Municipal Cemetery, Ellalong, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101CameronColin Cameronfirst name on this monument1822831905id: 3141077born Argylshire , Scotland

102CameronColin George Cameronfirst name on this monument1904481952id: 3551068

103CameronColin Joseph Cameronfirst name on this monument1894661960id: 2071085h; f
Nita Hazel Cameronwife of Colin Joseph Cameron1905901995 w; m; gm; ggm

104CameronElsie Amelia Cameronfirst name on this monument1907781985id: 4051073w; m; gm; ggm
Aubrey A F Cameronhusband of Elsie Amelia Cameron1911771988 h; f; gf; ggf

105CameronHenrietta Mary Cameronfirst name on this monument1870341904id: 3101096w
Alice Louisa Camerondaughter of Henrietta Mary Cameron1903 d
Archibald Cameronhusband of Henrietta Mary Cameron1866931959 h

106CameronJohn Cameronfirst name on this monument1864531917id: 3161074h
Sarah E Cameronwife of John Cameron1868711939 w

107CameronJohn Colin Cameronfirst name on this monument1941411982id: 3591073

108CameronKeith Raymond Cameronfirst name on this monument193931942id: 3121075

109CameronMabel Valmai Cameronfirst name on this monument1926701996id: 911081w; m; gm; ggm
Reginald Arthur Cameronhusband of Mabel Valmai Cameron1925731998 h; f; gf; ggf

110CameronMaxwell Aubrey Cameronfirst name on this monument1945692014id: 4291068h; f; gf

111CameronRaymond J Cameronfirst name on this monument1931191950id: 2061083

112CameronRobert Albion D Cameronfirst name on this monument1870781948id: 3111077h; f
Rachel Sarah Alice Cameronwife of Robert Albion D Cameron1882761958 w; m

113CameronRobert James Cameronfirst name on this monument1934782012id: 3581076

114CarterSusan S Carterfirst name on this monument1891961987id: 44010861

115CaseyHenrietta H L Caseyfirst name on this monument1873441917id: 1131073w

116ChisholmWilliam Metcalf Chisholmfirst name on this monument1906871993id: 3751071
Edith Averill Chisholmrelationship not known of William Metcalf Chisholm1924882012

117ClarkJohn Percival Clarkfirst name on this monument1921431964id: 2221072h; f
Ethel May Clarkwife of John Percival Clark1922711993 m; gm

118ClarkMyra Joan Clarkfirst name on this monument1925601985id: 2201070w; m; gm

119ClarkRaymond John Clarkfirst name on this monument1946491995id: 2231070s; b

120ClarkRichard Bruce Clarkfirst name on this monument1948602008id: 2191081f; gf; s; b

121ClarkWilliam T Clarkfirst name on this monument1919681987id: 3821068h; f; gf

122ClarkeA W T Clarkefirst name on this monument1926591985id: 2251087

123ClarkeBreanna Fay Clarkefirst name on this monument199221994id: 4661071

124CollingwoodClaude Ferdinand Collingwoodfirst name on this monument1857231880id: 1431068s/Samuel Edwin and Mary Fanny
Samuel Edwin Collingwoodfather of Claude Ferdinand Collingwood
Mary Fanny Collingwoodmother of Claude Ferdinand Collingwood

125CondranBernard Gordon Condranfirst name on this monument192501925id: 241077

126CondranChristina Condranfirst name on this monument1857391896id: 461070w; m
Michael F Condranhusband of Christina Condran1856621918 h; f

127CondranGertrude Irene Condranfirst name on this monument1909731982id: 2571068w; m
Anthony James Raymond Condranhusband of Gertrude Irene Condran1918721990 h; f

128CondranIsabella Ellen Condranfirst name on this monument1893491942id: 231078
Charles Edward Condranrelationship not known of Isabella Ellen Condran1892651957

129CondranJoseph Leonard Condranfirst name on this monument1920591979id: 131074

130CondranMichael Condranfirst name on this monument1810721882id: 861077

131CondranThomas Condranfirst name on this monument1891811972id: 111069h; f
Mary Josephine Condranwife of Thomas Condran1895981993 w; m

132CondranWilliam George Condranfirst name on this monument1913912004id: 201068h; f; gf; ggf

133CookSheila Irene Cookfirst name on this monument1929601989id: 1851073w; m; gm
Edward James Cookhusband of Sheila Irene Cook1930732003 h; f; gf

134CoombesBertie Septimus Coombesfirst name on this monument1896681964id: 1891081h; f
Daisy Darling Bell Coombeswife of Bertie Septimus Coombes1896961992 w; m
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135CoombesEliza J Coombesfirst name on this monument1854481902id: 3051079
Nellie Coombesrelationship not known of Eliza J Coombes189411895
Peter Coombesrelationship not known of Eliza J Coombes1863821945

136CoombesErnest Edwin Coombesfirst name on this monument1891351926id: 3981076h/ Ethel
Ethel Coombeswife of Ernest Edwin Coombes

137CoombesPeter Coombesfirst name on this monument1801681869id: 3041075born Hampshire; arrived on convict ship Mangles 1824

138CoombesSarah R Grace Coombesfirst name on this monument1896471943id: 1791072w; m

139CooperJoan Maureen Cooperfirst name on this monument1932782010id: 4651084w/William; m
William Cooperhusband of Joan Maureen Cooper

140CostelloDelores Margaret Costellofirst name on this monument1937722009id: 81074

141CoultonRonald Aubrey Coultonfirst name on this monument1932601992id: 2211076h; f; gf

142CoxonLeslie Coxonfirst name on this monument1917821999id: 2601083h; f
Essie Florence Coxonwife of Leslie Coxon1913861999 w; m

143CraftEric Maxwell Craftfirst name on this monument1911781989id: 361079h; f; gf; ggf
Clarice May Craftwife of Eric Maxwell Craft1912882000 w; m; gm; ggm

144CraftIrvin Albert Craftfirst name on this monument1885791964id: 1391076h; f
Ethel Mabel Violet Craftwife of Irvin Albert Craft1887931980 w; m

145CraftJean Craftfirst name on this monument1914201934id: 1381077

146CraneNeville George Cranefirst name on this monument1926471973id: 301070h; f; gf
Veronica Frances Cranewife of Neville George Crane1927792006 w; m; gm

147CrawfordJane Crawfordfirst name on this monument1840571897id: 3371073

148CrawfordJoyce Irene Crawfordfirst name on this monument1921822003id: 3311069w/Lloyd; m
Lloyd Crawfordhusband of Joyce Irene Crawford

149CrawfordKeith Grahame Crawfordfirst name on this monument194621948id: 3291068s/Lloyd and Joyce
Lloyd Crawfordfather of Keith Grahame Crawford
Joyce Crawfordmother of Keith Grahame Crawford

150CrawfordLloyd Crawfordfirst name on this monument1914741988id: 3301068h/Joyce
Joyce Crawfordwife of Lloyd Crawford

151CrawfordMargaret Sarah Crawfordfirst name on this monument1859511910id: 3341068

152CrawfordMary Johnston Crawfordfirst name on this monument1877101887id: 3791085d/David and Amelia
David Crawfordfather of Mary Johnston Crawford
Amelia Crawfordmother of Mary Johnston Crawford

153CrawfordMay Orchard Crawfordfirst name on this monument1890871977id: 3331074

154CrawfordRichard M Crawfordfirst name on this monument1834781912id: 3361071

155CrawfordRichard Robert Allen Crawfordfirst name on this monument1915892004id: 3421100
Agnes Grace Young Crawfordrelationship not known of Richard Robert Allen Crawford1915922007

156CrawfordRobert James Crawfordfirst name on this monument1875551930id: 3321072

157CrosdaleBertha Elizabeth Crosdalefirst name on this monument1900691969id: 261068w; m
Joseph Patrick Crosdalehusband of Bertha Elizabeth Crosdale1898711969 h; f

158CrosdaleFrederick Douglas Crosdalefirst name on this monument1926832009id: 191080h; f; gf; ggf
Irene Margaret Crosdalewife of Frederick Douglas Crosdale1927842011 w; m; gm; ggm

159CrosdaleJames Crosdalefirst name on this monument1927651992id: 281068h; f; gf; b

160CrossdaleC J Crossdalefirst name on this monument1911291940id: 251074R.A.A.F. Aircraftman

161CrossleyAnn Crossleyfirst name on this monument1860661926id: 1511076w; m
George Richard Crossleyhusband of Ann Crossley1860671927 h; f

162CrossleyFlorence Lilly Crossleyfirst name on this monument190281910id: 1501083d/Richard and Ann
Richard Crossleyfather of Florence Lilly Crossley
Ann Crossleymother of Florence Lilly Crossley

163CrossleyGeorge Thomas Crossleyfirst name on this monument1879721951id: 18010771
Dinah Boleyn Crossleyrelationship not known of George Thomas Crossley1881611942

164CrossleyKenneth Roy Crossleyfirst name on this monument1900781978id: 771078h; f
Gracena M E Crossleywife of Kenneth Roy Crossley1910902000 w; m
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165CrossleyLawrence Keith Crossleyfirst name on this monument1920651985id: 2181071h; f; gf
Elvira Joan Crossleywife of Lawrence Keith Crossley1917952012 w; m; gm; ggm

166CrossleyMartha Matilda Crossleyfirst name on this monument1850841934id: 2731073
Mary Matilda Crossleyrelationship not known of Martha Matilda Crossley13

167CrossleyMaxwell Crossleyfirst name on this monument1933231956id: 761071s; b

168CrossleyNeville Edward Crossleyfirst name on this monument1931792010id: 751071f; gf; ggf

169CrumpHilton Gary Crumpfirst name on this monument1941682009id: 2871074h/Helen; f
Helen Crumpwife of Hilton Gary Crump

170CrumpMurray Allen Crumpfirst name on this monument1969201989id: 2881075

171CrumpMurray Allen Crumpfirst name on this monument1969201989id: 2891070

172CulleyBrett William Culleyfirst name on this monument1962id: 3531070
Glen Garry Culleyrelationship not known of Brett William Culley1964

173CulleyHorace Joseph Culleyfirst name on this monument1917621979id: 101072
Emma Isabel Culleyrelationship not known of Horace Joseph Culley1916671983

174CulleyJohn Thomas Culleyfirst name on this monument1948622010id: 311070h/Ruth; f; gf
Ruth Culleywife of John Thomas Culley

175CulleyMarree Culleyfirst name on this monument196901969id: 3861069

176D'agrusaRodolfo D'agrusafirst name on this monument1943592002id: 821072f; gf; born Palermo , Sicily

177DauntEliza Dauntfirst name on this monument1858381896id: 3961079w
George D K Daunthusband of Eliza Daunt1841671908 h

178DavisKeith Davisfirst name on this monument1918751993id: 4301080h; f; gf; ggf

179DavisMavis Alma Davisfirst name on this monument1922812003id: 731069m; gm; ggm

180DenneyBetty Hope Denneyfirst name on this monument1923691992id: 4751075

181DenneyGraham John Denneyfirst name on this monument1947381985id: 4741075

182DenneyGregory James Denneyfirst name on this monument1945662011id: 4731069

183DenneyWilliam J Denneyfirst name on this monument1884681952id: 4711074h; f
Grace L Denneywife of William J Denney1891741965 w; m

184DicksonSarah Dicksonfirst name on this monument1803691872id: 3641077

185DiplockArchibald Donald Diplockfirst name on this monument1891581949id: 2371070h; f
Lillie Viven Diplockrelationship not known of Archibald Donald Diplock1890811971

186DouglasHugh Douglasfirst name on this monument1921511972id: 4611069

187DowMillicent Sarah Dowfirst name on this monument1929481977id: 691071m
Raymond Dowson of Millicent Sarah Dow1954532007 s

188DrummondEdith Drummondfirst name on this monument1883591942id: 211074m

189DunsheaAlexander Thomas Dunsheafirst name on this monument1900711971id: 4621068h; f
Evelyn Matilda Dunsheawife of Alexander Thomas Dunshea1900781978 w; m

190DunsheaDoris Dunsheafirst name on this monument1922832005id: 4631068

191EggertHenry J Eggertfirst name on this monument1879481927id: 3241069
Ethel M Eggertrelationship not known of Henry J Eggert1883771960
Thomas H Eggertrelationship not known of Henry J Eggert1910281938

192EllemPrice Frederick Ellemfirst name on this monument186631869id: 3651077

193EmbletonMichael J Embletonfirst name on this monument1946662012id: 4491075

194EvansHarriett Evansfirst name on this monument1862291891id: 3381068d/R.P. and J. Crawford
J Evansfather or mother of Harriett Evans
R P Evansfather or mother of Harriett Evans

195EvansMargaret Evansfirst name on this monument1881621943id: 4111069m
Idris James Evansson of Margaret Evans1920131933 s

196EvansOwen Evansfirst name on this monument1877581935id: 4691074h
Benjamin O Evansson of Owen Evans s
Hannah Evanswife of Owen Evans1872741946 w
Arthur Wyndham Phillipsrelationship not known of Owen Evans1889621951
Margaret Sarah Phillipsrelationship not known of Owen Evans1899841983
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197FieldMargaret Fieldfirst name on this monument1937511988id: 3511076w; m; gm

198FieldRobert Fieldfirst name on this monument195801958id: 3521076s/Len and Margaret
Len Fieldfather of Robert Field
Margaret Fieldmother of Robert Field

199ForbesAlfred Arthur Forbesfirst name on this monument1867521919id: 3661077h
Ellenor Forbeswife of Alfred Arthur Forbes1868821950 w

200ForbesAlfred E A Forbesfirst name on this monument1905581963id: 3881080

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