St Mary (part 2) Cemetery, Heworth, Durham, England

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201HayWilliam Hay1881671948id: 69226947631076
Eddy Hay1945 Lost at sea
Beatrice Hay1886841970

202HayesPaul Anthony Hayes1964id: 67476946121095
Anne Hayes1942682010

203HebronRobert Dodds Hebron1859771936id: 67696946291073
Arnold Hebron34 No year given interred at Montreal Canada
Catherine Hebron Year and age obscured

204HendersonE Henderson1891741965no image6943171069

205HendersonJoseph William Henderson1889411930id: 6383
(2 images)

206HendersonNorman Allan Henderson1924271951id: 69236947641069
George N Henderson1895631958 of White House Farm Heworth
Mary Jane Henderson1899811980

207HendersonThomas Henderson1869711940id: 65436944311070
Beatrice Henderson
John Bell Henderson1921211942 lost at sea , HMS Dorsetshire
Thomas Henderson1916471963 Husband of Beatrice. Accidently killed
Elizabeth Henderson1874791953

208HepburnThomas Hepburn1795691864id: 69216947621081Erected by the miners of Northumberland and Durham

209HeppleAlice Hepple1819761895id: 68656947151071
John Hepple1816831899 Formerly of Killingworth
Robson Hepple1844211865
William Hepple1837751912

210HetheringtonElizabeth F Hetherington1873811954id: 64436943671082
Joseph Hetherington1870721942
Bertha S Sutherland1878801958

211HewittMargaret Hannah Hewitt1864321896id: 68576947091079
Joseph Robert Hewitt1861441905

212HewittMary Jane Hewitt1879741953id: 66986945691077
James Emery Hewitt1883841967

213HewittThomas Hewitt1906551961id: 67246945931072
Doreen Hewitt1929221951
Jessie Hewitt1910611971

214HodgsonCharles William Hodgson1904441948id: 68886947371072
Frances Hodgson1907751982

215HodgsonRaymund Hodgson1921231944id: 65826944651080Flying Officer RAF.
Henry Mckie1896781974
Jane Mckie1899711970
Patricia Hodgson

216HoggIsabella Ethel Hogg1877321909id: 6813
(2 images)
John Taylor1846711917
John George Hogg
Isabella Taylor1848821930

217HoggThomas Hogg1870871957id: 6668
(3 images)
Jane Ord Atkins1898781976
Annie Hogg1901901991

218HoldsworthEdward Ackroyd Holdsworth1870481918id: 67796946371081
Helen Holdsworth1901481949
William Holdsworth1902191921
Jane Ann Holdsworth1869751944
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219HoldsworthJohn C Holdsworth1900711971id: 66786945501080
Ethel Holdsworth1898811979

220HollandRobert Holland1905651970id: 66486945221077
Elizabeth Holland1907831990

221HolmesMargaret Holmes1977id: 67076945771074No age given
Richard Walker1955 No age given
Clifford Holmes1953 No age given

222HolywellEmily Holywell1931391970id: 66506945241073
Charles Holywell1922511973

223HoneyballCharles W Honeyball1870711941id: 65276944161068
Margaret Jane Honeyball1872751947

224HopkinsJames Hopkins1855851940id: 65886944701067
Eleanor Hopkins1899481947
Margaret Hopkins

225HopperJ W Hopper1889291918id: 687069471910697/1338 Leading Seaman Royal Naval Division

226HornsbyRobert Hornsby1824441868id: 69396947771070erected by his fellow workmen

227HourstonCatherine Elizabeth Hourston27id: 69286947681067Stone badly eroded year not clear
John Hourston

228HoySybil Hoy1930241954id: 66666945401084
John Hoy1892861978
Lily Hoy1894871981

229HuddartGeorge Huddart1927481975id: 66576945311069
Marilyn Huddart
Ethel Huddart1924731997

230HudsonEvelyn Hudson1908241932id: 66336945091067
Robert Hudson1878671945
Evelyn Hudson1881821963

231HughesEllis Hughes1859741933id: 66176944961071
Sarah Hughes

232HughesThomas Hughes1891411932id: 6634
(2 images)
Ethel May Hughes1890881978

233HumphreyJane Humphrey1879611940id: 65626944461067
James Humphrey1878711949

234HutchinsonGeorge Edmund Hutchinson192441928id: 64466943701076
William George Hutchinson
Margaret Ann Hutchinson

235HutchinsonRobert Hutchinson1869661935id: 65576944411072
Elizabeth Hutchinson1859771936

236HuttonJane Hutton1906261932id: 64046943331070
James Hutton1892261918 Killed in action
Joseph Hutton Year and age not clear
Elsie Hutton
Thomas Hutton
Sarah Hutton

237HymersJohn Noble Hymers1898311929id: 68306946831067Fatally injured at Heworth Colliery
Robert Hymers1902601962
William Noble Hymers190831911
Robert Hymers1868651933
Elizabeth Ann Hymers1871681939

238IonsWilliam Henry Ions1901371938id: 63506942841070
Robert William Ions Died in Infancy
Alice Ions
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239IrwinCatherine Irwin68id: 69296947691072Stone badly eroded year not clear
John Irwin1838711909

240IvisonTom Ivison1951id: 67286945971073No age given

241JacksonEdward Jackson1902231925id: 63636942961070
Arthur Jackson1896341930
Joseph Jackson1872541926
Mary Jackson

242JensenGeorge Richard Jensen1882541936id: 67706946301074
Rosanna Jensen

243JoblingJohn Jobling1862751937id: 67546946191082
Jane Jobling1868711939

244JohnsonWilliam K Johnson1863631926id: 6813
(2 images)
Mary C Johnson1870881958

245JohnstoneJames Johnstone1932id: 67886946461070

246JohnstoneRobert Johnstone1933id: 67896946471068

247JoycePhilip Joyce1888441932id: 66326945081072
Michael Joyce1917241941 Killed on active service.
Jane Joyce1892531945

248JusticeEdward Justice1888651953id: 65876944691069
Flora Georgina Justice1892791971
Margaret Justice1923151938

249KeenanJohn Keenan1871611932id: 66386945131070
Sarah Jane Keenan1879561935

250KellElizabeth Harker Kell1871581929id: 64566943741084
Robert Kell

251KellyFrederick Charles Kelly1893761969id: 66646945381068
Mary Kelly1895841979

252KerrJames Kerr1876591935id: 65556944391068

253KillenEdith Mary Killen1880741954id: 68496947011068
Thomas Killen
Edith Mary Killen
Norah Killen1917902007 Nursing Officer SRN. RCM of the Priory of St John of Jerusalem

254KilloranLuke Killoran1906641970id: 66836945551068
Sarah Killoran1906791985

255KingDorothy King1922842006id: 63576942911086

256KirkhamAlison Kirkham1902241926id: 63616942941076
Joseph Kirkham

257KitsonGladys Edith Kitson1899511950id: 69506947861081
James William Kitson1894831977

258KnaggsJoseph Henry Knaggs1858811939id: 65056944021078
Charlotte Welford Knaggs77 year not clear
Mary Hannah Knaggs1860911951

259KnapperSamuel Knapper1936id: 65146944071069no age given
Mary Jane Knapper1878621940

260KnightStephen Knight1893611954id: 67166945851073
Elizabeth Knight1894701964

261KnightsWilliam Knights1899451944id: 65936944741088
William Knights1928131941

262KnottMary Elizabeth Knott1875691944id: 64936943961070
William George Knott1868891957

263LambertEdward Lambert1823751898id: 68566947081095
John George Lambert1862561918
Ann Lambert1820471867
Mary Ann Lambert1818761894
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264LamontAdam C Lamont1882451927id: 64196943461077

265LargeFlorence Ada Large1889661955id: 66206944981074
Rita Large1921121933
Susan Large1910231933
Thomas Large1888751963

266LawElizabeth Law1887571944id: 67526946171073
John A Law1880661946
Elizabeth A Howe1915701985
James T Howe1912251937 Husband of Elizabeth A.

267LawlorJames Lawlor1920221942id: 67736946321075
James Lawlor1899641963
Edith Lawlor1892781970

268LawsonJohn William Lawson1880581938id: 65736944561073
Jane Ann Lawson1878851963

269LeeWilliam Lee1896191915id: 67986946551071
William Lee1944 Stone badly eroded in centre
Annie Lee1869771946

270LevelMary Ina Level191111912id: 68356946881068

271LightfootJoseph Henry Lightfoot1919241943id: 64966943991082
Joseph Lightfoot1893831976
Jennie Lightfoot1893551948

272ListGeorge Francis List1913331946id: 64856943901068Accidently killed

273LloydElizabeth Mary Lloyd193161937id: 67386946041075
Edwin Lloyd
George Bertram1874721946
Mary Bertram1873651938
Evelyn Lloyd
Minnie Miller84 year obscured

274LongThomas Long1864761940id: 66416945161067
Harold Long1909331942
Mary Long90 Year eroded away

275LoweryJames Edward Lowery1893571950id: 64916943941069
Dorothy Lowery1900791979

276LowesRichard Lowes1805541859id: 69456947831068
Elizabeth Lowes183611837
Eleanor Lowes1852401892
Joseph Thomas Lowes1875631938 Husband of Eleanor
Jane Lowes1839391878

277LownEmily Lown1872661938id: 68676947171069
Thomas Lown1949

278LowrieRobert Lowrie1834711905id: 68526947041070
Thomas Lowrie1852351887
Jane Lowrie1833781911

279LumsdenEmma Lumsden1900131913id: 68026946591069
John Lumsden1872661938
Hannah Lumsden

280LundWilliam Lund1878611939id: 67496946141080
Elizabeth Lund1881831964

281LynnJames Ernest Lynn1877631940id: 66056944851070
Mary Elizabeth Lynn1959 age obscured

282LynnMadge Irene Lynn189181899id: 68756947241072
Peter Simpson Lynn1855591914
Mary Lynn1854841938
Polly Lynn189821900
Jenny Lynn
Norah Lynn
Meggie Lynn1877211898
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283MackayElizabeth Ann Mackay1867811948id: 63736943061074Stone not easy to read
Thomas Henry Mackay1866831949

284MaddisonJoesph William Maddison1921511972id: 66746945461076

285MaddisonThomas Maddison1892131905id: 68156946711070
L Maddison
D Maddison

286MajorHannah Major1857591916id: 68096946651098
Ethel Major1884421926
Stella Major1886361922
Thomas Clark Major1857781935
Elizabeth Major
Frederick Major1891491940 Husband of Elizabeth.

287MallabyJohn C Mallaby1901521953id: 64836943881072
Margaret Mallaby1905691974

288MallabyJohn R M Mallaby1875681943id: 64486943711069
Dinah Mallaby1880701950

289MandersonJohn Tom Manderson1861681929id: 64666943801078
Hannah G Manderson70 Year eroded away

290ManganDaniel F Mangan1869381907id: 68196946741081died at Pelaw
Margaret Mangan

291MansellNicholas Mansell1928131941id: 65306944191086
Nichol Mansell
Rose Mansell

292MansellWalter Mansell1864681932id: 66166944951071
Wilfred Mansell1894551949
Laura Mansell1870671937

293MantonIshmael Mantonid: 68906947381072
Sarah Manton1835561891

294MartinThomas Martin1849511900id: 69196947611079
John Martin1844741918 Husband of Mary
James Martin1888351923 Son of John and Mary
Mary Ann Martin1853851938 interred at Heather Green Cemetery London

295MasarachiElizabeth Masarachi1899221921id: 67746946331074
Timon Masarachi

296MaughanKathleen F Maughan1928722000id: 63826943151079
John Maughan1928832011

297MaxwellJames Maxwell1860791939id: 65746944571086
Margaret Maxwell1865751940

298McallisterAgnes Hendry Mcallister1906271933id: 64576943751070
James Mcallister1872741946
Catherine Mcallister1841891930

299McconnellAnnie Mcconnell1886651951id: 66926945631076
Edward Mcconnell1875851960
Edward Mcconnell1893591952

300McdonaldAnn Mcdonald1944id: 63936943241071no ages given
Patrick Mcdonald1943
Wilfred Mcdonald1942 died of wounds in the Middle East

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