St Mary (part 2) Cemetery, Heworth, Durham, England

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101CresswellElsie E Cresswell1930401970id: 66626945361092
Thomas Cresswell

102CroftonThomas Crofton1829611890id: 69406947781076Stone in poor condition
Alice Orton Crofton1854161870
Ann Wake Crofton1866201886
Eleanor Jane Crofton Died in Infancy
Thomas William Crofton1863261889
Eleanor Crofton

103CromptonJames Crompton1912161928id: 64206943471078
Peter Crompton1882671949
Esther Crompton1922191941
Mary Crompton1915301945

104CrookThomas Crook1879741953id: 66976945681069
James Crook Year and age obscured
Sarah Crook1878921970

105CrooksHannah Crooks1838531891id: 68786947271077
John Crooks1838571895
William Crooks Died in Infancy

106CrothersSarah Crothers1900481948id: 69056947511083
Edward P Crothers1896761972

107CummingTimothy Cumming1875651940id: 65856944681070
Jane Ann Cumming1870801950

108CumminsWilliam Cummins1862721934id: 66216944991070
Jane Cummins1868791947

109CurryJohn Curry1817721889id: 69016947471073Accidently killed
Mary Curry1811961907

110CurtisMargaret Jane Curtis1870581928id: 64086943371084
Elizabeth Winter1894641958
William John Curtis1868771945

111CustardThomas Custard1886301916id: 66226945001070Killed in action
James Bell Custard1910241934 Fatally injured at Heworth Colliery
Norman Custard191311914
Thomas Custard1971 no age given
Isabella Custard1880581938

112CuthbertsonMargaret Cuthbertson1856611917id: 67816946391072
Andrew Cuthbertson1865691934

113CuthbertsonThomas Cuthbertson1875601935id: 66106944891070
Thomas Cuthbertson1899191918 Killed in action
Catherine Cuthbertson

114CuthbertsonWinifred Cuthbertson1922131935id: 65566944401073
Gordon Cuthbertson
Isabella Cuthbertson

115DarbyshireJames Darbyshire1884581942id: 64146943411077
Sarah Darbyshire1884711955

116DavidsonAnnie Davidson1894591953id: 65906944721077
George Davidson1890731963

117DavidsonGeorge Davidson1849701919id: 68376946901069
Mary Ann Davidson1884
Margaret Davidson1888341922

118DavidsonMary Ann Davidson1849401889id: 68816947301067
Christiana Davidson died in Infancy
Elizabeth Jane Davidson died in Infancy
Margaret Jane Davidson187231875
Effie Davidson190571912
Robert Davidson1848741922
James William Davidson died in Infancy
John Robert Davidson1881201901
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119DavidsonWilliam Davidson39id: 65516944351071year not clear

120DavieHarry Davie1877511928id: 64296943551071Stone in poor condition
Mary Davie Died in Infancy
Mary Davie1870891959

121DaviesMargaret Davies1850781928id: 63696943021071
Elizabeth Porter
H E Porter1877891966
John R Porter1873681941 Husband of H.E. Porter

122DawsonJohn Heel Dawson1911601971id: 66726945441082
Hannah Oakman Dawson1914761990

123DenisonJames Yates Denison1900701970id: 67186945871068
Annie Denison1897731970

124DevineAnnie Catherine Devine1888521940id: 65926944731070
William Devine

125DinningSarah Jane Dinning1856611917id: 68866947351070
Margaret Dinning187791886 stone shows 1986 !
Francis Dinning1852751927
Stewart Dinning1885411926
William R Dinning1879121891

126DixonCharles Dixon1869651934id: 65526944361070
Margaret Dixon1870731943

127DixonJohn Barron Dixon1872651937id: 67516946161075
William Dixon Died in Infancy
Emily Dixon1874781952

128DixonJoseph Dixon1897581955id: 67086945781067

129DixonMargaret Jane Dixon1871661937id: 67426946071067
John Michael Dixon74 Year not clear 194?

130DixonRobert Donkin Dixon1867191886id: 69276947671075
John Dixon1843801923
Robert Donkin Dixon1891121903
Eliza Jane Dixon1837751912
Ellen Dixon1907

131DobsonDavid Dobson1842481890id: 68826947311071
Ada Welbo
W Welbo Husband of Ada
Sally Welbo189851903 daughter of W. and Ada
Jane Dobson1852531905

132DobsonJohn Dobson1869651934id: 66266945031076Stone laid flat
Mary E Dobson1867801947

133DonaldsonRobert Donaldson1877581935id: 65116944061071
Isabella Donaldson1883741957

134DonkinM Eunice Donkin192731930id: 63996943301075

135DonkinMary Donkin1869681937id: 67676946271073
John Donkin1867851952

136DonnellyJohn Donnelly1891501941id: 65316944201071
Ellen Donnelly1889661955

137DoranEvelyn Doran1909231932id: 64186943451092
James Nichol Doran1879821961
John Doran1871701941
Elizabeth Nichol1841861927
Jane Doran1874771951
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138DormanWilliam Dorman1838741912id: 68336946861071
Annie Dorman Wife of Joseph
Joseph Dorman1889291918 Killed in Action
Elizabeth Dorman1858581916

139DoughtyCharles Doughty1881591940id: 66286945051071
Albert Edward Doughty1910231933
Thomas Doughty1909601969
Ellen Doughty1887911978

140DouglasDonald Joseph Douglas1905651970id: 66586945321072

141DouglassJames Douglass1871511922id: 67906946481085
Mary Margaret Douglass1873731946

142DuffyLeslie C Duffy1927611988id: 66956945661066
Mary Heather Duffy195211953

143DugganJohn Duggan1879611940id: 65646944481079
Philip Duggan1919231942 Killed in action. Interred at Tobruk , Libya
Rose Duggan1884601944

144ElliottJohn Elliott1838751913id: 68036946601072
Jessie Elliott1841731914

145EllisonRichard Ellison1837811918id: 68516947031085Four children died in Infancy
Mary Ellison1885301915 Interred at Stanley
Eleanor Hope1867291896 died at North Shields
Susannah Ellison1884701954
James Ellison1882461928 Husband of Susannah
Eleanor Ellison1840601900

146ErringtonBenjamin Errington1886541940id: 6594
(2 images)
Janet Errington

147FarrellMary Jane Farrell1889811970id: 66536945271070
Stanley Farrell1927742001

148FarrierDorothy Jane Farrier1928101938id: 65706944531084
William Gladstone Farrier1886941980
Margaret Ann Farrier1891781969

149FarrierGeorge Urwin Farrier1859771936id: 67506946151081
George Urwin Farrier1893461939
Dorothy Jane Farrier1854821936

150FeltonLewis Felton1865681933id: 66146944931077
Ann Felton1865801945

151FenwickJohn Robert Fenwick1895581953id: 67036945731080Stone laid flat

152FergusonJohn Ferguson1914611975id: 66656945391072
Elizabeth Ferguson1924762000

153ForsterJohn Wallace Forster1886501936id: 65676944511073
Hannah Forster1886751961

154ForsterJoseph Thomas Forster1953id: 63566942901074age not clear
Margaret Forster1897751972

155ForsterRichard Wardle Forster1858681926id: 63656942981080
Alice Forster1871891960

156ForsterThomas William Forster45id: 66046944841091d 194
Agnes Forster1905781983

157ForsythAdam Forsyth1882441926id: 63956943261075
Florence Forsyth

158FrenchEmma French1869641933id: 63806943131079
James French1868871955
Albert R Finlay1896521948 Husband of Elizabeth
Elizabeth Finlay1897961993
John James French1892251917 Durham Light Infantry. Died in France
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159GairJ Gair1908321940id: 639669432710714445063. The Green Howards

160GallJ Mc Gall1883351918id: 687769472610783/10823. Private. Durham Light Infantry

161GardnerJoseph Gardner1841541895id: 68586947101073Kiled at Heworth Colliery
Mary Blacklock1884201904
Elizabeth Gardner1869351904
Richard Blacklock of Felling
Elizabeth Gardner1868261894 Interred at West Rainton

162GargateMary A Gargate1861671928id: 64326943571071
Albert Gargate1866701936

163GarrardSamuel Garrard1866701936id: 65696944521083photo blurred
Mary Garrard1877671944

164GarveyJane Garvey1866731939id: 65766944591081

165GilchristThomas Gilchrist1824661890id: 69486947841090of Wardley Colliery
Isabella Johnson1845281873
Mary Jane Thompson1864631927
Jane Thompson189681904
Matthew Thompson189011891
Edward Johnson1841751916 Husband of Isabella
Joseph Thompson1860801940 Husband of Mary Jane
Jane Gilchrist1826661892

166GipsonJohn Ephraim Gipson1847691916id: 68016946581077
Elizabeth Ann Gipson1857651922

167GirlingHarry George Girling1931id: 64776943871076
Ella Yorke1979
Gilbert Girling1918 Killed in action
Thomas Yorke1932
Mary Elizabeth Girling1931

168GladwinJoseph Thomas Gladwin1855591914id: 64846943891079
Ethel May Gladwin1892871979

169GoodakerWilliam Goodaker1825741899id: 69426947801073Stone in poor condition
Elizabeth Goodaker186721869
Helen Mary Goodaker1850221872
Isabella Goodaker1855771932
Elizabeth Carr1795751870 Mother of Jane
George Goodaker1854651919 Husband of Isabella
John Goodaker1859171876
Jane Goodaker1828501878

170GoodfellowAnnie Goodfellow1885211906id: 68256946801077Stone in poor condition bottom detail eroded away
Ernest Goodfellow1890281918 Husband of Sarah Annie Killed in action
Matthew W Goodfellow Two other children died in Infancy
Sarah Goodfellow1854781932
Sarah Annie Goodfellow

171GostlingH Gostling1916id: 6912694756107011982. sergeant. Duke of Wellington's Regiment

172GrahamJoseph Graham1932722004id: 66756945471075

173GrahamMargaret Emma Graham1920511971id: 69526947881066
Thomas Brown Graham Year and age obscured

174GrayJ Gray1899201919id: 6873694722106696765. Private. Northumberland Fusiliers

175GrayMargaret Gray1935732008id: 67536946181068
Wilfred Gray

176GrayThomas Scott Gray1880751955id: 65986944781068
Mary Ellen Gray
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177GreenJames Green1884191903id: 68386946911070
Peter Simpson Green1892251917 Lost his life at sea through enemy action.
George Green1854651919
Mary Green1854581912

178GunnMary I Gunn1887671954id: 64346943591073

179GuyR Guy1876451921id: 67756946341067Private. Nothumberland Fusiliers

180HallAnn Hall1877761953id: 66946945651067
John W Hall1880751955

181HallEdward B Hall1899711970id: 66496945231067
Mary E Hall1901691970

182HallGeorge Hall1870571927id: 64176943441068
Robert Hall1892261918 Private. Died of wounds in France.
Susanna Hall1872751947

183HallJessie Hall1866871953id: 67046945741067
Robert Adam Hall1871961967

184HallR E Hall1912291941id: 69546947901080971505. Flight Sergeant. Wireless Operator Observer. Royal Air Force.

185HallRobert Hall1903171920id: 67866946441067Accidently killed

186HallRobert Edwin Hall1862661928id: 63896943221071
Isabella Hall1869851954

187HallSarah Annie Hall1896741970id: 66526945261069

188HallWilliam Hall1844681912id: 68296946821080
Ewart Gladstone Robson191041914
George Robson191221914
Richard Robson190861914
Mary Jane Hall1846921938

189HannEdwin Henry Hann1905651970id: 66806945521077
Edwin Hann1930541984
Frances Hann1902791981

190HardestyMargaret Hardesty1877581935id: 65586944421069
Ernest Hardesty1877911968

191HardwickDorothy Hardwick1907341941id: 64986944001069
Henry D Hardwick

192HardwickWilliam Hardwick1861471908id: 68456946981077
Annie Hardwick1860591919

193HarkerJohn Harker1873691942id: 64366943611091
Elizabeth Harker1878841962

194HarperJames Henry Harper1871711942id: 65426944301068
Margaret Alice Harper rest of inscription illegible

195HarrisJohn B W Harris1864801944id: 65796944621099
Ernie Harris1906491955

196HarrisMargaret Harris1895491944id: 65806944631075
Mildred Harris1923741997
George E Harris1893781971

197HarrisonRobert Harrison1901291930id: 64446943681071
Robert B Harrison1868901958
Phyllis Harrison The Late
Barbara Harrison1910391949
Annie Isabella Harrison1867701937 2nd wife of Robert B.

198HartleyAda Hartley1895771972id: 67946946521091
Edith Hartley Aaron1918852003
Frederick Arthur Hartley1926571983
Elizabeth May Relph1920791999
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199HartleyElizabeth Ann Hartley1865541919id: 67936946501076
Edith Hartley189831901
Samuel Hartley1865671932
Arthur Hartley1892241916 Lost at sea on HMS Viknor

200HartleyFred Hartley1892761968id: 67946946511076

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