Municipal Cemetery, Ellalong, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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301KerrCatherine Kerrfirst name on this monument1825761901id: 591070

302KerrJoseph Kerrfirst name on this monument1886531939id: 611066b

303KerrOwen Hugh Kerrfirst name on this monument1884id: 561066

304KerrPaul Kerrfirst name on this monument1851331884id: 541066

305KerrPeter Kerrfirst name on this monument1846391885id: 581066

306KingCamilla Kingfirst name on this monument1843701913id: 1031066born Somerset , England
Richard Kingrelationship not known of Camilla King1837851922 born Oxfordshire , England

307KingHenry Kingfirst name on this monument1878791957id: 1021066

308KingMary Kingfirst name on this monument1842391881id: 1671066w/William
William Kinghusband of Mary King

309KingStanley Roy Kingfirst name on this monument1904861990id: 1041066h; f; gf
Eva Kingwife of Stanley Roy King1910922002 w; m; gm

310LewisDoris Gwendoline Jane Lewisfirst name on this monument1894id: 931074

311LewisLaurence Darcy Lewisfirst name on this monument1905531958id: 1961074
Lillian Zell Lewisrelationship not known of Laurence Darcy Lewis1917942011

312LewisWilliam Lewisfirst name on this monument1852831935id: 1951074h; f
Phyllis Lewiswife of William Lewis1866831949 w; m

313LingArthur Bernard Lingfirst name on this monument1920591979id: 3501092

314LingGeoffrey C Lingfirst name on this monument1915221937id: 2441073
Harold R Lingrelationship not known of Geoffrey C Ling1921261947

315LingIdola Ethel Lingfirst name on this monument1892211913id: 3181075

316LingJacob Lingfirst name on this monument1854751929id: 3191074h; f
Elizabeth Lingwife of Jacob Ling1859831942 w; m

317LingLionel Jacob Lingfirst name on this monument1894831977id: 3201079

318LingMabel Grace Lingfirst name on this monument1894701964id: 2451094
Basil Claude Lingrelationship not known of Mabel Grace Ling1886981984

319LingMary Jane Lingfirst name on this monument1884861970id: 3221090
Benjamin Lingrelationship not known of Mary Jane Ling1880911971

320LingNoel Desmond Lingfirst name on this monument1926681994id: 2171075h; f
Elizabeth Lingwife of Noel Desmond Ling1932792011 w; m

321LingVivienne Isabel Lingfirst name on this monument1907731980id: 1821074w; m
Raymond George Linghusband of Vivienne Isabel Ling1901821983 h; f

322LomasRobert Lomasfirst name on this monument1933792012id: 2461066h; f; gf; ggf

323LuteEthel N Lutefirst name on this monument1900521952id: 4701067w; m
Cecil M Lutehusband of Ethel N Lute1898761974 h; f

324ManningJohn Henry Manningfirst name on this monument1879541933id: 4101067h; f
Minnie G Manningwife of John Henry Manning1884871971 w; m

325MarshJill Marshfirst name on this monument1943722015id: 1991067

326MarshTerrianna Louise Marshfirst name on this monument199301993id: 1981068

327MartensDonald Philip Martensfirst name on this monument1918892007id: 3281066b; u

328MartensMervyn Charles Martensfirst name on this monument1921561977id: 3271066h; f; gf
Vera Jean Martenswife of Mervyn Charles Martens1926842010 w; m; gm; ggm

329MartensPhilip C Martensfirst name on this monument1889531942id: 3261066h; f
Florence M Martenswife of Philip C Martens1893721965 w; m

330MatthewsJulia Evelyn Matthewsfirst name on this monument1879821961id: 3351066

331Mc CarthyElizabeth Mc Carthyfirst name on this monument1867811948id: 4141067w; m
Robert Mc Carthyhusband of Elizabeth Mc Carthy1864861950 h; f

332Mc CarthyJohn Mc Carthyfirst name on this monument1915321947id: 4191069

333Mc DonaldAgnes Evelyn Mc Donaldfirst name on this monument1889551944id: 2281066w; m

334Mc DonaldArthur Mc Donaldfirst name on this monument1854611915id: 641066h/Sarah
Sarah Mc Donaldwife of Arthur Mc Donald
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335Mc DonaldDonald Alexander Mc Donaldfirst name on this monument1909681977id: 4551066

336Mc DonaldEnid Maude Mc Donaldfirst name on this monument1910811991id: 4521066
Leslie Roy Mc Donaldrelationship not known of Enid Maude Mc Donald1911871998

337Mc DonaldEveline Alice Mc Donaldfirst name on this monument1914952009id: 1171066w; m; gm
Raymond George Mc Donaldhusband of Eveline Alice Mc Donald1915841999 h; f; gf

338Mc DonaldNeville Douglas Mc Donaldfirst name on this monument1917581975id: 4411066h; f; gf
Rita Elizabeth Mc Donaldwife of Neville Douglas Mc Donald1920922012 w; m; gm

339Mc DonaldOwen Patrick Mc Donaldfirst name on this monument1885721957id: 1181066h; f
Agnes Pearl Mc Donaldwife of Owen Patrick Mc Donald1888711959 w; m

340Mc DonaldSarah Ann Mc Donaldfirst name on this monument1853901943id: 631066w/Arthur; m
Arthur Mc Donaldhusband of Sarah Ann Mc Donald

341Mc GuinnessDarren Lloyd Mc Guinnessfirst name on this monument1968412009id: 3431066

342Mc KayAdam Charles Mc Kayfirst name on this monument1985162001id: 2311066b d 20014 d 20014 - s; b

343Mc KayCyril Charles Mc Kayfirst name on this monument1931511982id: 2301067h; f

344Mc KnightMay E Mc Knightfirst name on this monument1876id: 1111067

345MeadowsElizabeth Meadowsfirst name on this monument1791811872id: 901067

346MitchellDorothy Agnes Elizabeth Mitchellfirst name on this monument1908621970id: 4471069m

347MitchellFlorence May Mitchellfirst name on this monument1863321895id: 3391068

348MitchellJoseph Edward Mitchellfirst name on this monument1926671993id: 2161069h; f; gf
Gweneth Joan Mitchellwife of Joseph Edward Mitchell1930832013 w; m; gm; ggm

349MitchellLouisa Mitchellfirst name on this monument1847821929id: 2481068

350MoncrieffRobert A Moncriefffirst name on this monument1908241932id: 2521066

351MonnoxAndrew Alexander Monnoxfirst name on this monument1874381912id: 3941068

352MonnoxEllen Rose Monnoxfirst name on this monument1908501958id: 4431070w; m
William James Monnoxhusband of Ellen Rose Monnox1907691976 h; f

353MonnoxFrederick Edward Monnoxfirst name on this monument1886431929id: 471068h
Grace Edna Monnoxwife of Frederick Edward Monnox1887751962 w

354MonnoxWilliam Monnoxfirst name on this monumentid: 3951068s/William and Ellen
Andrew Monnoxbrother of William Monnox s/William and Ellen
William Monnoxfather of William Monnox
Ellen Monnoxmother of William Monnox

355MorrisWalter L Morrisfirst name on this monument1879401919id: 2501066
Mabel May Morrisrelationship not known of Walter L Morris1884861970

356MortonBrian Henry Mortonfirst name on this monument1942521994id: 3471068

357MortonMarjorie A Mortonfirst name on this monument1916781994id: 3231067
Harold Mortonrelationship not known of Marjorie A Morton1916982014

358MylesRobert Wilton Mylesfirst name on this monument1915641979id: 4481066h; f; gf
Rita Daphne Myleswife of Robert Wilton Myles1919661985 w; m; gm

359NewberryWayne Anthony Newberryfirst name on this monument1958452003id: 3481067h; f

360O' HearnClyde Frederick Lloyd O' Hearnfirst name on this monument1889921981id: 4531067h; f

361O' HearnEthel Victoria O' Hearnfirst name on this monument1900811981id: 4541067

362O'haranCharlotte Malinda O'haranfirst name on this monument1858531911id: 511066

363O'haranPatrick O'haranfirst name on this monument1827551882id: 501066

364O'hearnEileen Lorna O'hearnfirst name on this monument1927772004id: 1461066sis; a

365O'hearnFlorence Rita O'hearnfirst name on this monument191491923id: 1491066d/P. and M. O'Hearn
P O'hearnfather of Florence Rita O'hearn
M O'hearnmother of Florence Rita O'hearn

366O'hearnHorace W G O'hearnfirst name on this monument1920531973id: 1471066f; gf

367O'hearnPatrick William O'hearnfirst name on this monument1888541942id: 1481066h; f
Mabel Harriet O'hearnwife of Patrick William O'hearn1891731964 w; m

368O'hearnPeter E O'hearnfirst name on this monument189511896id: 491066
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369O'hearnThomas Joseph O'hearnfirst name on this monument1861571918id: 481066
Catherine Annie O'hearnrelationship not known of Thomas Joseph O'hearn1866801946

370O'neillJudith O'neillfirst name on this monument1804891893id: 571069

371OmanAda Florence Omanfirst name on this monument1895361931id: 891070

372OmanAlbert Augustus Omanfirst name on this monument1885501935id: 2771071

373OmanFlora Caroline Omanfirst name on this monument1857921949id: 881075m
Joan Audrey Elliottrelationship not known of Flora Caroline Oman d/Amos
Agnes Omanrelationship not known of Flora Caroline Oman
Amos J Omanrelationship not known of Flora Caroline Oman1888831971 h/Elizabeth
Elizabeth Omanrelationship not known of Flora Caroline Oman w/Amos

374OmanGeorge Omanfirst name on this monument1810781888id: 2801071

375OmanJames Thomas Omanfirst name on this monument1852651917id: 2811071b

376OmanJohn Omanfirst name on this monument1853781931id: 2781071h

377OmanJohn Benjamin Omanfirst name on this monument1882761958id: 2761071

378OmanMaria Omanfirst name on this monument1821641885id: 2791072w/George
George Omanhusband of Maria Oman

379PageJoshua Deacon Pagefirst name on this monument200802008id: 871078s/Scott and Amanda
Scott Pagefather of Joshua Deacon Page
Amanda Pagemother of Joshua Deacon Page

380PatemanJoseph Stanley Patemanfirst name on this monument1906421948id: 1451066h

381PatemanJoseph Stanley Patemanfirst name on this monument1906421948id: 1231066h

382PayneJohn Paynefirst name on this monument1807841891id: 2661066

383PayneRobert William Paynefirst name on this monument1888411929id: 2321066h

384PhillipEdward Phillipfirst name on this monument1871411912id: 411066h
Emily Phillipwife of Edward Phillip1875911966 w

385PhillipEllis Francis Phillipfirst name on this monument1915601975id: 381066h; f; gf
Olive Clara Phillipwife of Ellis Francis Phillip1924731997 w; m; gm; ggm

386PhillipPeter Phillipfirst name on this monument1840761916id: 401066
Margaret Philliprelationship not known of Peter Phillip1842701912

387PhillipStella Phillipfirst name on this monument1884451929id: 391066w; m
Eunice Phillipdaughter of Stella Phillip192911930 d
Peter Philliphusband of Stella Phillip1879881967 h; f

388PhillipsAlphonsus Edward Phillipsfirst name on this monument1909901999id: 3831069h; f; gf
Edna Lucy Phillipswife of Alphonsus Edward Phillips1915841999 w; m; gm

389PhillipsAnthony Peter Phillipsfirst name on this monument1912271939id: 431068h
Jean Catherine Phillips (searston)wife of Anthony Peter Phillips1916862002 w; m; gm; ggm

390PhillipsArthur Edward Phillipsfirst name on this monument1900701970id: 291067h; f
Bridget Mary Phillipswife of Arthur Edward Phillips1902811983 w; m

391PhillipsNek Joseph Phillipsfirst name on this monument1906501956id: 451066s; b

392PhillipsRaymond Arthur Phillipsfirst name on this monument1934571991id: 61066h; f; gf

393PhillipsRussell Phillipsfirst name on this monument1950552005id: 3841066

394PinchinJames Pinchinfirst name on this monument1850241874id: 1641067

395PinchinSarah Pinchinfirst name on this monument187111872id: 1051066

396PlumbJames Plumbfirst name on this monument1866711937id: 4201066h; f
Alice A Plumbwife of James Plumb1877801957 w; m

397PlumbMavis Alene Plumbfirst name on this monument1918351953id: 4211066

398PointerCharles Albert Pointerfirst name on this monument1868751943id: 1831066h; f
Sarah Ellen Pointerwife of Charles Albert Pointer1870771947 w; m

399PointerGeorge Joshua Pointerfirst name on this monument1905691974id: 1841066h; f
Ivy May Pointerwife of George Joshua Pointer1909781987 w; m

400PrestonGlen Joseph Prestonfirst name on this monument1927832010id: 41066h/ Gloria; f; gf
Gloria Prestonwife of Glen Joseph Preston

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