London Road (section M)'s Cremation Memorials, Thetford, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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201LeonardRaymond Leonardfirst name on this monument1938692007id: Lrca257679470796

202LewisWilliam George Jewison Lewisfirst name on this monument1890921982id: Lrca7679220797
Ethel Maude Lewiswife of William George Jewison Lewis18951062001

203LloydTeresa Lloydfirst name on this monument1925872012id: Lrca281679494798

204LockeMaureen Glenys Lockefirst name on this monument1932772009id: Lrca311679524798

205LongMichael Anthony Edward Longfirst name on this monument1939601999id: Lrca136679349796

206LoweHarold Lowefirst name on this monument1917671984id: Lrca22679235796
Irene Doris Lowewife of Harold Lowe1919801999

207MacduffErnest Henry Macdufffirst name on this monument1927611988id: Lrca39679252796
Gwendoline May Macduffwife of Ernest Henry Macduff1925862011

208MackieJames Mackiefirst name on this monument1921781999id: Lrca191679404796

209MainRobert Mainfirst name on this monument1940632003id: Lrca226679439796

210MaltwoodVic Maltwoodfirst name on this monument1942712013id: Lrca285679498797

211MannDavid John Mannfirst name on this monument1952542006id: Lrca340679553797
Susan Anne Mannrelationship not known of David John Mann1958562014

212MannDorothy Mannfirst name on this monument1922842006id: Lrca239679452795

213MansellChristopher Mansellfirst name on this monument1977221999id: Lrca198679411795

214MansfieldJohn Mansfieldfirst name on this monument1932772009id: Lrca312679525796

215MartinJohn Martinfirst name on this monument1921852006id: Lrca332679545797
Joyce Sylvia Martinrelationship not known of John Martin1933782011

216MartinRobert T Martinfirst name on this monument1924681992id: Lrca92679305796

217MasonWilliam Graham Masonfirst name on this monument1940662006id: Lrca247679460797

218MasonWilliam Joseph Masonfirst name on this monument1917811998id: Lrca180679393796
Mary Ann Frances Masonwife of William Joseph Mason1918842002

219MckayGlen Mckayfirst name on this monument1940551995id: Lrca114679327798

220MckieRobert M Mckiefirst name on this monument1920902010id: Lrca270679483795
Margaret Mckiewife of Robert M Mckie1928822010

221MclaughlanPatricia Ann Mclaughlanfirst name on this monument1945441989id: Lrca70679283797
Paul Walton Mclaughlanrelationship not known of Patricia Ann Mclaughlan1947692016

222McloughlinRobert Mcloughlinfirst name on this monument1933682001id: Lrca212679425796
Bernadette Mcloughlinwife of Robert Mcloughlin1933792012

223McnabAlan Mcnabfirst name on this monument1931601991id: Lrca83679296800

224MessengerJustin John Messengerfirst name on this monument1973201993id: Lrca45679258798

225MilkiewiczDorota Milkiewiczfirst name on this monument1962502012id: Lrca298679511796

226MilneFred Milnefirst name on this monument1928752003id: Lrca160679373799

227MitchellCyril A Mitchellfirst name on this monument1915872002id: Lrca218679431796
Lilian Mitchellwife of Cyril A Mitchell19091012010

228MitchellSamuel James Mitchellfirst name on this monument1912721984id: Lrca15679228796
Mary Lilian Mitchellwife of Samuel James Mitchell1914882002

229MixAngeline Dawn Mixfirst name on this monument1969442013id: Lrca289679502799

230MleczekJean Mleczekfirst name on this monument1928651993id: Lrca48679261796
Waclaw Mleczekhusband of Jean Mleczek1925812006

231MooreRose Moorefirst name on this monument1932702002id: Lrca150679363795

232MoorhouseJacob Rhys Moorhousefirst name on this monument199982007id: Lrca288679501795

233MorrisGraham Morrisfirst name on this monument1949552004id: Lrca168679381795

234MossJohn William Mossfirst name on this monument1931742005id: Lrca338679551796
Hilda Mosswife of John William Moss1935752010

235MountcastleHenry Alfred Mountcastlefirst name on this monument1912791991id: Lrca84679297795

236MuttonWilliam Frank Muttonfirst name on this monument1910851995id: Lrca112679325797
Elsie Elizabeth Muttonwife of William Frank Mutton1914992013
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237NashFlorence Nashfirst name on this monument1923751998id: Lrca190679403795

238NearyMichael Nearyfirst name on this monument1930762006id: Lrca333679546797

239NewellFreda Newellfirst name on this monument1921711992id: Lrca95679308798
James Newellrelationship not known of Freda Newell1913861999

240NichollsGeoffrey Arthur Nichollsfirst name on this monument1936662002id: Lrca214679427797

241NobesLilian Isabel Nobesfirst name on this monument1906931999id: Lrca194679407797

242O'connorAdam O'connorfirst name on this monument1922751997id: Lrca123679336801

243O'dohertyDebbie O'dohertyfirst name on this monument1958432001id: Lrca43679256796Mother of Kirsty and Darren. Daughter of Pat and Joyce O'Doherty.
Kevin O'dohertybrother of Debbie O'doherty1959341993 Father of Danny and Joe.
Pat O'dohertyfather of Debbie O'doherty
Joyce O'dohertymother of Debbie O'doherty

244O'dohertyPatrick Thomas O'dohertyfirst name on this monument1932722004id: Lrca231679444797

245OsbornFlorence Lilian Osbornfirst name on this monument1910861996id: Lrca58679271795

246OsborneAnn Osbornefirst name on this monument1943652008id: Lrca319679532797

247PalmerAlan Palmerfirst name on this monument1934641998id: Lrca184679397801

248PalmerAlbert Edward Palmerfirst name on this monument1932752007id: Lrca329679542802
Dorothy Evelyn Palmerwife of Albert Edward Palmer1927852012

249PanksIvy Myrtle Panksfirst name on this monument1920802000id: Lrca140679353798
Ted Pankshusband of Ivy Myrtle Panks1915902005

250ParishAda Parishfirst name on this monument1907932000id: Lrca203679416798
John Parishhusband of Ada Parish

251ParishJack Parishfirst name on this monument1912871999id: Lrca196679409795
Muriel Parishwife of Jack Parish1915952010

252PatersonSarah Ann Margaret Patersonfirst name on this monument1925731998id: Lrca179679392796

253PeerCecil J Peerfirst name on this monument1911691980id: Lrca224679437795
Jessie G Peerwife of Cecil J Peer1910932003

254PfaffAndrew Pfafffirst name on this monument1966171983id: Lrca20679233797

255PitchfordHarry Pitchfordfirst name on this monument1923641987id: Lrca32679245795
Mary Elizabeth Pitchfordwife of Harry Pitchford1926762002

256PriceSadie Elizabeth Pricefirst name on this monument1917751992id: Lrca41679254796

257PritchardEddie Pritchardfirst name on this monument1923792002id: Lrca220679433800
Else Pritchardwife of Eddie Pritchard1925882013

258RammJack Eric Rammfirst name on this monument1925872012id: Lrca297679510799
Constance Mary Rammwife of Jack Eric Ramm2014

259ReedRonald Reedfirst name on this monument1974id: Lrca34679247796
Edith Reedwife of Ronald Reed1987

260ReffellBrian Arthur Reffellfirst name on this monument1934521986id: Lrca23679236795

261RichardsVi Richardsfirst name on this monument1935682003id: Lrca222679435796

262RichesGeorge William Richesfirst name on this monument1934782012id: Lrca294679507796

263RidsdaleGrace Ethel Ridsdalefirst name on this monument1911962007id: Lrca253679466797

264RiggsJohn Riggsfirst name on this monument1926681994id: Lrca99679312800
Betty Riggswife of John Riggs1929842013

265RobertsBarbara Ann Robertsfirst name on this monument1931681999id: Lrca141679354797

266RumbleJohn Edward Rumblefirst name on this monument1948592007id: Lrca327679540798

267RumbleMargaret Georgina Rumblefirst name on this monument1945582003id: Lrca221679434795

268RushJohn Walter Charles Rushfirst name on this monument1936752011id: Lrca276679489799

269RussellCarol Ann Russellfirst name on this monument1956512007id: Lrca324679537797

270SaundersGwendoline Elizabeth Saundersfirst name on this monument1916902006id: Lrca241679454797
John James Saundershusband of Gwendoline Elizabeth Saunders1913952008

271SayerAlice Sayerfirst name on this monument1906821988id: Lrca62679275802
James Sayerhusband of Alice Sayer1904891993
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272SayersLeonard Sayersfirst name on this monument1922842006id: Lrca237679450796
Ruth Sayerswife of Leonard Sayers1923832006

273ScarboroughHenry John Scarboroughfirst name on this monument1923661989id: Lrca71679284796

274ScottWilliam Third Scottfirst name on this monument1934742008id: Lrca261679474800

275SeckerBasil Seckerfirst name on this monument1914781992id: Lrca90679303795

276SecretanJoan Florence Secretanfirst name on this monument1922691991id: Lrca82679295796

277SelfBrian Edward Selffirst name on this monument1935571992id: Lrca89679302796

278SelfHilda Margaret Selffirst name on this monument1910912001id: Lrca148679361795
Harry Arthur Selfhusband of Hilda Margaret Self1907731980

279SharpBrian William Sharpfirst name on this monument1938591997id: Lrca192679405798Husband of Ellen , father of Jane.
Ellen Sharpwife of Brian William Sharp

280ShortDorothy Shortfirst name on this monument1903831986id: Lrca29679242795

281SimpsonRoy Simpsonfirst name on this monument1957482005id: Lrca238679451795

282SizerAlan Sizerfirst name on this monument1948632011id: Lrca304679517800Husband of Jeanette.
Jeanette Sizerwife of Alan Sizer

283SkippenChristina Anita Skippenfirst name on this monument1943612004id: Lrca169679382796

284SmeedHerbert Alfred Smeedfirst name on this monument1925852010id: Lrca310679523797

285SmithColin Charles Smithfirst name on this monument1939722011id: Lrca275679488797
Lynne Helen Smithwife of Colin Charles Smith1942752017

286SmithEdward James Smithfirst name on this monument1939581997id: Lrca132679345797

287SmithGeorge Smithfirst name on this monument56id: Lrca13679226796

288SmithJack Ethen Smithfirst name on this monument200612007id: Lrca248679461796plus 9 months.

289SmithKathleen Smithfirst name on this monument1916902006id: Lrca336679549796

290SmithWilliam Douglas Smithfirst name on this monument1952522004id: Lrca146679359795Father of Kathryn and Thomas.

291SmithersThomas William Smithersfirst name on this monument1910791989id: Lrca66679279797
Lilian Smitherswife of Thomas William Smithers1909811990

292SnowJim Snowfirst name on this monument1927671994id: Lrca108679321796
Shirley Ann Snowwife of Jim Snow1936682004

293SpellerEthel Spellerfirst name on this monument1915821997id: Lrca178679391797
Evelyn Coxdaughter of Ethel Speller1934762010

294SpiceHenry Frederick Spicefirst name on this monument1901811982id: Lrca4679217795
Elizabeth Annie Spicerelationship not known of Henry Frederick Spice1901861987

295StevensHarry Stevensfirst name on this monument1933712004id: Lrca233679446797

296StevensonJill Patricia Stevensonfirst name on this monument2005id: Lrca343679556795

297StewartSheila Mary Stewartfirst name on this monument1947471994id: Lrca105679318795

298StogdenSusan M Stogdenfirst name on this monument1950512001id: Lrca153679366797
Violet Fisherrelationship not known of Susan M Stogden1923832006

299StruthersMaire Struthersfirst name on this monument1948381986id: Lrca27679240796

300SummersonLeslie Summersonfirst name on this monument1916942010id: Lrca269679482795

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for London Road (section M)'s Cremation Memorials, Thetford, Norfolk, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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