London Road (section J) Cemetery, Thetford, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101FeatherstoneRobert Walter Featherstonefirst name on this monument1917601977id: TLRJ1817660082
Florence Ellen Featherstonewife of Robert Walter Featherstone1920842004

102FerrariEdwin Martin Ferrarifirst name on this monument1929762005id: TLRJ3137661401

103FillaryJames Thomas Fillaryfirst name on this monument1902761978id: TLRJ1937660201
Lily Fillarywife of James Thomas Fillary1916902006

104FisherFrederick Fisherfirst name on this monument1943id: TLRJ777659042
Martha Fisherwife of Frederick Fisher1940

105FisherRobert John Fisherfirst name on this monument1967352002id: TLRJ3537661801
Brian Fisherrelationship not known of Robert John Fisher1941722013

106FisherRonald Walter Fisherfirst name on this monument1944662010id: TLRJ2247660511

107FlintSusannah Flintfirst name on this monument1892741966id: TLRJ127765954
William Flintrelationship not known of Susannah Flint1888891977

108ForberSydney Forberfirst name on this monument76id: TLRJ3007661271
Eileen Forberwife of Sydney Forber93

109ForbesCharlotte Forbesfirst name on this monument1870711941id: TLRJ107658372
Arthur Forbeshusband of Charlotte Forbes1872881960

110ForbesDuncan Forbesfirst name on this monument1900801980id: TLRJ1687659951

111ForemanBenjamin Foremanfirst name on this monument1893821975id: TLRJ1647659911
Jessie Elizabeth Foremanwife of Benjamin Foreman1895941989

112ForemanSidney Foremanfirst name on this monument2011id: TLRJ2707660971

113FowellAnna Fowellfirst name on this monumentid: TLRJ70
(2 images)
William Christopher Fowellrelationship not known of Anna Fowell

114FrancisFrank Frederick Francisfirst name on this monument1893741967id: TLRJ447658711
Agnes May Francisrelationship not known of Frank Frederick Francis1890731963

115FrancisMaud Isabella Francisfirst name on this monument1902992001id: TLRJ2977661241

116FrancisPeggy Jean Francisfirst name on this monument1922892011id: TLRJ315766142
George Robert Francisrelationship not known of Peggy Jean Francis1923912014

117FrancisRobert Isaac Francisfirst name on this monument1904471951id: TLRJ107
(2 images)
Lilian Charlotte Franciswife of Robert Isaac Francis1913581971

118FriendLily May Friendfirst name on this monument1905571962id: TLRJ1097659361
Charles William Friendhusband of Lily May Friend1900811981

119FrostLawrence Frostfirst name on this monument1920641984id: TLRJ290766117
Lieselotte Frostrelationship not known of Lawrence Frost1921812002

120GardnerJessie Whatmore Gardnerfirst name on this monument1861881949id: TLRJ362
(2 images)
Elsie Kathleen Gardnerdaughter of Jessie Whatmore Gardner1956 Cremated at Norwich.
Henry Gardnerhusband of Jessie Whatmore Gardner1859931952

121GayLilian M Gayfirst name on this monument1899891988id: TLRJ236766063
Stephen Gayson of Lilian M Gay1920771997

122GayfordJane Matilda Gayfordfirst name on this monument1846781924id: TLRJ17658281Wife of John Cooke Gayford.

123GermanyHenry Cutting Germanyfirst name on this monument1898721970id: TLRJ1477659741
Maud Caroline Phoebe Germanywife of Henry Cutting Germany1896821978

124GiffordDennis Giffordfirst name on this monument1931722003id: TLRJ3467661731

125GoddardEliza Goddardfirst name on this monument1869821951id: TLRJ84765911

126GoddardIsabella Jane Goddardfirst name on this monument1869831952id: TLRJ325
(2 images)
Harry Goddardhusband of Isabella Jane Goddard1867871954

127GoddardJack Goddardfirst name on this monument1913271940id: TLRJ797659061

128GoochFrederick William Goochfirst name on this monument1906531959id: TLRJ121765948

129GoochGeorge W Goochfirst name on this monument1898891987id: TLRJ214766041
Lily Goochwife of George W Gooch1900871987

130GoochHarold G Goochfirst name on this monument1923681991id: TLRH2237660501
Margaret Goochwife of Harold G Gooch1925711996
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131GoochRose Goochfirst name on this monument1874811955id: TLRJ1177659441
Frederick James Goochhusband of Rose Gooch1873871960

132GoodleyEmma Maud Goodleyfirst name on this monument1899541953id: TLRJ267658531
Selwyn Goodleyhusband of Emma Maud Goodley1894571951

133GoodmanEdward Walter Goodmanfirst name on this monument1891891980id: TLRJ437658701
Eleanora A M Goodmanrelationship not known of Edward Walter Goodman1897641961

134GoreMary Ann Gorefirst name on this monument1883831966id: TLRJ18765845
Edith Ethel Gorerelationship not known of Mary Ann Gore1885921977

135GoslinKaren Jane Goslinfirst name on this monument12id: TLRJ1767660031Plus 6 months.

136GowingEdith Gowingfirst name on this monument1893821975id: TLRJ158765985

137GowingRon Gowingfirst name on this monument1922912013id: TLRJ159765986

138GrahamFred Grahamfirst name on this monument1898661964id: TLRJ40
(2 images)
Ivy May Grahamrelationship not known of Fred Graham1895771972

139GrantHarry Grantfirst name on this monument72id: TLRJ175
(3 images)
Elsie Grantwife of Harry Grant75

140GreenWalter B Greenfirst name on this monument1893811974id: TLRJ1567659831
Minnie Greenwife of Walter B Green1888891977

141GreenhouseJohn Greenhousefirst name on this monument1939702009id: TLRJ2387660651

142GunstoneElsie Ellen Gunstonefirst name on this monument1909711980id: TLRJ1707659971
Victoria Maud Gunstonerelationship not known of Elsie Ellen Gunstone1901891990

143GunstoneThomas Shaws Gunstonefirst name on this monument1873781951id: TLRJ12765839
Alice Maud Gunstonerelationship not known of Thomas Shaws Gunstone1880671947

144GuzniczkWinifred Mary Guzniczkfirst name on this monument1901921993id: TLRJ253766080

145HaberfieldSarah Haberfieldfirst name on this monument1896511947id: TLRJ87765914

146HammondSidney Arthur Hammondfirst name on this monument1924852009id: TLRJ3327661591
Edna Hammondwife of Sidney Arthur Hammond1925912016

147HamptonErnest William Hamptonfirst name on this monument1929621991id: TLRJ220766047
Joan Phyllis Hamptonwife of Ernest William Hampton1929752004

148HardmanSusan Hardmanfirst name on this monument1959211980id: TLRJ1727659991

149HargroveRoy George Hargrovefirst name on this monument198661992id: TLRJ260766087

150HarrisReginald Owen Harrisfirst name on this monument1926681994id: TLRJ255766082

151HattIvy Florence Hattfirst name on this monument1913731986id: TLRJ2017660281

152HattonJames William Hattonfirst name on this monument1910761986id: TLRJ208766035
Ena Kathleen Hattonwife of James William Hatton1914731987

153HealyReginald Wesley Healyfirst name on this monument1888791967id: TLRJ197658461
Sophia Healywife of Reginald Wesley Healy1889831972

154HensbyEdith Maud Hensbyfirst name on this monument1912651977id: TLRJ1837660101

155HickinJessie Hickinfirst name on this monument1925301955id: TLRJ3217661481

156HillerWilliam Walter Hillerfirst name on this monument1905711976id: TLRJ327
(2 images)
Winifred Hillerwife of William Walter Hiller1907711978

157HitchcockGeorge Henry Hitchcockfirst name on this monument1889791968id: TLRJ134
(2 images)
Beatrice M F Hitchcockrelationship not known of George Henry Hitchcock1895811976 Died in February.

158HobbsPercy Sturland Hobbsfirst name on this monument1920771997id: TLRJ1467659731
Joan Lily Hobbswife of Percy Sturland Hobbs1925731998

159HobbsPhilip Alan Hobbsfirst name on this monument1950201970id: TLRJ1457659721

160HockleyAudrey H M Hockleyfirst name on this monument1934601994id: TLRJ2677660941
Ronald J Hockleyhusband of Audrey H M Hockley1930872017

161HodsonG Leonard Hodsonfirst name on this monument1907851992id: TLRJ219766046
Daisy Cotton Hodsonwife of G Leonard Hodson1908851993

162HollandAda Elizabeth Hollandfirst name on this monument1879831962id: TLRJ48765875

163HowThomas Howfirst name on this monument1914801994id: TLRJ2587660851
Marion Howwife of Thomas How1918962014
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164HowePatricia Anne Howefirst name on this monument1946712017id: TLRJ3027661291

165HowieJ H W Howiefirst name on this monument1885711956id: TLRJ91765918Husband of Mildred.
Mildred Howiewife of J H W Howie

166HowlettEdwin Howlettfirst name on this monument1852731925id: TLRJ58765885
Annie Howlettwife of Edwin Howlett1857701927

167HowlettJohn William Howlettfirst name on this monument1884901974id: TLRJ59765886

168HurrellPercy Victor Hurrellfirst name on this monument1900761976id: TLRJ1887660151
Florence Gertrude Ethel Hurrellwife of Percy Victor Hurrell1993

169IlinesReg Ilinesfirst name on this monument1925772002id: TLRJ3417661681

170JacksonOlive Helen Jacksonfirst name on this monument1894431937id: TLRJ547658811
John Robert Jacksonhusband of Olive Helen Jackson1885841969

171JamesPercy Jamesfirst name on this monument1925812006id: TLRJ3337661601

172JefferyWilliam John Jefferyfirst name on this monument1912811993id: TLRJ2597660861
Florence Elsie Jefferywife of William John Jeffery1916922008

173JenneyEthel Isabel Jenneyfirst name on this monument1915271942id: TLRJ57658321Wife of Ernest William Jenney. Daughter of Arthur and Martha Wicks.
Arthur Wicksfather of Ethel Isabel Jenney
Ernest William Jenneyhusband of Ethel Isabel Jenney
Martha Wicksmother of Ethel Isabel Jenney

174JonesAlfred Edward Jonesfirst name on this monument1916731989id: TLRJ1697659961
Louisa Elizabeth Foxrelationship not known of Alfred Edward Jones1908731981
Evelyn Ethel Jonesrelationship not known of Alfred Edward Jones1917721989

175JonesBrian Kevin Jonesfirst name on this monument1952171969id: TLRJ139765966

176JonesEmrys Jonesfirst name on this monument1926701996id: TLRJ1387659651Husband of Lilian.
Lilian Joneswife of Emrys Jones

177JonesEric Cyril Jonesfirst name on this monument1924932017id: TLRJ3427661691

178JonesLeonard Frank Jonesfirst name on this monument1921631984id: TLRJ199766026
Agnes Joyce Jonesrelationship not known of Leonard Frank Jones1924711995

179KempEva Kathleen Kempfirst name on this monument1906691975id: TLRJ1617659881
George Victor Kemphusband of Eva Kathleen Kemp1898811979

180KendleJohn Kendlefirst name on this monument1931311962id: TLRJ39765866
Cecil Kendlerelationship not known of John Kendle23 d 194?
May Lilian Kendlerelationship not known of John Kendle1895781973

181KetteringhamHerbert Ketteringhamfirst name on this monument1891651956id: TLRJ377658641
Florence Ketteringhamrelationship not known of Herbert Ketteringham1894771971

182KinsleyHarry Kinsleyfirst name on this monument1961id: TLRJ1127659391

183KnightsRussell George Knightsfirst name on this monument1923691992id: TLRJ2457660721

184KohlerJohn Kohlerfirst name on this monument1904741978id: TLRJ179766006
Ivy Emma May Kohlerwife of John Kohler1905921997

185LadellBeryl Lily Ladellfirst name on this monument1925772002id: TLRJ2227660491
Bryan Matthew J Ladellhusband of Beryl Lily Ladell1927902017

186LakeHarriet Ada Lakefirst name on this monument1904811985id: TLRJ202766029
Ralph Seymour Lakehusband of Harriet Ada Lake1903861989

187LakeSeymour Lakefirst name on this monument1871701941id: TLRJ37658301
Kate Lakewife of Seymour Lake1875931968

188LakeSylvia Ann Lakefirst name on this monument1945592004id: TLRJ3487661751

189LambertElizabeth Lambertfirst name on this monument1854671921id: TLRJ537658801
Thomas Lamberthusband of Elizabeth Lambert1858711929
Wilfred Fowell Lambertson of Elizabeth Lambert1892271919

190LambertKenneth Charles Lambertfirst name on this monument1925762001id: TLRJ284766111

191LaneHenry Lanefirst name on this monument1885791964id: TLRJ122765949
Martha Eliza Lanewife of Henry Lane1885901975
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192LaneJack Lanefirst name on this monument1924521976id: TLRJ191
(2 images)
Ruby Hannahwife of Jack Lane1924591983

193LangleyDoris Gertrude Langleyfirst name on this monument1902541956id: TLRJ1187659451
William Langleyhusband of Doris Gertrude Langley1905831988

194LangstonNora Langstonfirst name on this monumentid: TLRJ3527661791

195LargePeter Alan Largefirst name on this monument1936471983id: TLRJ198766025

196LawsonDennis Brightman Lawsonfirst name on this monument1923761999id: TLRJ317766144

197LawsonMarcia Estelle Lawsonfirst name on this monument1964452009id: TLRJ2897661161
John Victor Matthewsrelationship not known of Marcia Estelle Lawson1925872012

198LayJane Layfirst name on this monument1871761947id: TLRJ14
(3 images)
Charles Layrelationship not known of Jane Lay1871831954
Thomas Layrelationship not known of Jane Lay1900631963

199LeederBlanche Elizabeth Leederfirst name on this monument1890951985id: TLRJ2037660301

200LeederHeather Caroline Leederfirst name on this monument1944501994id: TLRJ257766084

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Grave Monument Photographs

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for London Road (section J) Cemetery, Thetford, Norfolk, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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