Ford Road Cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1101McColeNeil McColefirst name on this monument1913571970id: 165638091210711
Michael McColeson of Neil McCole1947562003
Patrick McColeson of Neil McCole1941632004
Sarah Mastersonwife of Neil McCole1920781998

1102McConnellD McConnellfirst name on this monument1905id: 15861803311077
Elizabeth McConnelldaughter of D McConnell1906
Jane Blackwife of D McConnell1830861916

1103McCormackElizabeth McCormackfirst name on this monument1872811953id: 15975804371067
Donald Blythhusband of Elizabeth McCormack1877851962

1104McCowanAnnie Forrest McCowanfirst name on this monument1926id: 155058000510701
John McCowanbrother of Annie Forrest McCowan1938
Jane Forrest McCowansister of Annie Forrest McCowan1875701945
Margaret Forrest McCowansister of Annie Forrest McCowan1938
Mary McCowansister of Annie Forrest McCowan1873871960

1105McCowanDonald McCowanfirst name on this monument1914id: 158678033710731
Ethel Delaine Richardsongreat grand daughter of Donald McCowan1941
Elizabeth Thomsonwife of Donald McCowan1927

1106McCraeJames Colin McCraefirst name on this monument1950id: 159968045510691
Stewart Donaldbrother-in-law of James Colin McCrae
James McCraefather of James Colin McCrae
Maisie McCraemother of James Colin McCrae
Kirsty Elizabeth Donaldsister of James Colin McCrae1953251978

1107McCrawJean McCrawfirst name on this monument1932692001id: 167988111410671
Bill McCrawhusband of Jean McCraw

1108McCroneAlan Osborne McCronefirst name on this monument1936211957id: 1040186796931067

1109McCroneRobert Osborne Orr McCronefirst name on this monument1895901985id: 1040187796941074
Laura Margaret Loudonwife of Robert Osborne Orr McCrone1902891991

1110McCubbinJane McCubbinfirst name on this monument1843811924id: 15394799111071
Jane McMillandaughter of Jane McCubbin1957
Thomas Stewarthusband of Jane McCubbin

1111McCullochBella McCullochfirst name on this monument1963id: 15915803831072
John B Ewinghusband of Bella McCulloch1988

1112McCullochEliza Mary Ann McCullochfirst name on this monument1930201950id: 162538065410682
David McCullochbrother of Eliza Mary Ann McCulloch1927812008
William McCullochfather of Eliza Mary Ann McCulloch1886921978
Eliza McCullochmother of Eliza Mary Ann McCulloch1896691965
Ian A W Mearns1961371998

1113McCullochJohn McCullochfirst name on this monument1852411893id: 16299806991072
Helen Stewart McCullochdaughter of John McCulloch1885191904
Jane Ann Millerwife of John McCulloch1859501909

1114McCullochMarjory Isabella McCullochfirst name on this monument1886651951id: 15998804571069
James Robert Younghusband of Marjory Isabella McCulloch

1115McCullochMary McCullochfirst name on this monument1857341891id: 160608050810781
George McCullochfather of Mary McCulloch1826471873
James Donaldsonhusband of Mary McCulloch1855581913
Isabella Dainmother of Mary McCulloch1822841906
Jane Clapperton McCullochsister of Mary McCulloch186871875
Margaret Morrison McCullochsister of Mary McCulloch1854481902
Rebecca Manson McCullochsister of Mary McCulloch1860171877

1116McCullochThomas McCullochfirst name on this monument1897581955id: 157668024810692
Tom McCullochson of Thomas McCulloch
Jeannie McCullochwife of Thomas McCulloch1992
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1117McCullochWilliam McCullochfirst name on this monument1816631879id: 10308877944710712
Christian McCullochdaughter of William McCulloch186711868
Jessie Jane McCullochdaughter of William McCulloch1859511910
Lizzie McCullochdaughter of William McCulloch1875181893
Elizabeth Ann McCulloch
William McCulloch1947
James McCullochson of William McCulloch1870431913
John McCullochson of William McCulloch62
Elizabeth Bosswife of William McCulloch12862190

1118McCurrachJohn McCurrachfirst name on this monument1917id: 1030619792361069
Helen Hill Blairdaughter of John McCurrach1981
John McCurrachson of John McCurrach1941
James Cow Blairson-in-law of John McCurrach1976
Jessie Murraywife of John McCurrach1946

1119McCurrachMargaret McCurrachfirst name on this monument1999id: 1040388798781067
Ian McCurrachhusband of Margaret McCurrach2003

1120McDiarmidJohn McDiarmidfirst name on this monument1849991948id: 16030804841072
Emma Franklin Hannahwife of John McDiarmid1875821957

1121McDonald(Wee) Lizzie McDonaldfirst name on this monument191331916id: 156178010810731
Donald McDonaldfather of (Wee) Lizzie McDonald1888511939
Jessie McAra MacLarenmother of (Wee) Lizzie McDonald1891771968

1122McDonaldCharles McDonaldfirst name on this monument1828361864id: 16184806021073
Annie McDonalddaughter of Charles McDonald1857581915
Jane McCullochwife of Charles McDonald1827681895

1123McDonaldChristina McDonaldfirst name on this monument1895551950id: 15990804491073
Peter Malloyhusband of Christina McDonald1895751970

1124McDonaldClementina McDonaldfirst name on this monument51id: 15755802371071
Angus McDonaldhusband of Clementina McDonald
Flora Cameronsister of Clementina McDonald1865831948

1125McDonaldFleetwood Wilson McDonaldfirst name on this monument1881491930id: 155468004510692
Justina Ferguson McDonalddaughter of Fleetwood Wilson McDonald1902311933
Kenneth George Ritchie McDonaldson of Fleetwood Wilson McDonald1904301934
Georgina A Ritchiesister-in-law of Fleetwood Wilson McDonald1976
Justina Ferguson Ritchiewife of Fleetwood Wilson McDonald1876801956

1126McDonaldJames McDonaldfirst name on this monument1925471972id: 16514808641069
Betty Smithwife of James McDonald1924631987

1127McDonaldJames McDonaldfirst name on this monument1812861898id: 15733802161066

1128McDonaldJanet McDonaldfirst name on this monument1812671879id: 10306887928310711
Margaret Robertsondaughter of Janet McDonald
James Robertsonhusband of Janet McDonald1814771891

1129McDonaldJohn McDonaldfirst name on this monument1982id: 1030935794891067
Jessie Grantwife of John McDonald1952

1130McDonaldJohn McDonaldfirst name on this monument1813781891id: 1030611792291069
Christina Haggartdaughter of John McDonald1869801949
Janet McDonalddaughter of John McDonald1852811933
John McDonaldgrand son of John McDonald1894611955
Duncan McDonaldson of John McDonald1857821939
John McDonaldson of John McDonald1853761929
Christian Sinclairwife of John McDonald1825831908

1131McDonaldThomas B McDonaldfirst name on this monument1916591975id: 16451808161066
Christina (Ina) Livingstonewife of Thomas B McDonald1912942006
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1132McDougallIsabella McDougallfirst name on this monument1836621898id: 1030890794501069
Peter McDougallfather of Isabella McDougall
Janet McGregormother of Isabella McDougall1788831871

1133McDougallJohan McDougallfirst name on this monument1882831965id: 166738101110701
Anne Quennelldaughter of Johan McDougall1906841990
Morag Woodmandaughter of Johan McDougall1983
Archibald Cameronhusband of Johan McDougall1879871966
Eric Woodmanson-in-law of Johan McDougall

1134McDuffJane McDufffirst name on this monument1830821912id: 1030488791371066
Samuel Baynehusband of Jane McDuff1829711900

1135McDuffThomas McDufffirst name on this monument1856771933id: 159808044210742
Andrew McDuffbrother of Thomas McDuff1853131866
Peter John McDuffbrother of Thomas McDuff1859651924
Thomas McDufffather of Thomas McDuff1818691887
Janet Ritchiemother of Thomas McDuff1815801895
Ann McDuffsister of Thomas McDuff1853571910
Jessie McDuffsister of Thomas McDuff1848421890

1136McElhinneyEdward McElhinneyfirst name on this monument1903761979id: 16375807561074
John McElhinneyson of Edward McElhinney1931762007

1137McEwanCatherine McEwanfirst name on this monument1918id: 157758025710732
Catherine Blairdaughter of Catherine McEwan1964
William Blairhusband of Catherine McEwan1869841953
William Blairson of Catherine McEwan1916

1138McEwenAlexander McEwenfirst name on this monument1867481915id: 159468041010701
Margaret Ann McEwen/Rogerson/Corrie1955
John Rogerson1929

1139McEwenAnn McEwenfirst name on this monument1825521877id: 16024804781068
Donald Stewarthusband of Ann McEwen1822411863

1140McEwenCatherine McEwenfirst name on this monument1857841941id: 10308017937710721
James Neishhusband of Catherine McEwen1850451895
William Neishson of Catherine McEwen1894811975

1141McEwenDuncan McEwenfirst name on this monument1835591894id: 159478041110715
Jane Knight McEwendaughter of Duncan McEwen187421876
Duncan McEwenson of Duncan McEwen1872601932
James McEwenson of Duncan McEwen1868281896
Jane Robertsonwife of Duncan McEwen1831511882

1142McEwenJames McEwenfirst name on this monument1846751921id: 163078070710731
Jane Cuthbertdaughter of James McEwen1879761955
Grace Marie MacEwandaughter of James McEwen1896891985
Cecilia Baxter McEwendaughter of James McEwen188811889
Margaret Scott McEwendaughter of James McEwen188111882
William I N MacEwanson of James McEwen1909841993
John Baxter McEwenson of James McEwen1884341918
Cecilia Baxterwife of James McEwen1847901937

1143McEwenJohn McEwenfirst name on this monument1809351844id: 10307057929710734
Christina MacGregordaughter of John McEwen1834791913
Catherine McEwendaughter of John McEwen1866851951 The relationship listing Catherine as daughter of John McEwen is incorrect. I have just looked at death records, and Catherine McEwen is daughter of Christina McGregor McEwen (also on this stone).
Catherine Roywife of John McEwen1807751882

1144McEwenJohn Bain McEwenfirst name on this monument1800681868id: 16020804751073
Thomas McEwenfather of John Bain McEwen1798871885
Jean Bainmother of John Bain McEwen1800631863
Ann McEwensister of John Bain McEwen1822711893
Jane McEwensister of John Bain McEwen1834791913
Janet McEwensister of John Bain McEwen1858261884
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1145McEwenRobert McEwenfirst name on this monument1867821949id: 15987804461069

1146McEwenThomas McEwenfirst name on this monument1847691916id: 16114805471080
Nellie Calderdaughter of Thomas McEwen1877291906
Mary Brown McEwendaughter of Thomas McEwen189271899
Thomas McEwengrand son of Thomas McEwen1895231918
Robert Hay1878831961
Margaret McEwen1980
James Calderson-in-law of Thomas McEwen
Margaret Campbellwife of Thomas McEwen1850711921

1147McFarlaneDonald McFarlanefirst name on this monument1900361936id: 15530800301068
Jessie McKie Thomsonwife of Donald McFarlane1897781975

1148McFarlaneElizabeth McFarlanefirst name on this monument1827691896id: 10309047946210701
Kate Douglas Dowdaughter of Elizabeth McFarlane1943
Jane Smartdaughter of Elizabeth McFarlane1944
James Rutherfordhusband of Elizabeth McFarlane1821851906
Alexander Rutherfordson of Elizabeth McFarlane1859
James Rutherfordson of Elizabeth McFarlane186361869
William Rutherfordson of Elizabeth McFarlane1914
Dowson-in-law of Elizabeth McFarlane

1149McFarlaneJames T McFarlanefirst name on this monument1874781952id: 1030708793001071
Ina T McFarlanedaughter of James T McFarlane1914841998
Robert (Bobby) Jackson-in-law of James T McFarlane1912751987
Janet Patonwife of James T McFarlane1873811954

1150McFarlaneJessie McFarlanefirst name on this monument1921id: 155188001810731
Catherine Ann Youngdaughter of Jessie McFarlane1989
David Youngfather of Jessie McFarlane1922

1151McFarlaneJohn McFarlanefirst name on this monument1862731935id: 10308957945510671
Margaret Cooperwife of John McFarlane1862791941

1152McFarlaneJohn McFarlanefirst name on this monument1801931894id: 10400267954910731
Annie McFarlanedaughter of John McFarlane1867791946
William McFarlane Westgrand son of John McFarlane1886321918
John Westson-in-law of John McFarlane1867781945
Annie Kirkwife of John McFarlane1827821909

1153McFarlaneJohn McFarlanefirst name on this monument1811691880id: 160238047710691
William McFarlaneson of John McFarlane1840231863
Janet McArthurwife of John McFarlane1810601870

1154McFarlaneMargaret R McFarlanefirst name on this monument1890561946id: 158938036210711born 17 May 1889, Crieff. Daughter of Elizabeth Law Ritchie ( 1869 - 1914)and Alexander McFarlane (1863 - 1915)
David Donaldsonhusband of Margaret R McFarlane1890751965

1155McFarlanePeter McFarlanefirst name on this monument1898781976id: 15494799961071
Helen Malcolmwife of Peter McFarlane1899811980

1156McFarlanePeter McFarlanefirst name on this monument1872851957id: 1040019795451068
Bunty McFarlanedaughter of Peter McFarlane1960
Elizabeth Taylorwife of Peter McFarlane1871881959

1157McGibbonBessie McGibbonfirst name on this monument1958id: 1040105796211067
William Wilsonhusband of Bessie McGibbon1981

1158McGibbonGeorge McGibbonfirst name on this monument1824731897id: 158518032110781
Helen Morrisondaughter of George McGibbon1922
Janet Tainshdaughter of George McGibbon1953
Elizabeth Crambwife of George McGibbon1825891914

1159McGibbonJames McGibbonfirst name on this monument1853661919id: 10307267931710721
Annie McGibbondaughter of James McGibbon1885731958
John McGibbonson of James McGibbon1880541934
Peter McGibbonson of James McGibbon
Margaret Setonwife of James McGibbon1850741924
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1160McGibbonJames G M McGibbonfirst name on this monument190011901id: 158508032010712James George Morton McGibbon
James McGibbonfather of James G M McGibbon1865751940
Grace Pendermother of James G M McGibbon1866841950 Grace, daughter of John Pender and Grace (nee Morton). Burial year should read 1958 (from Death Certificate)

1161McGibbonJohn McGibbonfirst name on this monumentid: 10306797927710721
James McGibbonfather of John McGibbon1822641886
Jane Millermother of John McGibbon1807661873
Annie Marshallwife of John McGibbon1850291879

1162McGibbonJohn McGibbonfirst name on this monument1829851914id: 158528032210831
Nancy Agnes Hepburn Watsondaughter-in-law of John McGibbon1877751952
John McGibbonson of John McGibbon1876731949
Elizabeth Henderson Patonwife of John McGibbon1839721911

1163McGillivrayHannah McGillivrayfirst name on this monument1934id: 155158001510672
Isabella Wood1950

1164McGregorAlex (Purry) McGregorfirst name on this monument1910891999id: 10403947988310701Father of James Garfield Nutt McGregor. Grandfather of Richard and Robin McGregor
Alice McGregorwife of Alex (Purry) McGregor

1165McGregorAlexander McGregorfirst name on this monument1856781934id: 161278055910721
Helen Wilson Gordondaughter-in-law of Alexander McGregor1905791984
Alexander McGregorson of Alexander McGregor1904851989
Christina Airdwife of Alexander McGregor1860881948

1166McGregorAlexander McGregorfirst name on this monument1900711971id: 10307037929510672
Mary (Polly) Fisherwife of Alexander McGregor1901771978

1167McGregorAlexander McGregorfirst name on this monument1837541891id: 1030884794441071
Marion Buchanan McCullochdaughter-in-law of Alexander McGregor1863831946
Alexander McGregorson of Alexander McGregor186551870
James McGregorson of Alexander McGregor1862601922
Annie Craigwife of Alexander McGregor1837611898

1168McGregorAnnie McGregorfirst name on this monument1929421971id: 165268087610731
Elaine Elizabeth McGregordaughter of Annie McGregor1956442000
Harry McGregorhusband of Annie McGregor1922611983

1169McGregorChristina McGregorfirst name on this monument1961id: 1040153796641069
James Lumsdenhusband of Christina McGregor1965

1170McGregorDavid McGregorfirst name on this monument1968id: 16612809561067
Mary B Hamiltonwife of David McGregor1978

1171McGregorDavid McGregorfirst name on this monument1931752006id: 16749810741066

1172McGregorDavid Stevenson McGregorfirst name on this monument1864781942id: 16122805551069
Edward David McGregorson of David Stevenson McGregor
Jean Davidsonwife of David Stevenson McGregor1867751942

1173McGregorDonald McGregorfirst name on this monument1842471889id: 1030768793561069
Isabella Ritchie Fergusondaughter of Donald McGregor1927
Jeanie Aitken Fergusongrand daughter of Donald McGregor1952
Mary McInnes1851541905
Donald McGregorson of Donald McGregor1870511921
Ann McInneswife of Donald McGregor1847701917

1174McGregorJames McGregorfirst name on this monument1932641996id: 162068061610691
Amy McGregorwife of James McGregor1934702004

1175McGregorJames McGregorfirst name on this monument1952id: 1030934794881077
Margaret McGregordaughter of James McGregor
Hubert (Bert) Donson-in-law of James McGregor1991
Betsy Chapmanwife of James McGregor1977

1176McGregorJane McGregorfirst name on this monument1936id: 15858803281068
William Allanhusband of Jane McGregor1853891942
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1177McGregorJohn McGregorfirst name on this monument1863731936id: 15527800271070
Helen Clarke Douglasdaughter of John McGregor1889861975
Robert M Douglasson-in-law of John McGregor1918
Margaret Millerwife of John McGregor1861691930

1178McGregorJohn McGregorfirst name on this monument1819741893id: 10308597942510681
Elizabeth McClashanwife of John McGregor1826921918

1179McGregorJohn S McGregorfirst name on this monument1960id: 10305117915710733
Jack McGregorson of John S McGregor1944
Margaret McCollwife of John S McGregor1966

1180McGregorMalcolm McGregorfirst name on this monument1808761884id: 1030627792411069
Cathrine McGregordaughter of Malcolm McGregor185971866
Alexander McGregorson of Malcolm McGregor1849251874
Ann Stewartwife of Malcolm McGregor1821841905

1181McGregorMary McGregorfirst name on this monument188451889id: 1030733793241067

1182McGregorMary McGregorfirst name on this monument1943id: 15551800491067
Henry Granthusband of Mary McGregor1945

1183McGregorRita McGregorfirst name on this monument1976id: 16485808391068
John Smithhusband of Rita McGregor1994

1184McGregorWilliam (Bill) McGregorfirst name on this monument1932762008id: 1040294797911067
Una Garrowwife of William (Bill) McGregor

1185McGregorWilliam McDonald (Bill) McGregorfirst name on this monument1910471957id: 1040051795711077
Elizabeth Frances (Betty) Kearneywife of William McDonald (Bill) McGregor1922681990

1186McHughJoan Patricia McHughfirst name on this monument1932782010id: 16700810281068

1187McIlvrideAnne McIlvridefirst name on this monumentid: 10309227947710721
Anne Baynedaughter of Anne McIlvride1886
John McIlvridehusband of Anne McIlvride
Robert McIlvrideson of Anne McIlvride1894

1188McIlvrideMargaret McIlvridefirst name on this monument1939id: 15773802551068
Ella Gloasdaughter of Margaret McIlvride1937
John Gloashusband of Margaret McIlvride1866781944
Henry Gloasson of Margaret McIlvride1971
Lewis John Gloasson of Margaret McIlvride1939

1189McInallyMarion McInallyfirst name on this monument1933601993id: 1040361798551073
Robert Kehoehusband of Marion McInally1928772005

1190McInnesAgnes McInnesfirst name on this monument1925431968id: 16637809791068
Alexander McInneshusband of Agnes McInnes1915761991

1191McInnesAndrew McInnesfirst name on this monument1842681910id: 15645801341074

1192McInnesGeorge McInnesfirst name on this monument1877681945id: 103049179140107121877 birth year is correct
George McInnesfather of George McInnes1838731911
Jane Jollymother of George McInnes1841751916
George McInnes Garrienephew of George McInnes1908
Emily Penningtonwife of George McInnes1877681945

1193McInnesHelen R (Nellie) McInnesfirst name on this monument1899281927id: 15434799501076
Charlotte McInnes1889531942
William McInnes1867711938
Helen R McNaughton1864801944
James Mowatt1886551941

1194McInnesJames McInnesfirst name on this monument1827611888id: 10307437933310751
Margaret McInnesdaughter of James McInnes1854141868
Betsy Roydaughter-in-law of James McInnes1844721916
James McInnesson of James McInnes1895
Grace McIlvridewife of James McInnes1775851860
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1195McInnesJean Moray McInnesfirst name on this monument1813721885id: 163168071310704
John MacKayfather of Jean Moray McInnes
Alexander MacKay

1196McInnesPeter McInnesfirst name on this monument1864791943id: 157728025410823
Catherine Annie McInnesdaughter of Peter McInnes
Euphemia McInnesdaughter of Peter McInnes
James McInnesson of Peter McInnes1894901984
Robert McInnesson of Peter McInnes
Annie McIlvridewife of Peter McInnes1868541922
Georgina Forrestsecond wife of Peter McInnes1879791958

1197McInroyDavid M McInroyfirst name on this monument2004id: 168268113910681
Flora Torrenswife of David M McInroy

1198McIntoshAlexander McIntoshfirst name on this monument1816481864id: 1030962795071066

1199McIntoshArnold McIntoshfirst name on this monument1948552003id: 16809811241067

1200McIntoshPeggy McIntoshfirst name on this monument1985id: 1040281797791066
Sandy Colleyhusband of Peggy McIntosh

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