Municipal (part 1) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AckermanRon Ackermanfirst name on this monument1917811998id: MDMun2566726861099

2AcklandRobert George Acklandfirst name on this monument1928822010id: MDMun0616724921078

3Ackland-SnowMichael Arthur Ackland-Snowfirst name on this monument1935712006id: MDMun5606729891084

4AdamsJohn E Adamsfirst name on this monument1929681997id: MDMun7226731491080
Sheila Adamswife of John E Adams1931732004

5AggDouglas Leonard Aggfirst name on this monument1928822010id: MDMun0626724931082

6AgnewAnnie Theresa Agnewfirst name on this monument1929701999id: MDMun6746731031087
James Agnewhusband of Annie Theresa Agnew1925792004

7AkayFrankie Akayfirst name on this monument2016id: MDMun2236726541082
Jimmy Akaybrother of Frankie Akay2016

8AlbertDorothy Albertfirst name on this monument2003id: MDMun1656725961092

9AlexanderArthur F Alexanderfirst name on this monument1912932005id: MDMun1556725861083
Bill Danielsrelationship not known of Arthur F Alexander Husband of Kathleen
Kathleen Danielsrelationship not known of Arthur F Alexander1919892008
Michael Danielsrelationship not known of Arthur F Alexander Son of Bill/Kathleen
Robert Danielsrelationship not known of Arthur F Alexander Son of Bill/Kathleen

10AllenDean Kevin Allenfirst name on this monument1960552015id: MDMun0116724431080

11AllenMabel Daisy Allenfirst name on this monument1884781962id: MDMun8626733411078

12AllenMarjorie Winifred Allenfirst name on this monument1913781991id: MDMun7566731821081
Noel Vincent Allenhusband of Marjorie Winifred Allen1917922009

13AmesTom Amesfirst name on this monument1928742002id: MDMun6436730721085
Dennis Amesrelationship not known of Tom Ames1926912017

14AndersonBeryl Antoinette Andersonfirst name on this monument1912851997id: MDMun2696726991077

15AndrewJames Leslie Andrewfirst name on this monument1904661970id: MDMun8036732821083
Amy Andrewwife of James Leslie Andrew1899901989

16AndrewsGeorge Andrewsfirst name on this monument1908831991id: MDMun4326728601076

17AndrewsHenry Andrewsfirst name on this monument1905731978id: MDMun7686731941082
Dorrie Andrewswife of Henry Andrews1910891999

18AntonelliGennaro Antonellifirst name on this monument1933772010id: MDMun1956726261076
Jean Antonelliwife of Gennaro Antonelli1944712015

19AplinBeatrice Jane Aplinfirst name on this monument1959id: MDMun7846732101083Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

20AplinSidney George Aplinfirst name on this monument1969id: MDMun7846732241086Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

21ArcallLeah Arcallfirst name on this monument1978id: MDMun7846732351081Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

22AskewJohn A S Askewfirst name on this monument1914831997id: MDMun3576727851070
W A Askewwife of John A S Askew1913902003
Anthony Askewrelationship not known of John A S Askew
Paul Askewrelationship not known of John A S Askew

23AtkinSunya Mary Atkinfirst name on this monument1932752007id: MDMun5576729861070

24AtkinsHilda M Atkinsfirst name on this monument1921832004id: MDMun1636725941068

25AtkinsJill Atkinsfirst name on this monument1939551994id: MDMun3056727331068
Kenneth George Atkinsfather of Jill Atkins1909942003
Evelyn Annie Atkinsmother of Jill Atkins19131022015

26AtkinsOlive Atkinsfirst name on this monument1929782007id: MDMun5556729841072
Leslie Atkinsrelationship not known of Olive Atkins1939782017

27AtkinsRobert George Atkinsfirst name on this monument1924751999id: MDMun2506726801070
Joan Atkinswife of Robert George Atkins1913922005

28AtkinsRonald Atkinsfirst name on this monument1912861998id: MDMun3166727441070
Yvonne Atkinsrelationship not known of Ronald Atkins1924782002

29AtkinsonFrederick Norman Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1904962000id: MDMun6976731261067

30AttwaterLouisa Attwaterfirst name on this monument1900911991id: MDMun4356728641076
Thomas Attwaterhusband of Louisa Attwater1901851986
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31AttwellPercy Attwellfirst name on this monument1914761990id: MDMun3516727791070
Joan Attwellwife of Percy Attwell1923721995

32AustinAgnes Austinfirst name on this monument1899811980id: MDMun7916732701090

33AyersEdith Ayersfirst name on this monument1997id: MDMun7856732481073Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

34BabbsWilliam George Lister Babbsfirst name on this monument1916821998id: MDMun0586724891070
Barbara Ann Gunterdaughter of William George Lister Babbs1946632009
Phyllis Edna Babbswife of William George Lister Babbs1918822000

35BagnessWilliam Bagnessfirst name on this monument1915882003id: MDMun6146730431068

36BaileyAlfred Henry Baileyfirst name on this monument1914561970id: MDMun3886728161077
Myrtle Joy Baileyrelationship not known of Alfred Henry Bailey1917801997

37BakerDenis George Bakerfirst name on this monument1926822008id: MDMun0706725011072
Jeannette May Bakerwife of Denis George Baker1948642012

38BakerErnie Bakerfirst name on this monument1912771989id: MDMun7516731771065
Ivy Ellen Bakerwife of Ernie Baker1910932003

39BakerJack Edward Bakerfirst name on this monument1920902010id: MDMun5336729621067

40BakerJosephine Sylvia Bakerfirst name on this monument1934792013id: MDMun2656726951065

41BakerJosephine Sylvia Bakerfirst name on this monument1934792013id: MDMun8656733441067

42BakerLottie Kate Bakerfirst name on this monument1904541958id: MDMun8346733131066

43BakerNora Bakerfirst name on this monument1926671993id: MDMun4006728281066

44BakerRoger Bakerfirst name on this monument1928882016id: MDMun00767243910661

45BalaamViolet Balaamfirst name on this monument19071042011id: MDMun5196729481076
Yvonne Parsonsdaughter of Violet Balaam1934782012

46BallThomas Howard Ballfirst name on this monument19111002011id: MDMun7086731361068
Dorothy Hayward Ballwife of Thomas Howard Ball1917942011

47BanhamKenneth Banhamfirst name on this monument1899821981id: MDMun7436731691090
Grace Banhamwife of Kenneth Banham1900811981

48BannisterPeter Graham Bannisterfirst name on this monument1914962010id: MDMun2646726941067

49BarkerCharles Barkerfirst name on this monument1912781990id: MDMun4436728721068
Evelyn Blanche Barkerrelationship not known of Charles Barker1915912006

50BarkerRussell H S Barkerfirst name on this monument1923701993id: MDMun3776728051066

51BarnesMichael Barnesfirst name on this monument1932671999id: MDMun2366726661065

52BarnhurstJune R Barnhurstfirst name on this monument1952642016id: MDMun4606728891073

53BarrettGeorge Geoffrey Barrettfirst name on this monument1922792001id: MDMun2136726441084
Kathleen Amy Barrettwife of George Geoffrey Barrett1924782002

54BarrowRonald T Barrowfirst name on this monument1917791996id: MDMun2736727031065

55BartonFrances Bartonfirst name on this monument1969id: MDMun8306733091066

56BatesLouis Batesfirst name on this monument1923862009id: MDMun0516724821068
Eileen May Bateswife of Louis Bates1925882013

57BattenCecil Battenfirst name on this monument1909901999id: MDMun6656730941069
Greta Battenwife of Cecil Batten1913942007

58BaylissDorothy G Baylissfirst name on this monument1908891997id: MDMun3896728171069

59BeestonGill Beestonfirst name on this monument1955391994id: MDMun3666727941075

60BennettClarice Bennettfirst name on this monument1989id: MDMun7856732411068Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

61BennettLeslie Norman Bennettfirst name on this monument1984id: MDMun7846732361065Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

62BennettSean Trevor Bennettfirst name on this monument1988232011id: MDMun5206729491070

63BennettWilliam Henry Bennettfirst name on this monument1932732005id: MDMun5876730161069

64BentleyBob Bentleyfirst name on this monument2002id: MDMun6396730681084
Dorothy Bentleywife of Bob Bentley2010

65BentleyPhilip A Bentleyfirst name on this monument1912751987id: MDMun7466731721069
Eileen G Bentleywife of Philip A Bentley1919842003

66BerryAnne Berryfirst name on this monument1933752008id: MDMun5486729771082
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67BerryRonald Arthur John Berryfirst name on this monument1926701996id: MDMun3286727561068
Pamela Doreen Berryrelationship not known of Ronald Arthur John Berry1930812011

68BettsLewis Bettsfirst name on this monument1904761980id: MDMun7736731991066

69BiggsArthur Biggsfirst name on this monument1888731961id: MDMun8266733051073

70BiggsGrace Biggsfirst name on this monument1886721958id: MDMun8276733061079Wife of Arthur
Arthur Biggshusband of Grace Biggs

71BilesFlorence Gertrude Bilesfirst name on this monument1921852006id: MDMun0866725171067
Ernest Albert Bilesrelationship not known of Florence Gertrude Biles1922902012

72BillingtonEvelyn Mary Billingtonfirst name on this monument1911982009id: MDMun5256729541068

73BirchPamela May Birchfirst name on this monument1932641996id: MDMun2516726811065
Peter George Birchhusband of Pamela May Birch1927822009

74BirkettJames Leslie Birkettfirst name on this monument1935712006id: MDMun1356725661079

75BishopHarry Nicholls Bishopfirst name on this monument195081958id: MDMun8326733111065

76BivandPeter Douglas Bivandfirst name on this monument1915771992id: MDMun4066728341074
Kathleen Bivandwife of Peter Douglas Bivand1916771993

77BlackwellJack Blackwellfirst name on this monument1907881995id: MDMun7136731401068

78BlackwellRaymond Charles Blackwellfirst name on this monument1928792007id: MDMun5696729981067
Muriel Irene Blackwellrelationship not known of Raymond Charles Blackwell1928892017

79BloomerArthur Edward Bloomerfirst name on this monument1914761990id: MDMun4406728691083
Eva Muriel Bloomerwife of Arthur Edward Bloomer1914972011

80BodleyDouglas Stuart Bodleyfirst name on this monument1928762004id: MDMun6076730361069
Betty Joy Bodleyrelationship not known of Douglas Stuart Bodley1927842011

81BondMarjorie Joan Bondfirst name on this monument2013id: MDMun7866732601065Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

82BootherArnold Bootherfirst name on this monument1916842000id: MDMun6966731251072
Kathleen Bootherwife of Arnold Boother1911902001

83BourneEva Mary Bournefirst name on this monument1916872003id: MDMun6496730781073
Penny Bournedaughter of Eva Mary Bourne
Jack Bournehusband of Eva Mary Bourne

84BowdenAgnes Bowdenfirst name on this monument1926832009id: MDMun1096725401075
George Bowdenhusband of Agnes Bowden1926872013

85BowdenHilda Bowdenfirst name on this monument19021002002id: MDMun6276730561068

86BowditchHeather Margaret Bowditchfirst name on this monument1947692016id: MDMun0156724471066

87BowkettA Winifred Bowkettfirst name on this monument1904801984id: MDMun7386731651066
Herbert Bowketthusband of A Winifred Bowkett1903951998

88BowkettKenneth John Bowkettfirst name on this monument1916922008id: MDMun5446729731065

89BowringEric W Bowringfirst name on this monument1924731997id: MDMun3196727471073
Mavis Bowringwife of Eric W Bowring1929752004

90BoylesCaroline Boylesfirst name on this monument1907831990id: MDMun7486731741069
Jean Boylesrelationship not known of Caroline Boyles1935621997

91BoylesHenry John Boylesfirst name on this monument1906891995id: MDMun7476731731067

92BrandonAlfred Brandonfirst name on this monument1907891996id: MDMun3236727511067

93BrattDorothy Joan Brattfirst name on this monument1912982010id: MDMun2406726701070
Geoffrey Douglas Bratthusband of Dorothy Joan Bratt1915952010

94BraundOscar James Braundfirst name on this monument2008id: MDMun2086726391067Infant

95BrazierEva May Brazierfirst name on this monument1906811987id: MDMun7666731921069

96BreckellRay Breckellfirst name on this monument1927862013id: MDMun4946729231071

97BridalSidney Walter Bridalfirst name on this monument201102011id: MDMun2256726561070
David Medlandgreat grand father of Sidney Walter Bridal
Joy Medlandgreat grand mother of Sidney Walter Bridal

98BrindMichael Thomas Brindfirst name on this monument1953542007id: MDMun1896726201065

99BrooksMary B M Brooksfirst name on this monument1926782004id: MDMun5936730221070
Jim Brookshusband of Mary B M Brooks1922922014
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100BrufordTony Brufordfirst name on this monument1931681999id: MDMun7006731281065

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal (part 1) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England.

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