Wellington Road (part 1) Cemetery, Taunton, Somerset, England

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Monument list

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401GilesLouisa Giles1869731942id: TNWELLRD 7237377441072
Albert Giles84

402GilesOlive Giles1911681979id: TNWELLRD 7257377461068

403GilesWilliam Thomas Giles1905761981id: TNWELLRD 2327372941077
Rosalie Annie Giles1894981992

404GillBeatrice Annie Gill1895421937id: TNWELLRD 3637374221074
Leonard Thomas Gill1898681966

405GillEvangeline Gill1879511930id: TNWELLRD 5807376231072
Nelson F Gill

406GillEvelyn Gill1914811995id: TNWELLRD 12467382101073

407GillJohn Gill1855851940id: TNWELLRD 7287377491070
Richard Blackmore1900741974

408GillJohn Maunder Webb Gill1855801935id: TNWELLRD 5637376061066

409GillardCharles Henry Gillard1884571941id: TNWELLRD 8327378411070

410GillardMabel Gillard1880761956id: TNWELLRD 8337378421070wife of Charles Henry
Charles Henry Gillard

411GlanvilleClifford Frank Glanville1908321940id: TNWELLRD 6557376811071
Alma Glanville1876871963
Charles E Glanville1879911970

412GlassEthel Louise Glass1879551934id: TNWELLRD 2137372751073
Charles Frederick Glass1876681944
Derek Keith Glass24 RAFVR

413GlassHenrietta Ellen Glass1957id: TNWELLRD 1497372221069

414GlideJoseph Walrond Glide1904461950id: TNWELLRD 6397376651068Death registered at 'Surrey Mid E'

415GodfreyFrank Godfrey1910331943id: TNWELLRD 8787378801071
Hilda Mary Godfrey1914851999

416GodleyRobert John Pierce Godley1875541929id: TNWELLRD 1287372021070
Harriet Godley1876771953

417GolesworthyPeter Golesworthy193811939id: TNWELLRD 7307377511068

418GoodallEllen Goodall63id: TNWELLRD 6037376381079
Ernest Goodall1882721954

419GoodingMary Catherine Gooding1935id: TNWELLRD 12477382111068

420GoodliffeArnold Daniel Goodliffe1874671941id: TNWELLRD 5217375671070Headmaster of Huish Grammer School , Taunton , 1903(?) - 1941
Sara Margaret Goodliffe1904321936
Sara Alice Annie Potter Goodliffe1876791955

421GoodliffeArthur Henry Goodliffe1906581964id: TNWELLRD 5207375661071Died at Chard

422GoughEdith Mary Gough1887751962id: TNWELLRD 3707374291080

423GouldS A Gould1924201944id: TNWELLRD 6277376551066Coldstream Guards

424GovierClifford John Govier1889811970id: TNWELLRD 7367377571070

425GovierGilbert Cameron Govier1877671944id: TNWELLRD 1577372281071
Florence Govier1880771957

426GrabhamT W Grabham1882331915id: TNWELLRD 0207371121076572; West Somerset Yeomanry

427GrabhamWalter Edward Grabham1943id: TNWELLRD 7087377301069
Elizabeth Ann Grabham1874971971

428GrantEllen Grant1876921968id: TNWELLRD 9717379711089

429GrantJohn Grant1864781942id: TNWELLRD 9707379701068Age via FreeBMD

430GranvilleBarbara Granville1925171942id: TNWELLRD 9847379831088
Victor Granville1896431939 Lost at sea
Winifred Granville1895861981
Gwen Caddy1927782005
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431GreadyKate Louisa Gready1876711947id: TNWELLRD 11697381491073
Henry James Gready1878811959

432GreedAlice Emily Greed1869721941id: TNWELLRD 7557377721069

433GreedHenry George Greed1870691939id: TNWELLRD 7547377711070

434GreedyJohn Greedy1877601937id: TNWELLRD 3977374551077
Hilda Elizabeth Annie Greedy1900741974
Elizabeth Greedy1876821958

435GreedyLilian Daisy Greedy1909281937id: TNWELLRD 7727377891084

436GreenBeatrice Louise Green1876631939id: TNWELLRD 3957374531069
Frederick George Green1877701947

437GregoryGeorge Gregory1878621940id: TNWELLRD 8447378501067

438GregoryGordon George Gregory1907561963id: TNWELLRD 8437378491070
Flora Ethel Agnes Gregory1907761983

439GregoryJohn Gregory1891561947id: TNWELLRD 11337381161081
Edith Gregory1900621962
Arthur Webber1896741970
Florence Webber1902821984

440GresswellCharles Gresswell1857841941id: TNWELLRD 13207382751075

441GriggWilliam Richard Grigg1858801938id: TNWELLRD 12197381891066

442GuestWilliam Henry Guest1873681941id: TNWELLRD 88073788210751
Margaret Guest1876831959

443GullifordW Gulliford1877401917id: TNWELLRD 0507371371071

444GurdGeorge Gurd1952id: TNWELLRD 12307381991066
Nellie Gurd1960

445GuyEthel Louise Guy1898821980id: TNWELLRD 5817376241067

446HaileyFrederick James Hailey1872701942id: TNWELLRD 9457379451069
Sophia Sarah Ann Hailey64 Interred in Wllesden Cemetery

447HallBeatrice Isabel Hall1902281930id: TNWELLRD 5457375891075

448HallWilliam Hall1867501917id: TNWELLRD 7177377381066Interred at Falmouth

449HamErnest William Ham1882611943id: TNWELLRD 7987378101070
Susan Ham1885791964

450HamWilliam Thomas Ham1873621935id: TNWELLRD 2697373301070
Ellen Ham1877821959 wife of William Thomas

451HammacottF Mabel Davey Hammacott1885861971id: TNWELLRD 4107374671085
Patricia A Clapperton196201962
Alfred Davey1880281908
William Hammacott1880831963
Reginald J Saunders1905751980
Winifred M Davey Saunders1907942001

452HancockAlbert John Hancock1870611931id: TNWELLRD 5387375831072
Emma Jane Hancock1868671935

453HancockGerald Thomas William Hancock1925131938id: TNWELLRD 1797372481067
L Hancock
T Hancock

454HandollAlbert Ernest Handoll76id: TNWELLRD 11297381121071

455HanneyElsie Mary Hanney1897491946id: TNWELLRD 10267380201071
Gilbert Hanney1891731964

456HardwillWilliam Henry Hardwill1896371933id: TNWELLRD 2517373131068
Constance Hardwill1888761964
D E Simmons67

457HareJohn Hare1878571935id: TNWELLRD 3467374051066
Eva Canning Hare1884951979
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458HarrisCharles Harris1867761943id: TNWELLRD 9317379311066

459HarrisCharles John Harris1877581935id: TNWELLRD 2487373101066
Bessie Emily Harris1879771956

460HarrisCharles Moore Harris1869701939id: TNWELLRD 7347377551065
Jennie Harris1874691943

461HarrisEdwin Harris1870711941id: TNWELLRD 6257376531067

462HarrisEmily Harris1853781931id: TNWELLRD 4347374881065

463HarrisHenrietta Harris1873671940id: TNWELLRD 7277377481068
Frank Walbron Harris1876771953

464HarrisJames Henry Harris1873741947id: TNWELLRD 10277380211068
Ellen Harris1874761950

465HarrisKenneth Walter Harris1920501970id: TNWELLRD 12597382211081
Myra Blanche Kilburn1922641986

466HarrisReginald William Harris1907731980id: TNWELLRD 7397377591068
Amy Harris1910671977
Edmund John Harris1874651939

467HarrisonArthur Harrison1879551934id: TNWELLRD 4667375161071
Lydia Harrison

468HartFrank Herbert Spearing Hart72id: TNWELLRD 5277375731067
Minna Hart1879791958 Year and age from FreeBMD

469HartRose Elizabeth Hart1888601948id: TNWELLRD 1237
(2 images)

470HartThomas Hart1914441958id: TNWELLRD 1234
(2 images)

471HartlandEdward Samuel Hartland1877911968id: TNWELLRD 3197373781071
Florence Ada Hartland

472HartlandEdward Seymore Hartlandid: TNWELLRD 3187373771068
Florence Hartland1895591954 While name not visible , FreeBMD helped check

473HartlandGeorge Hartland1881611942id: TNWELLRD 9967379941073Year and age via FreeBMD

474HartnellCharles Hartnell1885471932id: TNWELLRD 3437374021070
Alice Hartnell1885491934

475HartnellPercy James Hartnell1911231934id: TNWELLRD 4877375361083Coldstream Guards

476HartnellSarah Jane Hartnell1853861939id: TNWELLRD 7897378011074

477HarveyEllen Sarah Harvey1874611935id: TNWELLRD 5677376101079
Hamilton Harvey

478HatcherArthur Robert Hatcher1890731963id: TNWELLRD 6467376721072
Kathleen Hatcher1970
Harriet Louisa Denmead

479HawkerErnest Edward Hawker1890541944id: TNWELLRD 7147377361068Died suddenly

480HawkerHerbert Hawker1880641944id: TNWELLRD 13247382781080
Rosina Hawker1879721951

481HawkerJessie Hawker1880571937id: TNWELLRD 2457373071067
William Henry Hawker84

482HawkerMary Hawker1857781935id: TNWELLRD 3927374501069
William Hawker1856851941

483HawkerRose Hawker1895841979id: TNWELLRD 7157377371073

484HawkesRaymond Edward Hawkes1915471962id: TNWELLRD 79073780210751Age from FreeBMD

485HawkinsBarbara June Mary Hawkins1928121940id: TNWELLRD 686
(2 images)

486HawkinsConstance Louisa Hawkins1936id: TNWELLRD 4997375471071

487HawkinsEliza Hawkins1873841957id: TNWELLRD 0117371041068

488HawkinsJames Hawkins1873591932id: TNWELLRD 0127371051075

489HawkinsLawrence John Hawkins1910311941id: TNWELLRD 13137382691082

490HawkinsThomas Hawkins1876621938id: TNWELLRD 1657372361072
Winifred H Vincent1901901991
Harry Howard Vincent1900801980
Harriet Hawkins1881731954
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491HawkinsThomas James Hawkins1905791984id: TNWELLRD 0137371061079

492HayesWilliam George Hayes1893331926id: TNWELLRD 0557371421065
Matilda Annie May Hayes1895921987

493HayesWilliam Henry Hayes1877541931id: TNWELLRD 3837374421066
Margaret Anne Hayes1882821964 Age via FreeBMD

494HaymanFrancis Charles Hayman1875681943id: TNWELLRD 12827382431067
Mary Jane Hayman1886851971

495HaywardAlice Hayward1877661943id: TNWELLRD 10057379991105

496HaywardSidney J Hayward1877811958id: TNWELLRD 10067380001077Age via FreeBMD

497HeadfordClara Headford1882781960id: TNWELLRD 4367374891076

498HealLouisa Heal1878571935id: TNWELLRD 4907375381071

499HeardCecil Louis Heard1883581941id: TNWELLRD 8697378711077
Katherine Heard1891651956

500HeardHenrietta Heard1877871964id: TNWELLRD 5547375971070Year via FreeBMD

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