D2 Municipal Cemetery, Linthorpe, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list

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301RightonRichard Rightonfirst name on this monument1885321917id: 11307033
John Arnold Rightonbrother of Richard Righton1893331926
Eliza Jane Rightonmother of Richard Righton1860671927

302RipleyThomas Ripleyfirst name on this monument1841651906id: 114007691
Jane Ripleywife of Thomas Ripley1841691910

303RistWilliam James Ristfirst name on this monument1857601917id: 113068211
Alfred Charles Ristson of William James Rist1888311919
Rachel Annie Ristwife of William James Rist1853641917

304RixRobert Rixfirst name on this monument1817711888id: 113097821

305RobinsonFrancis Robinsonfirst name on this monument1834741908id: 114009791
Jane Robinsonwife of Francis Robinson1835761911

306RobinsonHannah Robinsonfirst name on this monument1813751888id: 11309709

307RobinsonJames S Robinsonfirst name on this monument1868711939id: 11308101
Mary Elizabeth Robinsonwife of James S Robinson1869781947

308RobinsonJohn Robinsonfirst name on this monument1910id: 11400573
Isabella Robinsonwife of John Robinson1912

309RobinsonL L Robinsonfirst name on this monument1897221919id: 113098212

310RobsonGeorge Robsonfirst name on this monument1846631909id: 113077411
Isabella Robsonwife of George Robson1843681911

311RogersJonas Rogersfirst name on this monument1829831912id: 1130914171

312RooksIsaac Rooksfirst name on this monument1858531911id: 11308041
Jennie Langleydaughter of Isaac Rooks1896371933
Lizzie Rooksdaughter of Isaac Rooks1879521931
Elizabeth Rookswife of Isaac Rooks1861821943

313RoweWilliam Stevenson Rowefirst name on this monument1847691916id: 113087011
Hannah Rowewife of William Stevenson Rowe1851751926

314RowlandRobert henry Rowlandfirst name on this monument1839691908id: 11400921
Mary Jane Rowlandwife of Robert henry Rowland1844651909

315RuleJohn Rulefirst name on this monument1873461919id: 11308651
Alice May Rulewife of John Rule

316RussellJames Russellfirst name on this monument1875411916id: 11400241
Sarah Russellwife of James Russell

317RymerGeorge Rymerfirst name on this monument1835761911id: 113076882
Jane Rymerwife of George Rymer1840771917

318SadlerKate Sadlerfirst name on this monument1858511909id: 113076972
James Sadlerhusband of Kate Sadler1853691922

319SaltonJohn Saltonfirst name on this monument1863501913id: 113070131
John Saltonson of John Salton1887531940
Susannah Maria Saltonwife of John Salton1869681937

320SaundersHarold Robinson Saundersfirst name on this monument1903141917id: 11307254
William Henry Saundersfather of Harold Robinson Saunders1877631940
Elizabeth Jane Saundersmother of Harold Robinson Saunders1882871969

321SeatonAnn Seatonfirst name on this monument1823651888id: 11309965
Esther Seatondaughter of Ann Seaton186271869
Williasm Seatonhusband of Ann Seaton1823881911
William Radge Seatonson of Ann Seaton1851

322SeatonAnn Seatonfirst name on this monument1823651888id: 113095663
Esther Seatondaughter of Ann Seaton186271869
William Seatonhusband of Ann Seaton1823881911
William Radge Seatonson of Ann Seaton1851
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323SharpCharlotte Mary Sharpfirst name on this monument1888421930id: 113093411
Richard Sharpfather of Charlotte Mary Sharp1859731932
Charlotte Harbrongrand mother of Charlotte Mary Sharp1832781910

324ShepherdDorothy Shepherdfirst name on this monument1835751910id: 1130933372
Gert Maynard1890811971

325ShepherdMary Shepherdfirst name on this monument1861561917id: 11308771
John Shepherdhusband of Mary Shepherd1861761937

326ShipleyAlfred Shipleyfirst name on this monument1867391906id: 114013914
Mabel Shipleydaughter of Alfred Shipley1916

327ShottonEleanor Shottonfirst name on this monument1858701928id: 11401443

328SimmonsThomas Simmonsfirst name on this monument1841651906id: 11309951
Jane Simmonswife of Thomas Simmons1849451894
Mary Simmonswife of Thomas Simmons1837501887

329SkaifeJoseph Skaifefirst name on this monument1887301917id: 1130879111
Marjorie Skaifedaughter of Joseph Skaife191561921

330SmallwoodJohn Smallwoodfirst name on this monument1830571887id: 11400096
William Thomas Wetherell1859391898
Zillah Smallwoodwife of John Smallwood1837291866

331SmartJ Smartfirst name on this monument1917id: 11308211

332SmithJames Smithfirst name on this monument1844621906id: 11401322
Elizabeth Smithwife of James Smith1845631908

333SmithJane Alexander Smithfirst name on this monument1854541908id: 113091511
Charles William Smithson of Jane Alexander Smith1880271907

334SmithersWilliam Smithersfirst name on this monument1856541910id: 113089717
Elizabeth Smitherswife of William Smithers1869701939

335SpenceIda Spencefirst name on this monument1879291908id: 11400862

336SpensleyAlger William Ling Spensleyfirst name on this monument1884331917id: 113084441

337StaleyHerbert W A Staleyfirst name on this monument1873431916id: 11400202

338StangroomWilliam Stangroomfirst name on this monument1854551909id: 113091162
Maria Stangroomwife of William Stangroom

339SteelWilliam Steelfirst name on this monument1870611931id: 113068411
Agnes Jane Steelwife of William Steel1940

340StephensonAnnie Margaret Stephensonfirst name on this monument1849811930id: 11401801

341StephensonRobert Stephensonfirst name on this monument1832861918id: 11401821

342StevensonJohn Stevensonfirst name on this monument1831731904id: 11401841
John Stevenson1864481912
Ruth Miriam Stevenson1858731931
Elizabeth Stevensonwife of John Stevenson1875361911

343StevensonJoseph Shaw Stevensonfirst name on this monument1871341905id: 114018616
Harry Bulmer Stevenson1860461906

344StorrowJames Storrowfirst name on this monument1862461908id: 11307842
Elizabeth Armstrongdaughter of James Storrow1890331923
Jane Storrowwife of James Storrow1933

345SudronSelina Sudronfirst name on this monument1887251912id: 114002731
John H Sudronhusband of Selina Sudron1882571939

346SuffellSamuel Suffellfirst name on this monument1859311890id: 11309883
Robert Watson Boyd1854331887
Hannah Suffellwife of Samuel Suffell1856761932

347TeasdaleWilliam Dennis Teasdalefirst name on this monument1856611917id: 11308646
Frances Elizabeth Teasdalewife of William Dennis Teasdale1860611921

348TelfordFred Telfordfirst name on this monument1885211906id: 11401044
John Telfordfather of Fred Telford1857741931
Isabella Telfordmother of Fred Telford1855611916
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349TemplemanLaura Templemanfirst name on this monument1866401906no image17

350ThomasJohn Thomasfirst name on this monument1824641888id: 113095311

351ThompsonJemima Thompsonfirst name on this monument1841771918id: 11308854
John Thompsonhusband of Jemima Thompson1840791919

352ThompsonJohn Kendal Thompsonfirst name on this monument1864681932id: 113087631
Doris Thompsondaughter of John Kendal Thompson1899191918
Ellen Thompsonwife of John Kendal Thompson1868711939

353ThompsonMary Ann Thompsonfirst name on this monument1843681911id: 113079911
John Thompsonhusband of Mary Ann Thompson1843701913

354ThompsonRobert Francis Thompsonfirst name on this monument1838441882id: 11308094
Elizabeth Doddswife of Robert Francis Thompson1847641911

355ToddLouise Toddfirst name on this monument1892261918id: 11308838
Walter Lindsay Toddhusband of Louise Todd

356ToddSarah Ann Toddfirst name on this monument1855501905id: 113096414
Florence Todddaughter of Sarah Ann Todd
Lilly Todddaughter of Sarah Ann Todd
David Spencefather of Sarah Ann Todd
E Toddhusband of Sarah Ann Todd
Hannah Spencemother of Sarah Ann Todd

357ToomeyHenry Toomeyfirst name on this monument1929id: 11309944
Alice Franklinmother-in-law of Henry Toomey73
Emma Toomeywife of Henry Toomey1869981967

358TrenholmCharlotte Trenholmfirst name on this monument1858501908id: 11400632
John Trenholmhusband of Charlotte Trenholm

359TurnerEdwin Turnerfirst name on this monument1873551928id: 1140150122
Jennie Thom Turnerwife of Edwin Turner1874731947

360TyermanJames Tyermanfirst name on this monument1837821919id: 114004516
Mary Tyermanfirst wife of James Tyerman1837431880
Sarah Tyermansecond wife of James Tyerman1839831922

361TyermanMargaret Tyermanfirst name on this monument1863541917id: 11307436
Henry T Tyermanhusband of Margaret Tyerman1864671931

362UrwinJohn Jackson Urwinfirst name on this monument1827601887id: 11309974
Margaret Urwinwife of John Jackson Urwin1835801915

363UsherArthur Usherfirst name on this monument1884231907id: 11400683

364VintnerEnoch Vintnerfirst name on this monument1840771917id: 11306861
Sarah Vintnerwife of Enoch Vintner1839841923

365WadeBenjamin Wadefirst name on this monument1874391913id: 11400416
Mary Hannah Wadewife of Benjamin Wade1873751948

366WaiteJane Waitefirst name on this monument1825641889id: 113095152
John Waitehusband of Jane Waite1824671891

367WalkerG M Walkerfirst name on this monument1917id: 11308302

368WalkerHannah Walkerfirst name on this monument1852371889id: 11309652
J T Walkerhusband of Hannah Walker1849621911

369WalkerJeremiah Walkerfirst name on this monument1848691917id: 11308581
Mary Walkerwife of Jeremiah Walker1869791948

370WalkerJoseph Walkerfirst name on this monument1845631908id: 11308933
Beatrice Mary Walkerdaughter of Joseph Walker1883211904
Mary Jane Walkerwife of Joseph Walker1844781922

371WalkerSamuel Walkerfirst name on this monument1855541909id: 11309121
Margaret Walkerwife of Samuel Walker191261918

372WalkerSarah Elizabeth Walkerfirst name on this monument1897211918id: 11308862
Elizabeth Walkermother of Sarah Elizabeth Walker1861721933
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373WallJohn Wallfirst name on this monument1856601916id: 11400291
Jessie Wallwife of John Wall1859621921

374WaltonWilliam Waltonfirst name on this monument1832561888id: 11309591

375WardErnest Wardfirst name on this monument1891251916id: 1130749121
Wilfred Wardbrother of Ernest Ward1893221915

376WarwickWilliam Henry Warwickfirst name on this monument1871571928id: 11401521

377WatsonBethuel Watsonfirst name on this monument1845721917id: 114002572
Susannah Watsonwife of Bethuel Watson1851651916

378WatsonCharles Watsonfirst name on this monument1918id: 11308379
Harold Watsonson of Charles Watson
Leonard Watsonson of Charles Watson

379WatsonEllen Watsonfirst name on this monument1843751918id: 113088112
Francis Holdernessbrother of Ellen Watson1848711919
Thomas Watsonhusband of Ellen Watson1851741925

380WeatherheadJohn Weatherheadfirst name on this monument1849671916id: 11307573

381WeaverMary Weaverfirst name on this monument1852561908id: 11400886
Frederick Weaverhusband of Mary Weaver1852651917

382WeightmanJ T Weightmanfirst name on this monument1882351917id: 11307105
Isabell Mossonsister of J T Weightman1877641941

383WeightmanJohn Thomas Weightmanfirst name on this monument1882351917id: 11307093

384WemCharles Wemfirst name on this monument1849711920id: 114007342
Sarah Ann Wemfirst wife of Charles Wem1852551907
Mary Ellen Wemsecond wife of Charles Wem1865751940

385WestonMartha M Westonfirst name on this monument1922id: 11307542
Robert Westonhusband of Martha M Weston1916

386WilcoxEssex Wilcoxfirst name on this monument1846601906id: 11401124
Phoebe Jane Wilcoxdaughter of Essex Wilcox1868731941
Ann Wilcoxwife of Essex Wilcox1848611909

387WilkinsonMary Alice Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1868381906id: 11401202
Alfred Wilkinsonhusband of Mary Alice Wilkinson

388WilliamsMargaret Williamsfirst name on this monument1838501888id: 11309602
Isaac Williamshusband of Margaret Williams

389WilliamsMary Ann Addison Williamsfirst name on this monument1854621916id: 11308512
Marie Shelley Williamsdaughter of Mary Ann Addison Williams

390WilliamsWilliam Williamsfirst name on this monument1852361888id: 11309401
Chiwen Williamswife of William Williams

391WillitsWilliam Willitsfirst name on this monument1856551911id: 11308014
Mary Ann Willitswife of William Willits1855841939

392WilsonFrancis Wilsonfirst name on this monument1847591906id: 114007821
Edward Wilsonson of Francis Wilson1884231907
Elizabeth Wilsonwife of Francis Wilson1848611909

393WilsonGrace Wilsonfirst name on this monument189371900id: 11309502

394WilsonJames Wilsonfirst name on this monument1916id: 114003241
Annie Roslyn Sandersongrand daughter of James Wilson1953
Annie Wilsonwife of James Wilson1941

395WilsonJane Wilsonfirst name on this monument1858581916id: 11307371
Thomas Wilsonhusband of Jane Wilson1862671929

396WilsonMarguerite Wilsonfirst name on this monument1896301926id: 11401614
George H Wilsonhusband of Marguerite Wilson

397WilsonWalter Wilsonfirst name on this monument1834751909id: 11309077

398WintonDorothy Wintonfirst name on this monument1879381917id: 113068014
John Wintonhusband of Dorothy Winton
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399WitsonJohn Witsonfirst name on this monument1840481888id: 11309713
Annie Witsonwife of John Witson1847681915

400WoodEdward William Woodfirst name on this monument1839781917id: 11400389
Hannah Woodwife of Edward William Wood1837891926

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for D2 Municipal Cemetery, Linthorpe, Yorkshire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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