St Mary's Church burial ground, Luddenden, Yorkshire, England

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701SmithMargaret Smith1920852005id: 30977901312

702SmithMaria Ann T L Smith1917-361881id: 6827793864
Edith Smith1876681944 w of Royal Lister
Royal Lister Smith

703SmithMichael Smith1923902013id: 28077898412

704SmithPeter Alan Smith1949652014id: 2987790022

705SmithThomas Smith1860no image7794745
Mary Smith1807661873 w of Thomas

706SouthwellDoris Southwell1924711995id: 2687789727
Thomas Southwell1922802002 h of Doris

707SouthwellMuriel Margaret Southwell191281920id: 3907790946d of Albert and Sarah
Albert Southwell1890821972
Sarah A Southwell1968

708SouthwellThomas Southwell1814601874no image7795324
Hannah Southwell1844551899 d of Thomas and Mary
Mary Southwell1818781896 relict of Thomas
Barbara Southwell1919952014 w of John
John Southwell

709SparkesGeorge Melville Sparkes1926832009id: 1937788972
Pamela Elizabeth Sparkes1927832010 w of George Melville

710SparkesSidney Wilfred Sparkes1920922012id: 1987789021
Irene Sparkes1921932014 w of Sidney Wilfred

711SpeakMargaret Speak16211391760id: 207787235w of Jonathan
Jonathan Speak1688831771
Martha Speak1744411785 w of Jonathan

712SpencerJames Spencer1837681905id: 7017794056
Mary Hannah Spencer186941873 d of James and Hannah
Harry Spencer s of James and Sarah
Sarah Spencer60 w of James
Hannah Spencer

713SpencerJoe C Spencer1885881973id: 4807791845
Spencer1897421939 w of Joe

714StaffordEddie Stafford1923361959no image7794268
Eileen Stafford1925611986 w of Eddie

715StampsGary Stamps1952331985id: 4987792021s of Sep and Muriel
Sep Stamps
Muriel Mary Stamps1921781999

716StansfieldAbraham Stansfield1768id: 847787884
Martha Stansfield1732661798 d of Abraham
Abraham Stansfield1713691782 s of Abraham
Sarah Stansfield1766 w of Abraham

717StansfieldEllen Stansfield1827751902id: 2377789412
Mary Stansfield1829731902

718StansfieldMary Jane Stansfield1832831915id: 32477902810
Ellen Stansfield1854771931
Fred Stansfield1866791945

719StansfieldMary Jane Stansfield1856631919no image7794603
Ellen Stansfield1860771937
Fred Stansfield1867791946

720StansfieldMaureen Stansfield2011id: 5037792073
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721StansfieldWilliam Stansfield1813id: 107787138
Hannah Stansfield1806231829 d of William
Mary Stansfield182421826 d of William

722SteeleAgnes Steele1885691954id: 65977936317w of Albert
Albert Steele1885711956
Rosina Elizabeth Hewitt1889551944 w of Wm Edward
William Edward Hewitt1880581938

723StobartIsabella Stobart2006id: 4207791246d of Andrew and Roberta
Andrew Stobart
Roberta Stobart

724StottRobert Stott1840521892id: 4407791449
Phoebe Blackburn1882621944 d of Rbt and Elizabeth Emily
Edward Stott1880281908 s of Rbt and Elizabeh
James Stott1872171889 s of Rbt and Elizabeh
Sam Stott188421886 s of Rbt and Elizabeh
Bertrand Blackburn1886291915 d 5.1915 - h of Phoebe
Elizabeth Stott1826601886 w of Robert

725StottSusy Stott185451859id: 4397791438d of Edward and Grace
Mitchell Stott186411865 age 18m - s of Edward and Grace
Ratcliffe Stott186021862 age 14m - s of Edward and Grace
Sam Stott1858131871 s of Edward and Grace
Edward Stott1823601883
Grace Stott1822721894 w of Edward

726StupplesCharles Henry Richard Churchman Stupples1923701993id: 4327791369

727SunderlandJohn Barker Sunderland1803851888id: 1657788694
Sarah Sunderland1841701911 relict of George
Mary Ann Sunderland1870511921 d of Geo and Sarah
Minnie Sunderland1876761952 d of Geo and Sarah
George Sunderland1837611898 s of John Barker

728SunderlandMary Hannah Sunderland1882571939no image7795562w of John
John Sunderland1876671943

729SutcliffeAlfred Sutcliffe1857411898id: 6067793103
Alice Sutcliffe

730SutcliffeAnn Sutcliffeid: 14477884815w of John
John Sutcliffe

731SutcliffeAudrey Sutcliffe1922822004id: 56777927115
Stella Callaghan1952251977

732SutcliffeBen Sutcliffe1895781973id: 4717791753s of Fred and Margaret
Fred Sutcliffe
Margaret Sutcliffe

733SutcliffeElizabeth Sutcliffe1835301865id: 1927788966d of William and Jane
Ferdinand Wormald186721869 s of Thomas and Mary
Mary Wormald
Thomas Wormald

734SutcliffeFrancis David Sutcliffe1887id: 5457792496

735SutcliffeFred Sutcliffe1872771949id: 5007792045
Margaret Sutcliffe1875751950 w of Fred
Alva Sutcliffe
Edna Sutcliffe

736SutcliffeHannah Sutcliffe1834181852id: 1347788382d of William and Jane
William Sutcliffe
Jane Sutcliffe1809471856 w of William
Eliza Sutcliffe1840121852 d of William and Jane
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737SutcliffeJames Sutcliffe67no image7794714
Betty Sutcliffe1839731912 w of James

738SutcliffeJohn Sutcliffe1859571916no image7795421
Elizabeth Sutcliffe1858691927 w of John

739SutcliffeJohn Austin Sutcliffe1920791999id: 3027790061
Elaine Sutcliffe1939612000 w of John Austin

740SutcliffeJohn Ernest Sutcliffe1877111888no image7795242s of John Wm and Sarah Ann
Sutcliffe188441888 d of John Wm and Sarah Ann
John William Sutcliffe
Sarah Ann Sutcliffe

741SutcliffeJohn Williams Sutcliffe1847761923no image7795232
Sarah Ann Sutcliffe1851731924 w of John William

742SutcliffeKathleen Mary Sutcliffe1942752017id: 6057793091

743SutcliffeMargaret Joy Sutcliffe1947191966id: 4727791763
Annis A Meskimmon1904761980 w of Joe and d og F and M
Joe Meskimmon

744SutcliffeMary Ann Sutcliffe1834561890no image7795165w of William
Sarah Sutcliffe63
William Sutcliffe1835791914
Samuel Sutcliffe1860561916 h of Sarah and s of Wm and Mary Ann

745SutcliffeSarah Emma Sutcliffe1904771981id: 2437789474
Albert Sutcliffe1898941992 h of Emma

746SutcliffeStephen William Sutcliffe2001id: 5757792792

747SutcliffeThomas Sutcliffe1739id: 1027788061
James Sutcliffe1763291792 s of John
John Sutcliffe
Nancy Sutcliffe1751 d of John
Robert Sutcliffe1771561827

748SutcliffeWiddup Sutcliffe1878181896no image7795152s of Richard and Harriet
Richard Sutcliffe71
Harriet Sutcliffe1849581907 w of Richard

749SweetingSusan Sweeting1960502010id: 3347790383

750SzeferLeon Szefer1923751998id: 4907791942

751TattersallMary Tattersall1702661768id: 807787848w of William
William Tattersall1708701778
Richard Tattersall1732631795
Sarah Tattersall1737511788 w of Richard

752TattershallAmos Tattershall1843471890no image7794613
Alfred Henry Tattershall1872 s of Amos and Ann
Frank Herbert Tattershall186621868 age 15m - s of Amos and Ann
Ann Tattershall1844681912 wid of Amos

753TaylorAbraham Taylor171541719id: 1177788219s of James
John Taylor1716211737 s of James
James Taylor1682481730

754TaylorCatherine Taylor1879761955no image7794241
John Taylor1883751958 h of Catherine
Albert Taylor1942 s of Catherine

755TaylorGrace Taylor185771864id: 5797792835d of Jonathan and Grace
Jonathan Taylor1923-261897
Grace Taylor w of Jonathan
Elizabeth Chew1922 relist of Ellis
Ellis Chew
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756TaylorJohn Taylor1780id: 1417788455

757TaylorJonas Taylor1884id: 2397789434
Loveina Taylor1850381888 d of Jonas
Albert Taylor s of Jonas and Ann
Ann Taylor

758TaylorMary Taylor35id: 67787091w of James
Ann Taylor1814221836 d of James
James Taylor
James Taylor1835201855 s of James
Judith Taylor1826261852 d of James and Betty
Betty Taylor1784661850 3rd w of James
James Taylor1779761855

759TaylorMatthew Taylor1817id: 267787291s of John
John Taylor

760TaylorRichard Taylorid: 6367793408
Emma Taylor1836191855 d of Richard
Smith Taylor1856461902 s of Richard and Sarah
Sarah Taylor1820551875 w of Richard

761TaylorSarah Taylor179131794id: 537787572d of John
John Taylor1797141811 s of John
John Taylor
Mary Taylor1766821848 w of John
Hannah Taylor179931802 d of John
Mary Taylor1797271824 d of John

762TealeGeoffrey Stuart Teale1938752013id: 1997789034

763TetlawBenjamin Tetlaw1819421861id: 5777792811
Benjamin Tetlaw
Hannah Tetlaw76 m of Benjamin
Maria Tetlaw1821641885 w of Benjamin

764TetlawJeremaih Tetlawid: 1397788433

765TetlawJoseph Tetlaw1815491864id: 5787792824
Benjamin Tetlaw1862
Margaret Tetlaw1824791903 wid of Joseph
Mark Tetlaw1902 s of Joseph and Mgt
Thomas Tetlaw

766TetlowDan Tetlow1882601942id: 3917790952
Clara Tetlow1887321919 w of Dan
Sarah Tetlow1886741960 w of Dan
Irene Tetlow
Jack Tetlow1913721985 h of Irene

767ThomasAbraham Thomas1795721867id: 6487793521
Sarah Thomas1827691896 d of Abraham and Betty
Betty Thomas1795751870 w of Abraham

768ThomasAmelia Thomas1891721963no image7795462w of Frederick Ogden
Frederick Thomas

769ThomasGeorge Thomas1826391865id: 6347793382
Sarah Thomas1873331906 w of George
Ellen Faukes72 w of John and mother of Hilda Thomas
Hilda Thomas Faukes
John Faukes1916

770ThomasHannah Thomas1830371867no image7795394w of John Thomas
John Thomas Thomas1828631891
Frank Thomas186521867 s of John and Hannah
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771ThomasIrvine Thomas1939511990id: 22477892811h of Irene W
Fred Ayres
Irene Ayres1908721980 w of Fred

772ThomasJohn Thomas1842671909no image7795451
Gilbert Thomas1914261940 s of John and Selina
John Howard Thomas1912882000 s of John and Selina and Dorothy Halstead
Selina Thomas1924 wid of John
Emma Thomas1929 w of Frederick Ogden
Frederick Ogden Thomas1936

773ThomasMartha Jane Thomas1861611922no image7795201w of J A
John Arthur Thomas1864561920

774ThomasMary Thomas1838291867id: 6337793372d of Samuel and Maria
Samuel Thomas1888
Maria Thomas
George Thomas
Sarah Thomas
Tom Thomas s of George and Sarah

775ThompsonRobert Thompson1811641875id: 671
(3 images)
Hannah Thompson87 w of Robert
Albert Thompson1818841902
Arnold William Thompson188801888 age 6m - s of Albert and Mary
George Ernest Thompson
Mary Thompson1855771932 w of Albert

776ThomsonMabel Thomson1896881984id: 5327792362
John W Thomson1903901993

777ThorneJudith Thorne1942692011id: 2857789897w of Michael A
Michael Anthony Thorne1918661984

778ThorpeAnnie Thorpe186311864id: 5717792753d of Mary
Betty Thorpe1806801886 w of Jacob
Jacob Thorpe1809701879
John Thorpe1833691902 s of Jocob and Betty
Mary Thorpe1838661904 d of Jacob and Betty

779ThorpeEliza Thorpe1847601907no image7795175w of Thomas
Thomas Thorpe1852681920

780ThorpeHannah Thorpe1837681905id: 5707792746d of Jacob and Betty
Jacob Thorpe
Betty Thorpe
Ann Thorpe1844711915 d of Jacob and Betty
Ellen Thorpe1856721928 sister of Ann
Sarah Ann Thorpe1863681931

781ThorpeHannah Thorpe181911820id: 15377885715age 11m - d of Joseph
George Thorpe1813161829 s of Joseph
Joseph Thorpe1787601847
Martha Thorpe182511826 age 10w - d of Joseph

782ThorpeJohn Thorpe1872541926id: 42977913322
Emma Thorpe1872801952 w of John

783ThorpeJohn Thorpe1871541925id: 4507791544
Emma Thorpe1864881952 w of John

784ThorpeMargaret Thorpe1941id: 5687792724w of Joseph
Joseph Thorpe

785TigheJames Patrick Tighe1931812012id: 1967789007
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786TillotsonSarah Tillotson1720491769id: 787787822w of Michael
Michael Tillotson1840 s of John gs of Michael
Sarah Tillotson176201762 b 9.1762 age 4w - d of Michael
John Tillotson
Michael Tillotson76 s of John

787TitteringtonGrace Titterington1787611848id: 1137788171w of Eli
Eli Titterington1785701855
James Titterington1815371852 s of Eli and Grace

788TitteringtonSalley Titterington1797id: 797787833w of Sam
Sam Titterington1774761850
David Titterington181671823 s of Sam
Martha Titterington1785701855 w of Samuel
Samuel Titterington

789TolleyNellie Mary Ellen Tolleyid: 4787791828w of Wm Henry
William Henry Tolley1918

790ToothillMargaret Toothill1850421892id: 1687788723w of Wm Edward
William Edward Toothill1850791929
Ernest Toothill1894231917 s of Wm Edward and Mary Ellen
Mary Ellen Toothill1860781938 w of Wm Edward

791TownsendJohn Townsendid: 11177881514s of Abraham and hannah
Elizabeth Townsend3 age 03y 3m - d of Abraham and Hannah
Hannah Townsend1807361843 w of Robert
Hannah Townsend1810171827 d of Rbt and Hannah
Robert Townsend1795361831

792TownsendMary Townsend1813591872no image7795384w of Henry
Fanny Townsend1844771921 d of Henry and Mary
Sarah Jane Townsend1843571900 d of Henry and Mary
Henry Townsend1818801898

793TurleyMichael Turley1900601960no image7794464

794TurnerAbraham Turner1776551831id: 1257788299
Abraham Turner1767711838

795TurnerDinah Turner1782501832id: 1267788301w of James
James Turner1858

796TurnerJohn Turner1868id: 1587788621

797TurnerMary Turner1783191802id: 1487788521w of George
George Turner

798TurnerSarah Turner1737id: 777787811d 8.1737 - d of Jonas
Jonas Turner
Mary Turner d of Jonas

799Tyler-TaylorFrancis Herbert Tyler-Taylor1888621950no image7794831
Thomas Frances Tyler-Taylor18231511974 s of Francis Herbert and Susannah Agnes
Susannah Agnes Tyler-Taylor1884691953

800UttleyCarl A C Uttley1951632014id: 6297793333

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