Municipal (Catholic section) Cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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701GallagherThomas Gallagherfirst name on this monument1884671951id: 14577452081070
Evelyn Mary Gallagherwife of Thomas Gallagher1895831978

702GallenEthan Gallenfirst name on this monumentid: 18707456211070

703GambleJanet Clare Gamblefirst name on this monument1946562002id: 2337439851071

704GardinerRonald Gardinerfirst name on this monument1957492006id: 1387438901069h/Julie
Julie Gardinerwife of Ronald Gardiner

705GarlandHerbert Colin Garlandfirst name on this monument1936441980id: 18527456031069

706GarnerGladys Irene Garnerfirst name on this monument1905721977id: 17947455451068
James Garnerhusband of Gladys Irene Garner1904821986

707GarnhamJohn Thomas Garnhamfirst name on this monument1934692003id: 3087440601071
Barbara Ruth Garnhamrelationship not known of John Thomas Garnham1937782015

708GedGerard Michael Harvey Gedfirst name on this monument1977191996id: 5187442701070

709GentleRose Gentlefirst name on this monument1878691947id: 14537452041070

710GeogheganRobert Bernard Geogheganfirst name on this monument1913721985id: 6657444171070

711GeorgeBlair Andrew Georgefirst name on this monument1990id: 18627456131072s/Andrew and Donna
Andrew Georgefather of Blair Andrew George
Donna Georgemother of Blair Andrew George

712GerkeRita Eileen Gerkefirst name on this monumentid: 4117441631071

713GettsCyril Gervase Gettsfirst name on this monument1920922012id: 2527440041070
Annie Elizabeth Gettsrelationship not known of Cyril Gervase Getts1922822004

714GettsJohn Joseph Gettsfirst name on this monument1908831991id: 5067442581071
Mary Lillian Gettswife of John Joseph Getts1911871998

715GibbonCharles W Gibbonfirst name on this monument1928842012id: 1787439301076

716GibbsArthur James Gibbsfirst name on this monument1898581956id: 8227445741074
Amelia Mary Gibbsrelationship not known of Arthur James Gibbs1899891988

717GibbsGeoffrey James Gibbsfirst name on this monument1927701997id: 3477440991069

718GibbsMonica Mary Gibbsfirst name on this monument1929802009id: 3337440851069

719GilesRobert Patrick Gilesfirst name on this monument1925731998id: 4597442111075
Agnes Clara Gileswife of Robert Patrick Giles1927852012

720GillhamTeresa Jane Gillhamfirst name on this monument1875901965id: 11787449291071

721GillisWilliam Lawrence Gillisfirst name on this monument1926872013id: 2787440301071
Mary Anne Gilliswife of William Lawrence Gillis1927872014

722GiudesMilue Giudesfirst name on this monument1909601969id: 13847451351070
Carole Marguerite Kollerdaughter of Milue Giudes1937742011
Marguerite Olive Giudeswife of Milue Giudes1916681984

723GloverBary Kevin Gloverfirst name on this monument1930421972id: 16357453861070

724GloverBernard Douglas Gloverfirst name on this monument1927822009id: 1017438531081

725GloverChristopher Noel Gloverfirst name on this monument1959452004id: 20774395910701h/Kim
Kim Gloverwife of Christopher Noel Glover

726GloverColleen Dawn Gloverfirst name on this monument1939441983id: 7217444731068
Leonard Warren Gloverhusband of Colleen Dawn Glover1936631999

727GloverDouglas John Gloverfirst name on this monument1900751975id: 17137454641072
Catherine Maria Gloverwife of Douglas John Glover1905701975

728GloverNoel Francis Gloverfirst name on this monument1934551989id: 6197443711068

729GloverRobert Arthur Gloverfirst name on this monument1924601984id: 7447444961068

730GloverStanley George Gloverfirst name on this monument1925611986id: 6557444071068

731GoddardEdwin Lawrence Goddardfirst name on this monument1931832014id: 817438331074

732GodfreyKathleen Maria Godfreyfirst name on this monument1907761983id: 7227444741069
James John Godfreyhusband of Kathleen Maria Godfrey1914872001

733GogartyFrancis Xavier Gogartyfirst name on this monument1902581960id: 10317447831071
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734GogartyTony Gogartyfirst name on this monument195911960id: 10257447771071

735GoldmanLeslie George Goldmanfirst name on this monument1929782007id: 1127438641071

736GoldthorpeElizabeth Goldthorpefirst name on this monument1875811956id: 8797446311071

737GolinowskiJan Golinowskifirst name on this monument1925321957id: 9057446571070Born Poland

738GollanAngela Gollanfirst name on this monument1920952015id: 18987456491070

739GollanBasil Gollanfirst name on this monument1915631978id: 18977456481070

740GolledgeJoan Merle Golledgefirst name on this monument18331631996id: 3747441261070

741GolledgeMichael John Golledgefirst name on this monument1955472002id: 3757441271070

742GoodwinChristy Lee Goodwinfirst name on this monument198601986id: 17817455321068

743GordonMonica Mary Gordonfirst name on this monument1932491981id: 19297456801068

744GorgzynskiMaria Gorgzynskifirst name on this monument1923331956id: 8787446301070

745GowardRoy William Gowardfirst name on this monument1905581963id: 10907448411070
Edward Gowardson of Roy William Goward1933581991
Patrick Walter Gowardson of Roy William Goward1929822011
Veda Margaret Gowardwife of Roy William Goward1906801986

746GraceDesmond John Gracefirst name on this monument1933241957id: 8887446401072

747GrahamJoseph Henry Grahamfirst name on this monument191591924id: 14967452471072
Clarice Mary Ernstrelationship not known of Joseph Henry Graham1944
William Henry Grahamrelationship not known of Joseph Henry Graham1883741957
Christopher Graham Wilcherrelationship not known of Joseph Henry Graham1945

748GrahamMary Josephine Grahamfirst name on this monument1887861973id: 16887454391068
Willena Mary Grahamrelationship not known of Mary Josephine Graham1912922004

749GrahamWilliam Henry Grahamfirst name on this monument1841741915id: 14707452211068
Catherine Grahamwife of William Henry Graham1847781925

750GrantAlan F Grantfirst name on this monument1921822003id: 1977439491073

751GravesElizabeth Gravesfirst name on this monument1970id: 14947452451072
James Graveshusband of Elizabeth Graves1962
Jane Kearneyrelationship not known of Elizabeth Graves1925

752GravesJohn Elias Gravesfirst name on this monument1881581939id: 15587453091082

753GravesMary Ann Gravesfirst name on this monument1870741944id: 15577453081068

754GravesNoel Bertram Gravesfirst name on this monument1933161949id: 14487451991068

755GreenLukey Greenfirst name on this monumentid: 5447442961068

756GreenPatricia Anne Greenfirst name on this monument1935391974id: 16837454341071
Harold Percival Kingrelationship not known of Patricia Anne Green1914691983

757GreenPaul Greenfirst name on this monumentid: 5437442951068

758GreentreeMarjorie Dell Greentreefirst name on this monument1925651990id: 18557456061070

759GreenwoodAnnie Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1906271933id: 13547451051072

760GriffinAmilda May Griffinfirst name on this monument1909571966id: 9217446731071

761GriffinM Griffinfirst name on this monument1894731967id: 9207446721071h/Amilda May. 34th Battalion
Amilda May Griffinwife of M Griffin

762GriffinMona Reta Griffinfirst name on this monument1926872013id: 407437921068

763GroganEileen Beatrice Groganfirst name on this monument1935772012id: 3467440981071

764GroganNancy Marion Groganfirst name on this monument1926571983id: 7747445261071
Thomas Francis Groganhusband of Nancy Marion Grogan1922902012

765GroganTracy Maree Groganfirst name on this monument1967301997id: 3517441031071

766GronowJohn Lawrence Gronowfirst name on this monument1929862015id: 1037438551069

767GrovesGarnet George Grovesfirst name on this monument1915561971id: 15957453461068
Freda Magdalene Grovesrelationship not known of Garnet George Groves19131002013

768GrzankaAndrew Joseph Grzankafirst name on this monument1982151997id: 3537441051069

769GrzankaTeodora Dorrie Grzankafirst name on this monument1921952016id: 1147438661069w/Zyghunt
Zyghunt Grzankahusband of Teodora Dorrie Grzanka
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770GuirenFrancis Bede Guirenfirst name on this monument1908691977id: 17937455441068

771GuyJulie Anne Guyfirst name on this monument195611957id: 8817446331068
Maxwell Geoffrey Guyrelationship not known of Julie Anne Guy1933782011

772HackettVincent Michael Hackettfirst name on this monument1909691978id: 18077455581068
Thelma Florence Hackettwife of Vincent Michael Hackett1913912004

773HaganJohn Haganfirst name on this monument1847521899id: 12917450421073

774HaganKathleen Estelle Haganfirst name on this monument189021892id: 12927450431071

775HaggertyArchie Haggertyfirst name on this monument1930id: 14017451521070
Mary Haggertyrelationship not known of Archie Haggerty1968

776HallettGarry Vincent Hallettfirst name on this monument1953421995id: 4077441591070

777HamerJudith Annette Hamerfirst name on this monument1941662007id: 2637440151068w/John
John Hamerhusband of Judith Annette Hamer

778HamiltonBrett Hamiltonfirst name on this monument197231975id: 17747455251068

779HamiltonElizabeth Catherine Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1921631984id: 7697445211068
Walter Lindsay Hamiltonrelationship not known of Elizabeth Catherine Hamilton1922782000

780HamiltonGeoffrey James Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1936561992id: 4907442421069h/Veronica
Veronica Hamiltonwife of Geoffrey James Hamilton

781HamiltonMervyn Noel Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1920411961id: 10347447861068

782HamiltonWendy Lyn Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1955261981id: 17737455241068

783HammondEva Mary Hammondfirst name on this monument1890661956id: 15327452831072

784HammondHenry C Hammondfirst name on this monument1883491932id: 15337452841071
Mervyn Thomas Hammondrelationship not known of Henry C Hammond1919651984

785HancockAileen Joan Stanford Hancockfirst name on this monument1930601990id: 9937447451072
Francis Raymond Hancockhusband of Aileen Joan Stanford Hancock1923411964

786HancockMargaret Hancockfirst name on this monument1892961988id: 5937443451068w/Robert
Robert Hancockhusband of Margaret Hancock

787HanlonElaine Elizabeth Hanlonfirst name on this monument1936742010id: 867438381071w/Ronald
Ronald Hanlonhusband of Elaine Elizabeth Hanlon

788HannaSteven Nevill Hannafirst name on this monument196311964id: 10007447521075

789HannanMichael J Hannanfirst name on this monument1918952013id: 797438311071RAAF

790HannanPauline Hannanfirst name on this monument1925872012id: 807438321071
Michael Hannanrelationship not known of Pauline Hannan1918952013

791HannoushBill Hannoushfirst name on this monument1898831981id: 16287453791071

792HanpahanFrank Hanpahanfirst name on this monument1901841985id: 6597444111070

793HarrisJean Lynette Harrisfirst name on this monument196101961id: 10367447881070
Norman Robert Crichrelationship not known of Jean Lynette Harris1967
Scott David Crichrelationship not known of Jean Lynette Harris1962

794HartcherDarren Bradley Hartcherfirst name on this monument197211973id: 10897448401071

795HartcherJohn Robert Hartcherfirst name on this monument1911531964id: 10887448391072
Thelma Elizabeth Davies relationship not known of John Robert Hartcher1919892008

796HartiganAlice Margaret Hartiganfirst name on this monument1881831964id: 10447447951070
Myles John Hartiganhusband of Alice Margaret Hartigan1876971973

797HartiganJohn Mannix Hartiganfirst name on this monument1918741992id: 10417447921070

798HartupMichael Anthony Hartupfirst name on this monument1964231987id: 7207444721070

799HarveyAllan Thomas Harveyfirst name on this monument1929601989id: 16297453801087
Marie Dolores Harveyrelationship not known of Allan Thomas Harvey1929671996

800HarveyEileen Dorothy Harveyfirst name on this monument1905541959id: 9527447041074
John Patrick Harveyrelationship not known of Eileen Dorothy Harvey1902801982

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Grave Monument Photographs

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal (Catholic section) Cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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