Municipal (Catholic section) Cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1201Mc IntyreWilliam James Mc Intyrefirst name on this monument1935391974id: 16647454151069

1202Mc KennanDonald John Mc Kennanfirst name on this monument1932571989id: 5557443071069

1203Mc KennonFrederick Mc Kennonfirst name on this monument1902731975id: 17227454731068
Elva Jean Mc Kennonwife of Frederick Mc Kennon1905701975

1204Mc KenzieGary John Mc Kenziefirst name on this monument1950181968id: 15007452511069
Donald John Mc Kenzierelationship not known of Gary John Mc Kenzie1930521982
Valerie Therese Mc Kenzierelationship not known of Gary John Mc Kenzie1929521981

1205Mc KenzieStephen Henry Mc Kenziefirst name on this monument1951381989id: 15017452521069

1206Mc KewLeonard Mc Kewfirst name on this monument1922721994id: 4367441881068
Marjorie Joyce Mc Kewwife of Leonard Mc Kew1923832006

1207Mc KinleyCharles Mc Kinleyfirst name on this monument1820761896id: 12827450331070
Catherine Mc Kinleyrelationship not known of Charles Mc Kinley1930 age 111
Charles Mc Kinleyrelationship not known of Charles Mc Kinley1882611943

1208Mc LarenDamien Joseph Mc Larenfirst name on this monument198401984id: 17777455281069s/David and Sue
David Mc Larenfather of Damien Joseph Mc Laren
Sue Mc Larenmother of Damien Joseph Mc Laren

1209Mc LarenDonald Fielding Mc Larenfirst name on this monument1938461984id: 7397444911068

1210Mc LaughlinJames Mc Laughlinfirst name on this monument1818831901id: 9197446711068

1211Mc MahonAlbert John Mc Mahonfirst name on this monument1919741993id: 8327445841068
Gladys Doreen Mc Mahonrelationship not known of Albert John Mc Mahon1920922012

1212Mc MahonClement Hugo Mc Mahonfirst name on this monument1909731982id: 19167456671068
Grace Nola Mc Mahonrelationship not known of Clement Hugo Mc Mahon1917852002

1213Mc MahonEthel May Mc Mahonfirst name on this monument1891741965id: 11207448711068
Walter Ernest Mc Mahonrelationship not known of Ethel May Mc Mahon1891751966

1214Mc MahonLeo Francis Mc Mahonfirst name on this monument1926842010id: 7137444651068
Ilma Therese Mc Mahonwife of Leo Francis Mc Mahon1926782004

1215Mc MahonTrevor James Mc Mahonfirst name on this monument1952id: 8337445851068
Graham Leslie Mc Mahonrelationship not known of Trevor James Mc Mahon1949221971
Kevin John Mc Mahonrelationship not known of Trevor James Mc Mahon194591954

1216Mc MillanWilliam Leslie Mc Millanfirst name on this monument1891831974id: 16727454231068
Marjorie Agnes Mc Millanwife of William Leslie Mc Millan1925832008

1217Mc NamaraJohn Mc Namarafirst name on this monument1846421888id: 13487450991068

1218Mc PhersonAlexander B Mc Phersonfirst name on this monument1837931930id: 12807450311071
Amelia Mc Phersondaughter of Alexander B Mc Pherson1869291898
Alexander Mc Phersonson of Alexander B Mc Pherson1879121891

1219Mc PhersonAlphonsus Cameron Mc Phersonfirst name on this monument1896781974id: 16707454211069

1220Mc PhersonAnnie Mc Phersonfirst name on this monument1890851975id: 14547452051071
Leo Mc Phersonhusband of Annie Mc Pherson1887601947

1221Mc PhersonCatherine Margaret Mc Phersonfirst name on this monument1889801969id: 14467451971069
John Gilliard Mc Phersonfather of Catherine Margaret Mc Pherson1851971948

1222Mc PhersonJohn Joseph Mc Phersonfirst name on this monument1924661990id: 5267442781069

1223Mc PhersonMargaret Mc Phersonfirst name on this monument1891891980id: 18757456261070
Archibald Mc Phersonhusband of Margaret Mc Pherson1885661951

1224Mc PhersonMarie Ellen Mc Phersonfirst name on this monument1893581951id: 13967451471071
James Mc Phersonrelationship not known of Marie Ellen Mc Pherson1883871970

1225Mc PhersonNorman Francis Mc Phersonfirst name on this monument1918671985id: 6947444461069

1226Mc PhersonRaymond Francis Mc Phersonfirst name on this monument1921781999id: 3167440681069h/Joyce
Joyce Mc Phersonwife of Raymond Francis Mc Pherson

1227Mc ShaneMargaret Mc Shanefirst name on this monument1847731920id: 14287451791068

1228McgrathJohn Daniel Mcgrathfirst name on this monument1945672012id: 677438191069
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1229MeadGladys Mary Meadfirst name on this monument1899521951id: 14617452121068
Herbert Joseph Meadrelationship not known of Gladys Mary Mead1891911982

1230MeadJames Albert Meadfirst name on this monument1931671998id: 3607441121069
Betty Mary Meadrelationship not known of James Albert Mead1932802012

1231MeehanJohn Y Meehanfirst name on this monument1881891970id: 13877451381068

1232MeehanMabel Mary Meehanfirst name on this monument1896871983id: 7717445231069

1233MeehanTerrence Francis Meehanfirst name on this monument1928782006id: 1847439361070
Coral Thelma Meehanwife of Terrence Francis Meehan1928882016

1234MeereMatthias Meerefirst name on this monument1868791947id: 14557452061068
Isabella May Meerewife of Matthias Meere1879721951

1235MelehanJames Sidney Melehanfirst name on this monument1912731985id: 6737444251068

1236MenceRobert John Mencefirst name on this monument1884821966id: 12937450441068
Hannah Mencewife of Robert John Mence1898791977

1237MeredithJohn Meredithfirst name on this monument1981id: 16997454501069

1238MerrinDulcie Clair Merrinfirst name on this monument1913912004id: 1897439411069w/Vincent
Vincent Merrinhusband of Dulcie Clair Merrin

1239MerrittStephen Victor Merrittfirst name on this monument1961251986id: 6507444021068
John Alwyn Merrittrelationship not known of Stephen Victor Merritt1931712002

1240MexonCharles Vincent Mexonfirst name on this monument1859411900id: 13497451001068
Beatrice Mexondaughter of Charles Vincent Mexon1890761966
Catherine Mexonwife of Charles Vincent Mexon1866861952

1241MexonFrancis Simon Mexonfirst name on this monument1928681996id: 12627450131070

1242MexonMargaret Ann Mexonfirst name on this monument1933832016id: 5357442871070
Alexander Francis Mexonhusband of Margaret Ann Mexon1933842017
Bruce Alexander Mexonson of Margaret Ann Mexon1960442004

1243MeynHarrison John Meynfirst name on this monument200072007id: 1287438801068

1244MiccoliBrenton Aaron Miccolifirst name on this monument1995id: 18647456151068

1245MichalczykMaria Michalczykfirst name on this monument1922882010id: 5717443231068

1246MichalczykPiotr Michalczykfirst name on this monument1918681986id: 6547444061068

1247MilburnFlorence May Milburnfirst name on this monument1890791969id: 13267450771069
Henry Charles Milburnrelationship not known of Florence May Milburn1913571970

1248MillsGeorge Joseph Millsfirst name on this monument1929431972id: 16127453631072
Keith William Bakerrelationship not known of George Joseph Mills197301973
Gay Maree Stewartrelationship not known of George Joseph Mills1955301985

1249MiloszMaria Miloszfirst name on this monument1916771993id: 7097444611068
Waclaw Miloszhusband of Maria Milosz1915811996

1250MisiakRyszard Misiakfirst name on this monument1921441965id: 13147450651068

1251MitchellJake Robert Mitchellfirst name on this monument2007id: 2607440121070s/Mark and Deanna
Mark Mitchellfather of Jake Robert Mitchell
Deanna Mitchellmother of Jake Robert Mitchell

1252MitchellMonica Delores Mitchellfirst name on this monument1932671999id: 2897440411071
Ronald Glen Mitchellhusband of Monica Delores Mitchell1926411967

1253MitchellStephen Mitchellfirst name on this monument1936591995id: 3837441351070

1254MitchellThomas Mitchellfirst name on this monument1920551975id: 17247454751070
Mary Josephine Mitchellwife of Thomas Mitchell1921872008

1255MitchellThomas Michael Mitchellfirst name on this monument1943612004id: 2517440031070

1256MitchellVictor John Mitchellfirst name on this monument1908711979id: 19047456551070
Mary Veronica Mitchellrelationship not known of Victor John Mitchell1917832000

1257MitselburgRoss Errol Mitselburgfirst name on this monument1935481983id: 7757445271068

1258MladenStella Mladenfirst name on this monument1929862015id: 4157441671069
Peter Mladenhusband of Stella Mladen1927671994
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1259MladenovicDusan Mladenovicfirst name on this monument1932641996id: 3887441401068

1260MoffatStephen James Moffatfirst name on this monument1948511999id: 2917440431070

1261MonaghanMartin Monaghanfirst name on this monument1870761946id: 15087452591068
Kyrie Monaghanrelationship not known of Martin Monaghan1881831964

1262MontgomeryMichael John Montgomeryfirst name on this monument1934521986id: 5997443511069Ashes

1263MontgomeryPeter Montgomeryfirst name on this monument1924621986id: 6877444391068
Peter Damien Montgomeryson of Peter Montgomery1966201986
Patricia Eleanor Montgomerywife of Peter Montgomery1929601989

1264MooreCroydon George Moorefirst name on this monument1917621979id: 18297455801068

1265MooreDorothy Catherine Moorefirst name on this monument1912691981id: 18287455791068

1266MooreLetitia Moorefirst name on this monument1819821901id: 13507451011070
James Innesson of Letitia Moore1862551917
Mary Agnes Innesrelationship not known of Letitia Moore1860791939 w/James

1267MooreMatthew James Moorefirst name on this monument1900721972id: 16207453711068
Madge Kennedy Moorerelationship not known of Matthew James Moore1904941998

1268MooreNorman Moorefirst name on this monument1886561942id: 15757453261069

1269MoranEthel Josephine Moranfirst name on this monument1902831985id: 6607444121070

1270MoranEva Mary Moranfirst name on this monument1877451922id: 13247450751075
John Lairdrelationship not known of Eva Mary Moran1905711976
Kathleen Bridget Lairdrelationship not known of Eva Mary Moran1905601965
Laurence Moranrelationship not known of Eva Mary Moran1867811948

1271MoranJerima Moranfirst name on this monument1846571903id: 13387450891070
Augustine Moranrelationship not known of Jerima Moran1966
John Moranrelationship not known of Jerima Moran1836741910
Margaret Moranrelationship not known of Jerima Moran

1272MoranLaurence Moranfirst name on this monument1896661962id: 11137448641068
Laurence Moranson of Laurence Moran1931491980
Meda Bethel Moranwife of Laurence Moran1900781978

1273MoranLillian Maude Moranfirst name on this monument1889961985id: 13397450901068

1274MoranMichael Patrick Moranfirst name on this monument1859701929id: 12307449811070
Sarah Moranwife of Michael Patrick Moran1859861945

1275MorganCatherine Morganfirst name on this monument1876841960id: 10307447821068
Thomas Matthew Morganson of Catherine Morgan1911771988

1276MorganJodie Renea Morganfirst name on this monument197901979id: 16987454491068

1277MorganJohn Morganfirst name on this monument1940481988id: 6477443991068h/Wendy. Ashes
Wendy Morganwife of John Morgan

1278MorganVirginia Lillian Morganfirst name on this monument1964id: 11447448951079

1279MorlandDavid George Morlandfirst name on this monument1911741985id: 7347444861068

1280MorlandElaine Joy Morlandfirst name on this monument1922932015id: 7337444851068

1281MoroneyMichael Moroneyfirst name on this monument1896781974id: 10097447611069
Donna Louise Campbellrelationship not known of Michael Moroney

1282MorrisLarry Maxwell Morrisfirst name on this monument1948632011id: 6537444051068h/Barb
Barb Morriswife of Larry Maxwell Morris

1283MorrisM K J Morrisfirst name on this monument1926711997id: 6527444041069R.a.a.f.

1284MorrisNellie Agnes Morrisfirst name on this monument1890661956id: 8777446291073
Adele Esme Johnstonrelationship not known of Nellie Agnes Morris1910881998

1285MorrisNeville Thomas Morrisfirst name on this monument1916731989id: 5537443051069
Joan Alwynne Morrisrelationship not known of Neville Thomas Morris1918922010

1286MorrisSue-ann Helen Morrisfirst name on this monument1950361986id: 6517444031069

1287MorrissRichard Morrissfirst name on this monument1814851899id: 12067449571068
Bridget Morrissrelationship not known of Richard Morriss1822761898
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1288MorrisseyJoseph Vincent Morrisseyfirst name on this monument1937682005id: 1817439331070

1289MorrisseyPeter Morrisseyfirst name on this monument1839501889id: 12017449521068Born Co. Tipperary , Ireland
Margaret Morrisseyrelationship not known of Peter Morrissey1876811957

1290MortleyPauline Marjorie Mortleyfirst name on this monument1938391977id: 17707455211068

1291MortonFelicity Sara Mortonfirst name on this monument197201972id: 11507449011068

1292MortonWilliam Arthur Mortonfirst name on this monument1914391953id: 8207445721070

1293MosmanMalcolm Burnett Mosmanfirst name on this monument1955251980id: 18607456111068

1294MossJean Mary Mossfirst name on this monument1927872014id: 10497448001068
Maurice Clifford Mossrelationship not known of Jean Mary Moss1926892015

1295MoylanJohn Joseph Moylanfirst name on this monument1898641962id: 11087448591068
Ida Beryl Moylanwife of John Joseph Moylan1905901995

1296MoylanMichael Frederick Moylanfirst name on this monument1885741959id: 9797447311068
Irene Mary Moylanrelationship not known of Michael Frederick Moylan1895761971

1297MoylanOlive May Moylanfirst name on this monument1910942004id: 17577455081069

1298MoylanRoger Thomas Moylanfirst name on this monument1919511970id: 9967447481069

1299MozerElizabeth Ann Mozerfirst name on this monument195811959id: 8197445711068

1300MuckleDoris Blanch Mucklefirst name on this monument1920942014id: 11157448661069

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal (Catholic section) Cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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