St John and St Cuthbert (joint)'s Church burial ground, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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601LochGladys Lochfirst name on this monument1870no image606472

602LochMargaret Lochfirst name on this monument1663671730id: 96536077851
Margaret Linksondaughter of Margaret Loch
Mungo Linksonhusband of Margaret Loch
James Loganson-in-law of Margaret Loch

603LorimerCatharina Lorimerfirst name on this monument1863id: 8866055671
John Ronaldhusband of Catharina Lorimer1878

604LorimerGeorge Lorimerfirst name on this monument1812711883id: 8698
(2 images)
Anne Lorimerdaughter of George Lorimer
Margaret Elizabeth Lorimerdaughter of George Lorimer
George Lorimer1897331930
Mary Lorimer1867651932
Maria MacLullich1878551933
Henry James Lorimerson of George Lorimer1804871891
James Lorimerson of George Lorimer1
Margaret Milnewife of George Lorimer1885

605LorimerGeorge Lorimerfirst name on this monumentid: 958460748122
Anne Young Lorimerdaughter of George Lorimer181921821
May Totherick Lorimerdaughter of George Lorimer1738
James Lorimerson of George Lorimer1822311853
Peter Lorimerson of George Lorimer1816211837
Mary Youngwife of George Lorimer

606LowisJanet Lowisfirst name on this monument1843381881id: 8725599742

607LowisJohn Lowisfirst name on this monument1801691870id: 87245997331

608LowisNinian Lowisfirst name on this monument1762631825id: 871959971284
Isabella Munrowife of Ninian Lowis52

609LowisRobert Lowisfirst name on this monumentid: 8718599703

610LucasFrederic G C Lucasfirst name on this monument1925id: 77560509113
David Elmar Lucasson of Frederic G C Lucas1917 I have a photograph of both brothers i would like to upload, please email me a link so i can upload a photo. Many thanks
John Gordon Lucasson of Frederic G C Lucas1917

611LushingtonHenry Cornwallis Cartwright Lushingtonfirst name on this monument185971866id: 9949608832

612LyonElizabeth Pew Lyonfirst name on this monument1771851856id: 97566080821
William Hamilton1822631885

613LyonElizabeth Pew Lyonfirst name on this monument1822811903id: 97576080921
Jessie Elizabeth Hamiltondaughter of Elizabeth Pew Lyon1864481912

614LyonGeorge Burnett Lyonfirst name on this monument1822681890id: 1010606181

615LyonMargaret Rodger Lyonfirst name on this monument1867id: 844259846261
Charlotte Janet Tennantdaughter of Margaret Rodger Lyon1820
Patrick Tennanthusband of Margaret Rodger Lyon1782901872

616LyonWilliam Lyonfirst name on this monument1737541791id: 97546080784William Lyon & Isabel Kirk had a daughter, Margaret Lyon, born or chr. on 3 Oct 1768 at St Cuthberts and married Robert Harrower on 26 Nov 1789 at St Cuthberts.
Agnes Lyondaughter of William Lyon
Isable Lyondaughter of William Lyon
Janet Lyondaughter of William Lyon
James Lyonson of William Lyon
John Lyonson of William Lyon
Isable Kirkwife of William Lyon1789
Marion Wilsonsecond wife of William Lyon1790

617MaCallanAlexander MaCallanfirst name on this monument1805451850id: 926605788
Agnes Gertrude MaCallan
Archibald Francis MaCallan1880
James Bertram MaCallan1877
William Henry MaCallan1828
Jessie McCallan1784741858
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618MaCallanJames MaCallanfirst name on this monument76id: 92760579172
Cecilia Bailliedaughter of James MaCallan1832281860
Jane Lochart MaCallandaughter of James MaCallan69
Marion MaCallandaughter of James MaCallan183411835
Alexander Bertram MaCallanson of James MaCallan1829
Allan Bertram MaCallanson of James MaCallan1837511888 Allan Bertram MaCallan was a Writer to the Signet, born 26 June 1936. He married Agnes Gertrude Burn 19 August 1875. He drowned at Ravelston Quarry, Edinburgh.
William Bertram MaCallanson of James MaCallan1828
John Menzies Baillieson-in-law of James MaCallan
Cecilia Bertramwife of James MaCallan1799711870

619MacBeanWilliam MacBeanfirst name on this monument1822201842id: 113160660181
William MacBeanfather of William MacBean
Janet MacBeanmother of William MacBean
Aeneas MacBean1776811857

620MacDonaldJames MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1836id: 425603481

621MacDonaldJane MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1845id: 9771608142

622MacDonaldJane MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1871id: 8537598882
William MacDonaldhusband of Jane MacDonald1797781875

623MacDonaldJessie MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1793791872id: 85355988663
Agnes Johanna Jeffreydaughter of Jessie MacDonald1837
Emily MacDonald Jeffreydaughter of Jessie MacDonald1820441864
Alexander Lauchlan1898

624MacDonaldJohan MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1885271912id: 770605075
James MacDonaldbrother of Johan MacDonald1878601938
James MacDonaldbrother of Johan MacDonald1919741993
John MacDonaldfather of Johan MacDonald1848661914
Elizabeth Kerrmother of Johan MacDonald1839781917
John MacDonald191221914
Annie Dewar MacDonaldsister of Johan MacDonald1906751981
Elizabeth Margaret Woodsister of Johan MacDonald1914912005
Margaret Cameronsister-in-law of Johan MacDonald1883701953
Elizabeth Pringlesister-in-law of Johan MacDonald1919842003

625MacDonaldJohn MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1871id: 475603706
Jane Griersondaughter-in-law of John MacDonald1890
John Steuart MacDonaldgrand son of John MacDonald1916
Reginald Steuart MacDonaldgrand son of John MacDonald1890
John MacDonaldson of John MacDonald1886
Janet Hunterwife of John MacDonald1861

626MacDonaldRodrick MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1804331837id: 2376032331
Christian MacDonaldmother of Rodrick MacDonald1775821857

627MacDougallJane MacDougallfirst name on this monument1812111823id: 1136606614

628MacDowallMary Ann MacDowallfirst name on this monument1780481828id: 8410598335

629MacGregorAnnie May MacGregorfirst name on this monument188771894id: 83715981212

630MacGregorJames MacGregorfirst name on this monumentid: 8735599773

631MacGregorJohn MacGregorfirst name on this monumentid: 85005987241
Margaret MacGregorwife of John MacGregor

632MacGregorMalcolm MacGregorfirst name on this monument1790571847id: 83685981144
Elizabeth Forbes MacGregordaughter of Malcolm MacGregor183061836
Jane MacGregordaughter of Malcolm MacGregor
Maria Jane MacGregordaughter of Malcolm MacGregor
Annie MacGregor
Frances MacGregor
Grace MacGregor
Susan Rattrly1834801914
Alexander Mair MacGregorson of Malcolm MacGregor183111832
Alexander Mair MacGregorson of Malcolm MacGregor29
Malcolm John Robert MacGregorson of Malcolm MacGregor74
Elizabeth Mary Anne Mairwife of Malcolm MacGregor1795631858
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633MacKayAlison MacKayfirst name on this monument1791531844id: 6166043551
David Smithgrand son of Alison MacKay184251847
George Aikmanhusband of Alison MacKay1788771865
George Aikmanson of Alison MacKay1812141826
Peter Aikmanson of Alison MacKay1819641883

634MacKayJames MacKayfirst name on this monument1837no image600221
Elizabeth MacKay1878
Francis MacKay1767751842
James MacKay1820701890
Jane MacKay1816861902

635MacKayJanet MacKayfirst name on this monument1838id: 8845
(2 images)

636MacKayJohn MacKayfirst name on this monument1787791866id: 99406087681
John MacKayson of John MacKay1819581877
Jessie Chisholmwife of John MacKay78

637MacKayJohn MacKayfirst name on this monument1764801844id: 247603261
Isabella Gordonwife of John MacKay1780701850

638MacKayRobert MacKayfirst name on this monument1760321792id: 9011601042
Janet MacKaymother of Robert MacKay1818
Jane Dunlop1780701850
John MacKay1806481854
Robert MacKay1807751882

639MacKenzieCharles Kincaid MacKenziefirst name on this monument1938id: 9566058722
Lily Youngwife of Charles Kincaid MacKenzie1945 Lily Young (born Lilias on 24 Sep 1854 in Edinburgh) was the daughter of Lord George Young (1819-1907), Lord Advocate for Scotland.

640MacKenzieDonald MacKenziefirst name on this monument1773791852id: 7656050435
Charlotte MacKenziedaughter of Donald MacKenzie182041824
Jane MacKenziedaughter of Donald MacKenzie1823161839
Joanna MacKenziedaughter of Donald MacKenzie182891837
Margaret Robina Jamiesonwife of Donald MacKenzie1791831874

641MacKenzieLillias MacKenziefirst name on this monument1796431839id: 9623607653
Henrietta MacKenzie Walkerdaughter of Lillias MacKenzie1830171847

642MacKenzieThomas MacKenziefirst name on this monument1793631856id: 11176065221
Duncan Davidson MacKenzieson of Thomas MacKenzie1837
George Alexander MacKenzieson of Thomas MacKenzie George alexander mackenzie is the last of the mail line of kintail :)
Kennoch John MacKenzieson of Thomas MacKenzie1838

643MackgillJane Mackgillfirst name on this monument1813381851id: 86465993931
Jane Jemima Haldanesister of Jane Mackgill185101851

644MacKintoshJames MacKintoshfirst name on this monument186211863id: 94336070011

645MacKintoshJohn S MacKintoshfirst name on this monument1826321858id: 9432606995
James MacKintosh1798671865
Grace Stewart1794711865

646MackintoshRonald Gordon Mackintoshfirst name on this monumentid: 410603401
Ronald Gordon Mackintoshfather of Ronald Gordon Mackintosh1908781986
Janet Ferguson Bissettmother of Ronald Gordon Mackintosh1908631971

647MacKinzieKenneth MacKinziefirst name on this monumentid: 88856004541
Annie MacKinziedaughter of Kenneth MacKinzie
Catherine MacKinziedaughter of Kenneth MacKinzie
Jane MacKinziedaughter of Kenneth MacKinzie
Jemima MacKinziedaughter of Kenneth MacKinzie
Johanna MacKinziedaughter of Kenneth MacKinzie
Mary MacKinziedaughter of Kenneth MacKinzie
Annie MacKenzie Downiegrand daughter of Kenneth MacKinzie
Charles Downie
Flora MacKenzie
Anne MacKinziewife of Kenneth MacKinzie
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648MacKnightAgnes K M P MacKnightfirst name on this monument1854791933id: 9025
(2 images)

649MacKnightAlexander Edward MacKnightfirst name on this monument1817821899id: 8842600214

650MacKnightChristian Craufurd MacKnightfirst name on this monument1862id: 8840
(2 images)

651MacKnightJames MacKnightfirst name on this monument1815631878id: 9021601074
Helen Pearsonwife of James MacKnight1828701898

652MacLachlan MacLachlanfirst name on this monument60id: 83975982314
Susan Cameronwife of MacLachlan1772701842

653MacLarenDuncan MacLarenfirst name on this monument1800861886id: 988560859184
Agnes McLarendaughter of Duncan MacLaren1837811918
Anne McLarendaughter of Duncan MacLaren
Catherine McLellanmother of Duncan MacLaren1756801836
Henrietta McLarenniece of Duncan MacLaren1888
Walter Stowe Bright McLarenson of Duncan MacLaren1853591912
Euphemia McLarensister of Duncan MacLaren1798661864
Janet McLarensister of Duncan MacLaren1795681863
Priscilla Brightwife of Duncan MacLaren1815901905
Grant Aitkensecond wife of Duncan MacLaren1805281833
Christina Gordon Rentonthird wife of Duncan MacLaren1813281841

654MacLaurenPeter MacLaurenfirst name on this monument1833id: 94602711
Anna Stewart MacLaurendaughter of Peter MacLauren182221824
Helen Campbell MacLaurendaughter of Peter MacLauren1812
Isabella Jane MacLaurendaughter of Peter MacLauren1835
Donald MacLaurenson of Peter MacLauren1811281839
Henry MacLaurenson of Peter MacLauren1818481866
John Clark MacLaurenson of Peter MacLauren1770661836
Anna Clarkwife of Peter MacLauren1872

655MacLeanMargaret MacLeanfirst name on this monument1820id: 86925995751

656MacLeodAnne Emma MacLeodfirst name on this monumentid: 1154606672
W MacLeod1875

657MacLeodMary Craufurd MacLeodfirst name on this monument1821201841id: 2486032761
Alexander Mathesonhusband of Mary Craufurd MacLeod

658MacLeodNorman MacLeodfirst name on this monument1754471801id: 8669
(2 images)

659MacMillanJanet MacMillanfirst name on this monument1839id: 19602414
James MacMillanbrother of Janet MacMillan

660MacMurdoG L MacMurdofirst name on this monument1748741822id: 832759789252
Anne Pringlewife of G L MacMurdo1767631830

661MaConechyJane F MaConechyfirst name on this monument1810291839id: 692604701
Clementina Grahamdaughter of Jane F MaConechy183871845
Jane Grahamdaughter of Jane F MaConechy1836171853
Henry C Grahamhusband of Jane F MaConechy

662MacQueenMary Moir Campbell MacQueenfirst name on this monument1828671895id: 88956005010
Jane Moir1804931897
Janet Agnes MacArthur Moir1835661901

663MacVicarEuphemia MacVicarfirst name on this monument1789291818id: 92436017982
Henrietta Anna Jane Youngdaughter of Euphemia MacVicar181621818
John Younghusband of Euphemia MacVicar

664MacVicarJohn MacVicarfirst name on this monument1791671858id: 92446018041
David MacVicarfather of John MacVicar

665MacVicarNeil MacVicarfirst name on this monument1743id: 9242601782

666MairAlexander Mairfirst name on this monument1757781835id: 841759834332
Ann Maria Mairdaughter of Alexander Mair23
Elizabeth Harriot Siddonsdaughter-in-law of Alexander Mair1877
Frances Helena Baronneaugrand daughter of Alexander Mair1803
Harriot Sarah Siddonsgrand daughter of Alexander Mair
Sarah Elizabeth Siddonsgrand daughter of Alexander Mair1941
Mary Barker
Arthur Mairson of Alexander Mair1865
Frances Helena Mairwife of Alexander Mair1763771840
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667MaitlandHelen Maitlandfirst name on this monument1800351835id: 8723599723

668MaitlandMargaret Maitlandfirst name on this monument1840id: 95860588202
William Logan Whitehusband of Margaret Maitland1793841877
Jane Foulis1858
James Maitland Logan White1849651914

669MaitlandThomas Deans Maitlandfirst name on this monument185471861id: 91996016551
David Deans Maitlandbrother of Thomas Deans Maitland1867261893
George Maitlandfather of Thomas Deans Maitland1833801913
Janet Deans Maitlandmother of Thomas Deans Maitland1892
George Maitland1861261887
Mary Isa Maitlandsister of Thomas Deans Maitland184921851

670MalcolmJanet Malcolmfirst name on this monumentid: 82935976761
Thomas Malcolm

671MansonJohn Mansonfirst name on this monument1776561832id: 987560855102
Mary Mansondaughter of John Manson1812211833
Eliza Pool1829751904
Elizabeth Pool1871321903
Margaret Pool1836661902
Thomas Pool1830751905
David Mansonson of John Manson181461820

672MarkenlayJane Markenlayfirst name on this monument1773841857id: 5636040931
George Omondhusband of Jane Markenlay1818

673MarshallElizabeth Walker Marshallfirst name on this monument181231815id: 8394
(2 images)
59820143According to my notes this is the family burial ground of William Marshall and his family. These dates and notes come from The Family of Marshall and collateral branches compiled Charles John Marshall and the Monumental Inscriptions in St Cuthbert's Parish Churchyard compliled by John Smith. There are 9 members of his family buried here. Elizabeth Walker was the daughter of William Marshall and Ann Calder, born in 1815 and died 7th June 1818 at 3yo. This is on the right side tablet.
Dalrymple Marshallbrother of Elizabeth Walker Marshall183131834 Dalrymple was the son of William Marshall and Ann Calder, brother to Elizabeth, Robert and Thomas. He was born in 1831 and died 26th June 1834 at 3yo. This is onthe right side tablet.
Robert Dalrymple Marshallbrother of Elizabeth Walker Marshall182011821 Robert Dalrymple was the son of William Marshall and sister to Elizabeth. He was born about Feb 1819 and died at 1y and 10m on 11th Dec 1821. This too is on the right hand tablet.
Thomas Marshallbrother of Elizabeth Walker Marshall1823 Thomas was the son of William Marshall andAnn Calder, brother to both Elizabeth and Robert Dalrymple. He was born about 27/28th April 1823 and died at 8 days old, 4th April 1823.His inscription is on the right hand side tablet.
Agnes Agnes is the eldest daughter of William Marshall and Ann Calder. Sister to Elizabeth, Robert, Thomas, Dalrymple and Eliza. She remained unmarried. Born in 1812, Agnes Dalrymple died 13th Jan 1863, at 51. This is on the right hand side inscription.
Eliza Although married Eliza was buried with her family, the daughter of William Marshall and Ann Calder, sister to Elizabeth, Robert, Thomas, and Dalrymple. She was born 1822 and her inscription on the right hand side tablet is as follows 'Eliza Rymer, wife of Alexander Allan, who died 1st Feb 1861, aged 39 years.'
Walker Marshall1826401866 Walker Marshall was son to William Marshall and Ann Calder. Brother to Elizabeth, Robert, Thomas, Dalrymple, Eliza and Agnes. He remained unmarried, was born in 1826 and on the right hand side tablet reads 'Walker Marshall, of the Middle Temple, London, Barrister-at-Law, died 2nd Aug, 1866, aged 40.

674MarshallJohn Marshallfirst name on this monument1778321810id: 938460679151
James Brownbrother-in-law of John Marshall1778701848
William Marshallfather of John Marshall1746801826
Isabella Murdochmother of John Marshall1748741822
George Hill1790491839
Margaret Mathiesonniece of John Marshall1820
Elizabeth Brownsister of John Marshall1768511819

675MarshallMargaret T Marshallfirst name on this monument1800661866id: 985960850202
John Marshallhusband of Margaret T Marshall1794741868
Amelia Forbes Marshall1839921931
Catharine Beatson Marshall1834851919
Charles Frederick Marshall1872221894
Margaret Bell Marshall1824601884
Theodore Marshall1843661909
Marion Walker1836871923
Andrew Bell Marshallson of Margaret T Marshall182991838
Charles Nairne Marshallson of Margaret T Marshall1831471878
David Beatson Marshallson of Margaret T Marshall1828
John Marshallson of Margaret T Marshall1827541881
Thomas Beatson Marshallson of Margaret T Marshall1841
William Marshallson of Margaret T Marshall183311834

676MarshallWilliam Marshallfirst name on this monument1780741854id: 9388606803
Jane Huntly Gordonwife of William Marshall1854
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677MarshallWilliam Hunter Marshallfirst name on this monument1846801926id: 98656085141

678MartinAdelaide Martinfirst name on this monument1832id: 151602953
Adam Martinfather of Adelaide Martin

679MartinaJoseph Martinafirst name on this monumentid: 9491607152

680MasonJohn Masonfirst name on this monument1736271763id: 9655607791

681MastersWilliam Mastersfirst name on this monument1789531842id: 9494607165
Elizabeth Mastersdaughter of William Masters1861
Nancy Mastersdaughter of William Masters
John Mastersson of William Masters
William Mastersson of William Masters
Alison Haywife of William Masters1798651863

682MauryAnthony Mauryfirst name on this monument1760861846id: 626604397
Peter Mauryson of Anthony Maury
Jane Lindsaywife of Anthony Maury1852

683MawerJohn Mawerfirst name on this monument1744541798id: 96766078441John Mawer was a nurseryman of Dalry, who tutored John Claudius Loudon
Helen Wardlawwife of John Mawer1723831806

684McAllanJames McAllanfirst name on this monument1819571876id: 7216048471
James Milne
Mary Priest1782811863
Helen Milnewife of James McAllan1814621876

685McArthurJessie Niel McArthurfirst name on this monument1808id: 8598
(2 images)
William Murrayhusband of Jessie Niel McArthur1809
William Murray1810

686McCallJohn McCallfirst name on this monument1824471871id: 9530607306
Jessie Duncanwife of John McCall1872

687McClashanJames McClashanfirst name on this monument1791611852id: 89266007161
Mary McClashandaughter of James McClashan1816201836
Donald McClashanson of James McClashan1824121836
James McClashanson of James McClashan1826
Christina Rollandwife of James McClashan

688McClashanJohn McClashanfirst name on this monument1745701815no image607751
Alexander McClashan1806
Barbara McClashan1849
Margaret McClashan
Amelia Scott
John Scott
John McClashanson of John McClashan1864
Mary Fraser McClashanwife of John McClashan1846

689McCollJessie McCollfirst name on this monument1829381867id: 95206072711
William McLachlanhusband of Jessie McColl
Jeanie Livingston1833521885
James McLachlan1875

690McCorquodaleBarbara McCorquodalefirst name on this monument1761741835id: 100602745
Barbara Campbelldaughter of Barbara McCorquodale1840
Euphemia Campbelldaughter of Barbara McCorquodale1849
Margaret Campbelldaughter of Barbara McCorquodale1798831881
Barbara MacKenziegrand daughter of Barbara McCorquodale1853
William Campbellhusband of Barbara McCorquodale

691McCullochJanet McCullochfirst name on this monument1816id: 835259802161
Edward McCulloch181151816

692McCullochJohn McCullochfirst name on this monument1806761882id: 436024914
Jane Jessie McCullochdaughter of John McCulloch1850851935
Janet Bain McCullochdaughter of John McCulloch183721839
Mary Blackis McCullochdaughter of John McCulloch1831241855
Euphemia Nisbet
Elizabeth McCaslandwife of John McCulloch1809681877
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693McDowellRobert McDowellfirst name on this monument1819711890id: 5526040241
James McDowellson of Robert McDowell1857681925
Robert McDowellson of Robert McDowell1856591915
Julia Neillwife of Robert McDowell1818791897

694McFarlaneWilliam McFarlanefirst name on this monument1749821831id: 8851
(2 images)
Grace McFarlanedaughter of William McFarlane1794
William Scott McFarlaneson of William McFarlane1806
Barbara wife of William McFarlane

695McFarlaneWilliam McFarlanefirst name on this monument1859591918id: 8856600292

696McGeorgeEbenezer McGeorgefirst name on this monument1755781833id: 9893608625
Margaret Johnstondaughter of Ebenezer McGeorge1818811899
Isabella McGeorgedaughter of Ebenezer McGeorge1812421854
George Johnstonson-in-law of Ebenezer McGeorge
Isabella Matherwife of Ebenezer McGeorge1785811866

697McGillGeorge McGillfirst name on this monument1781671848id: 6276044032
Christina Andersondaughter of George McGill1800821882
Georgina Crawford Andersongrand daughter of George McGill1822781900
Elizabeth Anderson Peakegrand daughter of George McGill1823821905
Margaret Robertson Anderson1822511873
James Andersonson-in-law of George McGill
Margaret Robertsonwife of George McGill1789751864

698McGivenRichard McGivenfirst name on this monument1864id: 9679607853
Christina Staners McGivendaughter of Richard McGiven183691845
Robert Allan Hatter1845

699McGreadyJohn McGreadyfirst name on this monument1879831962id: 99266087031
Robert Legget76

700McIntoshMary McIntoshfirst name on this monument1792id: 8761
(2 images)
William McIntosh

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