Municipal (part 1) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

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601PalkAnna Brenda Palkfirst name on this monument1938702008id: MDMun1081082

602PalkBernard Palkfirst name on this monument1930742004id: MDMun1611072
Peggy Palkwife of Bernard Palk1928862014

603PalmerBrian Palmerfirst name on this monument1934611995id: MDMun3411078

604PalmerFrank Palmerfirst name on this monument1911821993id: MDMun3981082
Ethel Palmerwife of Frank Palmer1906891995

605ParkerJessie Maud Scott Parkerfirst name on this monument1882951977id: MDMun7771074

606ParryJuline Parryfirst name on this monument1931671998id: MDMun3131077
Roy Edward Parryhusband of Juline Parry1926721998

607ParsonsCharles Parsonsfirst name on this monument1921932014id: MDMun4761068
Beryl Iris Parsonswife of Charles Parsons1929862015

608PartingtonJoan Rosalie Partingtonfirst name on this monument1919822001id: MDMun7851073Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

609PattersonDorothy Pattersonfirst name on this monument1905911996id: MDMun4101068

610PayneEywas Harold Paynefirst name on this monument1965id: MDMun7841073Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

611PayneRosina Caroline Paynefirst name on this monument1977id: MDMun7841066Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

612PearceClara B Pearcefirst name on this monument1881881969id: MDMun8411077) Two sisters and their brother on one kerbstone

613PearceEthel A M Pearcefirst name on this monument1884941978id: MDMun8401069) Two sisters and their brother on one kerbstone

614PearceGeorge Pearcefirst name on this monument1923761999id: MDMun2581067
Doreen Pearcewife of George Pearce1926882014

615PearceJohn Pearcefirst name on this monument1944521996id: MDMun2761075

616WhettonVera Whettonfirst name on this monument1945692014id: MDMun2761075(placed in front of 276)
Martyn Pearceson of Vera Whetton
Sue Pearcewife of Vera Whetton

617PearceW I P Pearcefirst name on this monument1875831958id: MDMun8421071) Two sisters and their brother on one kerbstone

618PeelRoland Albert Peelfirst name on this monument1992id: MDMun7851078Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

619PerkinsMarcus Adrian Perkinsfirst name on this monument1934822016id: MDMun0051067

620PerrinFrank Perrinfirst name on this monument1909932002id: MDMun1471072
Ethel Elizabeth Perrinwife of Frank Perrin1910952005

621PerrinPhyllis Ursula Perrinfirst name on this monument1930862016id: MDMun0041066

622PerryElizabeth Hilda May Perryfirst name on this monument1909972006id: MDMun1191066
Harold Perryhusband of Elizabeth Hilda May Perry (late)

623PetersAlan Petersfirst name on this monumentid: MDMun0601070

624PhippenElla Mary Phippenfirst name on this monument1907891996id: MDMun7241072
George Henry Phippenhusband of Ella Mary Phippen1902811983

625PhippenFred G Phippenfirst name on this monument1932812013id: MDMun6931066

626PhippenSidney Charles Phippenfirst name on this monument1926731999id: MDMun6831067
Joan Phippenwife of Sidney Charles Phippen1923922015

627PickeringLoraine Denise Pickeringfirst name on this monument1956512007id: MDMun5041068

628PikeMarjorie Louisa Pikefirst name on this monument1933661999id: MDMun6781067

629PikeTrevor Stephen Pikefirst name on this monument1956572013id: MDMun0241079

630PileRaymond Owen Pilefirst name on this monument1933682001id: MDMun6361067

631PinchbeckNick Pinchbeckfirst name on this monument1938752013id: MDMun5011068

632PiperJean Piperfirst name on this monument1999id: MDMun2591066
Ken Piperrelationship not known of Jean Piper

633PittMargaret Edna Pittfirst name on this monument1909901999id: MDMun2381066

634PittOlive Edith Pittfirst name on this monument1930852015id: MDMun0321066

635PlacheckiJan Placheckifirst name on this monument1927862013id: MDMun4861067

636PlankWilliam James Plankfirst name on this monument1920751995id: MDMun3391067
Olive Mary Plankwife of William James Plank

637PlentyMike Plentyfirst name on this monument1944672011id: MDMun5181068
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638PlentyStanley John Plentyfirst name on this monument1906851991id: MDMun4281070
Edith Plentywife of Stanley John Plenty

639PlentyThomas Henry Plentyfirst name on this monument1883801963id: MDMun8531069
William John Rundleson-in-law of Thomas Henry Plenty1907731980 (Ashes interred)
Annie Plentywife of Thomas Henry Plenty1884961980

640PlowmanAllan Percy Plowmanfirst name on this monument1959id: MDMun7841067Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

641PlowmanMadeline Annie Plowmanfirst name on this monument1965id: MDMun7841067Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

642PointerCissie Louisa Pointerfirst name on this monument1908911999id: MDMun2481066

643PointingDoreen Pointingfirst name on this monument1906861992id: MDMun4201073
Betty Towlersister of Doreen Pointing1909932002

644PopeJoyce Popefirst name on this monument1920852005id: MDMun5821083

645PortchJoan Portchfirst name on this monument1923721995id: MDMun3361068
Kenneth John Portchhusband of Joan Portch1922852007

646PotterA J Potterfirst name on this monument1931702001id: MDMun2181073

647PotterFrank Albert Potterfirst name on this monument1921731994id: MDMun3091071
Gladys Mary Potterwife of Frank Albert Potter19091022011

648PotterVera Potterfirst name on this monument1922711993id: MDMun7121068
Reginald Potterhusband of Vera Potter1920812001

649PoultonIvor Francis Poultonfirst name on this monument1916821998id: MDMun3121077
Joyce Agnes Poultonwife of Ivor Francis Poulton1920802000

650PownalPam Beatty Pownalfirst name on this monument1909901999id: MDMun6731071

651PrescottGrace Eva Prescottfirst name on this monument1901761977id: MDMun7711066

652PriceCarole Margaret Pricefirst name on this monument1952532005id: MDMun1441067

653PriceDavid Ingram Pricefirst name on this monument1977282005id: MDMun11811251

654PriceDonald Neil Pricefirst name on this monument1933672000id: MDMun2051079
Nell Pricewife of Donald Neil Price1924922016

655PriceWilliam Pricefirst name on this monumentid: MDMun4211070
Elsie Mary Pricewife of William Price

656PriscottAnita Kerren Priscottfirst name on this monument1909651974id: MDMun8101069
Thomas Eric Priscotthusband of Anita Kerren Priscott1907781985

657PriscottEliza Jane Priscottfirst name on this monument1896971993id: MDMun3831068

658PritchardEdna Helena Pritchardfirst name on this monument1939732012id: MDMun4781078
John Dennis Pritchardrelationship not known of Edna Helena Pritchard1934792013

659PritchardHazel Pritchardfirst name on this monument1927812008id: MDMun5461068

660Pritchard-ThomasLorna Mary Pritchard-Thomasfirst name on this monument1922882010id: MDMun0441079

661PudwellHugh Alfred Pudwellfirst name on this monument1937762013id: MDMun0251082

662PugsleyJessamine Mary Pugsleyfirst name on this monument1912912003id: MDMun1721069

663PulsfordMary Annie Pulsfordfirst name on this monument1879811960id: MDMun84710661

664PursellRobert W Pursellfirst name on this monument1919872006id: MDMun5731068

665RackettDora Rackettfirst name on this monument1960id: MDMun7841066Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

666RackettFrederick Arthur Rackettfirst name on this monument1959id: MDMun7841073Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

667RadmilovicPhil Radmilovicfirst name on this monument1921852006id: MDMun5641081
Angela Radmilovicdaughter of Phil Radmilovic1951652016
Paul Radmilovichusband of Phil Radmilovic

668RaimJames Blake Raimfirst name on this monument1959id: MDMun7841068Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

669RainbowClara Rainbowfirst name on this monument1907891996id: MDMun3291071

670RaundrupSusanna M G Raundrupfirst name on this monument1876841960id: MDMun8371066

671RawleTony Rawlefirst name on this monument1930712001id: MDMun6371068

672ReadingAlbert Charles Readingfirst name on this monument1911841995id: MDMun2931066
Becky Readingwife of Albert Charles Reading1913922005

673RedfernRonald Redfernfirst name on this monument1936652001id: MDMun6341078
Nora Redfernwife of Ronald Redfern1921852006
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674ReedLional Reedfirst name on this monument1923731996id: MDMun3271091
Alison Reeddaughter of Lional Reed1969382007
Rose Reedwife of Lional Reed1927832010

675ReesG R Reesfirst name on this monument1911831994id: MDMun3061066
Minna W Reesrelationship not known of G R Rees1911871998

676ReesRonald Reesfirst name on this monument1916811997id: MDMun4301070
Esme Reeswife of Ronald Rees1917972014

677ReevesNorman Reevesfirst name on this monument1924882012id: MDMun5021081
Ada Reeveswife of Norman Reeves

678ReidJosephine Reidfirst name on this monument1925872012id: MDMun0161079Born in the Argentine; (on the reverse side is inscribed This stone was placed here by Alvan , Mary and Ian in honour of our Aunt Dodo. Josephine was secretary to the writer Graham Green)

679Reno-OdlinRichard Thomas Reno-Odlinfirst name on this monument1995id: MDMun3421067
Doris Irene Reno-Odlinrelationship not known of Richard Thomas Reno-Odlin1995

680ReynoldsStanley Reynoldsfirst name on this monument1920731993id: MDMun3781083
Kit Reynoldswife of Stanley Reynolds1922731995

681ReynoldsWilliam John Reynoldsfirst name on this monument1885771962id: MDMun8631065
Florence Reynoldswife of William John Reynolds1884941978

682RiceAllan W Ricefirst name on this monument1927822009id: MDMun5291070

683RichardAmy Richardfirst name on this monument1986312017id: MDMun1971071

684RichardsRobin D Richardsfirst name on this monument1982332015id: MDMun4671069

685RichardsWalter Victor Richardsfirst name on this monument1917912008id: MDMun1141066
Margaret Joycelyn Richardswife of Walter Victor Richards1927862013

686RichardsonDorothy Richardsonfirst name on this monument1939672006id: MDMun5811076
Geoffrey Richardsonhusband of Dorothy Richardson1920912011

687RicketsLaurence Ricketsfirst name on this monument1916842000id: MDMun2091066
Irene Ricketsrelationship not known of Laurence Rickets1920852005

688RickettsGeorge Rickettsfirst name on this monument1913831996id: MDMun2821069
Violet Rickettsrelationship not known of George Ricketts1915952010

689RiddBernard Malcolm Riddfirst name on this monument1912691981id: MDMun7391067
Muriel Riddwife of Bernard Malcolm Ridd1912791991

690RidlerNicholas John Ridlerfirst name on this monument1913811994id: MDMun3791067
Mary Freda Ridlerwife of Nicholas John Ridler1916842000

691RobertsGrace Ellen Isabel Robertsfirst name on this monument2002id: MDMun6911068
Dennis Sydney Robertshusband of Grace Ellen Isabel Roberts1928762004

692RobertsIslwyn Robertsfirst name on this monument1931702001id: MDMun2171067

693RobertsJohn Robertsfirst name on this monument1916852001id: MDMun2031065
Lena Beatrice Robertswife of John Roberts1914882002

694RobertsJohn A Robertsfirst name on this monument1934682002id: MDMun6461067

695RobertsJohn B Robertsfirst name on this monument1909851994id: MDMun3731071

696RobertsKeith Charles Robertsfirst name on this monument1936712007id: MDMun6941067

697RobinsonEdward G Robinsonfirst name on this monument1959452004id: MDMun6051077

698RochfordGladys Edith Rochfordfirst name on this monument1925762001id: MDMun2161072(formerly Cornish)

699RogersEleanor Fay Rogersfirst name on this monument1934752009id: MDMun5341071

700RogersKatherine Margaret Rogersfirst name on this monumentid: MDMun1531066(No dates or age entered)

701RossAlbert Rossfirst name on this monument2002id: MDMun2301067
Karen Rossdaughter of Albert Ross
Irene Rossmother of Albert Ross

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