All Saints' Church burial ground, Lanchester, Durham, England

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301PrattJane Prattfirst name on this monument1829191848id: 80816763591067
Thomas Prattbrother of Jane Pratt1833221855
Richard Prattfather of Jane Pratt1803521855
Isabella Prattmother of Jane Pratt
Thomas Waltonuncle of Jane Pratt1800521852 Brother of Isabella. Interred at Hobert Town , New South Wales

302ProudJohn Proudfirst name on this monument1722921814id: 79406762521070
Elizabeth Prouddaughter of John Proud1762231785
Mary Proud1777791856
Sarah Jane Proud1849161865 Grand daughter of William and Mary
William Proud1762721834 Husband of Mary
George Proudson of John Proud1753191772
Ceciley Proudwife of John Proud1720951815

303ProudMartin Proudfirst name on this monument1789651854id: 81556764101066of Medomsley
Jane Prouddaughter of Martin Proud1831171848
George Proudson of Martin Proud1825241849
Martin Proudson of Martin Proud1822231845
Mary Proudwife of Martin Proud1795541849

304RamsayWilliam Darling Ramsayfirst name on this monument1934id: 261
(2 images)
6761011074No age given
Isobel Ramsay1942

305RamsayWilliam Sydney Ramsayfirst name on this monument1896id: 3416761621074
W D Ramsayfather of William Sydney Ramsay
I Ramsaymother of William Sydney Ramsay
Evelyn Laura Ramsaysister of William Sydney Ramsay1889

306ReedAmbrose Reedfirst name on this monument1789id: 3456761661076no age given

307ReedJames Reedfirst name on this monument1778771855id: 8114
(2 images)
6763881079of Ivestone
Annie Reeddaughter of James Reed1805421847
Jane Reeddaughter of James Reed1811231834
Margaret Reeddaughter of James Reed1818141832
Mary Reeddaughter of James Reed Year and Age not clear 1860 51 ?
Sarah Reeddaughter of James Reed Year and Age not clear
Thomason Reeddaughter of James Reed1823231846
Dorothy Reeddaughter-in-law of James Reed1814791893
George Reedson of James Reed1825551880
James Reedson of James Reed Drowned in America Year and age not clear
John Reedson of James Reed1816181834
Ralph Reedson of James Reed1821411862
Thomas Reedson of James Reed1806751881 Husband of Dorothy
Jane Reedwife of James Reed1788711859

308ReedJohn Reedfirst name on this monument1811941905id: 79156762281075
Mary A Reedwife of John Reed1835951930

309ReedRichard Reedfirst name on this monument1724id: 3526761731075age not clear
John Reedfather of Richard Reed

310ReedThomas Reedfirst name on this monument1788731861id: 3546761751076
Robert Reedson of Thomas Reed1838481886
Thomas Reedson of Thomas Reed1839261865 2nd son
Mary Reedwife of Thomas Reed1815731888

311ReedWilliam Reedfirst name on this monument1754821836id: 35367617410711
Jane Reeddaughter of William Reed Died no year or age given
Mary Reeddaughter of William Reed1796761872
Henry Reedson of William Reed Died no year or age given
John Reedson of William Reed1787701857
Jane Reedwife of William Reed1761741835
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312ReedWilliam Reedfirst name on this monument1784771861id: 789967621311062
Anne Alice Reeddaughter of William Reed185311854
Mary Jane Reeddaughter of William Reed1847191866
Mary Ann Reedwife of William Reed1824461870

313RichardsonEmily Richardsonfirst name on this monument1877441921id: 816759621069
William Thompsonbrother-in-law of Emily Richardson of Oxen Law
William Richardsonfather of Emily Richardson The late. Of Knitsley Grange
Alice Richardsonmother of Emily Richardson The late
Thomas Henry Turnbullnephew of Emily Richardson1890281918 Lieutenant , Royal Air Force. Killed in action at Curgies , France
Sarah J Thompsonsister of Emily Richardson1867541921

314RichmondMary Richmondfirst name on this monument1794221816id: 1766760461077of Low Burnhopeside
Joseph Richmondfather of Mary Richmond of Durham
Mary Richmondmother of Mary Richmond
Ann Richmondsister of Mary Richmond1796221818

315RichmondMary Richmondfirst name on this monument1762611823id: 1776760471077
Joseph Richmondhusband of Mary Richmond
Christopher Richmondson of Mary Richmond1787501837 eldest son

316RidleyJoseph Ridleyfirst name on this monument1839521891id: 1756760451070
Mary Ridleydaughter-in-law of Joseph Ridley1872681940
George Ridleyson of Joseph Ridley1887661953 of Try-Em-All
Mary Ridleywife of Joseph Ridley1834641898

317RidleyMargaret Ridleyfirst name on this monument1851671918id: 8113
(4 images)
6763871079Died at Browney Bank
George Ridleyhusband of Margaret Ridley
Elizabeth Bland1831691900
Mary Lathan Bland1866261892 Daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth. Died at Crook Hill Farm
Silas Bland1853391892 Son of Stephen and Elizabeth Bland
Stephen Bland1830411871 Husband of Elizabeth
Thomas Bland1852851937
William Bland1875641939
Betsy Swinburn Chambers1863341897 Daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth Bland
Annie Parker1858691927 Died at Windsor Terrace , Dipton
Thomas Parker Husband of Annie

318RidleyMary Ann Ridleyfirst name on this monument1844151859id: 78506761781065
George Ridleybrother of Mary Ann Ridley1824651889 Son of John and Isabel
John Ridleybrother of Mary Ann Ridley1810551865 Husband of Isabella
Michael Ridleybrother of Mary Ann Ridley1824651889
Patrick Ridleybrother of Mary Ann Ridley1816581874
John Ridleyfather of Mary Ann Ridley1790791869
Isabel Ridleymother of Mary Ann Ridley
Isabella Ridleysister-in-law of Mary Ann Ridley1801791880
Jane Ridleysister-in-law of Mary Ann Ridley1830591889 Wife of George

319RidleyRuth Ridleyfirst name on this monument1729id: 3556761761067No age given

320RidleyThomas Henry Ridleyfirst name on this monument1860471907id: 3006761271066
Jane Ridleywife of Thomas Henry Ridley

321RipponAnn Ripponfirst name on this monument1770301800id: 1166759941065
James Ripponhusband of Ann Rippon1762731835 of Stoney Heap
James Ripponson of Ann Rippon1800201820

322RipponAnn Ripponfirst name on this monument1724731797id: 1156759931067
John Ripponhusband of Ann Rippon1717821799
Margaret Rippon1761421803 Wife of Thomas
Thomas Rippon
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323RipponGeorge Ripponfirst name on this monument1803821885id: 1146759921065
John Ripponbrother of George Rippon1800591859 Farmer of Iveston
Jane Ripponwife of George Rippon1809581867

324RipponWilliam Ripponfirst name on this monument1679611740id: 14467601710681stone leaning at acute angle
Dorothy Ripponwife of William Rippon1675731748

325RitsonAnne Ritsonfirst name on this monument1824611885id: 2886761201066
George Ritsonhusband of Anne Ritson1814841898

326RitsonHenrietta Ritsonfirst name on this monument1853571910id: 287
(2 images)
Henrietta Patience Ritsondaughter of Henrietta Ritson189211893
William Henry Ritsonhusband of Henrietta Ritson1920 age obscured below ground

327RitsonHenry Ritsonfirst name on this monument1816651881id: 2896761211065

328RitsonThomas Ritsonfirst name on this monument1807721879id: 2906761221065Died at Knitsley
Ann Ritsonwife of Thomas Ritson1799891888

329RobinsonBenjamin Robinsonfirst name on this monument1874661940id: 2726761091066
Mary Robinsonwife of Benjamin Robinson1874801954

330RobinsonGeorge Robinsonfirst name on this monument1857541911id: 78936762091065of Tryem hall
Margaret Robinsonwife of George Robinson

331RobinsonGeorge Robinsonfirst name on this monument179831801id: 794467625510721
Darling Robinsonbrother of George Robinson1810
George Robinsonfather of George Robinson of Colpighill Mill rest of inscription below ground
Margaret Robinsonmother of George Robinson

332RobinsonGeorge Robinsonfirst name on this monument1701971798id: 1476760201065Top of stone missing with Wifes name on it.
George Robinsonson of George Robinson Detail unreadable below ground

333RobinsonMary Elizabeth Robinsonfirst name on this monument1921321953id: 79826762861099of High Woodside Farm
George Wilson Robinsonhusband of Mary Elizabeth Robinson1912531965
Ada Robinsonsecond wife of husband of Mary Elizabeth Robinson

334RobinsonRobert Robinsonfirst name on this monument1851161867id: 80076763021066of Margery Flat , Lanchester
John Robinsonfather of Robert Robinson1818871905 interred at Farnsfield , Notts
Ann Robinsonmother of Robert Robinson1815601875

335RobinsonWilliam Robinsonfirst name on this monument1823741897id: 78956762111066of Try-Em-All
John Robinsonson of William Robinson1850341884
Thomas M Robinsonson of William Robinson1865391904
Elizabeth Robinsonwife of William Robinson1826801906

336RobinsonWilliam Robinsonfirst name on this monument1840561896id: 80906763661065Mason of Iveston

337RobinsonWilliam Henry Robinsonfirst name on this monument1876721948id: 1096759881066
Mahala Robinsonwife of William Henry Robinson

338RobsonBenjamin Robsonfirst name on this monument1866231889id: 79076762201071
Thomas Robsonfather of Benjamin Robson of Harelaw
Ann Robsonmother of Benjamin Robson
Ann Robsonwife of Benjamin Robson

339RobsonJohn Robsonfirst name on this monument1730781808id: 817867642910691
Sarah Robsondaughter of John Robson1790 age not clear
Ann Robsonwife of John Robson1727801807

340RobsonMargaret Robsonfirst name on this monument1840831923id: 253
(2 images)
Elizabeth Robsondaughter of Margaret Robson Year not clear 194? no age given

341RobsonSarah Ellen Robsonfirst name on this monument1887511938id: 906759701066
George W Robsonhusband of Sarah Ellen Robson1883841967

342RobsonThomas Robsonfirst name on this monument1704461750id: 817667642710751of the Ford
Sarah Robsonwife of Thomas Robson1691631754

343RobsonWilliam Robsonfirst name on this monument1771761847id: 111
(2 images)
6759901065of Witton Gilbert
Robert Robsonbrother of William Robson1774751849 of Langley-Moor
Thomas Robsonfather of William Robson of Kays-Burn
Jane Robsonmother of William Robson
Joseph Robsonnephew of William Robson1816551871 Son of Robert. Died suddenly and buried in the Necropolis Glasgow
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344RogersAlice Maud Rogersfirst name on this monument1880561936id: 986759771071
John Rogershusband of Alice Maud Rogers1881781959

345RooxbyElizabeth Rooxbyfirst name on this monument1740191759id: 8116
(2 images)
Thomas Rooxbybrother of Elizabeth Rooxby1727701797
Elizabeth Rooxbysister-in-law of Elizabeth Rooxby1738741812 Wife of Thomas

346RossEleanor Rossfirst name on this monument1805631868id: 1366760091066
Jane Rossdaughter of Eleanor Ross1835271862
John Rosshusband of Eleanor Ross1807701877

347RoweEllen Rowefirst name on this monument1873211894id: 1046759831065
Matthew Rowehusband of Ellen Rowe

348SC J Sfirst name on this monument1897id: 225
(3 images)
6760771072no more detail on stone
H J C1895 no more detail on stone

349SadlerAlice May Sadlerfirst name on this monument1957id: 80586763421110no age given

350SadlerCedric Sadlerfirst name on this monument1906241930id: 8056
(2 images)
Basil Sadlerfather of Cedric Sadler
Alice May Sadlermother of Cedric Sadler

351SadlerMary Sadlerfirst name on this monument1836751911id: 80366763221092
Mary Ann Sadlerdaughter of Mary Sadler186531868
Thomas Sadlerhusband of Mary Sadler1834791913 Retired Station Master
John Robert Sadlerson of Mary Sadler187221874
William Sadlerson of Mary Sadler186171868

352SandersonSamuel Sandersonfirst name on this monument1650id: 81586764121071of Hedleyhope
Samuel Sandersonson of Samuel Sanderson
Barbara Sandersonwife of Samuel Sanderson1662101672 Stone laid in church floor

353ScottJames Scottfirst name on this monument55id: 9567597410721Stone eroded year missing
Sarah Scottwife of James Scott46 Stone eroded year missing

354ScottWilliam Scottfirst name on this monument1844671911id: 236
(3 images)
Elizabeth Scottwife of William Scott1844761920

355SelbyCuthbart Selbyfirst name on this monumentid: 1686760391071Stone very old and rest of inscription below ground

356SelbyJohn Selbyfirst name on this monument1705991804id: 1206759981068
Barbara Byerleydaughter of John Selby1770881858
Elizabeth Selbydaughter of John Selby1779441823
John Selbyson of John Selby1791351826
Ann Selbywife of John Selby1723811804

357SharpJames Sharpfirst name on this monument1784701854id: 314
(2 images)
John Sharpson of James Sharp1800551855
Ann Sharpwife of James Sharp1789701859

358ShieldThomas Shieldfirst name on this monumentid: 7965
(3 images)
67627510791Stone badly eroded and most of dates not visible
Elizabeth Shielddaughter of Thomas Shield182121823
Elizabeth Shielddaughter of Thomas Shield
Mary Shield1869
Mary Shield1868
Mary Shield
Simpson Shield1842391881
Thomas Shield
George Shieldson of Thomas Shield
John Shieldson of Thomas Shield

359ShipleyGeorge Shipleyfirst name on this monument1846651911id: 2356760821067
Mary Hannah Shipley1872781950

360ShottonEdward Shottonfirst name on this monument1768631831id: 7948
(3 images)
Mary Headsdaughter of Edward Shotton1796541850
Jane Shottondaughter of Edward Shotton181281820
Margary Shottondaughter-in-law of Edward Shotton1805591864
Anthoney Shottonson of Edward Shotton1801771878 Husband of Margary
Matthew Shottonson of Edward Shotton1814
Robert Shottonson of Edward Shotton1803741877
Isabell Shottonwife of Edward Shotton1777751852
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361ShottonFrances Shottonfirst name on this monument1804441848id: 79466762571065
Effie Sarah Shottongrand daughter of Frances Shotton1876191895 died at Cardigan Terrace , Gateshead
John Shottonhusband of Frances Shotton1808521860

362ShottonFrancis Shottonfirst name on this monumentid: 79476762581065Of Farside. no year or age given
Dorothy Shottonwife of Francis Shotton1708581766

363SillMatilda Sillfirst name on this monument1845121857id: 79016762151071
Margery Tenwick1820541874 Wife of Robert
Robert Tenwick of Chester le Street

364SimpsonJane Simpsonfirst name on this monument1803621865id: 1006759791071
Hannah Waltondaughter of Jane Simpson
Annie Waltongrand daughter of Jane Simpson1869171886 Daughter of John and Hannah. Died at Colepike
Arthur Byram Waltongrand son of Jane Simpson1854121866 Son of John and Hannah interred at Medomsley
John Elliot Simpsonhusband of Jane Simpson
John Waltonson-in-law of Jane Simpson
Ann Simpsonfirst wife of husband of Jane Simpson1817321849 Died at Frosterley and interred at Stanhope

365SimpsonRobert Simpsonfirst name on this monument1860391899id: 8008
(2 images)
6763031065died at Hollingside Hall
Robert Simpsonfather of Robert Simpson
Elizabeth Simpsonmother of Robert Simpson1837621899

366SissonGeorge Watson Sissonfirst name on this monument183381841id: 78836762001066
William Sissonfather of George Watson Sisson

367SmithIsabella Smithfirst name on this monument1799661865id: 79746762811066
Mary Hutchinsondaughter of Isabella Smith1829481877
Ann Smithdaughter of Isabella Smith1833281861
Sarah Wilsondaughter of Isabella Smith1821591880
Robert Smithhusband of Isabella Smith1798801878

368SmithWilliam Smithfirst name on this monument1815201835id: 79026762161065
Barnabus Edward Smithbrother of William Smith1819221841
George Smithbrother of William Smith1825131838
Edward Smithfather of William Smith of Pontop Colliery
Elizabeth Smithmother of William Smith

369SmurthwaiteHenry Smurthwaitefirst name on this monument1727771804id: 1506760231066
George Smurthwaiteson of Henry Smurthwaite1766161782
Alice Smurthwaitewife of Henry Smurthwaite1720721792

370SnaithGeorge Snaithfirst name on this monument1832671899id: 79066762191066
George Snaithson of George Snaith1873831956
Robert Snaithson of George Snaith1871481919
Wallace Snaithson of George Snaith1882251907
Margaret Snaithwife of George Snaith1842641906

371SnaithJohn Snaithfirst name on this monument1853471900id: 8092
(2 images)
Eva Snaithdaughter of John Snaith1895
Eva Snaithdaughter of John Snaith1898
Francis Borthwick Snaithson of John Snaith1899
Jessie Snaithwife of John Snaith1860511911

372StainsbyMary Stainsbyfirst name on this monumentid: 3206761441074year not clear 1736?
John Stainsbyhusband of Mary Stainsby

373StarforthSarah Jane Starforthfirst name on this monument1871id: 8030
(3 images)
Henry Starforthfather of Sarah Jane Starforth of Cornsay
Mary Ann Starforthmother of Sarah Jane Starforth1839451884 of Cornsay Colliery
Hannah Starforthsister of Sarah Jane Starforth187541879

374StarforthWilliam Starforthfirst name on this monument1857711928id: 256
(2 images)
Jane Elizabeth Starforthwife of William Starforth1858791937
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375StephensonThomas Stephensonfirst name on this monumentid: 2646761031086
Eleanor Stephensonwife of Thomas Stephenson

376StobbsMatthew Stobbsfirst name on this monument1832561888id: 78516761791072
Harriett Stobbswife of Matthew Stobbs1836561892

377StoreyNoble Storeyfirst name on this monument1858661924id: 2556760961066of Burnhopeside Hall Farm
Newton Storeyson of Noble Storey Killed in France 1916 - 1918
Tom Storeyson of Noble Storey Killed in France 1916 - 1918
Hannah Storeywife of Noble Storey1861851946

378StoryMary Storyfirst name on this monument1860221882id: 78496761771065
George Ridleyfather of Mary Story
George Thomas Storyhusband of Mary Story
Jane Ridleymother of Mary Story
Elizabeth Ann Storysecond wife of husband of Mary Story1871341905

379StringerRobert Stringerfirst name on this monument1716781794id: 79236762361065of Blackburn
Robert Stringerson of Robert Stringer1764661830
Sarah Stringerwife of Robert Stringer1733801813

380StuartThomas Stuartfirst name on this monument1801641865id: 1236760011065
Ann Whinneydaughter of Thomas Stuart1832441876
George Whinneyson-in-law of Thomas Stuart1810731883
Jane Stuartwife of Thomas Stuart1802671869

381StuartThomas Stuartfirst name on this monument1803641867id: 80196763101065
Ann Whinneydaughter of Thomas Stuart1832441876
George Whinneyson-in-law of Thomas Stuart1810731883
Jane Stuartwife of Thomas Stuart1802671869

382StubbsWilliam Stubbsfirst name on this monument1891271918id: 2456760891089
Charlotte Geddes Inscription below ground
Thomas Lawson Geddes Husband of Charlotte
Lily May Stubbswife of William Stubbs

383SummerbellGeorge Summerbellfirst name on this monument1708781786id: 81816764301067
John Summerbellson of George Summerbell1749911840
William Summerbellson of George Summerbell1749531802
Margaret Summerbellwife of George Summerbell1719871806

384SwalwellJohn Swalwellfirst name on this monument1810461856id: 1346760071071of Bar-Gate
Sarah Jane Swalwelldaughter of John Swalwell184611847
Benjamin Swalwellson of John Swalwell184011841
John Swalwellson of John Swalwell1841

385TateDavid Tatefirst name on this monument174961755id: 3046761311081
Jonathan Tatebrother of David Tate175541759
Joseph Tatefather of David Tate

386TatlowHenry Tatlowfirst name on this monument1879641943id: 3396761601065
Jane Tatlowwife of Henry Tatlow1878661944

387TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument1772551827id: 208
(2 images)
Barbara Taylordaughter of John Taylor1809651874
Ann Taylor1735881823
John Taylor1736821818
Robert Taylorson of John Taylor1781591840
Ann Taylorwife of John Taylor1773881861

388TaylorMargaret Eleanor Taylorfirst name on this monument1883271910id: 8140
(2 images)
John Nicholsonfather of Margaret Eleanor Taylor
Edward Taylorhusband of Margaret Eleanor Taylor
Margaret Nicholsonmother of Margaret Eleanor Taylor
Henry Nicholson1875691944
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389TaylorMatilda E Taylorfirst name on this monument1890621952id: 798167628510751died at Dewsbury
Thomas Taylorhusband of Matilda E Taylor1890691959

390TaylorRobert Taylorfirst name on this monument1753801833id: 202
(2 images)
William Taylorson of Robert Taylor1815301845
Ann Taylorwife of Robert Taylor1768471815

391TaylorRobert Taylorfirst name on this monument1852591911id: 79776762831072of Flint Hall
Barbara Ellen Taylordaughter of Robert Taylor1886201906 Interred at Dipton
Elizabeth Bolam Taylorwife of Robert Taylor1856711927

392TaylorThomas Edward Taylorfirst name on this monument1880511931id: 805967634310781Architect

393TaylorWilliam Taylorfirst name on this monument1854681922id: 810567638010731of Prospect House
Lily Taylordaughter of William Taylor189521897
Elizabeth Taylorwife of William Taylor1856891945

394TemperleySamuel Temperleyfirst name on this monument1837671904id: 80946763701067of Delves Farm. Consett

395ThompsonAnn Thompsonfirst name on this monument1844191863id: 292
(2 images)
William Walton Thompsonfather of Ann Thompson1819701889
Mary Thompsonmother of Ann Thompson1820681888
Elizabeth Dora Thompson188771894
Frances Jane Thompson1851401891
Joseph Edmund Thompson1862231885

396ThompsonAnn Thompsonfirst name on this monument1726id: 79436762541065no age given
Michael Thompsonhusband of Ann Thompson1665851750

397ThompsonChristopher R Thompsonfirst name on this monument1829721901id: 1276760051075
Thomas Arthur Thompsongrand son of Christopher R Thompson190081908
Isabella Thompsonwife of Christopher R Thompson1829761905

398ThompsonDinah Thompsonfirst name on this monument1757761833id: 79306762431079
Sarah Naisbittdaughter of Dinah Thompson1791551846
William Thompsonhusband of Dinah Thompson

399ThompsonDinah Thompsonfirst name on this monument1757761833id: 1666760371072
Sarah Naisbettdaughter of Dinah Thompson1791551846

400ThompsonElizabeth Thompsonfirst name on this monument1861321893id: 79176762301097of Annfield Plain. 2nd daughter
Joseph Lumleyfather of Elizabeth Thompson
Frank Thompsonhusband of Elizabeth Thompson
Isabella Lumleymother of Elizabeth Thompson

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