Municipal (Catholic section) Cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1101MackinneyGeorge Charles Mackinneyfirst name on this monument1925691994id: 4527442041069h/Joan
Joan Mackinneywife of George Charles Mackinney

1102MacraeMary Seraphina Macraefirst name on this monument1919892008id: 18247455751068

1103MaddenCyril Errol Maddenfirst name on this monument1910651975id: 17277454781068
Amy Maud Maddenrelationship not known of Cyril Errol Madden1910801990

1104MaherBarry Joseph Maherfirst name on this monument1938772015id: 13307450811068

1105MaherCatherine Louise Maherfirst name on this monument1979171996id: 3737441251069d/Mona and Peter
Peter Maherfather of Catherine Louise Maher
Mona Mahermother of Catherine Louise Maher

1106MaherDaniel John Maherfirst name on this monument1914151929id: 8637446151068

1107MaherGeorge Maherfirst name on this monument1958id: 9657447171068
Helena Maherrelationship not known of George Maher1891801971

1108MaherGeorge Maherfirst name on this monument1868841952id: 8617446131068

1109MaherIda Mary Maherfirst name on this monument1881841965id: 8627446141068

1110MaherJames Leslie Maherfirst name on this monument1886811967id: 13297450801068
Ellen May Maherrelationship not known of James Leslie Maher1898861984

1111MaherJeremiah John Maherfirst name on this monument1868681936id: 8667446181069
Augusta Mary Maherrelationship not known of Jeremiah John Maher1879941973
Percival George Maherrelationship not known of Jeremiah John Maher1915281943
Walter John Maherrelationship not known of Jeremiah John Maher1907541961

1112MaherJohn David Maherfirst name on this monument1917691986id: 6407443921068

1113MaherJoseph Peter Maherfirst name on this monument2000id: 8647446161068s/Mark and Robyn
Mark Maherfather of Joseph Peter Maher
Robyn Mahermother of Joseph Peter Maher

1114MaherLeslie Augustine Maherfirst name on this monument1911601971id: 15857453361068
Eileen Imelda Maherrelationship not known of Leslie Augustine Maher1914811995

1115MaherMargaret Anne Maherfirst name on this monument1933541987id: 6397443911068
Peter Maherrelationship not known of Margaret Anne Maher1925832008

1116MaherMark Maherfirst name on this monumentid: 2647440161068

1117MaherMichael Kevin Maherfirst name on this monument1904831987id: 16377453881068
Eva Mary Maherrelationship not known of Michael Kevin Maher1916821998

1118MaherPatricia May Maherfirst name on this monument1931702001id: 2307439821073
John Kevin Maherhusband of Patricia May Maher1934732007

1119MaherPaul Maherfirst name on this monumentid: 127437641069

1120MaherPeter Joseph Maherfirst name on this monument1950642014id: 2847440361069h/Mona
Mona Maherwife of Peter Joseph Maher

1121MaherRita Monica Maherfirst name on this monument1925731998id: 3227440741068

1122MahonyEthel Gertrude Mahonyfirst name on this monument1904751979id: 19017456521068
James Frederick Mahonyrelationship not known of Ethel Gertrude Mahony1899981997

1123MahonyFelix Reginald Mahonyfirst name on this monument1917791996id: 3777441291068
Phyllis Rose Mahonywife of Felix Reginald Mahony1916821998

1124MahonyJanette Gaye Mahonyfirst name on this monument1938531991id: 5007442521071
Edmund Henry Mahonyrelationship not known of Janette Gaye Mahony1936732009

1125MahonyKevin James Mahonyfirst name on this monument1928421970id: 14747452251068
Colleen Dorothy Mahonywife of Kevin James Mahony1929501979

1126MahonyMark Raymond Mahonyfirst name on this monument196021962id: 11477448981068
Paul Edmund Mahonyrelationship not known of Mark Raymond Mahony1963472010

1127MaidenDoreen Maidenfirst name on this monument1936782014id: 16747454251072
Rhonda Theresa Greedydaughter of Doreen Maiden1963522015

1128MajewskiStanislaw Majewskifirst name on this monument1915701985id: 6707444221068
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1129MallonEdward James Mallonfirst name on this monument1909681977id: 17927455431068

1130MallonPercival Francis Mallonfirst name on this monument1911661977id: 18007455511068

1131MalonyMargaret Malonyfirst name on this monument1835671902id: 8407445921068

1132MansfieldA L Lloyd Mansfieldfirst name on this monument1906631969id: 13777451281069
Ursula Bernice Mansfieldrelationship not known of A L Lloyd Mansfield1900831983

1133MansfieldJohn Edward Mansfieldfirst name on this monument1934561990id: 13767451271068

1134MarciniakLuba Marciniakfirst name on this monument1926782004id: 2377439891070Born Belo , Russia
Josef Marciniakhusband of Luba Marciniak1919852004 Born Poland

1135MarkeyDesmond Markeyfirst name on this monument1911892000id: 2977440491069

1136MarkeyLeslie George Markeyfirst name on this monument1879831962id: 11587449091068

1137MarrAnnie Marrfirst name on this monument1864741938id: 13067450571068

1138MarrFrancis Marrfirst name on this monument1894251919id: 13047450551068

1139MarrGeorge Marrfirst name on this monument1864461910id: 13077450581069

1140MarrGeorge Marrfirst name on this monument1893261919id: 13057450561069

1141MarrHumphrey Joseph Marrfirst name on this monument1867341901id: 12497450001069

1142MarrJohn Gregory Marrfirst name on this monument1906781984id: 13087450591068
Kathleen Margaret Marrrelationship not known of John Gregory Marr1908952003

1143MarrMargaret Marrfirst name on this monument1830731903id: 12487449991068
Thomas J Marrhusband of Margaret Marr1824861910

1144MarrThomas Marrfirst name on this monument1859551914id: 12507450011069
Eileen Marrdaughter of Thomas Marr
Julia Marrdaughter of Thomas Marr1952
Philomena Marrdaughter of Thomas Marr1985
John Marrson of Thomas Marr
Ellen Marrwife of Thomas Marr1861561917

1145MarshEdna May Marshfirst name on this monument1931832014id: 3047440561068

1146MarshKieran James Marshfirst name on this monument1983id: 17757455261069

1147MarshNoel James Marshfirst name on this monument1930812011id: 3057440571068

1148MarshRichard Francis Marshfirst name on this monument1890631953id: 8067445581068
Frederick Marshson of Richard Francis Marsh1926561982
Joseph Marshson of Richard Francis Marsh1925782003
Margaret Mary Marshwife of Richard Francis Marsh1893841977

1149MartinAlexander Martinfirst name on this monument1847841931id: 14037451541068

1150MartinBartholomew Joseph Martinfirst name on this monument1916731989id: 5657443171068
Frances Jean Martinwife of Bartholomew Joseph Martin1920832003

1151MartinDavid James Martinfirst name on this monument1923711994id: 4147441661069
Betty Joan Martinwife of David James Martin1923902013

1152MartinDesmond Laurence Martinfirst name on this monument1932641996id: 10557448061069
Joan Bernadette Martinrelationship not known of Desmond Laurence Martin1931852016

1153MartinElizabeth Philomena Martinfirst name on this monument1911501961id: 13347450851069
Denis Francis Martinhusband of Elizabeth Philomena Martin1908942002

1154MartinHerbert Vincent Martinfirst name on this monument1902901992id: 5347442861068

1155MartinMadeleine Bertha Martinfirst name on this monument1911831994id: 5337442851068

1156MartinRyan John Peter Martinfirst name on this monument200502005id: 18667456171068

1157MartinSarah Martinfirst name on this monument1842721914id: 14697452201069

1158MartinStephen Martinfirst name on this monument1964id: 10547448051069

1159MartinVincent Joseph Martinfirst name on this monument1936772013id: 1717439231069

1160MastersonSheila Margaret Mastersonfirst name on this monument1923651988id: 5897443411069
James Augustus Mastersonrelationship not known of Sheila Margaret Masterson1922842006

1161MateClifford Royden Matefirst name on this monument1912761988id: 6127443641069
Mary Agnes Matewife of Clifford Royden Mate1914862000
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1162MathesonEdna May Mathesonfirst name on this monument1907761983id: 17257454761069

1163MatthewsJoyce Pearl Matthewsfirst name on this monument1928681996id: 16417453921068
Kevin Maxwell Glasgow Matthewsrelationship not known of Joyce Pearl Matthews1928852013

1164MayersAlphonsus Bede Mayersfirst name on this monument1913741987id: 6357443871068

1165MayersRose Jean Mayersfirst name on this monument1913821995id: 6367443881068w/Alphonsus
Alphonsus Mayershusband of Rose Jean Mayers

1166MaynardEllen Elizabeth Maynardfirst name on this monument1886731959id: 9847447361070
Clawd Maynardrelationship not known of Ellen Elizabeth Maynard1922361958

1167Mc AlpineMary Veronica Mc Alpinefirst name on this monument1969id: 13857451361069
Peter Alister Andrew Mc Alpinerelationship not known of Mary Veronica Mc Alpine1971

1168Mc BriartyPatricia May Mc Briartyfirst name on this monument1925882013id: 2277439791069
Francis Felix Mc Briartyhusband of Patricia May Mc Briarty1925862011

1169Mc CannFlorence Mc Cannfirst name on this monument1883361919id: 14977452481068w/Michael
Michael Mc Cannhusband of Florence Mc Cann

1170Mc CarthyTerence Patrick Mc Carthyfirst name on this monument1940501990id: 5157442671069

1171Mc CloyDorothea Rosina Mc Cloyfirst name on this monument1891771968id: 10137447651068
Anthony Matthew Mc Cloyrelationship not known of Dorothea Rosina Mc Cloy1883771960

1172Mc CormackJohn Joseph Mc Cormackfirst name on this monument1892241916id: 14757452261068
Thomas Mc Cormackrelationship not known of John Joseph Mc Cormack1837801917

1173Mc CullochJordyn Mc Cullochfirst name on this monument199501995id: 3827441341068

1174Mc CullochRoy Edward Mc Cullochfirst name on this monument1911631974id: 16797454301068
Margaret Ann Mc Cullochrelationship not known of Roy Edward Mc Culloch1921611982

1175Mc DermottMavis Allison Mc Dermottfirst name on this monument1914591973id: 16927454431069
Thomas Stan Mc Dermotthusband of Mavis Allison Mc Dermott1907861993

1176Mc DermottPeter John Mc Dermottfirst name on this monument1937601997id: 16917454421068Ashes

1177Mc DonaldAlexander William Mc Donaldfirst name on this monument1903851988id: 6117443631069

1178Mc DonaldFlora Ann Mc Donaldfirst name on this monument1879221901id: 12817450321070

1179Mc DonaldJohn Mc Donaldfirst name on this monument1811761887id: 12077449581068
Catherine Mc Donaldwife of John Mc Donald1816881904
Johanna Mc Glinnrelationship not known of John Mc Donald1838521890

1180Mc DonaldMaud Mary Mc Donaldfirst name on this monument19081042012id: 6107443621069w/Alexander
Alexander Mc Donaldhusband of Maud Mary Mc Donald

1181Mc DonnellVeronica Catherine Mc Donnellfirst name on this monument1914711985id: 9267446781069
Francis James Mc Donnellrelationship not known of Veronica Catherine Mc Donnell1892781970

1182Mc ElroyHerbert S Mc Elroyfirst name on this monument1894621956id: 8807446321068
Alma E Mc Elroyrelationship not known of Herbert S Mc Elroy1894741968

1183Mc EnearneyEllen Elizabeth Mc Enearneyfirst name on this monument1845471892id: 9247446761068
Dennis Mc Enearneyhusband of Ellen Elizabeth Mc Enearney1844621906
Frederick Martin Mc Enearneyson of Ellen Elizabeth Mc Enearney1875351910

1184Mc EnearneyFrederick David Mc Enearneyfirst name on this monument1894681962id: 14597452101068

1185Mc EnearneyHerbert Mc Enearneyfirst name on this monument1889781967id: 8657446171068
Veronica Mc Enearneyrelationship not known of Herbert Mc Enearney19001022002

1186Mc EnearneyPatricia Mc Enearneyfirst name on this monument192611927id: 9237446751068
John Thomas Mc Enearneyfather of Patricia Mc Enearney1878521930
Teresa Margaret Mc Enearneymother of Patricia Mc Enearney1879661945

1187Mc EnearneyWilliam Mc Enearneyfirst name on this monument1868661934id: 9227446741068
Margaret Mc Enearneydaughter of William Mc Enearney
George Mc Enearneyson of William Mc Enearney
Isabella Mc Enearneywife of William Mc Enearney1865841949

1188Mc EnearneyWilliam Thomas Mc Enearneyfirst name on this monument1893581951id: 14607452111068

1189Mc EnernyHalina Teresa Mc Enernyfirst name on this monument1946542000id: 6217443731070
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1190Mc EnernyRobert Earl Mc Enernyfirst name on this monument1913861999id: 6207443721069
Adele Elaine Mc Enernywife of Robert Earl Mc Enerny1920942014

1191Mc EwanAlan Kenneth Mc Ewanfirst name on this monument1947532000id: 2747440261069

1192Mc GintyMaxwell John Mc Gintyfirst name on this monument1929611990id: 5107442621068
Rhonda Vivienne Mc Gintyrelationship not known of Maxwell John Mc Ginty1935601995

1193Mc GregorCecil James Mc Gregorfirst name on this monument1906701976id: 17527455031068
Annie Mc Gregorrelationship not known of Cecil James Mc Gregor1911781989
Tony Mc Gregorrelationship not known of Cecil James Mc Gregor1937702007

1194Mc GregorDavid Mc Gregorfirst name on this monument1954512005id: 1837439351069

1195Mc GregorElaine Margaret Mc Gregorfirst name on this monument1923882011id: 1347438861071

1196Mc GregorNorma Elaine Mc Gregorfirst name on this monument1940591999id: 2927440441069

1197Mc InerneyAnnie Mc Inerneyfirst name on this monument1887751962id: 11457448961069
John Mc Inerneyrelationship not known of Annie Mc Inerney1872921964
John Joseph Mc Inerneyrelationship not known of Annie Mc Inerney1920541974

1198Mc InerneyBridget Lucy Mc Inerneyfirst name on this monument1922631985id: 11467448971068

1199Mc InerneyEllie Mc Inerneyfirst name on this monument1865401905id: 13377450881069

1200Mc IntyreEva Elizabeth Mc Intyrefirst name on this monument1886861972id: 16177453681069

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Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal (Catholic section) Cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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