St Mary (part 2) Cemetery, Heworth, Durham, England

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301McdonaldCatherine Mcdonald1882711953id: 66906945611072
John Mcdonald1880901970

302McdonaldJames Mcdonald1942id: 65196944111069

303McdonaldNorman Mcdonald1897331930id: 64416943651069
Hannah Mcdonald of Pelaw

304McdougallWinnie Mcdougall1927832010id: 67296945981083
Jane Featherstone No year or age given
Robert Featherstone No year or age given

305McguiganJohn Mcguigan1870681938id: 65846944671074
John Mcguigan1915261941
Mary Ellen Mcguigan1883701953

306McguinnessJames Mcguinness1860471907id: 68176946731079
Julia Ann O'kelly year and age not clear
Ellen Mcguinness1859741933

307McguireSusannah Mcguire1888831971id: 66866945571076
James Mcguire1899851984

308MctiernanJames Mctiernan1840511891id: 68836947321083Killed at the Friars Goose Chemical Works disaster
Ann Mctiernan1819871906

309McwilliamsAnne Mcwilliams1880591939id: 65776944601075
John Mcwilliams1877701947
John Mcwilliams1920541974

310MetcalfeJohn Bow Metcalfe1832721904id: 68226946771079
Hannah Metcalfe1863241887
Elizabeth Metcalfe1837811918

311MilburnJames R Milburn1873561929id: 67276945961072
Elizabeth Milburn1884861970

312MillarMary Catherine Bruno Millar1881571938id: 6735
(3 images)
Duncan M Millar1871801951
Mollie Cosgrave1909871996
Patrick Cosgrave1910871997 Retired Sergeant Durham Constabulary
William D Millar1907721979

313MillerMargaret Miller1887401927id: 64166943431068
William M Miller1879711950

314MillerWilliam Miller1908221930id: 64406943641078
Masie Morton1922241946
John Miller
Frances Miller
Richard Wardle Morton

315MillingElizabeth Milling1861291890id: 68396946921069
David Milling1865691934
Mary Ellen Milling1863691932

316MillsLinda Mills1963101973id: 66606945341069
Edmund Mills1934672001

317MitchellRobert Mitchell1883571940id: 65406944281073
Elizabeth Mitchell1883841967

318MitfordElizabeth Mitford1925231948id: 64376943621081
William Mitford
Margaret Potts year and age not clear
Martin Potts1915251940

319MoffattAnn Elizabeth Moffatt1882551937id: 65726944551081
Doris Moffatt
Lucy Moffatt
Renee Moffatt
John Moffatt
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320MoodyFrancis Moody1895761971id: 67116945811075Stone in poor condition

321MooreJohn Moore1858721930id: 64586943761074
Mary Ethel Marsden89 year not clear
John J Marsden1866841950
Hannah Moore1862781940

322MooreR T Moore60id: 68446946971075Stone in poor condition to read
David M M Bell24 Pilot Officer
D Bell1872581930
J Moore1921

323MorrisGeorge William Morris1919251944id: 691769475910703192283. Private. 6th Brigade Duke of Wellington's . Buried Bayeux War Cemetery , Calvados , France
John Morris1943

324MosesGeorge William Moses1849881937id: 65076944041069
Janet Moses1867811948

325MouldW Mould1919211940id: 65396944271067023742. Gunner , Royal Artillery

326MuddJohn Wilson Mudd189671903id: 68246946791079
Charles Clement Mudd1899191918 Killed in action
Rob Mudd190571912
Charles Clement Mudd1871451916
Jane Mudd

327MulliganJ Mulligan1910321942id: 642769435310694461459. Private. Durham Light Infantry

328MyersAlexander Myers1881481929id: 64626943781096
Edna Myers1910942004
Alec Myers193421936
Frank Myers1906371943 Killed on active service
William Myers1902481950
Winifred Myers1882691951

329NeaveLouisa Neave1875631938id: 65266944151067
John Neave1875701945

330NesbittStanley Nesbitt1922481970id: 66826945541086
Terry Nesbitt1945582003
Nancy Nesbitt1921822003

331NewshamElizabeth Newsham1896481944id: 64246943501086
Joanna Newsham1925221947 Died in Switzerland
Robert Newsham

332NewtonCharles Newton1879571936id: 65606944441069
Mary Shirley Newton

333NicholsAngela Nichols1963id: 68716947201103
James Nichols

334NicholsonGeorge Nicholson1906341940id: 65656944491067
Mary Nicholson

335NicholsonGilbert Nicholson1897151912id: 68326946851069
Gilbert Nicholson1924 Stone in poor condition age eroded
Dorothy Nicholson stone in poor condition year and age eroded
Sarah Annie Nicholson1900171917

336NicholsonMary Nicholson1838781916id: 68006946571070
Mabel Nicholson
Thomas V Nicholson1838861924
George Nicholson1878371915 Husband of Mabel

337NicholsonMary Nicholson1864521916id: 67996946561079
John Henderson
Moses Nicholson1861691930
Ann Henderson
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338NoonHannah Noon1896391935id: 65546944381073
Austin Noon1896821978
Hilda Noon1905841989

339NorrisDinah Norris1878381916id: 67256945941068
Jane Cunningham1903711974
Patrick Norris1877741951
George Cunningham1896801976

340NorrisJohn William Norris1908271935id: 66156944941081
Mary Ann Norris

341O'neilRonald O'neil1939331972id: 64036943321081year not clear 19?2

342OldsAmy Olds1897361933id: 66036944831071

343OramStephen Oram1887661953id: 67006945701067
Jane Oram1889791968

344OwenFrank Owen1861321893id: 68936947411074Accidently killed at Felling Colliery
Frank Owen1888291917 Killed in action in France
Richard William Wade Owen1895141909
Isabella Owen1861891950

345OxborrowRobert Oxborrow1843511894id: 68746947231069
Alice Oxborrow1872241896
Hannah Oxborrow1838731911

346ParkPeter Park1936251961id: 65716944541072
Desmond Park1926111937
Robert Park1900381938

347ParkerRobert Parker1891621953id: 67106945801078
Eleanor Adelaide Parker1893611954

348ParkinMary Parkin1885681953id: 67026945721069
Margaret Baizley1914421956
Miriam A Rushton1941702011
Ralph G Baizley1944531997
Thomas A Parkin1886721958

349PattersonBarbara Patterson1879521931id: 65376944261080
Jasper Patterson1898701968

350PattersonHenry Patterson1910601970id: 66446945181073
Anne Patterson1913861999

351PattisonJohn A Pattison1875541929id: 64546943731081
John A Pattison1902601962
Isabella Pattison1875871962

352PattisonTimothy Pattison1820761896id: 68636947131078of Felling
Philip Pattison1815821897
Ambrose Pattison Husband of Elizabeth
Elizabeth Pattison

353PearceyRobert James Pearcey1881691950id: 67596946231080
Margaret Jane Palmer
Joseph Palmer

354PearsonElizabeth Pearson1900291929id: 64336943581070
John Robinson Pearson1869671936
Eleanor Pearson1869801949

355PendletonErnest Pendleton1895361931id: 65256944141069
Henrietta Pendleton1907821989

356PendletonWilliam Pendleton1953id: 67056945751076No age given

357PerryCaroline Perry1882441926id: 63646942971099
William Henry Perry1881591940 of Felling
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358PlantAnnie May Plant1884641948id: 69066947521077
John Edward Plant1885741959

359PorrittJacob Porritt1870721942id: 64066943351094

360PorterThomas Porter1891501941id: 63546942881078
Margaret Ann Porter

361PottsElizabeth Ann Potts1867221889id: 68796947281068
John Potts1841671908
Elizabeth Potts1843861929

362PottsGrace Margaret Potts1901391940id: 66006944801069
James Potts The late
Jessie Potts1869851954

363PottsJames Potts1868781946id: 64306943561073
Jennie Potts

364PottsJames Potts1888381926id: 68346946871075of Gateshead
Catherine Theresa Potts1931 age not clear

365PottsRobert Potts1883701953id: 67016945711066
Sarah Ann Potts1886831969

366PrattMabel Evelina Pratt1866651931id: 63776943101070
Alexander Pratt

367PrestonJohn Andrew Preston1886391925id: 64596943771080
Sarah Preston year and age eroded away
Thomas William Preston1911181929
Margaret Preston1886531939

368ProctorSarah Jane Proctor1876631939id: 65286944171094
Arthur Proctor1895391934

369ProctorSophia Proctor1884551939id: 65066944031084
Albert Pendleton1887531940
Edward Proctor1887611948

370PrudhaNorman Septimus Prudha1900311931id: 65356944241075
Lily Prudha

371PughMary Pugh1913131926id: 63946943251067
Charles Pugh
Mary Pugh1877791956

372PughMary Ann Pugh1856841940id: 66366945111072

373PurdieAlexander Purdie1845501895id: 68986947451077
Elizabeth Purdie188911890
Eunice Purdie188011881
Jane Sanderson Purdie year and age eroded away
Alan Baxter Purdie1867251892
Alexander Sanderson Purdie187651881
James Purdie1882141896
Elizabeth Purdie1850631913

374RanftChristina Ranft1845841929id: 63876943201080
William Ranft1935 of Pelaw. No age given

375RansomRachel Ransom1862681930id: 64656943791073
Robert John Ransom1866661932

376ReayJohn Robert Reay1879551934id: 66086944881068
Mary Reay

377ReayRobert Reay1875801955id: 68926947401078
Dorothy Reay
Elizabeth Reay
William Reay1971 no age given
Elizabeth Reay1883751958
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378ReedThomas Reed1833861919id: 68806947291069Three children died in infancy
John Reed1810801890
Hannah Reed1806731879
Thomas Reed1870801950
Ruth Reed1833851918

379ReidVeronica Teresa Reid1934361970id: 66456945191071

380RennisonRobert Rennisonid: 69156947581067
Sarah Jane Rennison185321855
Sarah Jane Rennison186271869
Andrew Swap Rennison1868191887
George Wraith Peters Rennison1857191876
John Rennison184571852
Sarah Peters Rennison

381RichardsonR Richardson1872701942id: 64286943541069

382RichardsonThomas W Richardson1873421915id: 689469474210684418. Private. Durham Light Infantry

383RobertsLuke Hamer Roberts1866671933id: 66306945071067
Jane Roberts1868891957

384RobinsonElizabeth Jane Robinson1861731934id: 63796943121071
Jacob James Robinson1864861950

385RobinsonHenry Robinson1908481956id: 66876945581072
James Walter Robinson1936581994
Mary Ellen Robinson1910731983

386RobinsonMichael Robinson1868711939id: 67846946421077
Ralph Robinson191571922 Son of Ralph and Robertina
Ralph Robinson Husband of Robertina
Robertina Robinson
Rebecca Robinson1868801948

387RobinsonSarah Ann Robinson1868361904id: 68556947071074
Annie Robinson189961905
Jane Ann Robinson189261898
T W Robinson

388RobsonHenry Stanley Robson1911391950id: 67266945951069
Kathleen Robson

389RobsonJohn Frederick Robson191791926id: 64026943311076
Alfred Robson1889441933
Sarah Robson1892631955

390RobsonMary Robson1879741953id: 66966945671069
Richard Robson

391RodgersO H Rodgers1891271918id: 6918694760106745131. Worker , O.M. Army Aux Corps.

392RomanisCatherine Romanis1903481951id: 67236945921067
Edward Romanis1903671970

393RossChristina Ross1859551914id: 68056946621069
Robert Ross1856661922

394RossEdna May Ross1918301948id: 64886943911067
Thomas Ross

395RossJohn Ross1879491928id: 64216943481070
Mary Ross1879881967

396RossThomas Ross1873811954id: 66546945281087
Elizabeth Jane Ross1898871985 Wife of Albert
Albert Ross1899761975

397RourkeWilliam Rourke1910141924id: 66076944871077
James Rourke1913211934
John Rourke1911271938
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398RowellThomas Rowell1921211942id: 69106947541070
Thomas Rowell
Jennie Rowell

399RowleyElizabeth Rowley1840761916id: 68606947121075
Thomas Rowley1838831921
William Rowley1876401916

400RowleyElizabeth Jane Rowley1851931944id: 65836944661082
Alice Laws1915341949 Wife of George
Charles Rowley1878761954
George Laws

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