Municipal Cemetery, Ellalong, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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201ForbesAlfred George Forbesfirst name on this monument1891851976id: 4561083h; f; gf
Arthur Alfred Forbesson of Alfred George Forbes1929701999 s
Ivy Gladys Forbeswife of Alfred George Forbes1896911987 w; m; gm

202ForbesAlfred George Forbesfirst name on this monument1840531893id: 3001070

203ForbesArthur Alfred Forbesfirst name on this monument1929701999id: 4591070
Mena Alice Forbesrelationship not known of Arthur Alfred Forbes1930822012

204ForbesClara Elizabeth Forbesfirst name on this monument1868771945id: 2971070

205ForbesDorothea E Forbesfirst name on this monument1840861926id: 3011068

206ForbesElizabeth Henrietta Forbesfirst name on this monument1815541869id: 3021069w/Duncan
Duncan Forbeshusband of Elizabeth Henrietta Forbes

207ForbesEllenor Forbesfirst name on this monumentid: 3671076d/A. A. and E. Forbes
David Forbesbrother of Ellenor Forbes s/A. A. and E. Forbes
James Forbesbrother of Ellenor Forbes s/A. A. and E. Forbes
John Forbesbrother of Ellenor Forbes s/A. A. and E. Forbes
William Forbesbrother of Ellenor Forbes s/A. A. and E. Forbes
A A Forbesfather of Ellenor Forbes
E Forbesmother of Ellenor Forbes
Florence Forbessister of Ellenor Forbes d/A. A. and E. Forbes

208ForbesErnest Joseph Forbesfirst name on this monument1903621965id: 3681070h; f
Clara Emma Forbeswife of Ernest Joseph Forbes1906921998 w; m; gm

209ForbesFrederick J Forbesfirst name on this monument1872651937id: 2981070

210ForbesHarriet E Forbesfirst name on this monument1884651949id: 2991071

211ForbesLynette M Forbesfirst name on this monument1952652017id: 4501078

212ForbesRaymond William Forbesfirst name on this monument1918892007id: 4421068

213ForbesSloper Donald Ian Forbesfirst name on this monument1902531955id: 3731078

214GaffneyCecilia Gaffneyfirst name on this monument1919671986id: 151069w; m; gm
Jim Gaffneyhusband of Cecilia Gaffney1918731991 h; f; gf

215GardnerDavid Joseph Gardnerfirst name on this monument191261918id: 551068

216GauntGertrude Gauntfirst name on this monument1881231904id: 3971075d/B. Jackson
Benjamin Jacksonfather of Gertrude Gaunt1845711916 h/Charlotte; f
Charlotte Jacksonmother of Gertrude Gaunt1850821932 w/Benjamin; m

217GeorgeAlec Georgefirst name on this monument191611917id: 1441072s/Peter and Ethel
Peter Georgefather of Alec George
Ethel Georgemother of Alec George

218GeorgeHarold Cecil Georgefirst name on this monument1917751992id: 1251068

219GeorgeMargaret Georgefirst name on this monument1857561913id: 1281082w/Peter

220GeorgePeter Georgefirst name on this monument1852681920id: 1271068f

221GeorgeSarah Mary Georgefirst name on this monument1883601943id: 1261069w; m
Joseph Thomas Georgehusband of Sarah Mary George1878651943 h; f

222GeorgeWilliam Georgefirst name on this monument1890541944id: 1241068h; f
Eva Miriam Georgewife of William George1894881982 w; m; gm

223GibsonAudrey Belle Gibsonfirst name on this monument1922621984id: 1901073m; gm

224GilesLeslie James Gilesfirst name on this monument1949662015id: 4311068

225GleesonMary Rita Gleesonfirst name on this monument1987id: 161069

226GlennieAnne Glenniefirst name on this monument1815761891id: 2671078

227GouldEvelyn Esther Gouldfirst name on this monument1896881984id: 3721069w/Francis
Francis Gouldhusband of Evelyn Esther Gould

228GouldFrancis Gouldfirst name on this monument1870531923id: 3711068

229GrampianMick Grampianfirst name on this monument1930862016id: 1881069

230GrantMalcolm William Grantfirst name on this monument1902871989id: 2541069h
Georgina Susannah Catherine Grantwife of Malcolm William Grant1905901995 w
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231GrantRobert Grantfirst name on this monument1893681961id: 2361068h; f
Edith Grantwife of Robert Grant1893761969 w; m

232GreenLeslie Greenfirst name on this monument1930611991id: 4511069h; f; gf

233GreenupEli David Greenupfirst name on this monument2006id: 741070s/David and Melissa
David Greenupfather of Eli David Greenup
Melissa Greenupmother of Eli David Greenup

234GuthrieLily Ann Jane Guthriefirst name on this monument1914761990id: 4461069w
Malcolm Leslie Guthriehusband of Lily Ann Jane Guthrie1914691983 h

235Hall Hallfirst name on this monument1944712015id: 3851098

236HallAmos John Hallfirst name on this monument1878721950id: 2821073

237HallE Gordon Hallfirst name on this monument1893341927id: 3921068h; f

238HallEdwin George William Hallfirst name on this monument1904811985id: 3801070

239HallEdwin Keith Hallfirst name on this monument1918811999id: 3781072g; gf

240HallEliza Susannah Hallfirst name on this monument1892851977id: 2851073w/Henry; m
Henry Hallhusband of Eliza Susannah Hall

241HallGeorge Hallfirst name on this monument1848451893id: 2831071h
Sarah Hallwife of George Hall1853841937 w

242HallHenry Hallfirst name on this monument1874id: 1061076s/William and Susanna
Laban Hallbrother of Henry Hall1880 s/William and Susanna
Roland Hallbrother of Henry Hall187411875 s/William and Susanna
William Hallfather of Henry Hall
Susanna Hallmother of Henry Hall
Eva Gladdy Hallsister of Henry Hall188341887 d/William and Susanna

243HallHenry Roland Hallfirst name on this monument1884801964id: 2841077h/Eliza; f
Eliza Hallwife of Henry Roland Hall

244HallJane Hallfirst name on this monument1827881915id: 3211069

245HallLeslie Joseph Hallfirst name on this monument1920641984id: 3931069h; f

246HallMary Ann Hallfirst name on this monument1866391905id: 2861071

247HallamElizabeth Hallamfirst name on this monument1882481930id: 4071077w; m
Frederick Hallamhusband of Elizabeth Hallam1882941976 h; f

248HallamFrank Baden Hallamfirst name on this monument1900811981id: 4081075f

249HamiltonAndrew J Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1882id: 1121096

250HamiltonEsther J Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1886631949id: 18110841w
Andrew J Hamiltonhusband of Esther J Hamilton1882841966 h

251HamiltonHenrietta Harriett Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1853791932id: 11410711w
William Little Hamiltonhusband of Henrietta Harriett Hamilton1851861937 h

252HamiltonJames Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1799681867id: 1011071h
Elizabeth Hamiltonwife of James Hamilton w

253HardingMary Jane Hardingfirst name on this monument1867id: 1191071

254HenryClyde Henryfirst name on this monument1915751990id: 4021073h; f

255HenryFrederick William Henryfirst name on this monument1911551966id: 121078

256HenryLeona Jeanne Henryfirst name on this monument1920902010id: 4031073w; m; gm; ggm

257HenryLila Mary Henryfirst name on this monument1925631988id: 271071w

258HenryNoel Douglas Henryfirst name on this monument1921751996id: 4321072f; gf

259HenryRichard Henryfirst name on this monument1868741942id: 4041071h; f
Annie Jane Henrywife of Richard Henry1888621950 w; m

260HenryWalter Henryfirst name on this monument1924id: 3911072h; f

261HewensSamuel Hewensfirst name on this monument1815771892id: 3411068

262HibbertCharles Noel Hibbertfirst name on this monument1939632002id: 811070s; b; u

263HibbertNorah Winnifred Hibbertfirst name on this monument1909932002id: 831070m; gm; ggm

264HirstDorothy Elaine Hirstfirst name on this monument1927521979id: 2431072m
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265HodgesHerbert A Hodgesfirst name on this monument1880651945id: 701069h; f
Alexander W Hodgesson of Herbert A Hodges1917251942 s; died H.M.A.S. Yarra

266HodgesJames Andrew Hodgesfirst name on this monument1921631984id: 711068h; f; gf
Marjorie Edna Hodgeswife of James Andrew Hodges1927902017 w; m; gm

267HollingshedAlfred Amos Hollingshedfirst name on this monument1883581941id: 1401076

268HollingshedGeorge Hollingshedfirst name on this monument1858711929id: 1371073h; f
Jane Hollingshedwife of George Hollingshed1862781940 w; m

269HollingshedJack Hollingshedfirst name on this monument1901221923id: 1361069s

270HollinshedJoseph Hollinshedfirst name on this monument1800821882id: 2921071
Jane Hollinshedrelationship not known of Joseph Hollinshed1820671887

271HoradamCatherine Horadamfirst name on this monument1809721881id: 1521069

272HowardVida Howardfirst name on this monument1931722003id: 3761074w
Henry James Howardhusband of Vida Howard1921842005 h

273HurnAlice Angelina Hurnfirst name on this monument1883861969id: 4451070sis

274HurnMary Ann Hurnfirst name on this monument1850631913id: 3691069
William Hurnrelationship not known of Mary Ann Hurn1847871934

275HurnPercival John Hurnfirst name on this monument1878791957id: 3741069
Ruby Ewart Hurnrelationship not known of Percival John Hurn1894651959

276IncleErnest Alfred Inclefirst name on this monument1880541934id: 4671076
Rose Florence Inclerelationship not known of Ernest Alfred Incle1883671950

277IncleMolly Joyce Inclefirst name on this monument1918411959id: 4681070

278JacksonAlbert Jacksonfirst name on this monument1900251925id: 1711101

279JacksonDaisy Bertha Jacksonfirst name on this monument1896611957id: 17410811

280JacksonErnest Oliver Jacksonfirst name on this monument1874771951id: 4391072h
Lavinia Adelaide Jacksonwife of Ernest Oliver Jackson1878871965 w

281JacksonEvelyn Rhoda Jacksonfirst name on this monument1874761950id: 17610731

282JacksonIsaac Henry Jacksonfirst name on this monument1870571927id: 1751080

283JacksonIsaac Henry William Jacksonfirst name on this monument1896761972id: 1731076

284JacksonIsiah Jacksonfirst name on this monument1860501910id: 1691073

285JacksonMary Ann Jacksonfirst name on this monument1859491908id: 1701074

286JacksonRichard Jacksonfirst name on this monument1850391889id: 1681073f

287JacksonRichard E Jacksonfirst name on this monument1883771960id: 3871071h
Edith A Jacksonwife of Richard E Jackson1886871973 w

288JobsonMary Jane Jobsonfirst name on this monument1881521933id: 4091077w; m

289JohnsonDonald Henry Johnsonfirst name on this monument1930291959id: 3561070h; s

290JohnsonLewis Theodore Johnsonfirst name on this monument1902851987id: 3571071h; f; gf; ggf
Mabel Verlie Johnsonwife of Lewis Theodore Johnson1902821984 w; m; gm; ggm

291JonesAubrey Raymond Jonesfirst name on this monument1919211940id: 661068b

292JonesHerbert Roy Jonesfirst name on this monument1916381954id: 671068b

293JonesMay Victoria Jonesfirst name on this monument1889661955id: 681068m

294JonesMilicent Rebecca Jonesfirst name on this monument1984id: 4811068m

295JonesOwen Andrew Jonesfirst name on this monument1921771998id: 1781070h; f; gf
Stella Ethel Joneswife of Owen Andrew Jones1929862015 w; m; gm

296JonesRichard John Jonesfirst name on this monument194841952id: 4801068s
Richard Jonesfather of Richard John Jones1916621978 h; f

297JonesWalter Jonesfirst name on this monument1883541937id: 651068f

298Jones (rickard)Teresa Agnes Jones (rickard)first name on this monument1941602001id: 51071

299KayRalph T Kayfirst name on this monument1860741934id: 4241082h
Ellen Kaywife of Ralph T Kay1871701941 w

300KerrBridget Kerrfirst name on this monument1844821926id: 621080
Hugh Kerrrelationship not known of Bridget Kerr1846821928

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal Cemetery, Ellalong, New South Wales, Australia.

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