Wellington Road (part 1) Cemetery, Taunton, Somerset, England

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Monument list

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501HectorGladys Hectorfirst name on this monument1911191930id: TNWELLRD 0337371231075
Sidney Charles Hectorfather of Gladys Hector1882791961
Emily Dugdalegrand mother of Gladys Hector1862871949
Beatrice Hectormother of Gladys Hector

502HelsbyCharles Tresidder Helsbyfirst name on this monumentid: TNWELLRD 1427372151069

503HernimanAlbert Edward Hernimanfirst name on this monument1917291946id: TNWELLRD 11247381071069
Edith Alice Lillian Hernimanwife of Albert Edward Herniman2003

504HicksNesta Hicksfirst name on this monument1906741980id: TNWELLRD 8867378881069
Fred Hickshusband of Nesta Hicks

505HiettFrederick Hiettfirst name on this monument1889401929id: TNWELLRD 1097371891067
Mary Hiettrelationship not known of Frederick Hiett1894831977 ) While obviously related , its unclear who is related to who
Phyllis May Hiettrelationship not known of Frederick Hiett1928711999 ) While obviously related , its unclear who is related to who
Roy Hiettrelationship not known of Frederick Hiett1924802004 ) While obviously related , its unclear who is related to who

506HillArthur Maurice Hillfirst name on this monument1910341944id: TNWELLRD 10137380071067

507HillEllen Hillfirst name on this monument1872601932id: TNWELLRD 3897374481068wife of Frederick George
Frederick George Hillhusband of Ellen Hill

508HillFrederick George Hillfirst name on this monument1871661937id: TNWELLRD 3887374471069

509HillWilliam Arthur Hillfirst name on this monument1903621965id: TNWELLRD 2747373341065

510HillWilliam Mullins Hillfirst name on this monument1938id: TNWELLRD 2757373351065

511HilsdenGeorge Rupert Hilsdenfirst name on this monumentid: TNWELLRD 5877376291067) (four faces of one monument)
Mary Hilsdenwife of George Rupert Hilsden1966 ) (four faces of one monument)

512HilsdenJoan Monica Hilsdenfirst name on this monumentid: TNWELLRD 5897376301067) (four faces of one monument)

513HilsdenRoger Norman Hilsdenfirst name on this monument1923211944id: TNWELLRD 5867376281067) Rafvr

514HineCharles Edward Hinefirst name on this monument1889441933id: TNWELLRD 2647373251073
Elsie May Hinewife of Charles Edward Hine1887611948

515HineLeonard John Hinefirst name on this monument1879501929id: TNWELLRD 1077371871070
Margaret Hinewife of Leonard John Hine1881751956

516HineMolly Hinefirst name on this monument1915191934id: TNWELLRD 4657375151073
William George Hinefather of Molly Hine1885751960
Mabel V Hinemother of Molly Hine1886801966

517HintonJohn Garfield Hintonfirst name on this monument1946id: TNWELLRD 12017381751067
Agnes Martha Hintonwife of John Garfield Hinton1969

518HiscockLouisa Mary Hiscockfirst name on this monument1936id: TNWELLRD 4227374781068
Charles Hiscockrelationship not known of Louisa Mary Hiscock1950
Edith Mary Hiscockrelationship not known of Louisa Mary Hiscock1971

519HitchcockWalter Fred Hitchcockfirst name on this monument1889721961id: TNWELLRD 4057374631067
Alice Elizabeth Hitchcockwife of Walter Fred Hitchcock1973

520HobbsKate Hobbsfirst name on this monument1871741945id: TNWELLRD 11787381581066wife of William G.
William G Hobbshusband of Kate Hobbs

521HobbsWilliam G Hobbsfirst name on this monument1870791949id: TNWELLRD 11777381571065

522HodgeWilliam John Hodgefirst name on this monument1946id: TNWELLRD 11327381151068
May Hodgewife of William John Hodge1978

523HollandWilliam Hollandfirst name on this monument1879641943id: TNWELLRD 3167373751066
Priscilla Hollandwife of William Holland1880641944

524HollowayGilbert John Hollowayfirst name on this monument1881491930id: TNWELLRD 5477375911068
Muriel Mary Hollowaydaughter of Gilbert John Holloway1918221940
Alan Hollowayson of Gilbert John Holloway
Gordon Hollowayson of Gilbert John Holloway
Rosa Hollowaywife of Gilbert John Holloway1952

525HollyoakCecily Hollyoakfirst name on this monument1904972001id: TNWELLRD 1407372131067
William Mallalieuhusband of Cecily Hollyoak
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526HolmanViolet Annie Holmanfirst name on this monument1881571938id: TNWELLRD 6587376841066
Walter John Holmanhusband of Violet Annie Holman1899671966

527HolwayNell Holwayfirst name on this monument1865761941id: TNWELLRD 8797378811065

528HoneywellMary Ann Honeywellfirst name on this monument1874731947id: TNWELLRD 11367381181070Age via FreeBMD
Albert Henry Honeywellhusband of Mary Ann Honeywell1887771964 Age via FreeBMD; Registerd at Swindon

529HooperAnnie Hooperfirst name on this monument1902611963id: TNWELLRD 11877381641066wife of Stanley
Stanley Hooperhusband of Annie Hooper

530HooperDinah Hooperfirst name on this monument1867831950id: TNWELLRD 11897381661065mother of Stanley
Stanley Hooperson of Dinah Hooper

531HooperJohn Hooperfirst name on this monument1865821947id: TNWELLRD 11887381651065father of Stanley
Stanley Hooperson of John Hooper

532HooperJoseph Edward Hooperfirst name on this monument1900411941id: TNWELLRD 9207379201065
Daisy May Hooperwife of Joseph Edward Hooper1899691968

533HooperStanley Hooperfirst name on this monument1902461948id: TNWELLRD 11867381631070

534HopkinsJack Hopkinsfirst name on this monument1926782004id: TNWELLRD 0797371621065

535HornWilliam Henry Hornfirst name on this monument1872571929id: TNWELLRD 0897371701067
Florence Maria Hornwife of William Henry Horn1874741948

536HorrellM W Horrellfirst name on this monument1926211947id: TNWELLRD 10297380231067RN; P/mx 536278

537HorshamWilliam John Horshamfirst name on this monument1886541940id: TNWELLRD 8737378751066

538HorwoodEvelyn Horwoodfirst name on this monument1962id: TNWELLRD 1037371831065

539HowardCharles Henry Howardfirst name on this monument1896521948id: TNWELLRD 11537381341065
Evelyn Annie Howardwife of Charles Henry Howard1892761968

540HowardHarriet Howardfirst name on this monument1851801931id: TNWELLRD 5767376191065

541HoweGrace Howefirst name on this monument1898791977id: TNWELLRD 10217380151068widow of Walter John
Walter John Howehusband of Grace Howe

542HoweHilda Maude Mary Howefirst name on this monument1890421932id: TNWELLRD 4547375051068

543HoweLilian Winifred Howefirst name on this monument1891531944id: TNWELLRD 10107380041070
Owen Charles Howehusband of Lilian Winifred Howe1889751964

544HoweMary Ann Howefirst name on this monument1868721940id: TNWELLRD 13037382621070
Henry John Howebrother of Mary Ann Howe1872781950
Ida Miltonrelationship not known of Mary Ann Howe

545HoweWalter John Howefirst name on this monument1895id: TNWELLRD 10207380141068b 07/1895

546HoweWilliam Henry Howefirst name on this monument1849831932id: TNWELLRD 3427374011068

547HoweWilliam Henry Howefirst name on this monument1898661964id: TNWELLRD 4557375061069

548HowlandRobert George Howlandfirst name on this monument1863871950id: TNWELLRD 13387382871065

549HoyalHubert Hoyalfirst name on this monument1894431937id: TNWELLRD 7677377841066

550HoyalMona Blanche Hoyalfirst name on this monument1899811980id: TNWELLRD 7677377831066

551HudsonEmma Hudsonfirst name on this monument1867721939id: TNWELLRD 7807377961066
William Henry George Hudsonhusband of Emma Hudson1942

552HughesD Hughesfirst name on this monument1912311943id: TNWELLRD 9577379571066Somerset L.I.; D40497

553HughesOwen William Hughesfirst name on this monument1867641931id: TNWELLRD 5497375931066

554HuntEdith Mary Huntfirst name on this monument1881621943id: TNWELLRD 8957378971066

555HuntRichard Thomas Huntfirst name on this monument1880721952id: TNWELLRD 8967378981066Husband of Edith Mary
Edith Mary Huntwife of Richard Thomas Hunt

556HuntSelina Huntfirst name on this monument1869681937id: TNWELLRD 4217374771065
James Hunthusband of Selina Hunt1871701941

557HurfordEllen Hurfordfirst name on this monument1862791941id: TNWELLRD 5617376041065

558HuxtableWilliam Huxtablefirst name on this monument1876611937id: TNWELLRD 3647374231065
Rose Alice Huxtablerelationship not known of William Huxtable1883761959

559IcingbellBessie Icingbellfirst name on this monument1868491917id: TNWELLRD 0527371391067
Henry T Icingbellhusband of Bessie Icingbell
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560IcingbellHenry Thomas Icingbellfirst name on this monument1867711938id: TNWELLRD 1647372351067
Emily Icingbellwife of Henry Thomas Icingbell1882691951

561InglisArthur Ernest Frederick Inglisfirst name on this monument1879671946id: TNWELLRD 10947380791073
Ethel Ingliswife of Arthur Ernest Frederick Inglis1881791960

562IrelandGeorge Frederick Irelandfirst name on this monument1867761943id: TNWELLRD 7207377411069
Eliza Pain Irelandwife of George Frederick Ireland1875891964

563JacobsSusan Jacobsfirst name on this monument1860941954id: TNWELLRD 2627373231065

564JacobsWilliam James Jacobsfirst name on this monument1860721932id: TNWELLRD 2617373221065

565JamesA Jamesfirst name on this monument1911341945id: TNWELLRD 11617381421070R. Artillery , 1645205

566JamesBlanche Curtis Jamesfirst name on this monument1883631946id: TNWELLRD 11647381441065

567JamesElsie Elizabeth Jamesfirst name on this monument1893811974id: TNWELLRD 5057375521065Daughter of John/Mary Ann

568JamesHenry Jamesfirst name on this monument1872681940id: TNWELLRD 6517376771065
Lilian Jameswife of Henry James1880931973

569JamesJames Edward Jamesfirst name on this monument1878731951id: TNWELLRD 11657381451066Husband of Blanche
Blanche Jameswife of James Edward James

570JamesMargaret Jamesfirst name on this monument1879651944id: TNWELLRD 12257381951065

571JamesMary Ann Jamesfirst name on this monument1856781934id: TNWELLRD 5047375511071
John Bertram Jameshusband of Mary Ann James82

572JarmanFrancis George Jarmanfirst name on this monument1887521939id: TNWELLRD 8137378251069
Rosa May Jarmanwife of Francis George Jarman1891781969

573JarmanGeorge Cooper Jarmanfirst name on this monument1853791932id: TNWELLRD 4817375321068
Charlotte Jarmanwife of George Cooper Jarman1854841938

574JarvisArthur Albert Jarvisfirst name on this monument1892461938id: TNWELLRD 1617372321068
Agnes Jarviswife of Arthur Albert Jarvis1891881979

575JennessG J Jennessfirst name on this monument1940id: TNWELLRD 6297376561068Royal Engineers

576JenningsWilliam Jenningsfirst name on this monument1875561931id: TNWELLRD 4327374861066
Eliza Ada Jenningswife of William Jennings1876561932

577JenningsWilliam Thomas Jenningsfirst name on this monument1885571942id: TNWELLRD 8587378601075
Mabel Curryrelationship not known of William Thomas Jennings1892961988

578JohnstonJames Johnstonfirst name on this monument1877671944id: TNWELLRD 9177379171067
Bessie Cordelia Johnstonwife of James Johnston1879881967

579JonesA H Jonesfirst name on this monument1872471919id: TNWELLRD 0427371291076

580JonesEthel Jonesfirst name on this monument1884561940id: TNWELLRD 8427378481065

581JonesFred Jonesfirst name on this monument1867691936id: TNWELLRD 672
(2 images)
Florence Mary Joneswife of Fred Jones1870861956

582JonesGeorge Jonesfirst name on this monument1872661938id: TNWELLRD 12207381901066
Gertrude Mary Joneswife of George Jones1878731951

583JonesHannah Jonesfirst name on this monument1852761928id: TNWELLRD 0957371761066
Charlotte Leedhamrelationship not known of Hannah Jones1887751962
Eustace Leedhamrelationship not known of Hannah Jones80 husband of Charlotte; date and age from FreeBMD

584JonesJohn David Jonesfirst name on this monument1895521947id: TNWELLRD 10577380471067
Gwendoline Agnes Langworthy Joneswife of John David Jones1898891987

585JonesJohn Henry Jonesfirst name on this monument1874631937id: TNWELLRD 4407374931065
Rosa Annie Joneswife of John Henry Jones1877871964

586JonesVera Jonesfirst name on this monument1904641968id: TNWELLRD 4417374941066Daughter-in-law of John/Rosa
John Jonesfather-in-law of Vera Jones
Cyril Joneshusband of Vera Jones
Rosa Jonesmother-in-law of Vera Jones

587JonesW J Jonesfirst name on this monument1915311946id: TNWELLRD 1073738061106555th. Field Regt. R.A.

588JonesWilfred Jonesfirst name on this monument192181929id: TNWELLRD 1087371881066
E Jonesfather of Wilfred Jones
R Jonesmother of Wilfred Jones
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589JoyceAnnie Joycefirst name on this monument1873741947id: TNWELLRD 10367380291070

590JuddNorah Mary Juddfirst name on this monument1879761955id: TNWELLRD 2577373181065

591KaySarah Ann Kayfirst name on this monument1850921942id: TNWELLRD 9957379931068formerly of Sheffield
Florence Margaret Poulterrelationship not known of Sarah Ann Kay1880841964

592KeitchBeatrice May Keitchfirst name on this monument1894791973id: TNWELLRD 8127378241067) These four names are on common curbstones and are probably related

593KeitchDoris Maude Keitchfirst name on this monument1910381948id: TNWELLRD 7097377311067

594KeitchFrank Keitchfirst name on this monument1892501942id: TNWELLRD 8117378231067) These four names are on common curbstones and are probably related

595KeitchMary Keitchfirst name on this monument1875661941id: TNWELLRD 7527377691067
Mark Keitchhusband of Mary Keitch1869721941

596KeitchStanley Keitchfirst name on this monument1919781997id: TNWELLRD 7537377701067Son of Mark/Mary; stone on the front of their gravestone
Mark Keitchfather of Stanley Keitch
Mary Keitchmother of Stanley Keitch
Peggy Keitchwife of Stanley Keitch1928802008

597KerbyEmily Olive Kerbyfirst name on this monument1886541940id: TNWELLRD 8557378571069) All within one grave area

598KerbyG J H Kerbyfirst name on this monument1918251943id: TNWELLRD 8547378561069) RE; died while a prisoner of War in Thailand

599KerbyJohn William Kerbyfirst name on this monument1882801962id: TNWELLRD 8567378581069) All within one grave area

600KimminsEdward Ernest Kimminsfirst name on this monument1917571974id: TNWELLRD 13067382651073
Gladys Phyllis Kimminswife of Edward Ernest Kimmins1920922012

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