Lawnswood X Cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

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101GeraghtyEdna Mary Geraghtyfirst name on this monument1913481961id: 82601161059405
John Geraghtyhusband of Edna Mary Geraghty1912861998

102GillmanAda Gillmanfirst name on this monument1949id: 82602851060996
Kathleen Gillmansister of Ada Gillman1968
Margurite Gillmansister of Ada Gillman1948

103GilyeadElizabeth Gilyeadfirst name on this monument1862511913id: 826014510596874
Henry Gilyeadhusband of Elizabeth Gilyead1866761942

104GloverArthur William Gloverfirst name on this monument1862621924id: 8260082105914551He was my great grandfather & Son of Mathew Glover who established M. Glover & Co Ltd Leeds who manufactured Saw mills & firewood machinery added by Richard Glover
Arthur Bernard Gloverson of Arthur William Glover1889471936
Margaret Elizabeth Gloverwife of Arthur William Glover1866731939

105GloverEva Agnes Gloverfirst name on this monument1902731975id: 826018910600512
Wilfred Gloverhusband of Eva Agnes Glover1900771977

106GreavesAnnie Greavesfirst name on this monument1932id: 826018610600314
Charles H Greaveshusband of Annie Greaves1945
Ernest James Greavesson of Annie Greaves1932

107GreenFlorence Greenfirst name on this monument1951id: 82602041060194
Harry Bingham Greenhusband of Florence Green1978

108GreenWalter Paul Greenfirst name on this monument1874721946id: 826022610604122
Edward Greenson of Walter Paul Green1910671977
Mary Elizabeth Greenwife of Walter Paul Green1878901968

109GreenWilliam B Greenfirst name on this monument1847681915id: 826014710597012
Elizabeth Greenwife of William B Green1848711919

110GreenhalghLily Greenhalghfirst name on this monument1898831981id: 82600381058706
Sidney Greenhalghhusband of Lily Greenhalgh1897961993

111GreenwoodAlfred Herbert Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1904661970id: 82600441058767

112GreenwoodMargaret Ellen Greenwoodfirst name on this monument193681944id: 826023310604716
Ronald Greenwoodfather of Margaret Ellen Greenwood1903671970

113GriffinEmma Sarah Griffinfirst name on this monument1864501914id: 826024310605752
Esther Emma Griffindaughter of Emma Sarah Griffin1886811967
William Griffinhusband of Emma Sarah Griffin1856741930

114GrimshawLouisa Grimshawfirst name on this monument1849851934id: 82601881060045
John B Grimshawhusband of Louisa Grimshaw

115GuthrieArthur Guthriefirst name on this monument1878831961id: 8260111105935223
Elizabeth Guthriewife of Arthur Guthrie1879821961

116GytonHerbert Walter Gytonfirst name on this monument1945id: 82603021061145
Leslie Gytonson of Herbert Walter Gyton1982
Elizabeth Jane Gytonwife of Herbert Walter Gyton1965

117HampsonMary Hampsonfirst name on this monument1865661931id: 82600711059037
Handel Hampsonhusband of Mary Hampson1861721933

118HargravesWilliam Henry Hargravesfirst name on this monument1870671937id: 826029210610611
William Hargravesson of William Henry Hargraves1895231918
Sarah Elizabeth Hargraveswife of William Henry Hargraves1879681947

119HarrisonFlorence Elizabeth Harrisonfirst name on this monument1877361913id: 82601601059838
William Harrisonhusband of Florence Elizabeth Harrison
Will Harrisonson of Florence Elizabeth Harrison

120HarrisonJudith Harrisonfirst name on this monument1943id: 8260306106118161
Arthur Harrison19101002010
Kathleen Harrison1912871999
Edith Platts1890951985

121HarveyAnnie Elizabeth Harveyfirst name on this monument1945id: 8260299106111123
George Harveyfather of Annie Elizabeth Harvey
Gertrude Harveymother of Annie Elizabeth Harvey
Louise Harveysister of Annie Elizabeth Harvey1960
Edith Sutcliffesister of Annie Elizabeth Harvey1951
Frederich Kershaw Sutcliffeson-in-law of Annie Elizabeth Harvey1951 Brother in law of Annie
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122HaywardFred Haywardfirst name on this monument1882691951id: 82602951061097
Jane Hannah Jessopmother-in-law of Fred Hayward1937
Ann Elizabeth Haywardwife of Fred Hayward1882801962

123HeeleyGeorge Henry Heeleyfirst name on this monument1889711960id: 826011010593451
Martha Ellen Heeleywife of George Henry Heeley1886841970

124HendersonPolly Hendersonfirst name on this monument1869451914id: 8260139105962731
James Hendersonhusband of Polly Henderson
William Henderson1833861919 William Henderson born 12 Oct 1833 in Dumfries, Scotland was a coach painter. In January 1860 he jumped into flooded River Nith, Dumfries & rescued 7 year old George Watt Thackrah from drowning. Awarded Royal Humane Society Medal.
James Hendersonson of Polly Henderson1923

125HesslegraveJoseph Hesslegravefirst name on this monument1841751916id: 826024210605661
Emma Hesslegravewife of Joseph Hesslegrave

126HeyHerbert Heyfirst name on this monument1875721947id: 826023910605381
Mabel Heywife of Herbert Hey1974

127HeywardWilliam Heywardfirst name on this monument1898621960id: 826011510593918
William Edward Heywardfather of William Heyward
Margaret Heywardmother of William Heyward
Ella Heywardwife of William Heyward

128HildrethWalter Hildrethfirst name on this monument1879691948id: 826022010603551
Rose Ethel Hildrethwife of Walter Hildreth1879931972

129HillCharles William Hillfirst name on this monument1894481942id: 826030710611921
Walter Hill1927822009
Clara Hillwife of Charles William Hill1895481943

130HirstArthur Hirstfirst name on this monument1954id: 826021410602951
Winifred Mary Hirstwife of Arthur Hirst1971

131HitchenJemima Watson Hitchenfirst name on this monument1927id: 82601791059963
Myles Coupland Dixon Hitchenhusband of Jemima Watson Hitchen1853841937

132HodderJohn Hodderfirst name on this monument1904821986id: 82600111058436
Edith Marjorie Hodderwife of John Hodder1902911993

133HoldenEdith Marie Holdenfirst name on this monument1914id: 826015910598230

134HoldernessEliza Holdernessfirst name on this monument1851631914id: 82602371060517
Gwendoline Geldardgrand daughter of Eliza Holderness1909111920
Irene Geldardgrand daughter of Eliza Holderness1905201925

135HoldsworthAmy Holdsworthfirst name on this monument1869601929id: 826016110598451
Dan Holdsworthhusband of Amy Holdsworth1865771942

136HolgateJames Holgatefirst name on this monument1845801925id: 826000910584161

137HoltGeorge Henry Holtfirst name on this monument1889801969id: 82602591060735
Elsie Holtwife of George Henry Holt1904881992

138HopesCharles Henry Hopesfirst name on this monument1882831965id: 826024910606310
Edith Hopeswife of Charles Henry Hopes1884871971

139HorsleyJane Horsleyfirst name on this monument1888261914id: 82601371059609
Henry Horsleyhusband of Jane Horsley

140HorsmanSarah Ann Horsmanfirst name on this monument1841731914id: 8260138105961141
Edward Horsmanhusband of Sarah Ann Horsman
Frank Horsmanson of Sarah Ann Horsman1862561918

141HortonGrace Edith Hortonfirst name on this monument1905571962id: 82601201059444

142HudsonAlbert E Hudsonfirst name on this monument1901641965id: 826027610609020
Muriel Hudsonwife of Albert E Hudson1967

143HudsonLaurence Hudsonfirst name on this monument1893231916id: 8260246106060253
Albert Hudsonfather of Laurence Hudson1864861950
Hannah Mary Hudsonmother of Laurence Hudson1870591929
Joseph Harold Hudson1890801970
Kate Hudson1891851976
David Nicholas Smith1966342000
George Smith1929531982
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144HummerstonJames Hummerstonfirst name on this monument1849691918id: 8260001105833211
Maud Mary Hummerston1883941977 Mary Maud is the daughter of James( died 1918) and Annie Hummerston ( died 1948) on the same stone
Eric Hummerstonson of James Hummerston1898181916
John Hummerstonson of James Hummerston1888821970
Annie Hummerstonwife of James Hummerston1862861948

145HuntThomas John Huntfirst name on this monument1900801980id: 82600331058653
Winnifred Mary Huntwife of Thomas John Hunt1907921999

146IbbetsonJohn William Ibbetsonfirst name on this monument1858731931id: 8260134105957141
Alice Ibbetsonwife of John William Ibbetson1871821953

147InchboldPhilip Inchboldfirst name on this monument1871501921id: 8260005105837101
Henry Inchboldfather of Philip Inchbold
Florence Inchboldwife of Philip Inchbold Florence Elizabeth Inchbold nee McKinna b.1876 Leeds. m 1908. d. 1951

148InmanThomas Inmanfirst name on this monument1916211937id: 82603091061215

149IrvineAnnie Clara Anderson Irvinefirst name on this monument1884471931id: 82600131058458
William S B Irvinehusband of Annie Clara Anderson Irvine1886681954

150JacksonJohn William Jacksonfirst name on this monument1869451914id: 8260273106087141
Harry Percival Jacksonbrother of John William Jackson1876481924
John Jacksonfather of John William Jackson1845841929
Sarah Jacksonmother of John William Jackson1844821926
Ada Wheelwright Jacksonsister of John William Jackson1871891960
Edith Ann Jacksonsister of John William Jackson1880831963
Margaret Stoneysister of John William Jackson1966

151JacksonLily Jacksonfirst name on this monument1864661930id: 826017310599117
Frank Jacksonhusband of Lily Jackson1865701935
Joseph Oswald Jacksonson of Lily Jackson1892231915

152JacksonRichard W Jacksonfirst name on this monument1870531923id: 82602701060844
Arthur T Jacksonson of Richard W Jackson1887411928
Emily Jacksonwife of Richard W Jackson1861671928

153JaggerEliza Jaggerfirst name on this monument1875581933id: 826017610599421
Horace Jaggerhusband of Eliza Jagger1879811960

154JamesonJames Conway Jamesonfirst name on this monument1867811948id: 826028310609734

155JonesCharles Jonesfirst name on this monument1920271947id: 82600541058866
Charles H Jonesfather of Charles Jones1887731960
Mary Jonesmother of Charles Jones1891881979

156JonesHarry Jonesfirst name on this monument1910691979id: 82602021060176
Anna Joneswife of Harry Jones1915671982

157JonesRobert G Jonesfirst name on this monument1874661940id: 82600921059203
Gaynor Jonesdaughter of Robert G Jones1914451959
Margaret Jonesdaughter-in-law of Robert G Jones
Douglas Jonesson of Robert G Jones1917721989
Lalla Joneswife of Robert G Jones1880871967

158JowettAlbert Jowettfirst name on this monument1865701935id: 826026210607691
Walter Leonard Jowettson of Albert Jowett1896641960
Eliza Jowettwife of Albert Jowett1867751942

159JowettJulia Jowettfirst name on this monument1948id: 82601911060079
Elsie Marguritte Jowettdaughter of Julia Jowett1984
Albert Jowetthusband of Julia Jowett1965

160KaiserPaul Kaiserfirst name on this monument1894781972id: 82602691060839

161KeeganRhoda Keeganfirst name on this monument1916441960id: 82601131059376
Thomas Keeganhusband of Rhoda Keegan1906551961

162KellettIsaac Walker Kellettfirst name on this monument1876731949id: 826029310610710
Elizabeth Kellettwife of Isaac Walker Kellett1879651944
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163KentThomas Kentfirst name on this monument1902581960id: 82601081059323
Margaret Kentwife of Thomas Kent1907711978

164KestevenMaude Julia Kestevenfirst name on this monument1943id: 8260149105972182
Francis Kestevenhusband of Maude Julia Kesteven

165KingstonJames Kingstonfirst name on this monument1868641932id: 82601821059998

166KingstonMinnie Hannah Kingstonfirst name on this monument1885631948id: 82602171060328
May Kingstondaughter-in-law of Minnie Hannah Kingston
Harry Middleton Kingstonson of Minnie Hannah Kingston1911431954

167KnightJohn Martin Knightfirst name on this monument193071937id: 82603111061232

168LapidgeSusannah Lapidgefirst name on this monument1848641912id: 8260125a1059497
Nerrannah Shawdaughter of Susannah Lapidge1879711950
Nerrannah Clarkegrand daughter of Susannah Lapidge1913711984
John Harry Clarkegrand son-in-law of Susannah Lapidge1902811983
John Lapidgehusband of Susannah Lapidge1847711918
Joseph Shawson-in-law of Susannah Lapidge1885561941

169LawtonGertrude Chrissie Lawtonfirst name on this monument1944id: 826030410611611

170LeeJohn Henry Leefirst name on this monument1866821948id: 826019410600919
Edna Garsidedaughter of John Henry Lee
Roy Stewart Garsidegrand son of John Henry Lee1944111955
Jack A Garsideson-in-law of John Henry Lee
Jennie Leewife of John Henry Lee1875731948

171LeggHenry Preston Leggfirst name on this monument1854701924id: 82601541059776
Annie Eveline Leggwife of Henry Preston Legg1856981954

172LepperDelacy T Lepperfirst name on this monument1890471937id: 826006710589910

173LickleyNellie Lickleyfirst name on this monument1877641941id: 82603101061228
James Lickleyhusband of Nellie Lickley1877771954

174LindleySarah Emma Lindleyfirst name on this monument1884311915id: 82601291059528
Walter Lindleyhusband of Sarah Emma Lindley1929

175MainstoneEdith Mainstonefirst name on this monument1895501945id: 826004910588162
Harold Mainstonehusband of Edith Mainstone

176MajorViolet Majorfirst name on this monument1905811986id: 82600041058368
Dorothy O'Shea1936672003

177MarshallBenjamin Marshallfirst name on this monument1855781933id: 826018410600131
Jane Marshallwife of Benjamin Marshall1861731934

178MarshallMartha Ann Marshallfirst name on this monument1861551916id: 826015010597326
Ruth Woodcockdaughter of Martha Ann Marshall1888511939
Lora Woodcockgrand daughter of Martha Ann Marshall
Joseph Binns Marshallhusband of Martha Ann Marshall1840771917
Gilbert Woodcockson-in-law of Martha Ann Marshall1885351920

179MaxeyAda Louisa Maxeyfirst name on this monument1871771948id: 8260218106033102
Fred Maxeyhusband of Ada Louisa Maxey1874821956
Hilda Maxey1903671970
Tom Maxeyson of Ada Louisa Maxey1901911992

180McGlennonFrank McGlennonfirst name on this monument1901821983id: 826002510585752
Marjorie McGlennonwife of Frank McGlennon1900991999

181McKayGeorge Alexander McKayfirst name on this monument1920491969id: 826007810591016

182McLayRobert McLayfirst name on this monument1876541930id: 826007310590531
Ethel McLaywife of Robert McLay

183MitchellNick Mitchellfirst name on this monument1912581970id: 82601211059458
Sheila Mitchellwife of Nick Mitchell1913591972

184MoorhouseMargaret Jane Moorhousefirst name on this monument1873721945id: 826002210585413
Zoraida Williamsondaughter of Margaret Jane Moorhouse1899611960
John William Moorhousehusband of Margaret Jane Moorhouse1874731947
John Edward Williamsonson-in-law of Margaret Jane Moorhouse1899501949
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185MorleyJohn William Morleyfirst name on this monument1946id: 826025410606821

186MountainWilliam Mountainfirst name on this monument1943id: 82602821060961
Sarah Ann Mountainwife of William Mountain1954

187MowthorpeElizabeth Mowthorpefirst name on this monument1905751980id: 826002910586141
Joseph Mowthorpehusband of Elizabeth Mowthorpe1894891983

188NaughtonHarry Naughtonfirst name on this monument1870741944id: 82603051061179
Emma Naughtonwife of Harry Naughton1868891957

189NaylorEmily Naylorfirst name on this monument1871441915id: 82601691059905
Elsie Naylordaughter of Emily Naylor1890671957

190NewlandJames John Newlandfirst name on this monument1878711949id: 82602131060285
Jessie Newland1904982002
Leonard Newland1908791987
Paul Newland1940702010
Mary Hannah Newlandwife of James John Newland1880711951

191NicholsonWilliam Bailey Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1853611914id: 82601271059505
Egerton Bailey Nicholsongrand son of William Bailey Nicholson191611917
Sarah Hannah Nicholsonwife of William Bailey Nicholson1854731927

192NixonEustace William Nixonfirst name on this monument1872521924id: 826016610598717

193NixonJoseph Nixonfirst name on this monument1878821960id: 82601091059335
Maud Nixonwife of Joseph Nixon1890701960

194NorthGeorge Edward Northfirst name on this monument1850731923id: 826023510604951
Eliza Mitchell Northwife of George Edward North1851921943

195NortonBenjamin Nortonfirst name on this monument1861781939id: 8260070105902411
Faith Nortonwife of Benjamin Norton1862701932

196NuttJames Nuttfirst name on this monument1906751981id: 82600281058605
Elizabeth Nuttwife of James Nutt1907881995

197OgdenJames Allen Ogdenfirst name on this monument1872761948id: 82602861061001

198OglesbySydney Alfred Oglesbyfirst name on this monument1899671966id: 826003510586781
Hilda Oglesbywife of Sydney Alfred Oglesby1885941979

199OldfieldJohn Oldfieldfirst name on this monument1869711940id: 82600631058953
Pollie Oldfieldwife of John Oldfield1869841953

200OrmerodGeorge Henry Ormerodfirst name on this monument1854711925id: 826012410594810
Jane Muirhead Ormerodwife of George Henry Ormerod1856821938

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