Municipal (Catholic section) Cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101BeislerHarry Pitz Beislerfirst name on this monument1906911997id: 3367440881071
Mary Bernadette Beislerwife of Harry Pitz Beisler1923772000

102BelcherEdmund Belcherfirst name on this monument1889841973id: 16897454401072
Ina Belcherrelationship not known of Edmund Belcher1895871982

103BelcherPamela Margaret Belcherfirst name on this monument1942251967id: 9177446691070
Thelma Marie Portermother of Pamela Margaret Belcher1910761986

104BellAlbert John Bellfirst name on this monument1910751985id: 6847444361077
Josephina Agnes Bellwife of Albert John Bell1915902005

105BellMargaret Mary Bellfirst name on this monument196331966id: 10407447911068

106BellamyLinda Bellamyfirst name on this monument1959552014id: 1737439251069

107BellhouseMary Cecelia Bellhousefirst name on this monument1908721980id: 18487455991071
Albert Arthur Bellhouserelationship not known of Mary Cecelia Bellhouse1903771980

108BendeichEvelyn May Bendeichfirst name on this monument1930822012id: 1317438831070
Noel Peter Bendeichhusband of Evelyn May Bendeich1928802008

109BendeichGlenn Alfred Bendeichfirst name on this monument1966342000id: 6827444341070

110BendeichJohn Francis Bendeichfirst name on this monument1936491985id: 6837444351071

111BernasconiAnnette Teresa Bernasconifirst name on this monument195601956id: 8287445801071
Steven Edward Bernasconirelationship not known of Annette Teresa Bernasconi196501965

112BernasconiEdmund Bernasconifirst name on this monument1858771935id: 8347445861070
Bridget Bernasconiwife of Edmund Bernasconi1864781942

113BernasconiEdward Joseph Bernasconifirst name on this monument1885781963id: 10967448471070
Eileen Marie Bernasconirelationship not known of Edward Joseph Bernasconi1894811975

114BernasconiSylvia Joan Bernasconifirst name on this monument1932752007id: 7027444541070

115BertholdCyril Francis Bertholdfirst name on this monument1911631974id: 16717454221070
Florentine Margaret Bertholdrelationship not known of Cyril Francis Berthold1913952008

116BertholdEdna Grace Bertholdfirst name on this monument1928812009id: 947438461072
Kenneth Hamilton Bertholdhusband of Edna Grace Berthold1919932012

117BertholdL J Bertholdfirst name on this monument1916821998id: 47574422710712/6 Field Co. R.A.E.

118BertholdLeslie Francis Bertholdfirst name on this monument1891731964id: 12437449941070
Frances Harriett Bertholdrelationship not known of Leslie Francis Berthold1895841979

119BertholdLillian Eileen Bertholdfirst name on this monument1905761981id: 19247456751070

120BertholdNorma May Bertholdfirst name on this monument1924812005id: 12447449951070

121BertholdValerie Monica Bertholdfirst name on this monument1926671993id: 4747442261071
Leslie Joseph Alphonsus Bertholdhusband of Valerie Monica Berthold1916821998

122BevanAndrew Charles William Bevanfirst name on this monument1926471973id: 16407453911073
Joyce Pearl Matthewsrelationship not known of Andrew Charles William Bevan1928681996

123BevanJohn David Bevanfirst name on this monument196901969id: 9897447411068

124BialekJosef Bialekfirst name on this monument1919681987id: 6327443841070
Wladyslawa Bialekwife of Josef Bialek1921912012

125BialekJoseph Peter Bialekfirst name on this monument1943531996id: 6227443741071

126BiemanTerrance William Biemanfirst name on this monument1941602001id: 2297439811072

127BiliatoLuigi Pietro Biliatofirst name on this monument1928842012id: 617438131071Born Resana , Italy
Assunta Virginia Biliatowife of Luigi Pietro Biliato1934802014 Born Resana , Italy

128BinnsAda Florence Binnsfirst name on this monument1898871985id: 15967453471073

129BischoffMervyn John Bischofffirst name on this monument1922631985id: 6777444291068

130BlakeCecil Robert Blakefirst name on this monument1908801988id: 6037443551070h/Berenice
Berenice Blakewife of Cecil Robert Blake

131BlakeRobert Lyndon Blakefirst name on this monument1949111960id: 6027443541071
Berenice Valmai Blakemother of Robert Lyndon Blake1913371950

132BoeingOttilie Boeingfirst name on this monument1921681989id: 5787443301068
Paul Alex Boeingrelationship not known of Ottilie Boeing1922681990
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133BojkowskiStanislaw Bojkowskifirst name on this monument1923661989id: 5637443151069Born Poland
Elzbieta Bojkowskiwife of Stanislaw Bojkowski1924822006 Born Poland

134BolandDavid John Bolandfirst name on this monument1905851990id: 15207452711069
Eliza Bolandmother of David John Boland1870771947
Marie Elizabeth Bolandwife of David John Boland1909912000

135BolandPatrick Joseph Bolandfirst name on this monument1868571925id: 14937452441074
Eileen Casimerdaughter of Patrick Joseph Boland1895471942
Eliza Mary Bolandwife of Patrick Joseph Boland1875711946

136BorhamDaphne Jane Borhamfirst name on this monument1929id: 13277450781068
Kevin James Borhamrelationship not known of Daphne Jane Borham194011941

137BoschTony Boschfirst name on this monument1933782011id: 1747439261069

138BourgeaLouis Joseph Bourgeafirst name on this monument1930802010id: 647438161069
Mary Therese Bourgeawife of Louis Joseph Bourgea1934822016

139BourkeAlexander Bourkefirst name on this monument1837511888id: 9297446811068Born Co. Tipperary , Ireland
Ann Bourkedaughter of Alexander Bourke1923
John Bourkeson of Alexander Bourke1879391918
Patrick Bourkeson of Alexander Bourke1925
Thomas Bourkeson of Alexander Bourke1925
Mary Bourkewife of Alexander Bourke1846721918

140BourkeBridget Bourkefirst name on this monument1842381880id: 11917449421068
Margaret Bourkedaughter of Bridget Bourke1871121883
Patrick Bourkehusband of Bridget Bourke1839681907
Emily Bourkerelationship not known of Bridget Bourke1875791954 w/Francis
Francis Bourkerelationship not known of Bridget Bourke1867741941

141BourkeCecily Margaret Bourkefirst name on this monument1915761991id: 4847442361068
Vincent James Bourkehusband of Cecily Margaret Bourke1913811994

142BourkeEllen Bourkefirst name on this monument1894721966id: 12877450381070
John Bourkerelationship not known of Ellen Bourke1887891976 Born Murroe , Co. Limerick , Ireland

143BourkeJames Patrick Bourkefirst name on this monument1929732002id: 5587443101068
Stephen Patrick Bourkeson of James Patrick Bourke1967221989

144BourkeMatilda M Bourkefirst name on this monument1910221932id: 13607451111068
Elizabeth C Bourkedaughter of Matilda M Bourke1930111941

145BoweWilliam Bowefirst name on this monument1858781936id: 15707453211068

146BowenEdward Vincent Bowenfirst name on this monument1904701974id: 17047454551084
Zeta Irene Bowenwife of Edward Vincent Bowen1909761985

147BowenFaith Hyacinth Bowenfirst name on this monument1909781987id: 6287443801070
Annesley George Bowenrelationship not known of Faith Hyacinth Bowen1906871993

148BowenHenry Bede Bowenfirst name on this monument1912521964id: 13177450681068
Mary Mena Bowenrelationship not known of Henry Bede Bowen1915862001

149BowenJames Bowenfirst name on this monument1917421959id: 9747447261076

150BowenJohn Victor Bowenfirst name on this monument1910421952id: 13947451451068

151BowenJohn Vincent Bowenfirst name on this monument1935571992id: 17057454561068

152BowenMarie Therese Bowenfirst name on this monument1930872017id: 217437731068

153BowenWilliam Archibald Bowenfirst name on this monument1931631994id: 4317441831068

154BowerLance Lovell Bowerfirst name on this monument1920771997id: 3527441041068
Margaret Cecelia Bowerrelationship not known of Lance Lovell Bower1931772008

155BowesJoseph Bowesfirst name on this monument188531888id: 12137449641069

156BowesPatrick Bowesfirst name on this monument1847641911id: 12147449651070
Katie Bowesdaughter of Patrick Bowes1910
Elizabeth Boweswife of Patrick Bowes1937

157BoydJohn Boydfirst name on this monument1927802007id: 2177439691069
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158BoyleAlexius Joseph Boylefirst name on this monument1935441979id: 19027456531071

159BoyleElsie May Boylefirst name on this monument1921832004id: 3277440791068
Henry Francis Boylehusband of Elsie May Boyle1919862005

160BoyleEric John Boylefirst name on this monument1899391938id: 15657453161071
Michael John Boylegrand son of Eric John Boyle1956
Alma Ethel Boylewife of Eric John Boyle1902681970

161BoyleHenry Francis Boylefirst name on this monument1889471936id: 15637453141068
Florence Elizabeth Boylerelationship not known of Henry Francis Boyle1893821975
Mary Gertrude Boylerelationship not known of Henry Francis Boyle1893441937

162BoyleNorman Boylefirst name on this monument1923842007id: 1307438821068

163BoylePatrick Boylefirst name on this monument18id: 12947450451071
Bridget Boylerelationship not known of Patrick Boyle1847211868

164BoyleSusan Agnes Boylefirst name on this monument1856821938id: 15557453061070
Augustine Joseph Boylegrand son of Susan Agnes Boyle1915681983

165BozzaAnna Bozzafirst name on this monument1911912002id: 7507445021068
Vittorio Bozzahusband of Anna Bozza Buried Liverpool , Sydney

166BozzaRobert Frank Bozzafirst name on this monument1963231986id: 6577444091068

167BradberyRuth Frances Bradberyfirst name on this monument1951592010id: 16097453601068
Peter Samuel Bradberyrelationship not known of Ruth Frances Bradbery1949572006

168BradleyRonald Joseph Bradleyfirst name on this monument1929601989id: 5627443141069

169BradshawAidan Kenneth Bradshawfirst name on this monument1987192006id: 1497439011077s/Gail and Ken
Ken Bradshawfather of Aidan Kenneth Bradshaw
Gail Bradshawmother of Aidan Kenneth Bradshaw

170BradyCatherine Bradyfirst name on this monument1832781910id: 12047449551068w/Patrick
Patrick# Bradyhusband of Catherine Brady

171BradyCatherine Bradyfirst name on this monument1865741939id: 13657451161068w/John
John Bradyhusband of Catherine Brady

172BradyJames Bradyfirst name on this monument1867421909id: 12037449541068
Ethel E Bradywife of James Brady1878611939

173BradyJohn Bradyfirst name on this monument1837731910id: 13637451141068
Johanna Bradywife of John Brady1835961931

174BradyJohn D Bradyfirst name on this monument1865501915id: 13647451151068

175BradyLilliam M Bradyfirst name on this monument1914872001id: 2697440211069

176BradyPatrick Bradyfirst name on this monument1841781919id: 12057449561070Born Co. Cavan , Ireland

177BrazierEric John Brazierfirst name on this monument1942652007id: 1667439181070

178BrazierEthel May Brazierfirst name on this monument1918982016id: 1677439191084

179BreinerRichard Michael Breinerfirst name on this monument1894801974id: 16567454071068
Damien Michael Breinergrand son of Richard Michael Breiner198101981
Hannah Marie Breinerwife of Richard Michael Breiner19081002008

180BrennanEdith Emily Brennanfirst name on this monument191121913id: 13217450721071d/James and Edith
James Brennanfather of Edith Emily Brennan
Edith Brennanmother of Edith Emily Brennan

181BrennanM V Brennanfirst name on this monument1919882007id: 1327438841069h/Ella Mary. Royal Aust. Engineers
Ella Mary Brennanwife of M V Brennan

182BrennanRichard Sydney Brennanfirst name on this monument1883421925id: 14927452431070

183BrennanRonald William Brennanfirst name on this monument1927601987id: 6297443811068
Patricia Mary Brennanwife of Ronald William Brennan1927872014

184BrennanVicki Brennanfirst name on this monument196411965id: 11437448941071
Paul Basil Brennanrelationship not known of Vicki Brennan1937732010

185BrennanWilliam Francis Brennanfirst name on this monument1927571984id: 7477444991068

186BridgerA T Bridgerfirst name on this monument1911831994id: 4667442181069h/Hazel. 2/2 Field Ambulance
Hazel Bridgerwife of A T Bridger
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187BridgerJohn Thomas William Bridgerfirst name on this monument1949662015id: 1827439341069

188BrigesIris Daphne Brigesfirst name on this monument1916761992id: 18897456401072
Aubrey Aloysius Sizecousin of Iris Daphne Briges1914651979

189BriggsMichael Shane Briggsfirst name on this monument1964341998id: 3137440651068
Dulcie May Briggsrelationship not known of Michael Shane Briggs1941712012
Jack Briggsrelationship not known of Michael Shane Briggs1936732009

190BrinleyBrian Joseph Brinleyfirst name on this monument1932571989id: 6187443701068

191BroganRoy Victor Broganfirst name on this monument1913731986id: 6927444441068
Peggy Broganrelationship not known of Roy Victor Brogan1920882008

192BromageDavid John Bromagefirst name on this monument1962502012id: 6957444471070

193BrooderJames Brooderfirst name on this monument1860551915id: 8567446081071
Mary Jane Brooderrelationship not known of James Brooder1863391902

194BrooderJames Brooderfirst name on this monument1823621885id: 8557446071070Born Co. Tipperary , Ireland
Bridget Brooderdaughter of James Brooder1942
Winifred Brooderdaughter of James Brooder1928
Honora Brooderwife of James Brooder1833761909

195BrooderThomas Brooderfirst name on this monument1857821939id: 8537446051070
Nora Brooderwife of Thomas Brooder1871911962

196BrownJohn David Brownfirst name on this monument1927631990id: 9497447011068
Marion Brownwife of John David Brown1930802010

197BrownMichael John Brownfirst name on this monument195901959id: 9487447001068s/John and Marion
John Brownfather of Michael John Brown
Marion Brownmother of Michael John Brown

198BrowneCarmel Brownefirst name on this monument1951632014id: 16187453691068

199BrowneMarcus Brownefirst name on this monument1971191990id: 16197453701068

200BrunkerPeg Brunkerfirst name on this monument1922812003id: 15377452881068

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal (Catholic section) Cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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