St John and St Cuthbert (joint)'s Church burial ground, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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301DowJanet Dowfirst name on this monument1756411797id: 9163601515
Andrew Halkerstonhusband of Janet Dow1750531803

302DowlinJohn Dowlinfirst name on this monument1811271838id: 577604162

303DownieWilliam Downiefirst name on this monument1774671841id: 13760290101Gravestone inscription: Burying Ground of William Downie South Charlotte Street Front of stone: Erected in Memory of his son James Downie Silk Mercer George Street who died 29 July 1836 aged 30 years William Downie who died 6th May 1841 aged 67 years Also Christian Niven his spouse who died 4th May 1856 aged 67 years And of their daughter Jane Downie who died 17 Dec. 1850 aged 44 years Rear of stone [hard to read]: Here also are interred the Grandchildren of William and Christina Downie William Henry Watt died 18 May 1845 aged 8 years Lillias Susan Watt died 6th August 1852 aged 2 years James Downie Watt died 11th February 1867 aged 26 years For ever with the lord James Watt Father of the above died 11th August 1868, aged 60 Also Janet Downie his wife died 5th February 1898 aged 89 years Christina Janet Watt daughter of the above died 17th June 1902 aged 64 years
Jane Downiedaughter of William Downie1806441850
Janet Downiedaughter of William Downie1804891893
Christina Janet Wattgrand daughter of William Downie1838641902
Lillias Susan Wattgrand daughter of William Downie185021852
James Downie Wattgrand son of William Downie1841261867
William Henry C Wattgrand son of William Downie183781845
James Downieson of William Downie1806301836
James Wattson-in-law of William Downie1808601868
Christian Nivenwife of William Downie1775811856

304DrummondWillie Drummondfirst name on this monument182541829id: 976460811102
William Drummond36
Margaret McArthur
George McFarlane

305DrydenMargaret Drydenfirst name on this monument1812261838id: 5286039231
Ann Drydengrand mother of Margaret Dryden1765781843
William Dryden Ellisson of Margaret Dryden1852181870

306DrysdaleWilliam Drysdalefirst name on this monumentid: 87996000297
William Drysdaleson of William Drysdale1811321843
Jane Flemingwife of William Drysdale1812
Jane Cochranesecond wife of William Drysdale1818

307DrysdaleWilliam Drysdalefirst name on this monument1762301792id: 94236069511
William Drysdalefather of William Drysdale

308DuchieJane Duchiefirst name on this monument1803301833id: 83565980411

309DuffJemima Wharton Dufffirst name on this monument1846id: 11076064853
John Robert Todhusband of Jemima Wharton Duff1824321856

310DuncanHenry Duncanfirst name on this monument1783891872id: 98246083771
Jessie Innes Russelldaughter of Henry Duncan1813781891
John Christie
John Christie1818241842
Robina Duncan1784771861
Elizabet Monro1784961880
John Russellson-in-law of Henry Duncan
Alfred Cowzens Thomasson-in-law of Henry Duncan
Jessie Weirwife of Henry Duncan1786851871

311DuncanHenry Duncanfirst name on this monument1748821830id: 982360836105
Agnes Duncangrand daughter of Henry Duncan21
Mary Duncangrand daughter of Henry Duncan10
Rachel A Duncangrand daughter of Henry Duncan11
Henry Duncangrand son of Henry Duncan8
John Weir Duncangrand son of Henry Duncan1821291850
Rachel Andersonwife of Henry Duncan1748521800

312DuncanPeter Duncanfirst name on this monument1794id: 97746081642
Alexander Duncan
Christian Duncan
Margaret Smith1771

313DunlopHugh Dunlopfirst name on this monumentid: 11136065123
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314DunnJames Dunnfirst name on this monument70id: 87595998231
Mary Dicksonwife of James Dunn1744671811

315DuriczJean Louis Duriczfirst name on this monument1796471843id: 644604473

316DymockJohn Dymockfirst name on this monument1841id: 9786608204
James Ritchie Dymock36
Wilhelmina Shirriff1870

317DymockJohn Gray Dymockfirst name on this monument1845241869id: 9639607721
Robert Lockhart Dymock1806661872

318DymockWilliam Henry Dymockfirst name on this monument1841281869id: 96386077111
Robert Lockhart Dymock1843201863
Elizabeth Gray1802651867

319EasonChristian Easonfirst name on this monument1698641762id: 9224601714
William Easonhusband of Christian Eason1698671765

320EastonJohn Eastonfirst name on this monument1773681841id: 98426084412
Ellen Louisa Eastondaughter of John Easton1825181843
Elizabeth Easton1830591889

321EdgarAgnes Edgarfirst name on this monument1837id: 9349602292
John Edgarfather of Agnes Edgar1767751842
Agnes Edgarsister of Agnes Edgar1839161855

322EdgarAlexander Edgarfirst name on this monument1743831826id: 82975976916
Catherine Edgardaughter of Alexander Edgar181971826
Eliza Archer1803
William MacGregor Archer1826351861
Anne White1800771877

323EdgarMargaret Neil Murray Edgarfirst name on this monument188121883id: 93486022811
John Edgarfather of Margaret Neil Murray Edgar1829761905
Jane Elliot Murraymother of Margaret Neil Murray Edgar1840721912

324EdmonstoneJames Edmonstonefirst name on this monument1788371825id: 9591607522
Catherine Edmonstone1798421840
Robert Edmonstone1794401834
Richard Lyon

325ElkanJohn Elkanfirst name on this monument189421896id: 9222601706

326EllisAgnes Henderson Ellisfirst name on this monument1832571889id: 528603911
William Drydenfather of Agnes Henderson Ellis60

327EllisDaniel Ellisfirst name on this monument1771701841id: 1183606782

328ElphinstonAlexander Elphinstonfirst name on this monument1738571795id: 8748
(4 images)
Elphinstondaughter of Alexander Elphinston1811
Alexanderina Elphinstondaughter of Alexander Elphinston1796
Elizabeth Elphinstondaughter of Alexander Elphinston16
Sarah Elphinstondaughter of Alexander Elphinston178371790
John MacKenziegrand son of Alexander Elphinston1794211815

329ElphinstonJohn Elphinstonfirst name on this monument181051815id: 8753
(2 images)

330ElphinstonMary Elphinstonfirst name on this monument1791521843id: 87465997811

331ErskineCharlotte Erskinefirst name on this monument1789581847id: 957360744112
Charlotte Pauldaughter of Charlotte Erskine182611827
Charlotte Jane Pauldaughter of Charlotte Erskine182831831
Susan Moncreiff Pauldaughter of Charlotte Erskine1821121833
Robert Paulhusband of Charlotte Erskine1788781866
Christian Carruthersmother of Charlotte Erskine1763961859
Robert Henry Paulson of Charlotte Erskine182411825
William Paulson of Charlotte Erskine1815 wife is ELIZABETH WALKER
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332ErskineJames Erskinefirst name on this monument1721751796no image600138
Isabella Tytlerdaughter of James Erskine1761661827
Isabella Clementina Tytlergrand daughter of James Erskine1796191815
Jane Tytlergrand daughter of James Erskine1788641852
Margaret Tytlergrand daughter of James Erskine1878
James Erskine1788611849
Patrick Tytlerson-in-law of James Erskine1760891849
Jean Stirlingwife of James Erskine1719781797

333ErskineJohn Erskinefirst name on this monument1820301850id: 95766074521
Christian Erskine1816731889
William Erskine1818471865

334ErskineJohn M F Erskinefirst name on this monument1826651891id: 10986064421

335ErskineMary Ann Grace Erskinefirst name on this monument1854631917id: 7936051861
Knight Erskinefather of Mary Ann Grace Erskine
H H Flowerhusband of Mary Ann Grace Erskine

336ErskineWilliam Erskinefirst name on this monument185201852id: 94160584341
Christian Emma Erskinedaughter of William Erskine1825451870
Henrietta Anne Erskinedaughter of William Erskine1813601873
Jane Catherine Erskinedaughter of William Erskine1811161827
Jane Madeline Erskinedaughter of William Erskine1828161844
Madeline Erskinedaughter of William Erskine181871825
Mary Erskinedaughter of William Erskine Mary Erskine, the oldest of the children, was born in Bombay c.1811 and died in London in 1883
David Erskineson of William Erskine182331826
Henry Erskineson of William Erskine
William Claudius Erskineson of William Erskine22
Maitland MacKintoshwife of William Erskine1792691861

337EwartHelen Ewartfirst name on this monument1758331791id: 88116000983
Edward Sawershusband of Helen Ewart1756631819
Elizabeth Gordon1795531848
Peter Sawers1786851871

338EwartPeter Ewartfirst name on this monument1727721799id: 888960047424
Sarah Ewartdaughter of Peter Ewart1765341799
Alison Ewart Cuthbertgrand daughter of Peter Ewart1831
Elizabeth Ewartgrand daughter of Peter Ewart1831
Mary Ewart Symingtongrand daughter of Peter Ewart1840
Jane Ewart Smith1767781845
Joseph Smith1764811845
Mary Smith1800531853
Peter Smith1806801886
John Ewartson of Peter Ewart1763651828
Peter Ewartson of Peter Ewart1772461818
Mary Falconerwife of Peter Ewart1733651798

339EwartRobert Ewartfirst name on this monument1773501823id: 927460193114
Charlotte Ewartdaughter of Robert Ewart180421806
Jane Ewartdaughter of Robert Ewart180301803
Janet Anderson Ewartdaughter of Robert Ewart1811161827
Mary Montague Turnbulldaughter of Robert Ewart1807221829
Henry Ewartson of Robert Ewart180001800
Peter Adam Ewartson of Robert Ewart180121803
Robert Ewartson of Robert Ewart179901799
J F Turnbullson-in-law of Robert Ewart
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340EwingGreville Ewingfirst name on this monument1795id: 8860
(2 images)
Alexander Ewingfather of Greville Ewing1729751804
Isabell Graymother of Greville Ewing1734781812
Jacobina Evans28
Janet Jamiesonsecond wife of Greville Ewing1778231801

341FairbairnGeorge Fairbairnfirst name on this monument1849441893id: 51602523
Cecily Imlaydaughter of George Fairbairn1887421929
Elsie May Fairbairn1905651970
Isabella M Fairbairn1955
Annie Ungelter1955
Alexander George Fairbairnson of George Fairbairn1882181900
Harry Lawson Fairbairnson of George Fairbairn1891261917
Catherine Fairbairnwife of George Fairbairn1861581919

342FairbairnJames Fairbairnfirst name on this monument1817451862id: 832659788111
John William Fairbairnson of James Fairbairn1856601916
Eliza Fairbairnwife of James Fairbairn

343FairbairnRobina Fairbairnfirst name on this monument1864id: 9514607234
James Veitchhusband of Robina Fairbairn1873
William Napier Veitchson of Robina Fairbairn1866

344FairerJohn Fairerfirst name on this monument1673591732id: 9414606912
Margaret Gilbertwife of John Fairer1680641744
Elizabeth Manwedsecond wife of John Fairer

345FairleyHenry Fairleyfirst name on this monument1804541858id: 91916016231
Jane Fairleydaughter of Henry Fairley8
Andrew Fairleygrand son of Henry Fairley2
Alexander Fairleyson of Henry Fairley17
Alexander Fairleyson of Henry Fairley12
James Fairleyson of Henry Fairley1
James Fairleyson of Henry Fairley1
John Fairleyson of Henry Fairley1892
Robert Fairleyson of Henry Fairley33
Thomas Fairleyson of Henry Fairley22
Jane Dickwife of Henry Fairley1883

346FarquarsonThomas Farquarsonfirst name on this monument1755751830id: 2536032941
Catherine Farquarsondaughter of Thomas Farquarson1809331842
Elizabeth Farquarsondaughter of Thomas Farquarson1797571854
Isabella Farquarsondaughter of Thomas Farquarson1797331830
Jane Farquarsondaughter of Thomas Farquarson1802671869
Mary Farquarsondaughter of Thomas Farquarson1800231823
George Farquarsonson of Thomas Farquarson1794501844
Elizabeth MacLeodwife of Thomas Farquarson1771771848

347FarquharsonMargaret Farquharsonfirst name on this monument1789371826id: 95926075331
Agnes Cleghorndaughter of Margaret Farquharson1821501871
Alexander Cleghornhusband of Margaret Farquharson1771791850
Christian Cleghorn1779801859
David Cleghorn1775651840
Martha Cleghorn1777821859
Thomas Cleghorn1774731847
William Cleghornson of Margaret Farquharson1825

348FaunceCharles Fauncefirst name on this monument1857id: 9996061211
Alfred Faunce1872
Anna Maria Faunce
George William Henry Faunce
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349FercusCharlotte Fercusfirst name on this monumentid: 1025606242

350FergusonAnn Fergusonfirst name on this monument1824721896id: 1106027741
Robert Fergusonbrother-in-law of Ann Ferguson1825701895
Jessie Wightsister of Ann Ferguson1829641893

351FergusonAnn Russell Fergusonfirst name on this monument183231835id: 776026322
Agnes Fergusondaughter of Ann Russell Ferguson1837601897
Eleanor Eliza Macquire Fergusondaughter of Ann Russell Ferguson1835401875
Georgina Gray Fergusondaughter of Ann Russell Ferguson1842351877
George Fergusonfather of Ann Russell Ferguson1798681866
Anne Greigmother of Ann Russell Ferguson1806911897

352FerrierArchibald Ferrierfirst name on this monument1773411814id: 88806004217
Agnes Ferrier1854
Helen Ferrier1880
Jane Ferrier1768781846
Susan Edmonstone Ferrier1782721854
Walter Ferrier1783731856
Henrietta Gordon1882

353FerrierJames Ferrierfirst name on this monument1744851829id: 8879600415
Helen Couttswife of James Ferrier1744531797

354FerrierJohn Ferrierfirst name on this monument1771611832id: 88816004362
Margaret Anne Wilsondaughter-in-law of John Ferrier1813651878
James Walter Ferriergrand son of John Ferrier1850331883
Henry William Ferrierson of John Ferrier1825851910
James Frederick Ferrierson of John Ferrier1808541862
John Wilson Ferrierson of John Ferrier1792531845
Margaret Wilsonwife of John Ferrier1785481833

355FerrierThomas Henry Ferrierfirst name on this monument1887id: 8878
(2 images)
Harriet Agnes Ferrierdaughter of Thomas Henry Ferrier1872
Samuel Key Ferrierson of Thomas Henry Ferrier72
Walter Sandilands Ferrierson of Thomas Henry Ferrier1912 Gravestone in Municipal Cemetery, Punta Arenas, Chile
Elizabeth Keywife of Thomas Henry Ferrier1849731922

356FieldsThomas Fieldsfirst name on this monument1809571866id: 9180601581
Victoria Elizabeth Fieldsdaughter of Thomas Fields
Elizabeth Hugheswife of Thomas Fields1814651879

357FindlayJames Findlayfirst name on this monument1822401862id: 795605202

358FinlayMarian Finlayfirst name on this monument1773651838id: 1696029912
James Conellhusband of Marian Finlay

359FinlaysonMatthew Finlaysonfirst name on this monument1832571889id: 6596045571
Jean Young Finalyson186841872
Jean Niven Finlayson1910
Matthew Finlayson1870151885
Jemima Kaywife of Matthew Finlayson1842691911

360FisherAnna Fisherfirst name on this monument1846id: 6206043741
Adam Formanfather of Anna Fisher

361FisherDaniel Fisherfirst name on this monument1782831865id: 84375984313
Janet Fisherdaughter of Daniel Fisher1819391858
Margaret Turnbull Fisherdaughter of Daniel Fisher184321845
Frederick Fisherson of Daniel Fisher58
John Fisherson of Daniel Fisher1815841899
Margaret Dixonwife of Daniel Fisher1784731857

362FlemingThomas Flemingfirst name on this monument1754701824id: 95796074741
Anne Campbell Flemingdaughter of Thomas Fleming1866
Grace Flemingdaughter of Thomas Fleming1865
Isabella Flemingdaughter of Thomas Fleming1852
Ann Robertsonwife of Thomas Fleming1751781829
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363FlesherThomas Ross Flesherfirst name on this monument1813691882id: 8551
(2 images)
Helen Ross Flesherdaughter of Thomas Ross Flesher1858711929
Alexander Flesherson of Thomas Ross Flesher1870421912
Henry Flesherson of Thomas Ross Flesher186351868
James Flesherson of Thomas Ross Flesher1875
Thomas Flesherson of Thomas Ross Flesher1865271892
Thomas Edwin Flesherson of Thomas Ross Flesher1869
Robert Blakeson-in-law of Thomas Ross Flesher1844761920
Christina Hendriewife of Thomas Ross Flesher1831471878

364FletcherJohn Fletcherfirst name on this monument1789441833id: 9216057544
Agnes Setonwife of John Fletcher1779591838

365FlockhartAmelia Flockhartfirst name on this monument1759631822id: 8491
(2 images)
Catherine Flockhartdaughter of Amelia Flockhart
David Flockhartfather of Amelia Flockhart1761721833

366FoggoThomas Foggofirst name on this monument1800381838id: 89586008694
Thomas Foggoson of Thomas Foggo
Ann Hastiewife of Thomas Foggo1796321828

367ForbesAlexander Forbesfirst name on this monument1728701798id: 8869
(2 images)
Ann Shirreff Beatson Bell1833661899
Charles Young Beatson Bell1837311868
Johanna Margaret Beatson Bell1845781923
John Beatson Bell1803651868
Ann Young1809721881

368ForbesDavid Forbesfirst name on this monument1796id: 8782599925

369ForbesDonald Forbesfirst name on this monument1811701881id: 9419606942
Elizabeth Kay/Haywife of Donald Forbes

370FormanAlexander Formanfirst name on this monument1764731837id: 55760404111
John Formanfather of Alexander Forman1745371782
Margaret Leckiemother of Alexander Forman1746781824

371FormanJemima Donett Formanfirst name on this monument1857id: 99436087951
Anne Nairne Formansister of Jemima Donett Forman1846741920
Margaret Robina Formansister of Jemima Donett Forman1853741927

372FormanJohn Formanfirst name on this monument1775661841id: 9958608888
Helen Formandaughter of John Forman1867
George Formanson of John Forman1820281848
Hannah Nairnewife of John Forman1780691849

373ForresterJohn Forresterfirst name on this monument1799831882id: 4146034321
Forresterdaughter of John Forrester186001860
Charlotte Forresterdaughter of John Forrester183511836
Charlotte Janet Forresterdaughter of John Forrester183371840
Lillias Cowanwife of John Forrester1800601860

374FoulisElizabeth Foulisfirst name on this monument1798381836id: 7416049414
C Foulisfather of Elizabeth Foulis
D J Thomashusband of Elizabeth Foulis
James F Thomasson of Elizabeth Foulis1820241844
Anne Foulissister of Elizabeth Foulis1790891879

375FrameJean Framefirst name on this monument1759651824id: 9619607633

376FraserJames Fraserfirst name on this monument1808501858id: 842605344
Flora Fraserdaughter of James Fraser
Grace Fraserdaughter of James Fraser
Janet Fraserdaughter of James Fraser1901
Mary Fraserdaughter of James Fraser
Thomas Templetongrand son of James Fraser
Thomas Templetonson-in-law of James Fraser1862
Mary Glasswife of James Fraser1799571856
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377FrazerCatherine Frazerfirst name on this monument1854id: 9401606846

378FrenchJohn Frenchfirst name on this monument1793651858id: 222603182
Jessie Frenchdaughter of John French1856
Sophia Frenchdaughter of John French1834
Thomas Frenchson of John French1842
Janet Inneswife of John French1866

379GardnerAlexander Gardnerfirst name on this monument1748701818id: 840859829191
Marion Gardner Millargrand daughter of Alexander Gardner1894

380GardnerJames Gardnerfirst name on this monument1876id: 4076033854
Mary Hitzerotdaughter of James Gardner1841811922
John Dicksonson of James Gardner184591854
Elisabeth Gardnersister of James Gardner1794711865
Elisabeth Crihghtonwife of James Gardner1800381838
Christian Dicksonsecond wife of James Gardner1808771885

381GeorgeMarion Georgefirst name on this monument1837id: 651604512
David Georgebrother of Marion George1840
James Georgebrother of Marion George1853
Jane Georgesister of Marion George1853
Susan Romanes Georgesister of Marion George1853

382GeorgeWilliam Georgefirst name on this monument1790601850id: 648604493
Agnes Buchanan MacNaughtancousin of William George1844351879
Margaret Marion Georgedaughter of William George184011841
Jessie Campbellsister-in-law of William George1812491861
Charlotte Augusta Campbellwife of William George1811751886

383GerardAgnes Gerardfirst name on this monument1889id: 9971608963
Archibald Youngson of Agnes Gerard1820801900

384GibbJohn Gibbfirst name on this monument1763691832id: 94626070912

385GibsonCatherine Dickson Gibsonfirst name on this monument1835851920id: 995460886162
John Gibsonfather of Catherine Dickson Gibson1789901879
Catherine Dicksonmother of Catherine Dickson Gibson
Helen Gibson1835
Mary Gibson1835
William Gabriell Cullane Murray1846741920
Marianne Mazyck Weston1867

386GibsonGeorge W Gibsonfirst name on this monument1850801930id: 1336028811

387GibsonJohn Gibsonfirst name on this monument1774511825id: 8974600911

388GibsonJohn Hamilton Gibsonfirst name on this monument1859id: 544603983
James Gibsonfather of John Hamilton Gibson
Jean Hamiltonmother of John Hamilton Gibson
James Gibsonson of John Hamilton Gibson21
Sarah MacLauren Gibsonsister of John Hamilton Gibson1857

389GibsonJoseph Gibsonfirst name on this monument1794691863id: 828605307
Wilhelmina Inneswife of Joseph Gibson1796751871

390GilbertSamuel Gilbertfirst name on this monumentid: 90976012911

391GilchristJane Christian Gilchristfirst name on this monumentid: 955605862

392GillRobert Gillfirst name on this monument1886id: 8541598891

393GillespieNorman Gillespiefirst name on this monument1888861974id: 9849608474
Lucy Catherine Raywife of Norman Gillespie1896841980

394GlenAlexander Glenfirst name on this monument56id: 2416032417
Jane Glendaughter of Alexander Glen1796551851
Janet Glendaughter of Alexander Glen1860
Robert Glenson of Alexander Glen1843
Elizabeth Gillespiewife of Alexander Glen1765721837
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395GlenAlfred Glenfirst name on this monument1780441824id: 948160712301
Ann Blackader Glendaughter of Alfred Glen
Elizabeth Glendaughter of Alfred Glen182061826
Jane Fraser Glendaughter of Alfred Glen1810711881
Alexander Glenson of Alfred Glen1817251842
William Cunningham Glenson of Alfred Glen1815771892
Agnes Cunninghamwife of Alfred Glen1782731855

396GlenJames John Glenfirst name on this monument1846581904id: 9173601563
Margaret Thorphenwife of James John Glen1941

397GlenJamima A B A Glenfirst name on this monument1824221846no image601575
John Glenfather of Jamima A B A Glen1782721854
James C W Kippenhusband of Jamima A B A Glen1851

398GlenJohn Glenfirst name on this monument1814511865id: 8961
(2 images)
Ann Glendaughter of John Glen1848
Elizabeth Glendaughter of John Glen1860
Margaret Glendaughter of John Glen1854
George Glenson of John Glen1866
Robert Glenson of John Glen183891847
Robert Glenson of John Glen1851
Elizabeth Paxonwife of John Glen1809521861

399GlenSarah Isabella Glenfirst name on this monument182711828id: 9169601544

400GoodsirJohn Goodsirfirst name on this monument180721809id: 98506084851
Alexander Goodsirbrother of John Goodsir181061816
John Goodsirbrother of John Goodsir182011821
William Patrick Goodsirbrother of John Goodsir1818
James MacFarlanebrother-in-law of John Goodsir1866
Alexander Goodsirfather of John Goodsir1783891872
Agnes Patonmother of John Goodsir1789661855
Agnes Jane Goodsirsister of John Goodsir1822731895
Eliza Paterson Goodsirsister of John Goodsir1814111825
Sybilla Isabella Goodsirsister of John Goodsir1816161832

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St John and St Cuthbert (joint)'s Church burial ground, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is EH2 4BJ - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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