Municipal (part 1) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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201DaviesArthur William Daviesfirst name on this monument1925822007id: MDMun1901066
Joan Mary Davieswife of Arthur William Davies1930782008

202DaviesD Robert Daviesfirst name on this monument1951592010id: MDMun2331067Consultant Psychiatrist
Sarah Davieswife of D Robert Davies2014

203DaviesMervyn Thomas Franklin Daviesfirst name on this monument1929862015id: MDMun0311070Man of Gwent

204DavisAlan Davisfirst name on this monument1930722002id: MDMun6421076

205DavisDoris Davisfirst name on this monument1921832004id: MDMun5491067

206DavisMargaret Rose Davisfirst name on this monument1931692000id: MDMun2271068

207DavisPhyllis Ruth Davisfirst name on this monument1930872017id: MDMun0901072

208DavisSamantha Davisfirst name on this monument200202002id: MDMun6161069Baby

209DayFrancis Dayfirst name on this monument1913882001id: MDMun6301066

210DayIvy Lillian Dayfirst name on this monument1932712003id: MDMun1171068
Reginald F E Dayhusband of Ivy Lillian Day1927842011

211De LaceyKenneth George De Laceyfirst name on this monument1921862007id: MDMun0721068
Joy Johnston De Laceysister of Kenneth George De Lacey1925842009

212DeanHelen Charlotte Deanfirst name on this monument2001id: MDMun7851065Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

213DeanMargaret Rose Deanfirst name on this monument1942692011id: MDMun5121066

214DelbridgeDorothy Delbridgefirst name on this monument1995id: MDMun2811067
Frederick Delbridgehusband of Dorothy Delbridge1996

215DelbridgeRay Delbridgefirst name on this monument1941662007id: MDMun6901066

216DelruePaul Delruefirst name on this monument1936541990id: MDMun4491068

217DempseyJohn Dempseyfirst name on this monument1961472008id: MDMun1911066

218DeningSarah Patricia Deningfirst name on this monument1931822013id: MDMun0981078

219DeweyKenneth Thomas Deweyfirst name on this monument1922671989id: MDMun7581067
Joyce Deweywife of Kenneth Thomas Dewey1922751997

220DeykesConstance Hilda Deykesfirst name on this monument1923741997id: MDMun38510691
John Deykeshusband of Constance Hilda Deykes1923751998

221Di FilippoRenato Di Filippofirst name on this monument1930862016id: MDMun1871066

222DickCharles Coubrough Dickfirst name on this monument1916912007id: MDMun0781070
Graham Dickson of Charles Coubrough Dick
Lawrence Dickson of Charles Coubrough Dick
Ellen Dickwife of Charles Coubrough Dick

223DobleJames Doblefirst name on this monument1887771964id: MDMun8391066

224DobsonBernard Dobsonfirst name on this monument1910972007id: MDMun5581074
Isabel Dobsonwife of Bernard Dobson1924912015

225DochertyMichael Dochertyfirst name on this monument1951622013id: MDMun4831069

226DoreAlfred Dorefirst name on this monument1909831992id: MDMun7261072
Dorothy May Dorewife of Alfred Dore19041002004

227DownShirley Ann Downfirst name on this monument1936601996id: MDMun3341066

228DowrickColin E J Dowrickfirst name on this monument1929852014id: MDMun4711069

229DoyleAnthony Patrick Doylefirst name on this monument2015id: MDMun0931069

230DraperGary Draperfirst name on this monument1933621995id: MDMun2941071
Caroline Draperdaughter of Gary Draper
Christopher Draperson of Gary Draper
Martin Draperson of Gary Draper
Pauline Draperwife of Gary Draper

231DuckettErnest Brian Duckettfirst name on this monument1924772001id: MDMun2121071

232DunglisonKenneth H Dunglisonfirst name on this monument1916842000id: MDMun6581065
Victoria Mary Dunglisonwife of Kenneth H Dunglison1918902008

233DunglisonRoy Allan Dunglisonfirst name on this monument1943692012id: MDMun4931068
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234DurmanRay Durmanfirst name on this monument1925691994id: MDMun3591068
Patricia Durmanwife of Ray Durman1931822013

235DykePercy Charles Dykefirst name on this monument1904751979id: MDMun7401069
Grace Elizabeth Dykewife of Percy Charles Dyke1912771989

236EaglesJosie Eaglesfirst name on this monument1929752004id: MDMun5911068
Harry Eagleshusband of Josie Eagles1929852014

237EaglesKenneth Eaglesfirst name on this monument1924832007id: MDMun5631066(model of LMS locomotive on top of stone)

238EalandFlorence Ealandfirst name on this monument1898841982id: MDMun8161069

239EalandVic Ealandfirst name on this monument1924762000id: MDMun6591068

240EarlReg Earlfirst name on this monument1926772003id: MDMun6111066
Vera Earlrelationship not known of Reg Earl1923842007

241EatonJune E Eatonfirst name on this monument2015id: MDMun4651068
Tony Eatonrelationship not known of June E Eaton2017

242EdenJames Edenfirst name on this monument2007id: MDMun5561077) Unsure which person this date referred to. Only says 'reunited'
Lena Edenrelationship not known of James Eden )

243EdwardsAlfred Edwardsfirst name on this monument1913791992id: MDMun7321084
Alice Edwardswife of Alfred Edwards1912892001

244EdwardsNorman Edwardsfirst name on this monument1891851976id: MDMun4441073
Marjorie Edwardswife of Norman Edwards1898921990

245ElliottEdith Elliottfirst name on this monument1922741996id: MDMun7161067

246EllisElizabeth Ellisfirst name on this monument201002010id: MDMun7851065Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

247EllisNora Ellisfirst name on this monument1916862002id: MDMun1251066
Philip Thomas Ellishusband of Nora Ellis1920892009

248ElstonStella Mary Elstonfirst name on this monument1923902013id: MDMun1851067

249ElswoodJack Elswoodfirst name on this monument1932611993id: MDMun4011068
Carole Elswoodwife of Jack Elswood1933682001

250EsplenKathleen Eleanor Esplenfirst name on this monument1907982005id: MDMun5771077

251EvansArthur James Evansfirst name on this monument1913841997id: MDMun3841066
Kathleen Cecily Evanswife of Arthur James Evans1914831997

252EvansBrian John Evansfirst name on this monument1939752014id: MDMun0991067

253EveleighMichael Eveleighfirst name on this monument1944672011id: MDMun5071067
Sally Eveleighwife of Michael Eveleigh1945712016

254EveleighRobert Eveleighfirst name on this monument1899661965id: MDMun8221066
Louisa Eveleighwife of Robert Eveleigh1893911984

255EverdenJohn Charles Everdenfirst name on this monument2005id: MDMun7851069Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

256EverdenThelma Everdenfirst name on this monument2004id: MDMun7851067Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

257ExtonKenneth Roy Extonfirst name on this monument1920791999id: MDMun2601070
Joyce Extonsister of Kenneth Roy Exton
Betty Lucinda Extonwife of Kenneth Roy Exton1931692000

258EyersKenneth William George Eyersfirst name on this monument1931802011id: MDMun0941068

259FallshawEmmie Fallshawfirst name on this monument1992id: MDMun7851069Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

260FallshawStephen William Fallshawfirst name on this monument2005id: MDMun7851070Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

261FarmerDorothy May Farmerfirst name on this monument1921912012id: MDMun0971074
Thomas Walter Roy Farmerhusband of Dorothy May Farmer1922902012

262FarmerGary Raymond Farmerfirst name on this monument1979282007id: MDMun0821066

263FarmerPhyllis Helen Farmerfirst name on this monument1908911999id: MDMun6661073
Josie Farmerdaughter of Phyllis Helen Farmer
Marjorie Farmerdaughter of Phyllis Helen Farmer
Sheila Farmerdaughter of Phyllis Helen Farmer (late)
Brian Farmerson of Phyllis Helen Farmer
Michael Farmerson of Phyllis Helen Farmer
Peter Farmerson of Phyllis Helen Farmer
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264FawcettJohn Arthur Fawcettfirst name on this monument1927902017id: MDMun4631074

265FawcettWinifred Anne Fawcettfirst name on this monument1926892015id: MDMun4661069
John Fawcetthusband of Winifred Anne Fawcett

266FeaseyHarold George Feaseyfirst name on this monument1910841994id: MDMun3751078
Constance Muriel Feaseywife of Harold George Feasey1919771996

267FennellGeorge Edward Fennellfirst name on this monument1917741991id: MDMun4271070
Joyce Fennellrelationship not known of George Edward Fennell1919822001

268FennessyRosetta Mary Fennessyfirst name on this monument1886911977id: MDMun7691067

269FerrisDavid Ferrisfirst name on this monument1939571996id: MDMun3321068

270FieldDennis Richard Fieldfirst name on this monument1935641999id: MDMun7051066
Nigel Stanley Fieldson of Dennis Richard Field1961171978

271FinchAnita Finchfirst name on this monument1955602015id: MDMun4501076

272FischerSylvia Mary Fischerfirst name on this monument1926691995id: MDMun2911067

273FishDoris Fishfirst name on this monument1916741990id: MDMun3741098
Roy William Fishhusband of Doris Fish1921912012

274FisherAaron Mark Fisherfirst name on this monument200202002id: MDMun6191090Baby

275FisherHilda Mary Fisherfirst name on this monument1921842005id: MDMun1461071
Anthony Fisherson of Hilda Mary Fisher
Michael Fisherson of Hilda Mary Fisher
Philip Fisherson of Hilda Mary Fisher

276FitzgeraldBetty Fitzgeraldfirst name on this monument1937551992id: MDMun4231069

277FitzgeraldHenry Ronald Fitzgeraldfirst name on this monument1923691992id: MDMun4221072
Thelma Eleanor Fitzgeraldwife of Henry Ronald Fitzgerald1926892015

278FitzgeraldJohn Fitzgeraldfirst name on this monument1929862015id: MDMun4691073

279FitzgeraldLionel John Fitzgeraldfirst name on this monument1929762005id: MDMun1571065

280FitzgeraldSusan Maria Fitzgeraldfirst name on this monument1956552011id: MDMun5051071

281FletcherAlec Joseph Fletcherfirst name on this monument1924792003id: MDMun1661071

282FlintoffMaureen Flintofffirst name on this monument1926902016id: MDMun1691066

283FloydBetty Floydfirst name on this monument1928722000id: MDMun6321066

284FloydJohn Floydfirst name on this monument1908901998id: MDMun2571068
Kathleen Floydwife of John Floyd1911942005

285FordMargaret Fordfirst name on this monument1904901994id: MDMun3481066
George Jack Fordhusband of Margaret Ford1906751981

286FoyleEmily Lucy Foylefirst name on this monument1977id: MDMun7841067Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

287FramptonThomas William Framptonfirst name on this monument1921701991id: MDMun4371076
Stella Mary Framptonrelationship not known of Thomas William Frampton1923751998

288FrancoisJean Elie Francoisfirst name on this monument1923942017id: MDMun0281074

289FranklinViolet Evelyn Ethel Franklinfirst name on this monument1909881997id: MDMun7651065
Harold Sidney Albert Franklinhusband of Violet Evelyn Ethel Franklin1908911999

290FraserKenneth B Fraserfirst name on this monument1899761975id: MDMun8081066

291FraserSylvia G Fraserfirst name on this monument1901731974id: MDMun7881065
John Kenneth Fraserson of Sylvia G Fraser1931601991

292FreegardLelia Freegardfirst name on this monument1920892009id: MDMun5311080
Francis Jutland Freegardhusband of Lelia Freegard1917591976

293FrenchJoyce Hannah Eleanor Frenchfirst name on this monument1922872009id: MDMun5261071

294FrenchReginald Arthur Frenchfirst name on this monument1922912013id: MDMun4811066

295FrostArthur Frederick James Frostfirst name on this monument1915912006id: MDMun1411073
Sylvia Ann Daisy Frostwife of Arthur Frederick James Frost1917912008

296FryCharles Fryfirst name on this monument81id: MDMun8281072
Sarah Ann Frywife of Charles Fry88

297FryFrances Elizabeth Fryfirst name on this monument1938722010id: MDMun0461076Artist and Writer
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298FryerLillian May Fryerfirst name on this monument1914942008id: MDMun0791065

299FullerEdward Anthony Fullerfirst name on this monument1924701994id: MDMun3001071
Dorothy Asiliki Fullerwife of Edward Anthony Fuller1928671995

300GabrielHarold Gabrielfirst name on this monument1926671993id: MDMun3991074

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Grave Monument Photographs

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal (part 1) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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The postcode for this cemetery is TA24 8ER - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

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