Wellington Road (part 1) Cemetery, Taunton, Somerset, England

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Monument list

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1101WareViolet Warefirst name on this monument1913321945id: TNWELLRD 10427380351068
Clifford Warehusband of Violet Ware1907811988

1102WarneLouis Warnefirst name on this monument1867691936id: TNWELLRD 6597376851066Methodist Minister
Annie Grenfell Warnewife of Louis Warne1865901955

1103WarrenAmy Kathleen Warrenfirst name on this monument1906661972id: TNWELLRD 8097378211070) These four names are on common curbstones and are probably related

1104WarrenEllen Edith Warrenfirst name on this monument1874651939id: TNWELLRD 7917378031065

1105WarrenFrances Isabel Warrenfirst name on this monument1883571940id: TNWELLRD 6937377161065
Sidney James Warrenhusband of Frances Isabel Warren1883901973

1106WarrenJames Warrenfirst name on this monument1874731947id: TNWELLRD 7927378041065

1107WarrenJames Leonard Warrenfirst name on this monument1897861983id: TNWELLRD 8107378221065) These four names are on common curbstones and are probably related

1108WarrenPercy Edward Warrenfirst name on this monument1888481936id: TNWELLRD 1377372101065
Carrie Warrensister of Percy Edward Warren1892651957

1109WarrenPhoebe Ann Warrenfirst name on this monument1947id: TNWELLRD 3177373761065

1110WarrenThomas Edwin Warrenfirst name on this monument1859831942id: TNWELLRD 1367372091071
Winifred Warrendaughter-in-law of Thomas Edwin Warren
Arthur Edward Warrenson of Thomas Edwin Warren1888561944

1111WarrenWilliam Henry Warrenfirst name on this monument1853881941id: TNWELLRD 1387372111072
Ada Mary Warrenwife of William Henry Warren1859811940
Mary Louisa Warrenrelationship not known of William Henry Warren1942

1112WatsonTheresa Mary Watsonfirst name on this monument1867651932id: TNWELLRD 3417374001067
Joseph Edmund Watsonhusband of Theresa Mary Watson1867731940

1113WattsRita Wattsfirst name on this monument193831941id: TNWELLRD 13017382601068
William J Wattsrelationship not known of Rita Watts1909731982

1114WayEllen Elizabeth Wayfirst name on this monument1879521931id: TNWELLRD 1157371921065

1115WayWilliam Richards Wayfirst name on this monument1852841936id: TNWELLRD 2267372881065
Clara Richards Waywife of William Richards Way1861851946

1116WeaverLouis Weaverfirst name on this monument1890731963id: TNWELLRD 8977378991075Registered in Frome District
Eleanor Coegrand mother of Louis Weaver1860831943
Lydia Weaverwife of Louis Weaver1889911980

1117WeaverW E Weaverfirst name on this monument1902431945id: TNWELLRD 110273808710673951543 , The Welch Regt.

1118WebberAmelia Webberfirst name on this monument1879541933id: TNWELLRD 2357372971068age 54?

1119WebberBetty May Webberfirst name on this monument1920822002id: TNWELLRD 6757377001070

1120WebberWilliam John Webberfirst name on this monument1890541944id: TNWELLRD 5977376351068
Alan James Craiggrand son of William John Webber1962321994
Emma Jane Webberwife of William John Webber1890921982

1121WelchEthel Jane Welchfirst name on this monument2000id: TNWELLRD 98973798810741
Frederick Edward William Welchhusband of Ethel Jane Welch1919932012

1122WelchHenry Reginald Welchfirst name on this monument1904371941id: TNWELLRD 13177382721068

1123WelchJoan Mary Welchfirst name on this monument1923802003id: TNWELLRD 9877379861066

1124WelchMary Anne Welchfirst name on this monument1890521942id: TNWELLRD 9867379851066
Edward Walter Welchhusband of Mary Anne Welch1891781969

1125WelchPhilip Anthony Welchfirst name on this monument195201952id: TNWELLRD 10467380391067
Stephen Welchbrother of Philip Anthony Welch
Roy Harry Welchfather of Philip Anthony Welch
Enid Welchmother of Philip Anthony Welch

1126WensleyMary Jane Wensleyfirst name on this monument1869611930id: TNWELLRD 0587371441065
William Mark Wensleyhusband of Mary Jane Wensley1876641940

1127WestFreda Westfirst name on this monument1904401944id: TNWELLRD 6127376461065
Richard H Westhusband of Freda West

1128WestRosanna Westfirst name on this monument1866751941id: TNWELLRD 4277374831065Year and age from FreeBMD
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1129WestcottJoseph Westcottfirst name on this monument1878701948id: TNWELLRD 8577378591070
Frederick Westcottson of Joseph Westcott1903791982
Lucy Anna Westcottwife of Joseph Westcott1881761957

1130WesternJoan Westernfirst name on this monument1926681994id: TNWELLRD 9037379041068

1131WestlickEllen Sarah Westlickfirst name on this monument1867651932id: TNWELLRD 2087372711065
Fred Parsonsrelationship not known of Ellen Sarah Westlick

1132WestonFlorence Westonfirst name on this monument1881641945id: TNWELLRD 10607380501067
Frederick Charles Westonhusband of Florence Weston1882661948

1133WeymouthAnnie Jane Weymouthfirst name on this monument1867711938id: TNWELLRD 12117381821065
Evelyn Bessie Weymouthdaughter of Annie Jane Weymouth1897591956

1134WhatleyEdith Ellen Whatleyfirst name on this monument1890751965id: TNWELLRD 9027379031065
Bernard Denis Whatleyrelationship not known of Edith Ellen Whatley1927401967

1135WhatleyWilliam Whatleyfirst name on this monument1862801942id: TNWELLRD 9047379051067
Harriet Ellen Whatleywife of William Whatley1865821947

1136WheelerJames Henry Wheelerfirst name on this monument1883581941id: TNWELLRD 13347382831067
Daisy Elsie Wheelerwife of James Henry Wheeler1883951978
Gladys Wheelerrelationship not known of James Henry Wheeler1915691984

1137WhetherickBrian Charles Whetherickfirst name on this monument1928671995id: TNWELLRD 6537376791066

1138WhetherickKenneth Whetherickfirst name on this monument1924161940id: TNWELLRD 6527376781068
F Whetherickfather of Kenneth Whetherick
Violet May Whetherickmother of Kenneth Whetherick1899771976

1139WhiteJames Whitefirst name on this monument1878571935id: TNWELLRD 2817373411065
Ellen Whitewife of James White1875791954

1140WhiteSophia Sarah Whitefirst name on this monument1876561932id: TNWELLRD 3767374351065
Edward Walter Whitehusband of Sophia Sarah White1876581934

1141WhiteWilfred James Whitefirst name on this monument1909671976id: TNWELLRD 2827373421066

1142WhitingJames Edward Whitingfirst name on this monument1920id: TNWELLRD 0457371321065
Eliza Whitingrelationship not known of James Edward Whiting1963

1143WhittuckKitty Whittuckfirst name on this monumentid: TNWELLRD 6677376931065
Sheila Whittuckdaughter of Kitty Whittuck
Charles Rupert Whittuckhusband of Kitty Whittuck
Martin Whittuckson of Kitty Whittuck

1144WideBessie Widefirst name on this monument1939id: TNWELLRD 7567377731065
Alex C Widehusband of Bessie Wide

1145WideHenry James Widefirst name on this monument1874671941id: TNWELLRD 13317382801068
Georgina Widewife of Henry James Wide1875841959

1146WideRobert Henry James Widefirst name on this monument1906911997id: TNWELLRD 13327382811067
Stella Louvain Widewife of Robert Henry James Wide1914851999

1147WidlakeWilliam Widlakefirst name on this monument1848771925id: TNWELLRD 0447371311069
Mary Widlakewife of William Widlake1849891938

1148WilliamsAnna Williamsfirst name on this monument1854821936id: TNWELLRD 4937375411065
Mary Wolfrey Williamssister of Anna Williams1859791938

1149WilliamsElizee Williamsfirst name on this monument1937id: TNWELLRD 5247375701065
Eubulus Williamshusband of Elizee Williams1947

1150WilliamsFlorence Minnie Williamsfirst name on this monument1877671944id: TNWELLRD 6997377221065
Robert Henry Williamshusband of Florence Minnie Williams1878761954

1151WilliamsGeorge Henry Williamsfirst name on this monument1888561944id: TNWELLRD 12237381931073
Frances Maud Fewingsrelationship not known of George Henry Williams1898701968

1152WilliamsGeorgie Eva Williamsfirst name on this monument1879591938id: TNWELLRD 3477374061065
Frederick Claud Williamsbrother of Georgie Eva Williams1878751953

1153WilliamsJohn Yarde Williamsfirst name on this monument1871781949id: TNWELLRD 4797375301066
Charlie Williamsson of John Yarde Williams1902301932
Rose Williamswife of John Yarde Williams1877721949
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1154WilliamsLionel George Williamsfirst name on this monument1887491936id: TNWELLRD 1717372401065

1155WilliamsonHarold Victor Williamsonfirst name on this monument1906311937id: TNWELLRD 4427374951065

1156WilliamsonWinifred May Williamsonfirst name on this monument1905231928id: TNWELLRD 1127371911065

1157WillingtonEva Willingtonfirst name on this monument1898791977id: TNWELLRD 10497380411067Registered at Sandwell

1158WillsAlfred H R Willsfirst name on this monument1879571936id: TNWELLRD 4207374761070
Emily Willswife of Alfred H R Wills1879761955

1159WillsMuriel G Willsfirst name on this monument1923191942id: TNWELLRD 9807379801066
Henry John Willsfather of Muriel G Wills1891701961
Lilian Gertrude Willsmother of Muriel G Wills1893731966

1160WilmingtonMary Wilmingtonfirst name on this monument1933id: TNWELLRD 2877373471065
Frederick William Wilmingtonhusband of Mary Wilmington1864881952

1161WilmingtonMary Jane Wilmingtonfirst name on this monument1866891955id: TNWELLRD 5787376211065

1162WilmingtonSam Wilmingtonfirst name on this monument1866651931id: TNWELLRD 5777376201065

1163WilsherJane M Wilsherfirst name on this monument1855881943id: TNWELLRD 12757382361072

1164WilsonAnthony Victor Wilsonfirst name on this monument1921111932id: TNWELLRD 4587375081065Died at Taunton School
Henry Victor Wilsonfather of Anthony Victor Wilson of Rio de Janeiro , Brazil
Jessie Anne Wilsonmother of Anthony Victor Wilson

1165WineSimon Thomas Winefirst name on this monumentid: TNWELLRD 3247373831065
Doria Ellen Winewife of Simon Thomas Wine

1166WineSydney John Winefirst name on this monument1956id: TNWELLRD 3937374511065
Alice Kate Winerelationship not known of Sydney John Wine1958

1167WinsladeCharles Winsladefirst name on this monument1861761937id: TNWELLRD 8057378171066
Harriett Matilda Winsladewife of Charles Winslade1868751943

1168WinterAnn Winterfirst name on this monument1900401940id: TNWELLRD 12887382491065

1169WinterArthur Ernest Winterfirst name on this monument1894631957id: TNWELLRD 12897382501066Husband of Ann
Ann Winterwife of Arthur Ernest Winter

1170WinterMatthew George Winterfirst name on this monument1863791942id: TNWELLRD 12927382531065Husband of Rosina
Rosina Winterwife of Matthew George Winter

1171WinterRosina Winterfirst name on this monument1860801940id: TNWELLRD 12917382521065

1172WinterT W Winterfirst name on this monument1918id: TNWELLRD 026737118106537721; Devonshire Regt.

1173WintersEvelyn Wintersfirst name on this monument1864751939id: TNWELLRD 6747376991065

1174WithersCaroline Rosa Withersfirst name on this monument1860841944id: TNWELLRD 7197377401065

1175WoodBertram Woodfirst name on this monument1880601940id: TNWELLRD 8767378781068
Margaret Mary Woodwife of Bertram Wood1881721953

1176WoodL C Woodfirst name on this monument1914331947id: TNWELLRD 6267376541067HMS Hunter; NAP(MN)

1177WoodSamuel Henry Woodfirst name on this monument1892471939id: TNWELLRD 7467377661067
Fanny Woodwife of Samuel Henry Wood1890801970

1178WoodberryRosina Woodberryfirst name on this monument1863721935id: TNWELLRD 5627376051065
Frederick Woodberryhusband of Rosina Woodberry1864901954

1179WoodlandFlorence M Woodlandfirst name on this monumentid: TNWELLRD 0517371381066
Lorraine Strachandaughter of Florence M Woodland

1180WoodmanAlfred Woodmanfirst name on this monument1915801995id: TNWELLRD 11827381611065
Ronnie Woodmanson of Alfred Woodman5
Hettie May Woodmanwife of Alfred Woodman1915932008

1181WrefordWilliam Wrefordfirst name on this monument1858861944id: TNWELLRD 12707382311067

1182WrenchLydia Wrenchfirst name on this monument1787881875id: TNWELLRD 0087371021065

1183WrightMary Wrightfirst name on this monument1861891950id: TNWELLRD 6577376831069
Evelyn Smithdaughter of Mary Wright1897891986

1184WrightSamuel John Wrightfirst name on this monument1862801942id: TNWELLRD 3297373881065
Frances Mary Wrightwife of Samuel John Wright1872681940
Vaughan Readrelationship not known of Samuel John Wright1886191905
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1185WrightWilliam J Wrightfirst name on this monument1887451932id: TNWELLRD 3447374031065
William Graham Wrightson of William J Wright1916271943

1186YandellMaude Mary Yandellfirst name on this monument1880541934id: TNWELLRD 1737372421067
C F Yandellhusband of Maude Mary Yandell1874821956 RN

1187YardAlfred Yardfirst name on this monument1857731930id: TNWELLRD 0607371461065
Harriet Yardwife of Alfred Yard1863681931

1188YardDaisy Helen Yardfirst name on this monument1895481943id: TNWELLRD 8937378951066Died at Clevedon
Beatrice May Yardsister of Daisy Helen Yard1899721971
Violet Mary Yardrelationship not known of Daisy Helen Yard1996 wife of Wilfred
Wilfred John Yardrelationship not known of Daisy Helen Yard1901771978

1189YardFrank Yardfirst name on this monument1889541943id: TNWELLRD 9557379551065

1190YardHelen Yardfirst name on this monument1855811936id: TNWELLRD 2167372781070

1191YardJohn Yardfirst name on this monument1878741952id: TNWELLRD 2177372791065Husband of Helen
Helen Yardwife of John Yard

1192YardLucy Yardfirst name on this monument1890821972id: TNWELLRD 9567379561065

1193YardRonald Yardfirst name on this monument1925922017id: TNWELLRD 9547379541065

1194YeandleWilliam Yeandlefirst name on this monument1843681911id: TNWELLRD 0647371491069
Emily Yeandlewife of William Yeandle1846931939

1195YoungEdward Youngfirst name on this monument1879611940id: TNWELLRD 6417376671065
Annie Youngwife of Edward Young1872881960

1196YoungRosina Youngfirst name on this monument1938id: TNWELLRD 12337382011065late of Binegar

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Wellington Road (part 1) Cemetery, Taunton, Somerset, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this cemetery is TA1 5BP - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

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