Municipal (Catholic section) Cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1601RoeGerard Robert Roefirst name on this monument1947271974id: 17147454651068

1602RogersAnnie Rogersfirst name on this monument1891id: 12997450501069

1603RohanMary Rohanfirst name on this monument1839651904id: 11907449411068

1604RohowiczCarolynn Louise Rohowiczfirst name on this monument1961542015id: 767438281069

1605RohowiczSofia Rohowiczfirst name on this monument1925852010id: 777438291069

1606RohreggerEmilia Rohreggerfirst name on this monument1933832016id: 1197438711069

1607RollasonHorace Edward Rollasonfirst name on this monument1921421963id: 10667448171068
Elizabeth Margaret Rollasonwife of Horace Edward Rollason1926902016

1608RollasonKerry Matthew Rollasonfirst name on this monument1956431999id: 2887440401069

1609RooneyMargaret Catherine Rooneyfirst name on this monument1930822012id: 897438411069

1610RooneyThe Family Rooneyfirst name on this monumentid: 11977449481068

1611RossAlma Mary Rossfirst name on this monument1892811973id: 16467453971068

1612RossWilliam George Rossfirst name on this monument1926701996id: 3767441281068

1613RowlandErnest William Rowlandfirst name on this monument1888751963id: 10607448111069

1614RowlandGeorge F Rowlandfirst name on this monument1862701932id: 14207451711068
Mary Ann Rowlandrelationship not known of George F Rowland1859751934

1615RubaFranciszek Rubafirst name on this monument1918711989id: 5797443311070
Wiktoria Rubawife of Franciszek Ruba1925902015

1616RudolphHugo Rudolphfirst name on this monument1935491984id: 7377444891068

1617RyanAlice Ryanfirst name on this monument1871741945id: 15177452681068

1618RyanArthur Sinclair Ryanfirst name on this monument1905531958id: 9667447181068
Henrietta Mary Ryanrelationship not known of Arthur Sinclair Ryan1909781987

1619RyanCyril James Ryanfirst name on this monument1911451956id: 8217445731068
Agnes Ryanrelationship not known of Cyril James Ryan1914541968

1620RyanEileen Agatha Ryanfirst name on this monument1909701979id: 19057456561068
Alfred Crittenden Ryanrelationship not known of Eileen Agatha Ryan1904811985

1621RyanEthel May Ryanfirst name on this monument1895701965id: 11757449261068
Thomas Joseph Ryanrelationship not known of Ethel May Ryan1898701968

1622RyanJames Ryanfirst name on this monument1925882013id: 4707442221069

1623RyanJoseph Victor Ryanfirst name on this monument1900811981id: 19277456781068
Ella Florence Ryanwife of Joseph Victor Ryan1901881989

1624RyanKathleen A Ryanfirst name on this monument1908691977id: 17327454831068
Thomas P Ryanrelationship not known of Kathleen A Ryan1901791980

1625RyanLeo Ryanfirst name on this monument1917421959id: 9807447321068

1626RyanMary Colleen Ryanfirst name on this monument1916862002id: 19467456971068d/Mary Kathleen Roarty

1627RyanMichael Patrick Ryanfirst name on this monumentid: 917438431068

1628RyanNeville James Ryanfirst name on this monument1927541981id: 19257456761068
Joan Anne Ryanrelationship not known of Neville James Ryan1926721998

1629RyanNora Ryanfirst name on this monument1985id: 10537448041068

1630RyanPeter James Ryanfirst name on this monument194631949id: 14277451781068
James Samuel Ryanfather of Peter James Ryan1913631976
Alma Martha Ryanmother of Peter James Ryan1923711994

1631RyanRichard Ryanfirst name on this monument1868841952id: 13957451461070
Edith Emily Ryanrelationship not known of Richard Ryan1873881961

1632RzadkowskiPeter Francis Rzadkowskifirst name on this monument1947662013id: 7107444621068

1633RzadkowskiWojceich Rzadkowskifirst name on this monument1914801994id: 4297441811068

1634SadlerMary Doris Sadlerfirst name on this monument1905891994id: 4517442031079w/Frank
Frank Sadlerhusband of Mary Doris Sadler

1635SalamoneAngelo Salamonefirst name on this monument1921922013id: 607438121069

1636SalesNathan Glenn Salesfirst name on this monument1983302013id: 2907440421074
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1637SamsCecil Gordon Samsfirst name on this monument1912691981id: 19567457071068

1638SamsKeith Samsfirst name on this monument1929441973id: 16387453891068

1639SamsMary F Samsfirst name on this monument1880751955id: 15387452891068

1640SamsNellie Alvena Samsfirst name on this monument1916701986id: 19577457081068

1641SamsRonald A Samsfirst name on this monument191871925id: 15397452901068

1642SansomAlwyn Glieve Sansomfirst name on this monument1924932017id: 3207440721068h/Doreen Edna
Doreen Edna Sansomwife of Alwyn Glieve Sansom

1643SansonMargaret Sansonfirst name on this monument1933842017id: 14257451761070

1644SareElizabeth Jane Sarefirst name on this monument1870921962id: 11077448581070
Ann Sophia Craddockrelationship not known of Elizabeth Jane Sare1875911966
Christina Robertsonrelationship not known of Elizabeth Jane Sare1884931977

1645SarquisNellie Mary Sarquisfirst name on this monument1912962008id: 8927446441072w/Tony
Tony Sarquishusband of Nellie Mary Sarquis

1646SarquisRobyn Nanette Sarquisfirst name on this monument1940652005id: 1807439321070

1647SarroffArthur Horace Sarrofffirst name on this monument1912621974id: 16637454141068

1648SarroffCarlyle Joseph Sarrofffirst name on this monument1920631983id: 7277444791069

1649SarroffK S Sarrofffirst name on this monument1915882003id: 2207439721070h/May. 2/8th Aust. Gen. Hosp.
May Sarroffwife of K S Sarroff

1650SarroffStanton Peter Sarrofffirst name on this monument1918671985id: 7357444871069

1651SattlerClifford Francis Sattlerfirst name on this monument1910701980id: 18507456011068
Gladys Rachael Sattlerrelationship not known of Clifford Francis Sattler1909781987

1652SattlerGreg Sattlerfirst name on this monumentid: 97437611070

1653SattlerLeslie Sattlerfirst name on this monument1915821997id: 4877442391069
Mary Sattlerwife of Leslie Sattler1914771991

1654SattlerPeter John Sattlerfirst name on this monument1937261963id: 10707448211068
James Francis Sattlerrelationship not known of Peter John Sattler1935652000

1655SaxtonMarie Saxtonfirst name on this monument1929832012id: 477437991069w/Denis
Denis Saxtonhusband of Marie Saxton

1656ScanlonAnne Agnes Scanlonfirst name on this monument1899581957id: 9107446621068
George Joseph Scanlonrelationship not known of Anne Agnes Scanlon1895811976

1657ScanlonMarion Scanlonfirst name on this monument1933471980id: 19587457091068
George Noel Scanlonrelationship not known of Marion Scanlon1932702002

1658ScanlonThomas Scanlonfirst name on this monument1851741925id: 15467452971068
Margaret Scanlonrelationship not known of Thomas Scanlon1850841934
Patrick Scanlonrelationship not known of Thomas Scanlon1890261916 Killed in Action , Pozieres , France

1659ScantleburyArthur Scantleburyfirst name on this monument1909791988id: 5917443431070
Agnes Scantleburyrelationship not known of Arthur Scantlebury1917892006

1660SchneiderMaurice Augustus Schneiderfirst name on this monument1964id: 10017447531068
Dulcie Schneiderwife of Maurice Augustus Schneider2001

1661ScholesAlan Maxwell Scholesfirst name on this monument1934621996id: 4217441731068

1662ScholesEllen May Scholesfirst name on this monument1907601967id: 12237449741068
Francis William Scholeshusband of Ellen May Scholes1908861994

1663ScholesMichael David Scholesfirst name on this monument1956331989id: 5607443121068

1664SchumacherLynette Pam Schumacherfirst name on this monument1947662013id: 457437971071

1665ScotmanRhonda Scotmanfirst name on this monument1969342003id: 2117439631071w/Craig
Craig Scotmanhusband of Rhonda Scotman

1666ScottPauline Scottfirst name on this monumentid: 227437741069

1667ScullyNoel Parry Scullyfirst name on this monument1927842011id: 7407444921068

1668SearlEddie Searlfirst name on this monument1906651971id: 11727449231068
Ida May Searlwife of Eddie Searl1908901998

1669SearleBridget Agnes Searlefirst name on this monument1866421908id: 12717450221075w/Alfred
Alfred Searlehusband of Bridget Agnes Searle
Winifred Mary Devermother of Bridget Agnes Searle1843451888
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1670SedunaryClifford Charles Sedunaryfirst name on this monument1993id: 5297442811068Ashes
Mary Pauline Sedunarywife of Clifford Charles Sedunary1924882012

1671SeeEdgar Allan Seefirst name on this monument1920922012id: 2317439831069
Marie Bridget Seewife of Edgar Allan See1920862006

1672SeiffertLouis Creichton Seiffertfirst name on this monument1904551959id: 9427446941068

1673SeinorCecil Raymond Seinorfirst name on this monument1921521973id: 16877454381068
Marie Joan Seinorrelationship not known of Cecil Raymond Seinor1921862007

1674SeymourDenis Stephen Seymourfirst name on this monument1955191974id: 17027454531069

1675SeymourPatrick Seymourfirst name on this monument1919631982id: 19127456631068

1676SeymourStanislaus P Seymourfirst name on this monument1900641964id: 10877448381074
Kessie Lavina Seymourrelationship not known of Stanislaus P Seymour1897801977

1677SeymourStephen James Seymourfirst name on this monument1916781994id: 17017454521072
Elsie Mary Seymourrelationship not known of Stephen James Seymour1922882010
Mary Jane Zanardirelationship not known of Stephen James Seymour1948471995 Ashes

1678ShaferKevin Michael Shaferfirst name on this monument1947562003id: 4197441711068

1679ShaferMargaret Mary Shaferfirst name on this monument1916862002id: 5847443361070
Edwin Charles Shaferhusband of Margaret Mary Shafer1913962009

1680ShamrockBoshra Ramses Shamrockfirst name on this monument1940742014id: 1077438591069

1681ShannonEdward William Shannonfirst name on this monument1879561935id: 13617451121068
Thomas Patrick Shannonrelationship not known of Edward William Shannon1882911973

1682ShannonEllen Shannonfirst name on this monument1914id: 13627451131069
William Shannonrelationship not known of Ellen Shannon1918

1683SharkeyRosemarie Sharkeyfirst name on this monument1941321973id: 16337453841068

1684SharpeHerbert James Sharpefirst name on this monument1902801982id: 7807445321069
Nona Elizabeth Jessie Sharperelationship not known of Herbert James Sharpe1910851995

1685ShawPatrick Xavier Shawfirst name on this monument1937381975id: 17287454791068

1686ShawStanley John Shawfirst name on this monument1926581984id: 7707445221068
Eileen Mary Shawwife of Stanley John Shaw1931802011

1687SheehanEllen Sheehanfirst name on this monument1916771993id: 4457441971069
Patrick Sheehanrelationship not known of Ellen Sheehan1910831993

1688SheeleyNita Annie Sheeleyfirst name on this monument1896841980id: 18787456291068

1689SheenGlen Sheenfirst name on this monumentid: 6147443661071

1690SheenMerle Sheenfirst name on this monument1934541988id: 6157443671071

1691ShieldsDorothy May Shieldsfirst name on this monument1900611961id: 12377449881070
John Wesley Shieldshusband of Dorothy May Shields1890731963

1692ShoneBradley John Shonefirst name on this monument1960321992id: 5427442941068h/Janet
Janet Shonewife of Bradley John Shone

1693ShoneEdwin John Shonefirst name on this monument1901631964id: 10527448031070
Lavinia Ann Shonerelationship not known of Edwin John Shone1905871992

1694ShortMargaret Joyce Shortfirst name on this monument1931852016id: 37437551070

1695Si Ping TooStephen Francis Si Ping Toofirst name on this monument1961271988id: 6077443591069s/Anne
Anne Si Ping Toomother of Stephen Francis Si Ping Too

1696SilkeJohn Silkefirst name on this monument1807811888id: 13367450871068
Robert Silkeson of John Silke187621878
Ellen Silkewife of John Silke1837561893

1697SimmonsEmmaline Annie Simmonsfirst name on this monument1880781958id: 8957446471069
Edward William Simmonsrelationship not known of Emmaline Annie Simmons1878801958
Leslie James Simmonsrelationship not known of Emmaline Annie Simmons1918631981

1698SimpsonOlive May Simpsonfirst name on this monument1911681979id: 18277455781068
Robert Alexander Simpsonrelationship not known of Olive May Simpson1910701980

1699SizeMarie Rosalie Sizefirst name on this monument1914501964id: 11047448551068
Rosemary Elizabeth Sizesister of Marie Rosalie Size1930511981
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1700SkeldingDavid Skeldingfirst name on this monument1981id: 19537457041070
Michelle Skeldingrelationship not known of David Skelding1984

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal (Catholic section) Cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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