adams1833391872
Elizabeth Adamswife of William Adams1801791880

5AlfordCatherine Alfordfirst name on this monument1788821870id: 877312
Sarah Davey1788821870

6AllenWilliam Allenfirst name on this monumentid: 9165
(2 images)

7AndrewAndrew Andrewfirst name on this monument1795851880id: 6198121
Mary Ann Andrewdaughter of Andrew Andrew187541879
John Andrewson of Andrew Andrew186951874
William Andrewson of Andrew Andrew187621878
Elizabeth Andrewwife of Andrew Andrew
Ann Paskerfirst wife of Andrew Andrew1795551850

8AnthonyDorothy Anthonyfirst name on this monument1808691877id: 899610

9ArnoldGeorge Henry Arnoldfirst name on this monument186511866id: 878311
Joshua Arnoldfather of George Henry Arnold
Jane Arnoldmother of George Henry Arnold
Mary Jane Arnoldsister of George Henry Arnold1861241885

10ArthurMary Arthurfirst name on this monument1854id: 6153141
Robert Arthurhusband of Mary Arthur
Benjamin Arthurson of Mary Arthur1811721883

11AustinJohn Austinfirst name on this monument1845271872id: 87674

12BabbageHenry Adams Babbagefirst name on this monument185711858id: 917834
Edward Babbagebrother of Henry Adams Babbage1855 Eldest son interred at Torrington churchyard
Gilbert Babbagefather of Henry Adams Babbage
Mary Babbagemother of Henry Adams Babbage
Infant Babbageson of Henry Adams Babbage1858

13BalchIssabella Freeman Balchfirst name on this monument184461850id: 6181292
Richard Balchfather of Issabella Freeman Balch
Harriet Balchmother of Issabella Freeman Balch

14BalchMary Balchfirst name on this monument1781941875id: 6207
(2 images)
Mary Grace Brookinggrand daughter of Mary Balch

15BalchRichard Crocker Balchfirst name on this monumentid: 6180132
Richard Balch1802691871

16BalsdenEdgar Edward Lewis Balsdenfirst name on this monument185641860id: 9083
(2 images)
4Fourth son
Alfred William Balsdenbrother of Edgar Edward Lewis Balsden185371860 Second son
John Balsdenfather of Edgar Edward Lewis Balsden
Elizabeth Balsdenmother of Edgar Edward Lewis Balsden

17BalsdonElizabeth Buxton Balsdonfirst name on this monument1807661873id: 6189161
James Balsdonhusband of Elizabeth Buxton Balsdon shipowner

18BalsdonJames Balsdonfirst name on this monument1822801902id: 9115
(3 images)
Bessie Balsdon188151886
Mary Ellen Balsdon1879

19BanksAnna Banksfirst name on this monument1857id: 61336
Edward Banksfather of Anna Banks
Anna Banksmother of Anna Banks
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20BarfettJane Barfettfirst name on this monument1843271870id: 9056
(2 images)
Henry Hookwayfather of Jane Barfett1812791891
William Barfetthusband of Jane Barfett
Betsy Hookwaymother of Jane Barfett1812681880

21BarfittWilliam Barfittfirst name on this monument1802541856id: 891581servent of J H Allen Chircombe
J H Allenemployer of William Barfitt
Ellen Barfittwife of William Barfitt1811761887

22BarnacoatCharles Barnacoatfirst name on this monument1803671870id: 915161
Charles Barnacoatson of Charles Barnacoat1866

23BarnacoatMary Barnacoatfirst name on this monument1792561848id: 620181

24BarrettHenry Frederick Barrettfirst name on this monument1818261844id: 8910
(3 images)
37Captain who died in Calcutta
James Bowen Barrettbrother of Henry Frederick Barrett1843431886
Henry Frederick Barrettson of Henry Frederick Barrett1839181857
Emma Barrettwife of Henry Frederick Barrett1821701891

25BarrowBessy Barrowfirst name on this monument1857261883id: 91937
Robert Barrowfather of Bessy Barrow
Eliza Barrowmother of Bessy Barrow
Robert Barrowson of Bessy Barrow1858301888

26BarrowThomas Barrowfirst name on this monument1793701863id: 9192
(2 images)
John Jones Barrowgrand son of Thomas Barrow185521857
Eliza Barrow
Robert Barrow
Grace Barrowwife of Thomas Barrow1797661863

27BartholomewSarah Bartholomewfirst name on this monument1826631889id: 8843
(2 images)
Charles G Bartholomewhusband of Sarah Bartholomew

28BartholomewWilliam Bartholomewfirst name on this monument1810601870id: 61419
John Hobbs Bartholomewson of William Bartholomew1855341889
Sarah Bartholomewwife of William Bartholomew1812671879

29BartlettEliza Bartlettfirst name on this monument1852id: 6050b9
Mary Heardsister of Eliza Bartlett1789811870

30BartlettMaria Bartlettfirst name on this monument1837331870id: 61009
William Bartletthusband of Maria Bartlett1838411879

31BateEdward Batefirst name on this monument1788771865id: 9185211
Henry Bateson of Edward Bate1849661915
Mary Batewife of Edward Bate1795801875

32BeerJames Gilbert Beerfirst name on this monument1804511855id: 614011

33BeerJohn Beerfirst name on this monument1833441877id: 6087235
Annie Beer
Marion Beer1889
Marion Fogaty Beer
Thomas Archibald Beer
Walter Beer
Walter Merefield Beer1886
Mary Taylor Beerwife of John Beer1834691903

34BeerThomas Beerfirst name on this monument1799691868id: 915414

35BeerWalter Beerfirst name on this monument1821271848id: 6088163
James Beerfather of Walter Beer1787771864
William Henry Beergrand son of Walter Beer185821860
Mary Beermother of Walter Beer1788721860

36BelbenRobert Young Belbenfirst name on this monument1804711875id: 8986192
Mary Belbenwife of Robert Young Belben1806751881
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37BerryJoseph Berryfirst name on this monument1803721875id: 620981
Margaret Berrywife of Joseph Berry1803741877

38BishopHarry James Bishopfirst name on this monument186821870id: 88479
Samuel Bishopfather of Harry James Bishop
Priscilla Bishopmother of Harry James Bishop

39BishopJohn Bishopfirst name on this monument1813581871id: 6126
(3 images)
Harriet Garder Bishopdaughter of John Bishop1843281871
Mary Bishopdaughter of John Bishop184441848
Edward Bishopson of John Bishop185161857
Robert Dyer Bishopson of John Bishop185431857
Mary Ann Bishopwife of John Bishop1813561869

40BishopSidwell Bishopfirst name on this monument1768931861id: 6036131
Thomas Sidwall Bishop
Mary Braund1792721864
Thomas Braund1784821866

41BlackmoreThomas Westlake Blackmorefirst name on this monument1801781879id: 894213
Dorothy Blackmore1806801886

42BlackmoreThomas Westlake Blackmorefirst name on this monument1801781879id: 8961
(2 images)
121Pastor of the Church of Christ
Dorothy Blackmorewife of Thomas Westlake Blackmore1806801886

43BlakeWilliam Blakefirst name on this monument1815441859id: 91588
Mary Ann Blake1821851906
Thomas Blake1813591872

44BlightGeorge Blightfirst name on this monument1796771873id: 9014122

45BlightMaria Blightfirst name on this monument1817661883id: 6076261
John Blighthusband of Maria Blight

46BlightW Blightfirst name on this monumentid: 603442
Joseph Blight1864
M Blight
William Harding Blight1860

47BowdenMary Bowdenfirst name on this monument1842471889id: 8795111
John H Bowdenhusband of Mary Bowden

48BowenJohn Bowenfirst name on this monument1814631877id: 6067
(2 images)
Arthur William Bowenson of John Bowen1851
Harriet Williams Bowenwife of John Bowen1818761894

49BowenWalter Bowenfirst name on this monument1784781862id: 611761
Hannah Bowenwife of Walter Bowen1777851862

50BoxCharles Boxfirst name on this monument1865161881id: 6104281

51BoxWilliam Boxfirst name on this monument1854331887id: 6102291
John Boxson of William Box188421886
William Boxson of William Box188111882
Jane Boxwife of William Box1856331889

52BraggGrace Braggfirst name on this monument1803521855id: 614228
Harriet Braggdaughter of Grace Bragg1838211859
John Bragghusband of Grace Bragg

53BraggJohn Braggfirst name on this monument1840321872id: 903217
Florence Annie Bragg of John Bragg187021872
John Braggfather of John Bragg
Grace Braggmother of John Bragg
Mary Ann Braggwife of John Bragg1939341973

54BraundAnn Braundfirst name on this monumentid: 620484
Salathiel Braundhusband of Ann Braund
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55BraundJohn Braundfirst name on this monument1799731872id: 9001151
Catherine Braundwife of John Braund1799781877

56BraundMary Ann Braundfirst name on this monument1859131872id: 613112
Emma Braundmother of Mary Ann Braund1833501883

57BrayJohn Brayfirst name on this monument1864id: 8787152
Samuel Brayfather of John Bray
Elizabeth Braymother of John Bray

58BraySamuel Brayfirst name on this monument1803711874id: 8988102
Elizabeth Braywife of Samuel Bray1805791884

59BrayleyAlice Maud Brayleyfirst name on this monument1861id: 606421
Elizabeth Brayleymother of Alice Maud Brayley

60BrayleyR E Brayleyfirst name on this monument1871id: 61487
W H Brayley1874

61BrayleyWilliam Brayleyfirst name on this monument1812701882id: 9027211
Elizabeth Brayleyfirst wife of William Brayley1810631873
Mary Brayleysecond wife of William Brayley1827521879

62BrentMary Brentfirst name on this monument1778911869id: 6092191
Richard Brenthusband of Mary Brent
Christian Handrew1793781871

63BridgmanGeorge Bridgmanfirst name on this monument1830351865id: 618817
Ann Maria Bridgmandaughter of George Bridgman1858
Elizabeth Ann Bridgmandaughter of George Bridgman184771854
Lucy Bridgmandaughter of George Bridgman1853
Sarah Jane Hawkin Bridgmandaughter of George Bridgman184311844
George Pickard Bridgmanson of George Bridgman1844191863
John Bridgmanson of George Bridgman185521857
William Hamilton Bridgmanson of George Bridgman185711858
Ann Bridgmanwife of George Bridgman1814581872

64BrookElizabeth Brookfirst name on this monument1809791888id: 8838
(3 images)
Richard Brookhusband of Elizabeth Brook

65BrownscombeElizabeth Ann Brownscombefirst name on this monument1866171883id: 8848244
George Brownscombefather of Elizabeth Ann Brownscombe1839481887
Elizabeth Brownscombemother of Elizabeth Ann Brownscombe

66BrownscombeJames Brownscombefirst name on this monument1795761871id: 9072601

67BurnardNathaniel Burnardfirst name on this monument1818631881id: 6105173
Robert Henry Burnardson of Nathaniel Burnard1850331883
Mary Ann Burnardwife of Nathaniel Burnard1821641885

68BurrowJames Shortridge Burrowfirst name on this monument1812761888id: 9107
(3 images)

69BurrowMary Ann Burrowfirst name on this monument1812801892id: 9107
(3 images)

70BurrowsElizabeth Josland Burrowsfirst name on this monument1811351846id: 6113211
Gregory Drake Stonefather of Elizabeth Josland Burrows1853

71BuseRichard Busefirst name on this monument1801671868id: 8934a5
Richard Henry Buseson of Richard Buse1831411872 solicitor
Phillis Busewife of Richard Buse1793831876

72CaddWilliam Caddfirst name on this monument1812821894id: 6122
(2 images)
271Bideford Postmaster from 1860 to 1892
Jane Elizabeth Caddwife of William Cadd1811871898

73CarterMary Carterfirst name on this monument1802491851id: 616961
John Carterhusband of Mary Carter1805621867

74CawthronWilliam Cawthronfirst name on this monument1788751863id: 8976
(2 images)

75ChappleGrace Chapplefirst name on this monument1814381852id: 61666

76ChidleySarah Chidleyfirst name on this monument1794861880id: 606226
Richard Chidleyhusband of Sarah Chidley master mariner
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77ChingWilliam Chingfirst name on this monument1810691879id: 6096262
Susan Chingwife of William Ching

78ChopeAlice Chopefirst name on this monument1845131858id: 614415
Walter Chopefather of Alice Chope1798631861
Eliza Chopemother of Alice Chope

79ChopeEliza Chopefirst name on this monument1835201855id: 614615
Walter Chopefather of Eliza Chope
Eliza Chopemother of Eliza Chope1803521855

80ChopeWillie Chopefirst name on this monument1867id: 9105122
Walter Chopefather of Willie Chope1829591888
Mary Jane Chopemother of Willie Chope1837841921
Minnie Chopesister of Willie Chope1868261894

81ClarkeEmma Clarkefirst name on this monument1860231883id: 9068
(2 images)

82ClarkeEmmeline Clarkefirst name on this monument187831881id: 9076
(2 images)
J M S Clarkefather of Emmeline Clarke
Mary Jane Clarkemother of Emmeline Clarke1850451895

83ClarkeJames Routcliffe Clarkefirst name on this monument1840421882id: 8927
(2 images)

84ClarkeWilliam Smale Clarkefirst name on this monument1843251868id: 9066
(2 images)
John Clarkefather of William Smale Clarke
Susanna Clarkemother of William Smale Clarke
Mary Elizabeth Clarkesister of William Smale Clarke1852191871

85ClementElizabeth Clementfirst name on this monument1802691871id: 9096401Nee Nichols Wife of Abraham Clements

86ClementsHenry Clementsfirst name on this monument1831311862id: 6033111

87ClementsIssabella Clementsfirst name on this monument186721869id: 9129
(2 images)
John Henry Clementsbrother of Issabella Clements1872
Abraham Clementsfather of Issabella Clements
Elizabeth Clementsmother of Issabella Clements

88ClementsJames Nichols Clementsfirst name on this monument1835331868id: 9144172Of Alverdiscott Died: 6 May 1868 Father: Abraham Clements Snr Mother: Elizabeth (nee Nichols) Clements
James Clementsson of James Nichols Clements1869 Born: September 1868 Died: 29 March 1869 Age: 7 Months

89ClibbettAnn Clibbettfirst name on this monument1828301858id: 8883
(2 images)
James Clibbettfather of Ann Clibbett
Margaret Susanna Clibbettmother of Ann Clibbett185521857
Harriet Clibbettsister of Ann Clibbett185351858

90ClibbettDavid Nicholls Clibbettfirst name on this monument1830421872id: 9049
(2 images)
Amelia Clibbettdaughter of David Nicholls Clibbett1873331906
Laura Eliza Clibbettdaughter of David Nicholls Clibbett1861531914
Sarah Ann Clibbettdaughter of David Nicholls Clibbett1857281885
Priscilla Clibbettwife of David Nicholls Clibbett1832731905

91CockRichard Cockfirst name on this monument1816761892id: 8819
(3 images)
Sarah Cockdaughter of Richard Cock1842851927
Susan Cockfirst wife of Richard Cock1817431860
Jane Cocksecond wife of Richard Cock1816911907

92ColeJohn Tapley Colefirst name on this monument1819331852id: 606516
Bessie Coledaughter of John Tapley Cole184661852
William John Coleson of John Tapley Cole1850241874
Elizabeth Colewife of John Tapley Cole1904

93ColleyElizabeth Colleyfirst name on this monument1803741877id: 8966
(2 images)
John Colleyhusband of Elizabeth Colley1807771884

94ColwillAnn Colwillfirst name on this monument1816671883id: 6075
(2 images)
John Colwillhusband of Ann Colwill

95ColwillHannah Colwillfirst name on this monument1804731877id: 8963131
Thomas Colwillhusband of Hannah Colwill
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96ColwillWilliam Colwillfirst name on this monument1831421873id: 9022
(4 images)
Ellen Tabitha Colwillwife of William Colwill1836511887

97CookElizabeth Cookfirst name on this monument1830551885id: 8772101
William Cookhusband of Elizabeth Cook

98CoppFanny Ellen Coppfirst name on this monument1863171880id: 8898
(3 images)
James Coppfather of Fanny Ellen Copp1834951929
Elizabeth Coppmother of Fanny Ellen Copp1837681905

99CoppSusanna Coppfirst name on this monument1823641887id: 9156
(2 images)
William Copphusband of Susanna Copp
Ann Couch1836321868
Elizabeth Couch

100CouchWilliam Couchfirst name on this monumentid: 915315
Edith Medland Couchdaughter of William Couch187161877

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